Kuala Lumpur: What to do in 17 1/2 hours

The very impressive entrance to Batu Caves

The original intent was for this to be 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur. But thanks to monsoon rains in Koh Samui things went a bit wrong and the plan had to be revised! I did manage to tick off a few key activities.

Where to Stay

I stayed at Sama Sama hotel which is literally at the airport – well via a covered walkway. The best thing about this very nice hotel is that there is a buggy that meets you on the 2nd floor of the airport and drives you to the hotel – this was huge fun! See my full review of Sama Sama here.

kuala lumpur best things to do
The fantastic buggy at Sama Sama Hotel

The original plan was to get in at 11pm and have the full next day in Kuala Lumpur then fly out the following day at 9am. This would have meant two nights at Sama Sama and this would have been perfect. The revised plan involved arriving at Sama Sama at 4pm and then flying out the next day at 9am.

The location of this hotel makes it perfect for a flying visit. As it is at the airport you have another excuse to get on the buggy and go back to the airport and hop on the KLIA express which will take you to Kuala Lumpur central in 28 minutes for 50 RMB.

Batu Caves

My first stop was Batu Caves. I took the KLIA express to Kuala Lumpur Central. This is the main interchange station in Kuala Lumpur so it is perfect for getting around. I hopped on the KTM direction Batu Caves which was under 6 RMB return. The trip takes about 30 minutes each way.

kuala lumpur best things to do
The very impressive entrance to Batu Caves

From the station it is about a 5 minute walk to the caves and clearly signed – you can also follow the souvenir stalls as they are always a good indicator of a key tourist site being nearby!

There is no payment for entry to the caves. There is a tourist attraction like a cave museum type thing next door to it but no time for that. The most impressive thing to see is the main entrance to the caves with the giant gold statue, massive stairs and monkeys galore. Be careful around the monkeys as they will grab random items from you! And women need to have their arms and legs covered as there are temples in the cave.

kuala lumpur best things to do
The long stairs heading up to Batu Caves

Head up the stairs and get a bit of a workout and then you’ll be at the entrance to the caves themselves. The caves are very high and have a couple of working temples inside. There isn’t a lot to see to be honest but the whole thing makes for a couple of good photos and a bit of a workout!

kuala lumpur best things to do
The monkeys are in charge at Batu Caves

Petronas Towers and Suria KLCC

Head back to the KTM station and back to Kuala Lumpur central. Once there swap to the light rail and head for the KLCC stop. You will literally come out at the Suria KLCC mall which is at the base of Petronas Towers. Take a right and head around the building to what looks like the business entrance. This is where you head to buy a ticket to head to the top of Petronas Towers. Unfortunately it was sold out once I got there. The tickets are done on a first in best dressed basis so perhaps a Friday at 630pm wasn’t the best time!

best things to do in kuala lumpur
A Petronas Tower

After this you can then head for a wander through the KLCC mall which has something for everyone. I always like to try to find local designers. I had a couple to visit that I didn’t manage to get to but perhaps you can benefit from my research and let me know how you go:

-Aseana – located on the ground floor and features different designers from the region

-Farah Khan – ground floor G13 – east meets west and apparently good frocks

-Naquirkee – level 2 – quirky shoes

kuala lumpur best things to do
The mall

Where to Eat

For lunch I was planning to head to Lot 10. Lot 10 is a shopping centre that is supposed to have an amazing food court. Again please check it out and let me know!

Lot 10 is supposed to be a good shopping centre and again I had one local designer pulled out to visit:

-Zang Toi – P6 and P7 on the 4th floor – flouncy skirts and embellished shoes

I had dinner at Sama Sama – room service hamburger which was delicious. There is nothing like room service and dinner in bed after a lot of travelling and a busy day!

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