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Looking to work with a travel influencer who will provide a genuine return to your business? Look no further!

My expertise in Digital Marketing ensures I bring a very commercial perspective when it comes to working with partners. I do extensive SEO research when putting together proposals to ensure there is a market for the content in which we can rank. I am very focused on ROI and delivering quality coverage and traffic that converts into commercial results.

This combines with my natural instinct for storytelling through photography, video and my blog posts which are shared across my thousands of followers. I am a luxury travel blogger London based.


The Boutique Adventurer Target Audience

My followers appreciate the finer things in life – but they are looking for authentic experiences when they travel. They have travelled before and most likely visited some of the biggest travel hot spots already. Now they are looking for unique experiences in interesting destinations. These experiences often involve food and wine – as well as sites both natural and man-made that are unique to their environment.

They seek accommodation with a real sense of place expressed through architecture and style. A genuine riad in Morocco, a tented camp in Kenya, a genuine farmhouse in the south of France. Where they sleep is as much a part of the experience as what they eat and photograph. As a travel blogger London based my core audience is from this city.

Where they Live

40% are in the UK (more than half in London), 40% in the US, then Canada and Australia

Who They Are

68% Female

85% are 35 Years Plus

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Key Statistics

518,000 Page Views per month

474,000 Unique Sessions per month

Domain Authority 40

Over 175,000 followers on Social Media

Please email us for a copy of our complete press kit.

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How We Could Work Together

I offer a wide range of services – from coverage on my blog and social media platforms to digital marketing and SEO consultancy, production of tailored content and provision of content for partner’s platforms.

My preference is to discuss your objectives and then come back with a tailored proposal on how these can be delivered.

I am also seeking partners who are looking for a longer term working relationship. SEO, in particular, builds over time. Rather than just a one-off press trip working together ongoing means keeping content continuously updated, continuing to share partner news across social media channels and providing ongoing opportunities through areas such as collaborative posts.

The benefit of working with a blogger rather than a traditional journalist is that the relationship can be ongoing and updated rather than one piece of content which ends up in the recycle bin.

Here are some of the key ways I have worked with partners:

Press and FAM Trips – the production of great content comes from getting underneath the skin of a destination. I conduct extensive SEO research before visiting your destination to ensure the itinerary is focussed on providing rich content for blog posts that will be found on search engines. Additionally, this focus allows for better planning for photography and video conditions for stronger content. Deliverables are always agreed up front.

Social Media Promotion – press and FAM trips always come with social media coverage. However, that coverage can be extended far beyond the trip through an ongoing relationship. This can involve anything from the agreed re-sharing of content created during the trip to sharing of your content on my social media channels ongoing to takeovers of your social media accounts.

Content Creation for your Platforms – photography, video or copy can be created for use on anything from your website to blog to social media. These can be agreed prior to a trip or content I have created can be reviewed post-trip for usage opportunities. Additionally, I have created blog style articles for origination on partner websites which can

Digital Marketing & SEO Consulting – I have 25 years experience in marketing, over 10 years in digital marketing and I am currently a digital marketing consultant when I am not blogging. I certainly know what I would recommend if I was advising a destination or hotel group on how to work with travel bloggers and traditional media – as well as how to make resource decisions across social media, traditional marketing, websites etc.

I can offer everything from SEO advice to social media and website audits to running workshops to developing strategies to running Adwords campaigns. Between my travel blog and consultancy in higher education, FMCG, retail and financial services I have experience in virtually every area of digital and traditional marketing.

Brand Ambassadorship – ongoing relationships can provide partners with much higher ROIs. A brand ambassadorship can cover everything from a review to searching out ongoing opportunities for exposure that a partner may have difficulty accessing (eg collaborative posts, guest posts for other sites) to ongoing scheduled promotion across my social media platforms.

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Who I’ve worked with

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Press and Coverage

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Travel Blogger London Rates

Please email me directly to request a copy of our rate card and to find out more about working with us.

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