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Editorial Policy

At The Boutique Adventurer, we pride ourselves on publishing accurate, helpful information for our readers. We do not use any form of artificial intelligence and instead use that old method, people, to write our articles. We are very small – I am the only permanent employee and own the place! But I use some fantastic freelancers as writers.

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Our Editorial Process

The first step is figuring out what the article should be about. This is always done by me using google and keyword research tools. This way, I find out the topics people are interested in and where the current information isn’t that great.

Once I have chosen the topics, I look at who is currently on page one on google for the topic and see what we can do to improve the content available. I let the writers know the topic area, our unique bent and how many words it should be to provide adequate information for readers.

I use a freelance agency for the outsourcing of some of the writing. The agency has pre-vetted all of its writers. They brief the writer. Once the writer feels the article is ready, the agency then proofreads the article and provides feedback to the writer. Once the agency feels the article is ready, they send it to me.

I then review the article, links and photos. Once I am happy with the content, I will take it live on the site.

woman with person in dolphin costume at Palm Jumeirah Atlantis D
Hanging out with a local in Dubai

My Travel Expertise

I started this website because I love to travel and I do so often. I have visited 80 countries over my lifetime and plan on adding to the list! Based on my travels, I have written a good deal of the content on this website.

I travel with family and friends as well as tourism boards, tour companies and tourism organisations. This does mean that sometimes the activities I review have been paid for me as well as my flights, hotels etc. At the bottom of every article on the site, I let readers know what costs have been covered and what I have paid for personally.

No matter the situation with tourism organizations, my views are always mine. People often ask me what I do when I have a bad experience. Firstly, this rarely happens as tourism boards tend to do a good job organising positive experiences. When it does happen, which it has, I let the tourism board know that I will not be able to write about the experience.

skalak winery picking grapes
picking grapes in Czech Republic during Harvest

I also write many travel posts where I have covered all of my own costs. This is the case with all of my airline reviews. In these articles, I will provide you with a mix of positives and negatives as well as comparisons between airlines and classes. As these are reviews, this is relevant content. Comparisons are not so relevant in articles about things to do in a particular city.

Our Ongoing Editorial Process

As the site owner, I review what comments have been made on articles several times a week and then adjust or reply accordingly. We are very open about our contact email addresses, so I often receive emails directly from people providing information or querying information in one of my articles. I directly address these.

Once a month, I use website tools to check my site for broken links and fix them. I aim to have every article on the site “touched” once a year to see if anything has changed or if things have moved on and more information is needed.

I spend about 1/3 of my time traveling so I am often re-visiting places that I have visited or that my writers have covered. I update any relevant articles after doing so.

woman with Beef Eater at Tower of London
Hanging out with a Beef Eater in my hometown London

At The Boutique Adventurer, we aim to provide the best quality, original content to our readers to answer their queries or inform them. We don’t charge our readers in any way to access our content and instead rely on income from advertising. We are a small team, but we have processes in place to do our best to ensure all information is correct.

If you have any queries about our editorial policy feel free to email us.

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