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Interesting Facts

The world is a very big place. It seems silly not to be very curious about it when you consider that it informs so much about our understanding of life in general. Interesting facts are everywhere, and even if you’re not the biggest history buff or geography guru, there’s always something that’ll pique your interest.

Over the years, I’ve noted quite a few lists of engaging things about various topics. Most times, these fact lists were informed by places visited. A lot of this information can make a visit to these places all the more rewarding. By the way, if you are travelling, check out my airline reviews for a comprehensive rundown of premium flight options. 

In the meantime, why not check out any of these amazing lists and facts? Who knows… it may provide you with some inspiration if you’re trying to decide where to visit next. Interesting facts about captivating places and things are, after all, what makes the world a magical place.


The world is a wild and fascinating place. It would be strange not to be intrigued by some of the globe’s countries and people. Each of them offers incredible history, reading, and knowledge to share. And that includes riveting, strange, and bizarre facts like these. 

Interesting Facts About Germany

It’s a shame that much of Germany’s legacy is connected to such a dark time in the 20th century. Germany has given the world many things that have contributed to world culture. Think of the printing press, x-rays, automobiles and more. 

The name of the country is also not German at all but Roman in origin. Read these interesting facts about Germany for more on the history of this amazing country and heritage.

Interesting Facts About Greece

Among the modern world’s most influential nations, Greece often conjures images of mythical gods and epic poems. But Greece also gave us the Olympic Games, the modern notions of democracy and philosophy, and excellent summer island holidays.

I collected fascinating facts about Greece that every scholar, athlete, foodie, and traveller needs to know.

Interesting Facts About Canada

I’ve collected a rather large collection of fascinating and fun facts about Canada. But my favourite might just be that there’s a polar bear jail in Churchill and that Alberta reportedly has no rats at all! Canada also gave the world basketball and Superman. Who doesn’t love a good old superhero story, after all?

Interesting Facts About Scotland

There are only eight official cities in Scotland recognised by the British Government. How is that possible, you ask? Well, Scotland has a lot of weirdness pumping through its proverbial veins. 

Maybe it’s the whiskey or the bagpipes (which were allegedly invented in Egypt, by the way), but what else would you expect from a country where the official animal is the unicorn? These interesting facts about Scotland might answer that question.

Interesting Facts About Mexico

Among the fun facts about Mexico, you should know that it was home to the first printing press in the Americas. Also, it gave us chocolate, tequila, and corn.

Interesting Facts About Cuba

You can’t buy Coca-Cola in Cuba. Who would’ve thought? There’s much more for you to scratch your head over with these facts about Cuba.

Interesting Facts About Ireland

You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate these interesting facts about Ireland. The country is also just grand if you hate snakes – there aren’t any in the country.

US States

There’s always something new to learn about a country as huge as the US. It’s also a relatively new country in terms of modern history, which makes it that much more fascinating. 

Here are some states that make a case for most “huh?” in the union.

Interesting Facts About California

You’ll need a glass or two of the 17 million gallons of wine produced in the state to take in these interesting facts about California. Don’t wear cowboy boots in Blythe, though. It’s illegal (unless you own two cows). 

Interesting Facts About Hawaii

These facts about Hawaii are all about the Aloha State’s incredible natural beauty and unique culture, which includes a 12-letter alphabet. 

Interesting Facts About Mississippi

Those with an interest in UFOs might be keen to visit Mississippi. It seems to be a rather active alien state. These interesting facts about Mississippi also detail facts about Kermit, Oprah, Britney, and Elvis.

Interesting Facts About Alaska

The largest state in the union is also one of the most unusual, given its geography, climate, and people. Did you know, for example, that Alaska is in the north, west, and easternmost parts of the US? 

Here’s the explanation, along with more interesting facts about Alaska most people don’t know.

Interesting Facts About Washington State

On the border with Canada lies Washington. This is a state where you can’t kill Bigfoot. These interesting facts about Washington State also detail a bridge made for squirrels and a fake neighborhood. 

Other World Cities

The world’s most popular cities have a great many fascinating secrets and little-known facts to explore. If you’re planning on visiting any of these iconic destinations, why not prepare with a quick read of some of these historical and cultural notes?

Interesting Facts About London

London is my hometown and one of the most visited cities in the world. Read all about the Great Beer Flood, why the speed limit applies to horses, and navy ship rum tolls in these fascinating facts about London

Interesting Facts About Venice

The old city of Venice is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Among these facts about Venice is a bizarre note about how no one is allowed to cycle, skateboard, or rollerskate in the city. So it’s a gondola, a walk, or a Vaporetto, I guess? 

Interesting Facts About Rome

The ancient Rome we know was a place where they spoke… mostly Greek. Also, Cloacina (the sewer goddess), Crepitus (the god of flatulence) and Stercutius (the god of excretion) are mentioned in these fascinating facts about Rome worth knowing.

Interesting Facts About Paris

Paris is ever-popular and another of those cities that sit on many people’s bucket lists. But it is also a city that has miles and miles of unexplored catacombs, several Statues of Liberty, and a carrier pigeon army. Find out more with these fascinating facts about Paris you probably didn’t know.


Alaska is a fascinating state, being the largest in the Union. It’s also a geographical phenomenon, being the country’s official north, east, and west ends.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, if you’ll excuse the cool reference, regarding interesting facts about Alaska. Alaska’s history, colorful personality, and environment offer many unusual tidbits for …

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