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Are you an experienced traveller? Love visiting spas? Looking for your next spa holiday? Then The Boutique Adventurer is the Spa Luxury Travel Blog for you.


Rockliffe Hall Spa Main Pool

Reviews of some of the world’s best spas and best spa destinations will help you find your next amazing spa vacation.

From the best Spa Breaks Scotland to the 3 Best Czech Spa Towns to Daylesford Spa Australia to South African Spa Experiences to a Baden-Baden Spa Guide to Solo Spa Breaks.


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Plus reviews of some of the world’s best spas including Monart Spa Ireland, Kamalaya Thailand, Dhulikhel Resort Dwarikas, Solage Calistoga Spa and the Blue Lagoon Iceland.

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The wonderful Kamalaya

And for Londoners a couple of close to home options of Ockenden Manor Spa & Where to Stay in the Cotswolds for Boutique Hotel Lovers.

Utah is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, boasting towering cliffs and unique rock formations. However, few may be aware that Utah has a collection of extraordinary hot springs. Scattered throughout the state, these natural marvels provide an ideal opportunity for relaxation and revitalization. With their abundant minerals and cascading streams, hot springs offer a serene …

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