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Radium Hot Springs Colorado: Your Complete Guide

Radium Hot Springs in Colorado is a single pool positioned on a moderately trafficked hiking trail along the frigid Colorado River. However, it is not an anomaly.

The geology of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado means there are pools of thermal water to soak in from Radium Hot Springs all the way to the hot springs in Pagosa Springs.

The rainfall over the mountains seeps into the earth, where it absorbs beneficial minerals and continues to increase in pressure and temperature. Upon reaching fault lines, it rises to the surface, where it is enjoyed as a hot spring.

So head off to Radium Hot Springs Colorado with confidence (and your towel), knowing what to expect. Below, you’ll find the best time of year to visit, tips, and information to help elevate your experience of this natural setting. 

radium hot springs colorado
radium hot springs colorado

About Radium Hot Springs, Colorado

Located along the Colorado River, the Radium Hot Springs is a thermal pool in a scenic location. It has a natural atmosphere and is a beautiful place to soak on any day.

The important bits follow from here.

Where is Radium Hot Springs in Colorado?

The Radium Hot Spring is 20 miles south of Kremmling along the Colorado River. These days, a search for ‘Radium Hot Springs Co’ in any navigation app will lead you on the most direct route. You can follow the directions listed below and engage in a few activities along the way.

Flying into Denver International Airport and renting a car is a convenient way to reach the hot springs. Located in between three national forests, the Radium Hot Springs is the perfect escape to the mountains. The two-and-a-half-hour scenic drive takes you through the Arapaho National Forest on the I-70 E and CO-9 N Highway.

Before reaching Kremmling, turn left onto Trough road until you get the right turn onto a gravel road to the Radium Springs recreation site. If you need to refuel, Kremmling is your nearest place and provides a friendly small-town atmosphere.

radium hot springs in winter
radium hot springs in winter

Great Places to Eat near Radium Hot Springs

While there are few options for eating out near Radium Hot Springs, the following establishments are worth visiting. If you are a fan of craft beer and hearty American cuisine, the Grand Adventure Brewing Company in Kremmling may be the restaurant for you.

Alternatively, the Moose Cafe is open from 6 am and offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch from a moose-themed diner. The best location for an evening meal would be at The Dean West. This distillery and restaurant in central Kremmling offers a great atmosphere with live music.

Camping at Radium Co

Camping near the natural hot springs in Colorado is the ideal weekend escape in nature. Both the Radium Recreation Site and Mugrage Campgrounds charge a small fee for a reservable site. These primitive camping sites are state-owned and managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Free camping is available at non-reservable dispersed camping sites too.

There is plenty of parking in the spacious Radium Recreation Site campgrounds, and the bathrooms are clean. While the natural setting without electricity will have you fast asleep early, consider bringing earplugs to mask the noise of the train that passes on the nearby Union Pacific Railroad at night.

Campsites are $6 per site and include a vehicle. Additional vehicles are $5 per day. Group sites can accommodate 15 people and are $30, including a vehicle. The campground can accommodate a maximum of 150 people and experiences its busiest period from June to September.

It is the ideal location to launch a raft to fish or paddle on the upper Colorado River. The Radium Recreational Site’s facilities include two paved boat launches, three toilets, and two picnic shelters.

three big horns in colorado
three big horns in colorado

Places to stay near the Radium Springs in Colorado

With ice-cold temperatures in winter, you may not want to brave camping in the outdoors. Luckily, there are warm and welcoming hotels in the nearby town of Kremmling.

Located in the town centre, each of the rooms at the Super 8 by Wyndham is graced with mountain views and an en-suite bathroom. You can set off early with a juice, muffin, and granola bar for your hike from the hotel kitchen. If you are looking for a place to stay near Radium Springs with your pet, this hotel may be for you.

The Allington Inn is a clean and modest option for the colder months in Colorado. It has comfortable en-suite rooms and facilities, including an indoor pool and hot tub. We recommend you book the facilities on arrival to ensure you have access during your stay. The guest laundry is self-service and is perfect for washing any towels after your hike.

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radium hot springs colorado at sunset
radium hot springs colorado at sunset

Things to do near Radium Colorado

The Radium Hot Springs hike is 1.4 miles and is necessary to access the thermal pool. It is of moderate difficulty, and closed shoes are recommended for the hike.

Along the trail, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains while keeping an eye out for the three-toed woodpecker, red crossbill, and various birds of prey.

When the colorado river is flowing, you can test your mettle rafting over the rapids and soak in the breathtaking views. The Colorado River headwaters begin in the Rocky Mountain National Park and flow through areas with wildlife and incredible viewpoints. Once you pass Kremmling, you drop through the Gore Canyon’s whitewater rapids before calmly continuing downstream.

The 60-foot cliff alongside the river offers a vantage point from which to jump into the water for the thrill-seekers. And in winter, you can speed down nearby Bear Mountain on your skis at the Bluebird Backcountry ski resort.

Alternatively, head on a tour to the Rocky Mountains National Park from Denver or Boulder. Admire the Aspen and pine trees while touring through the glacial valleys in search of wildlife. It is possible to reach an altitude of 13000 ft by car during the summer months, with the tallest peak standing at 14259 ft.

rocky mountains national park colorado
rocky mountains national park colorado

Radium Hot Springs Weather

Summer through fall has the best weather, you can still visit the hot spring in winter, depending on the snow. The closest town to Radium Hot Springs is Kremmling, where they record 62 inches of snow per year. You can expect the temperatures at the camping site to be similar to the town.

The area has a subarctic climate. Winter at the Radium Hot Springs is long and bitterly cold, with temperatures dropping below zero during December and January.

You can hike all year round on low-elevation trails, while some of the trails located higher up only open from July to September. However, these warmer periods coincide with light rainfall averaging 0.6 inches (15mm) per month.

We recommend visiting in June and September for the most pleasant weather. The hottest day of the year occurs during July with typical averages reaching a high of 82°F (28°C) and a low of 45°F (7°C). The coldest day of the year in Kremmling occurs in January and averages a high of 29°F (-3°C) and low of 4°F (-16°C).

In spring, typically following strong rains, the river can wash over the walls of the hot spring. The water temperature in the pool fluctuates between 80°F (26°C) and 95°F (35°C) as the water mixes with the cool Colorado River running alongside it.


The natural springs can be crowded at times. With only one primitive rock-walled pool about twenty feet in diameter, it can feel congested when frequented by more than five people.

When approaching the hot spring, you may notice a distinctive odour. This egg-like smell is harmless and is an anaerobic bacteria converting some of the dissolved sulfur in the water to hydrogen sulfide.

hot springs in radium colorado
hot springs in radium colorado

4 Frequently Ask Questions About Radium Hot Spring

The following are answers to common questions around visiting the Radium Hot Spring. Find the answer to your query about Radium Hot Springs and gain insight before your visit.

1. Is Radium Hot Springs Pet-friendly?

Yes, you can bring your pet along. The trail is suitable for dogs; however, they need to be on lead and social as this can be a busy route.

2. Is Radium Hot Springs Free?

Yes, the hot spring is free and can be accessed by the public after a 1.4-mile hike from the turn off onto the gravel road. When visiting any of the free hot springs in Colorado, please respect the environment and practice the principle of Leave No Trace.

3. Are There Bears Along the Trail?

Bears are infrequently sighted both on the road and the trail to the Radium Hot Springs. A bear pepper spray is a smart addition to your hiking pack as a defensive measure against a charging bear. Stay alert and keep the conversation going in your group to avoid surprising a bear during your hike.

4. Is Radium Hot Springs Clothing Optional?

Clothing is recommended at Radium Hot Springs. As a public hot spring receiving a fair amount of visitors, you should wear clothing. Should you wish to bathe bare, you can visit the Valley View Hot Springs in Villa Grove.

Final Thoughts on Radium Hot Springs Co

While only a few feet wide and not guaranteed to be hot, the Radium Hot Springs is still a great activity to do in Colorado. The natural setting, nearby small town of Kremmling, and the friendly people offering activities in the area, make this a memorable destination for a weekend away from Boulder or Denver.

Share your experience of the Radium Hot Springs in the comments below. Are you itching to see more of the Rocky Mountains? Consider visiting the Hot Springs in New Mexico next.

big horns in radium springs colorado
big horns in radium springs colorado

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