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9 Best Places for Hot Springs in the USA (2022)

Did you know that there are many natural hot springs in the USA? Bathing in these mineral rich waters can be fantastic for both your physical and mental health.

Indigenous peoples have enjoyed the benefits of hot springs for centuries. There are three types of hot springs: thermal, geothermal and hydrothermal springs. The water in hot springs takes their energy from geothermal processes within the earth.

When hot springs are located in volcanic zones the water is heated by rocks in contact with molten magma. Hot springs can also be located in non-volcanic areas where the heat comes from deep in the earth’s crust.

Today, quite a few hotels and resorts have been built around hot springs, allowing for a more luxurious hot springs experience. However, there are still many hot spring pools that are in national parks and other locations that can be experienced at no charge in their natural state.

The western states of America in particular are known for their hot springs – we’ve got many of them covered in this article including Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada and more.

Here 10 fantastic places to experience hot springs in the USA.

10 Best Places for Hot Springs in the USA

old hot springs in the USA
old hot springs steamboat springs

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