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3 Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, Colorado you won’t want to miss

Colorado doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to natural beauty. There’s a reason why it’s known as one of the most beautiful states in the US.

Located on the northern end of Colorado is Steamboat Springs, also known as “Ski Town, USA” for offering world-class skiing amongst snowy mountains. The Yampa River flows through the heart of this small town, with Mount Werner’s snowy peaks guarding it like a castle wall.

Although Steamboat is a skiers’ sanctuary, many forget the second part of its name (“Springs”). So, I’ve compiled this list of the most irresistible and incredible hot springs in Steamboat Springs, CO.

old hot springs steamboat springs
old hot springs steamboat springs

What are Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs and Steamboat Like?

Steamboat is known as a great place to live and vacation. The town has a close-knit community feel to it. But there’s more than enough action springing up here each week, so you’ll never get bored.

From hiking, biking, and skiing to fun-filled family adventure parks and, of course, a relaxing soak in one of Steamboat’s historic hot springs. Experience Old Town Hot Springs (one of the more popular springs in downtown Steamboat) or head to the edge of the Yampa Valley for Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Alternatively, pick Hippie Hot Springs to celebrate Steamboat like the locals.

town of steamboat springs
town of steamboat springs

If you’re seeking an activity-filled trip but wanting to be away from the city, Steamboat is the place to be.

Getting around is easy too. You could rent a car, but it’s just as easy, if not more, to use the free bus service that runs through downtown to the base of Mount Werner.

Where Did Steamboat Springs Get Its Name?

The popular ski destination’s slightly amusing and interesting name has an equally funny and fascinating backstory.

The story follows ‒ three French trappers passing through the area in the early 1800s thought they heard a “chug-chug” sound. Assuming they had reached a river, one of them yelled, “a Steamboat, by gar!”. To their surprise, the sound was no steamboat but instead a natural mineral thermal pool that was later named “Steamboat Spring”.

city of steamboat springs
city of steamboat springs

And that’s how Steamboat Springs gained its quirky and peculiar name.

Located on the far end of the town, this spring exists up till today. Unfortunately, once the railroad was constructed above it in 1908, the hot spring’s “chugging” sound was silenced forever.

3 Best Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, CO

There are two major sites in Steamboat Springs (and one underrated gem) home to the town’s best hot springs.

Old Town Hot Springs is a commercial facility located in downtown Steamboat, offering hot springs in a theme-park-like setting. The site boasts hot pools (fed by the natural springs) along with slides, rock climbing walls, and a kiddies pool.

old hot springs in fall steamboat springs
old town hot springs in fall steamboat springs

On the other hand, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is home to some natural pools in a rustic setting. It’s located about 15 minutes from downtown but is definitely worth the drive.

Lastly, Hippie Hot Springs is the locals’ secret spot. It offers a cluster of warm pools and a unique floating tube experience too.

Ready to unwind in a hot spring? Pick one, or more, of these iconic geothermal pools for a soothing soak.

1. Old Town Hot Springs

Located in downtown Steamboat, Old Town Hot Springs is a popular tourist attraction site offering eight hot spring-fed pools, two waterslides, and a rock-climbing wall. Families, especially, love the place because of all the entertainment it provides for kids as well as adults.

old town hot springs in steamboat springs
old town hot springs at night in steamboat springs

Old Town Hot Springs’ History

These springs have been in existence for more than 100 years.

The place has a unique history in that the Native American Ute Indians once used Old Town Hot Springs as a gathering and bathing site. They referred to them as “medicine” springs, frequently visiting them for sacred physical and spiritual healing. Later, the area became a social spot for the early homesteaders.

Things to Do at Old Town Hot Springs

Today, Old Town Hot Springs is a family-friendly recreational site frequented by tourists and even locals.

Enjoy a rejuvenating soak in the adults-only spring while your kids splash around in the kiddie pool or enjoy the waterslides. Natural minerals such as boron, potassium, fluoride, calcium, sodium, sulfate, and magnesium, along with manganese, are present in the water (which is not diluted).

There’s also a fitness facility on-site if you’re looking to burn some calories and a massage area for some deep relaxing therapy.

old hot springs entrance
old town hot springs entrance

All the Hot Pools at Old Town Hot Springs

Old Town Hot Springs features eight unique pools for different purposes and age groups. The pools’ water comes from the all-natural Heart Springs, the main spring at Old Town. Pool temperatures range between 27°C (80°F) and 39°C (103°F).

  1. Heart Spring: the main all-natural hot spring that feeds all of the other pools
  2. Main Hot Pool: twists and turns, providing multiple corners to offer a little privacy. This pool also features many mountains and two bridges to swim under.
  3. Waterfall Hot Pool: a smaller pool with slightly hotter water than the Heart Spring. Features a waterfall and therapeutic jets to relieve your muscles from tension.
  4. Smaller Hot Pool: provides a private swimming experience. This pool is in a position where it has access to direct sunlight throughout the day, so it’s a perfect pick during the winter season.
  5. Water Slide Pool: as the name suggests, this pool features a 230-foot water slide to make your hot pool experience more exciting. Unfortunately, the slide is only open seasonally, but every day during peak summer and winter.
  6. Kiddies Pool: offers a large shallow pool that’s only two feet deep. It’s perfect for you to enjoy the hot spring’s water with your kids.
  7. Splash Pool: provides slides and shooting fountain jets above a very shallow depth of water. Your mini ones can climb on the duck, frog, and turtle in this pool that’s open during the summer season only.
  8. Lap Pool: features eight lanes perfect for a swimming workout.

Location & Prices

Conveniently located in downtown Steamboat, on Lincoln Avenue, you can easily access Old Town Hot Springs via the hotel shuttles. Or, simply ride the Steamboat Springs Transit (SST) free bus.

Entry costs depend on what you’re visiting the facility for. A day in the hot pools costs about $18 for adults and approximately $12 for children. The same cost applies to access the fitness centre. For an additional fee, you can access the water slides and floating obstacle course too.

So, essentially, you only pay for the facilities you plan to use for the day. It’s also good to know that once you’ve paid for the day, you can come and go as freely as you like.

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strawberry park hot springs
strawberry park hot springs

2. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

After an adventure-filled day on the mountains, head out of town to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs for a soothing, muscle-relaxing soak in the 40°C (104°F) water. Tucked away in an aspen grove, the hot springs here boast poetic views of the forest trees and mountain peaks.

strawberry park hot springs
strawberry park hot springs

Things to Do at Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs has a gentle rustic and woodland vibe. The many large thermal pools here vary in temperatures and are fed by the natural spring water and the Hot Spring Creek.

In the summer, you can book a campsite, cabin, or sheep wagon for a camping trip. Or, if you dare to camp in winter, you can choose to rent a heated cabin.

Tip: some locals recommend planning a trip to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs when there’s a meteor shower expected. You can relax under the stars in the natural spring’s hot water while watching the spectacular show in the night sky above you.

strawberry park hot springs
strawberry park hot springs

Location & Prices

You can easily access Strawberry Park Hot Springs via a short 15-minute drive from downtown Steamboat. The drive to the hot springs is a thrill on its own, with breathtaking views of the Yampa Valley. It’s recommended to take a four-wheeler for the rugged roads, especially from November to May when a four-wheeler with snow tires or chains is compulsory.

If a drive sounds like too much work, take advantage of the shuttle services from downtown Steamboat.

strawberry park hot springs relaxing chairs
strawberry park hot springs relaxing chairs

Entry to the facility is by reservation only. Prices vary depending on the season, but the cost generally ranges between $15 to $20 for adults and $8 to $10 for children. Strawberry Park Hot Springs further amplifies your relaxing experience with massage packages starting at $55. The facility doesn’t accept credit cards, so bring cash or check only.

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strawberry park hot springs
strawberry park hot springs

3. Hippie Hot Springs

Hippie Hot Springs is a hidden gem in Steamboat Springs, known mostly by the locals only.

hippy hot springs
hippy hot springs

Things to Do at Hippie Hot Springs

The site is a collection of warm pools along the Yampa River, heated by the runoff water from Old Town Hot Springs’ fitness centre and spa. The temperature doesn’t usually exceed 37°C (100°F), so they’re more like warm springs than hot.

To fully immerse yourself in Hippie’s hot spring experience, start at the Rotary Park, where you hop on a tube to journey down the chilly Yampa River until you reach these pools. From the river’s cold water to the warm pool, the entire journey is an epic adventure like no other.

hippy hot spring
hippy hot spring

Location & Prices

Hippie Hot Springs is just across the street from Old Town Hit Springs. If you’re hot spring hopping and find yourself at Old Town, you may as well check out Hippie Hot Springs too. The best part is that indulging in Hippie’s hot springs is completely free.

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hippy hot springs
hippy hot springs

Enjoy These Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs

From young kids to adults, Steamboat’s hot springs offer something for everyone. You could opt for a commercial pool in downtown Steamboat Springs or a warm one in a natural forest setting.

Soaking in a hot spring in Steamboat Springs is the perfect way to start your day and end it.

strawberry park hot springs
strawberry park hot springs

Head to Old Town Hot Springs first thing in the morning for a rejuvenating dip. If you have some time to spare or if you’re saving Old Town for a full-day experience, cross the road to Hippie Hot Springs to enjoy their warm pools instead. Then, make your way to the mountains for some thrilling adventure. Finally, to relax those sore muscles, catch the sunset in a hot spring at Strawberry Park.

Can’t get enough of hot springs? Check out more of these in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

old springs at night steamboat springs
old springs at night steamboat springs

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