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13 Best Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (2022)

If you’re looking to visit a small town in one of the most beautiful U.S. states, Pagosa Springs in Colorado is a popular spot to unwind in. Situated on the San Juan River, this town is laid back, filled with outdoor fun, and beautiful to boot. It’s also home to a world-record-winning hot spring!

If you’re on the hunt for the best hot springs in Pagosa Springs, look no further. This post will guide you through some of the most popular springs where you can find your zen on a tranquil Colorado vacation.

the springs resort
the springs resort

13 Best Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs is named after the numerous incredible natural hot springs you can find in the area. These attractions are open year-round, and tourists come from far and wide to see them first-hand.

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1. The “Mother Spring” at the Springs Resort & Spa

The Mother Spring is the main hot spring in Pagosa Springs, situated on the property of the Springs Resort & Spa. The steaming turquoise pool stretches 35 feet across with an average depth of about 30 feet.

The Springs
The Springs

In 2011, the Mother Spring was officially measured by a representative of Guinness World Records. Guinness found that the deepest part of the Mother Spring was 1002’ deep, making it the deepest geothermal hot spring in the world.

The abundant Mother Spring feeds its magical hot water into the 25 other pools at the resort. It also feeds into two other resorts in Pagosa Springs, but more on that later.

If you’re wondering what’s so special about hot springs, it’s not just the heat that people rave about. The hot water is profoundly relaxing, but hot springs are also popular because they are rich in minerals.

The Mother Spring water contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, silica, chloride, fluoride, and boron. There are also other minerals like iron, lithium, manganese, sulphate, and zinc. Soaking in the mineral-rich water has proven therapeutic benefits such as lower blood pressure, stronger bones and muscles, and heightened energy levels.

winter in pagosa hot springs
winter in pagosa hot springs

It’s no surprise that ancient tribes like the Anasazi (Ancestral Puebloan) people frequented the springs. The hot pools were also popular amongst the Navajo, Ute, and Apache peoples who lived in what is now Pagosa Springs for centuries before American occupation. The word ‘Pagosa’ is actually a Ute word meaning “healing” or “boiling water.”

More Pools at Springs Resort & Spa

There are 25 other pools at Springs Resort & Spa, all of which are fed by the almighty Mother Spring. Every pool has a different vibe and size, with a different temperature ranging from 28–46 °C (45 – 114 °F). So, make sure you read up on some of our favourites below to find out which Pagosa hot spring you want to see the most.

cozy cove
cozy cove

2. Cozy Cove

Restricted to those 18 years or older, Cozy Cove offers a VIP experience where adults can relax and unwind. This pool is a brilliant blue in colour and includes Jacuzzi-style jets to get you in vacation mode at the press of a button. This hot spring is also relatively private compared to others at the resort.

cozy cove
cozy cove

3. Paradise

The Paradise hot spring offers just that: a paradise where you can soak in enriching and warm mineral water. This pool is open to all ages and is situated right on the banks of the river. There are also some sun loungers out – perfect for catching a tan or catching up on some reading after your dip.

paradise hot spring
paradise hot spring

A great thing about this hot spring is that it’s right next to the canteen. Don’t be surprised if you see the resort guests lounging about blissfully and enjoying their cocktails in the water.

4. River Bend

River Bend is one of the most popular of Pagosa’s hot springs, boasting an infinity ledge that overlooks the San Juan River. This is an excellent spot for the 18+ out there who want to soak in the mineral-rich water but still get a view of the town. You can even spot rafters and tubers floating down the river and give them a wave as they pass by. 

river bend hot spring
river bend hot spring

5. Top ‘o the Mornin’

Top ‘o the Mornin’ is another 18+ hot springs at the resort and arguably the most tranquil. There’s a cascading waterfall you can swim under, and we highly recommend letting the warm water pour over your shoulders. If you want to relieve some tension, you’ll fall in love with this hot spring.

top of the morning
top of the morning

6. Twilight

The last 18+ hot spring is right next to a town footbridge. So, you can watch the townspeople take a stroll while you immerse yourself in the divine waters. You can also see tubers and local fishermen on the river from this viewpoint.

twilight hot spring
twilight hot spring

7. Clouds In My Coffee

Clouds In My Coffee is a crowd favourite, and once you see it for yourself, you’ll see why. Not only does the spring offer mineral-rich, brightly-coloured water, there are also schools of goldfish swimming in the pond beneath it. This spring is also located right next to the resort cafe and canteen, so you can quickly grab a bite after a session in the water.

One of the main draws of Clouds In My Coffee is the live music nearby. This pool has a lively, social vibe to it and is open to all ages. You and the kids can kick back, soak up, and enjoy the tunes playing in the background.

8. Columbine

The Columbine hot spring is one of our favourite spots on this list, as it offers a peaceful escape from the hubbub of the main resort areas. Tucked away in a quiet corner and nestled beneath gorgeous aspen trees, you’ll feel at one with nature at this pool.

columbine hot springs in pagosa springs

Columbine is a ‘designated quiet area,’ meaning guests are expected to keep things rather hush here. If you’re looking for a solo spot to soak and read a book, wake up early to secure your place in this sleepy spring.

9. Crick Tub

One of the most intimate springs in the resort, Crick Tub, sits right on the river’s edge. This is a romantic spot for couples to have some quality time, but the spring is open to all ages. There’s also a pool above it. So, kids can relax here with their parents keeping an eye out from above.

crick tub
crick tub

10. Sunset Social Club

Sunset Social Club offers an impeccable view at sunset that’s simply to die for. You can see tall trees in the distant hills, as well as the town bridge crossing over the San Juan River.

sunset social hot spring
sunset social hot spring

There are also two lower-level pools in front of the hot spring, providing the perfect canvas for brushstrokes of sunset hues. The light playing on the water looks utterly breathtaking, and relaxing in a hot spring makes this amazing time of day even more romantic.

11. The Lobster Pot

As you might’ve guessed from the name, the Lobster Pot is the hottest hot spring in the resort at a steamy average temperature of 23°C (112°F). As the spring is right next to the river, visitors love to come to the Lobster Pot for an invigorating cold plunge followed by a warm soak. Jumping in the snow-fed river on a cold day will make being immersed in a hot spring all the more luxurious.

lobster pot
lobster pot

All the Springs Resort & Spa pools are open to the public for year-round soaking from 9 am to 10 pm. The resort staff begin to clear out the pool areas at 9:30 pm. Guests of the resort have complimentary access 24-hours a day. Non-guests can purchase a day pass from the resort desk.

A general pool admission pass (for all ages) costs $25 per person. Access to the 18+ hot springs costs $100 per adult.

Keep in mind that we only discussed 10 of the hot springs at Springs Resort & Spa. That means there are still 15 more for you to discover on an unforgettable trip to Pagosa Springs.

The springs resort
The springs resort

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12. Overlook Hot Springs Spa

The Overlook Hot Springs Spa is in the Historic Downtown part of Pagosa Springs. The spa offers professional massage treatments, sports therapy, and other relaxing treatments to ease your tensions. There are also five indoor swimming pools you can take a dip in and steam showers for you to enjoy after a cold swim.

overlook hot springs entrance
overlook hot springs entrance

Check out the spa rooftop in the winter months to find the ambient hot springs just waiting to be explored. There are three rooftop tubs to choose from, each offering glorious views of the nearby San Juan National Forest. As if that wasn’t decadent enough, there’s even a hot tub and a sauna on the rooftop, too.

Overlook Hot Springs
Overlook Hot Springs

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Overlook Hot Springs Spa is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm and is open to both kids and adults. The cost per adult is $24 and $16 for seniors and children to access the hot springs. You can rent robes, swimsuits, and towels from the spa desk if you need to.

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13. Healing Waters Resort & Spa Heated Mineral Pool

Healing Waters Resort & Spa has been a Pagosa Springs gem since 1950. This cute, cabin-style resort offers incredible massages and, of course, illustrious hot springs for your vacation. The resort has a large outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, men’s indoor hot bath, and women’s indoor hot bath for you to pick from.

healing waters colorado
healing waters colorado

Guests of the resort can access the pool at any time, and those getting massages at the spa can take a dip, too. You can also buy a day pass if you’re just passing through. The resort also sells 6-month and annual passes if you plan to visit Pagosa Springs frequently (lucky you!).

Healing Waters

Children under two years old can soak for free. Day passes for those aged 3-12, 12-54, and 55+ cost $12, $20, and $12, respectively. For more detailed information on annual passes and rates, take a look at the resort’s website.

Final Thoughts on Pagosa Springs, CO

Pagosa Springs is a gem in Colorado and a beautiful place to spend a summer or winter vacation. Hopefully, you can try each one of the incredible hot springs on this list where you can shake off some stress and enjoy a well-deserved time off.

If you’re feeling extra luxurious, you can even spend a night or two at the resorts where the springs are located. Tourists and locals love to stay in the springs all day and retreat to their beautiful hotel rooms at night. Have a fantastic vacation in Pagosa Springs, and appreciate the hot springs for yourself.

the springs colorado
the springs colorado

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