Best Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs

The Mother Spring is the main hot spring in Pagosa Springs, situated on the property of the Springs Resort & Spa.

The Mother Springs

Springs Resort & Spa

18 years or older, Cozy Cove offers a VIP experience where adults can relax and unwind.

Cozy Cove

The Paradise hot spring offers just that: a paradise where you can soak in enriching and warm mineral water.

Paradise Hot Springs

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River Bend is one of the most popular of Pagosa’s hot springs, boasting an infinity ledge that overlooks the San Juan River.

River Bend

Top ‘o the Mornin’ is another 18+ hot springs at the resort and arguably the most tranquil. There’s a cascading waterfall you can swim under

Top o the Mornin

The last 18+ hot spring is right next to a town footbridge. So, you can watch the townspeople take a stroll while you immerse yourself in the divine waters.

Twilight Hot Springs

Not only does the spring offer mineral-rich, brightly-coloured water, there are also schools of goldfish swimming in the pond beneath it.

Clouds in My Coffee

Tucked away in a quiet corner and nestled beneath gorgeous aspen trees, you’ll feel at one with nature at this pool.

Columbine Hot Springs

One of the most intimate springs in the resort, Crick Tub, sits right on the river’s edge. This is a romantic spot for couples to have some quality time!

Crick Tubs Hot Springs

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