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11 Best Spots to See the Sunset in Glasgow

Glasgow is a monumental Scottish city filled to the brim with things to do throughout the day. Although, there aren’t many things better than capping a fun-filled day with a mesmerising sunset. The sight of the sun dipping away into the horizon while reflecting hues of orange on the sky is a breathtaking spectacle.

Catching a sunset is great regardless of your situation; whether you’re unwinding alone, with a lover, or with a group of friends. While watching sunsets in Glasgow is incredible anywhere, I think there are some otherworldly spots that beat others.

After learning about the best sunsets in Edinburgh, it’s time to explore where you can find similar places in Scotland’s other world-renowned city.

Cathkin Braes glasgow sunset
Cathkin Braes

Where Can I Catch The Sunset in Glasgow?

Whether you’re strolling around the buzzing city centre or in tranquil parks, there’s a spot to see the sunset. After all, dramatic views can be found in nearly every corner of the incredible city that is Glasgow.

These are the best spots offering spectacular views of the sunsets in Glasgow.

1. River Clyde

River Clyde is an iconic Glasgow body of water which helped carve out the city as it stands today. In fact, the quote, “Glasgow made the Clyde, and the Clyde made Glasgow”, is often used to show the significance.

Today, River Clyde makes for an incredible sunset viewing location thanks to the man-made structures surrounding the river. One of these beauties is the incredible Clyde Arc, a road bridge connecting the north and south of Glasgow. The other is the Finnieston Crane, an ode to Glasgow’s historic shipyards that made the city into an industrial giant.

clyde arc sunset in glasgow
clyde arc

The sunset going down over these two landmarks is incredible. Plus, if you stand towards the Mavisbank Gardens area, you can catch a glimpse of another two amazing structures, the SSE Hydro and SEC Armadillo.

The Glasgow hop-on hop-off bus tour includes the Clyde Arc as a stop for anyone who’d love to explore the city from A-Z.

2. Necropolis

The Necropolis is a graveyard turned popular visitor attraction that many locals view as a park. It’s gained popularity in large parts thanks to the fact that it provides dramatic views from nearly every corner.

Those views make the Necropolis a great Gothic option to watch a sunset in Glasgow and you won’t go wrong wherever you stand.

necropolis glasgow

However, I’d recommend the graveyard summit to enjoy the best sunset as it offers amazing views of Glasgow. It’s marked by a John Knox monument so it won’t be too hard to find.

3. Cathkin Braes

Cathkin Braes is a hilly area dotted with trees and other flora. While the lush greenery is normally what attracts people here, there’s also the prospect of catching an incredible sunset here.

Cathkin Braes glasgow
Cathkin Braes

While you can view the sunset from practically anywhere, I’d suggest climbing uphill until you reach an elevated point. You’ll be rewarded with dramatic views of Glasgow, its landmarks, and the natural marvel that is Ben Lomond in the distance.

The sunset is a perfect reward for either biking or hiking on the rugged trails of Cathkin Braes.

4. Ruchill Park

Ruchill Park, standing at around 53 acres, is a natural haven used as a recreational space by just about anyone. The lush greenery of trees and the well-kept grass is one of the reasons for its popularity.


The reason I included the park here is because of the stunning views it offers through its many vantage points. These spots make for great intimate sunset viewing locations, many showcasing the sun escaping behind the trees.

5. Radisson RED Sky Bar

If you want to enjoy the sunset in style, with drinks in hand, then head to Radisson RED Sky Bar. It’s a rooftop terrace with a number of delicious dishes and beverages to match.

radisson red sky bar glasgow
radisson red sky bar

It’s the perfect sunset-watching spot for couples. Sip your cocktail while watching the sun set with Finnieston Crane, SSE Hydro, and SSC Armadillo in your view.

6. Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park, approximately 148 acres, has something for everyone. There are trees for those who appreciate greenery, well-kept lawns for picnic lovers, and various animals for wildlife enthusiasts.

sunset in queens park glasgow
sunset in queens park

It also has something for the sunset lovers as it boasts several vantage points. I recommend making your way to the flagpole to enjoy incredible views of the sunset, trees, and Glasgow.

7. Glasgow Botanic Gardens

If you’re looking for a romantic, floral sunset setting, the Glasgow Botanic Gardens are a great spot. The place is dotted with many incredible flowers and marvellous structures that make it a popular attraction.

glasgow botanic gardens
glasgow botanic gardens

With flora all over, there are several vantage points to take in a view of the sunset. I recommend watching the sunset in front of or inside Kibble Palace. The reflection of the sun on the glass as well as the greenery make for an amazing sighting and photo op.

8. Bellahouston Park

Bellahouston Park, spanning around 169 acres, features trails for runners and benches for anyone looking to spend time leisurely. There’s also the fantastic House for an Art Lover for art enthusiasts.

Bellahouston Park glasgow
Bellahouston Park

This is one of the best spots to catch a sunset in Glasgow. For the best view, you’ll need to walk up to the top of the park. There, the sun sets behind the trees and the orange hue beautifully engulfs the landscapes in the distance.

9. Mugdock Country Park

Mugdock Country Park, standing at around 665 acres, is a vast area with tons of attractions. Whether you want to visit ancient sites, hike, observe wildlife, or just appreciate the beauty of nature, the park has it all.

Mugdock Country Park
Mugdock Country Park

Dotted with beautiful landscapes, it’s also one of the best spots to see sunsets in and around Glasgow. You can’t go wrong with any of its vantage points, although I would recommend a sunset viewing experience by Mugdock Loch. The site of the sun and the sky reflecting off of the water and setting behind the trees is simply mesmerising.

10. The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is located in the heart of the city and is one of Glasgow’s top attractions. Its popularity means it features on many Scotland itineraries centred around Glasgow. Apart from its deep history, the lighthouse makes for a great place to catch the sunset in the city.

the lighthouse glasgow
the lighthouse

To enjoy the sunset viewing, you’ll have to go to the very top of The Lighthouse. Once there, enjoy sweeping views of the city as the sun escapes into the horizon.

While entry is free, the lighthouse closes at 5 p.m. so I’d recommend going there only during the times when the sun sets earlier than normal.

11. Chinaskis

Chinaskis, located in Glasgow’s city centre, is a spot providing a variety of meals, including vegan food, and drinks. It features a rooftop terrace that provides an escape from the active lifestyle of the city.

The terrace, dotted with different flora, is where you’re rewarded with an incredible sunset. You get to see the honey yellow hue of the sun pour around the sky and the sun escape behind the tall buildings.

Chinaskis glasgow

I can’t imagine a better ending to the day than experiencing a sunset while sipping on drinks with your partner or friends.

Marvel at the Sunsets in Glasgow

Glasgow has many things to do when in search of a satisfying time, including observing the beautiful natural sunset. There are various vantage spots for this activity, from parks and botanic gardens to restaurants and bars, you’re guaranteed a memorable experience.

The spots are scattered in and around Glasgow at various locations. While visiting some of these areas, find some more things to do in the city with these Glasgow tours.

glasgow sunset

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