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9 Best Hot Springs in Washington State

Washington State is bountiful when it comes to hot springs where you can relax and take a load off. Whether you’re hopping into a man-made mineral bath or natural hot springs in Washington’s gorgeous forests, there is so much to enjoy and discover in this great state.

Washington is easily one of the most beautiful states in the U.S., so why not visit some of its incredible hot springs while you explore the Evergreen State?

This post will cover some of the most popular hot springs in Washington, from fancy resorts to hidden gems in nature. You’re bound to fall in love with these Washington State hot springs.

gamma hot springs
gamma hot springs

9 Best Hot Springs in Washington State

Below are ten of the best Washington hot springs for you to visit while on vacation or road tripping through the Pacific Northwest. Once you’re immersed in hot, bubbling mineral water, you’ll never want to go on vacation without hot springs again!

The hot springs below include both man-made mineral baths, hot tubs and soaking tubs, and naturally occurring hot springs in Washington State.

1. Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

About 12 miles into the Olympic National Park, you’ll find the luxurious Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort. Moreover, the park is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Pacific Northwest, so this would be a great stop to add to your Washington road trip itinerary. The resort is open from April to October annually, but be sure to check their website for updates.

Sol Duc Main Lodge Exterior

There are three mineral hot springs in the resort for you to choose from, including two mineral wading pools and a large mineral fountain pool. These pools have a temperature of around 35-40°C, so you’ll be utterly relaxed once you’re in the water. You can also visit the freshwater pool for a dip if you’d like to cool down after your time in the hot springs.

sol duc hot springs resort

This Washington State hot springs resort is utterly luxurious, offering cabin rentals, a host of amenities, and a great location in the famous national park. This would be a fantastic place to stay for a family vacation or even a romantic getaway for two. What could be more intimate than kicking back in hot springs with your significant other?

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Sol Duc Hot Springs

2. Goldmyer Hot Springs

Tucked away in the foothills of the majestic Cascade Mountains, Goldmyer Hot Springs requires a short hike before you can immerse yourself in the bubbling hot springs. The hike is beautiful, however, offering stunning forest views and a walk along the famous Snoqualmie River. But keep in mind that the hike will take about two hours to the springs and an hour back.

goldmyer hot springs

There are two different ways to get to the springs, but don’t worry. You can check this post for detailed directions to the Goldmyer Hot Springs trail and information on where to park.

goldmyer hot springs
goldmyer hot springs

The hot springs pool itself is like something out of a fantasy. You’ll get to climb into a small rocky alcove and warm up in the water with an excellent view of the surrounding trees. Don’t forget to take lunch along with you for an enchanting picnic in the forest before you head back down the trail.

3. Olympic Hot Springs

For more amazing hot springs in Olympic National Park, check out the natural Olympic Hot Springs. There are over twenty hot springs and pools for you to choose from, and they are all completely natural and unmaintained by the park rangers.

The springs are located in the Elwha Valley, an untouched wilderness area of the park, so you’ll feel truly at one with nature in this rugged forest spot. To get to the springs, you’ll need to drive into the park until you reach the Madison Falls parking area. From there, it’s about a 12-kilometre hike to the Boulder Creek Campground, where your hot springs journey really begins.

olympic national park hot springs
olympic national park hot springs

Meander through the conifer forest and over the bridge that crosses Boulder Creek until the trail merges with the Appleton Pass Trail. Then, it’s a further 8 kilometres until you reach the hot springs. Like others in this list, the Olympic Hot Springs area is surrounded by tall trees to give you that enchanting woodsy feeling of being in a secluded forest.

olympic hot springs washington
olympic hot springs

4. Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort

The Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort is a premium spa tucked into the Columbia River Gorge. The spa offers both mineral therapy pools and a traditional bathhouse for adults where you can relax and let your troubles melt away.

carson hot springs
carson hot springs

The bathhouse has a traditional 30s-style design with multiple clawfoot tubs and vintage healing baths. Mineral water is pumped directly into the tubs for a relaxing treatment with loads of health benefits, including muscle pain, joint pain, and stress. You can also enjoy a luxurious massage or a linen wrap after your session in the tubs.

The mineral therapy pools are kept at a 40°C temperature and are open to resort guests 18 years or older.

5. Scenic Hot Springs

The Scenic Hot Springs in the Cascade Mountains is on private property and requires booking months in advance to secure your spot.

To get to the springs, you’ll need to embark on a 3-kilometre hike with an over 300-meter elevation gain that should take you about 1.5 hours. The hike is moderately strenuous and quite steep.

scenic hot springs washington
scenic hot springs

The trail will take you past some towering powerlines, then meandering through the forest to get to the springs. There’s plenty of signage along the way, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost. If you’re hiking the trail in winter, be sure to wear your snowshoes as the hills are bound to be snow-laden.

There are three hot spring tubs for you to choose from, each a little warmer than the last. When you’ve relaxed to your heart’s content, you can use the restroom nearby to get changed before you head back down the trail.

6. Sulphur Creek Hot Springs

Sulphur Creek Hot Springs in Darrington, Washington, is a secluded, less popular hot spring spot than some of the others on this list. However, privacy is a pleasant bonus as you’re less likely to be greeted by a queue here than at the other locations.

sulphur creek hot springs
sulphur creek hot springs

To get to the springs, you’ll need to enter Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and drive to the Sulphur Creek Campground area. From there, it’s about a 6-kilometre hike over a log bridge and up some steep, rocky hills. The trail may not be very distinct, so keep your eyes peeled for signage.

Unlike other hot springs, the Sulphur Creek springs are more warm than boiling. There’s space for two inside, but you’ll need to fill the springs by hand first. There’s a pipe nearby that you can simply open. Then, just wait until the hot spring is full and hop in!

7. Baker Hot Springs

If you’re not big on difficult hiking trails, Baker Hot Springs in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest may be the destination you’re looking for. The trail to get there is suitable for all skill levels and is less than a kilometre long, so you can rest assured you’ll have a relaxing afternoon at this spot.

baker hot springs in winter
baker hot springs in winter

This hot spring spot is easy to access via the road, as you can drive straight to the Baker Hot Springs Trailhead. Keep in mind that this trail is closed during the winter months, however. The springs can hold about five people comfortably and are completely open to the public. You can turn your adventure to the springs into a fun-filled day of activities and picnic in the forest while you’re there. You can even bring your dogs on a fun forest walk with you and your friends.

baker hot springs
baker hot springs

8. Gamma Hot Springs

Deep in the Glacier Peak Wilderness, Gamma Hot Springs is an amazing destination if you’re willing to take on a monumental hike to get there. The hike to the springs and back is a whopping 52 kilometres long, so you’ll need at least 4-5 days to make the trip.

gamma hot springs
gamma hot springs

This expedition is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll need to navigate endless switchbacks and backcountry routes, and the terrain can be quite tricky. But the journey to the hot springs offers some of the most impeccable scenery in all of Washington. From alpine forests to lush meadows, this trip to the remote and luxurious hot springs is sure to be one to remember.

9. Doe Bay Resort & Retreat

If you’re looking for something more accessible than the Gamma Hot Springs, try the Doe Bay Resort & Retreat. The resort sits on over 30 acres of gorgeous waterfront land in the San Juan Islands, a popular tourist destination in the Pacific Northwest. The resort has a 2-night minimum stay policy, but you may not want to leave at all once you see the accommodations.

doe bay resort hot springs
doe bay resort hot springs

There are beautiful standalone cabins to rent and yurts and domes if you want to go the more eclectic route. There are also drive-in and walk-in campsites if you’d prefer to pitch your own tent on the resort grounds.

Doe Bay Resort has its own wellness spa for guests, offering private group spa rentals for you and seven other guests. You can indulge in the outdoor soaking tubs that overlook the water for ultimate relaxation and rinse off in the outdoor rain shower afterwards. Overall, Doe Bay Resort is a fantastic place to unwind after a long work week.

Women legs enjoys with hot springs water

Enjoy the Best Washington Hot Springs

If you’re looking for more hot springs to explore in the U.S., check out these fantastic Northern California hot springs. Northern California boasts a plethora of natural hot springs and mineral baths in top-tier resorts and spas.

hot springs in washington waterfall up close

Hopefully, you get to enjoy every last one of the hot spring destinations on this list. If not, you can always add them to your travel bucket list for your next Washington State adventure. Nothing is more relaxing than doing absolutely nothing in a pool of hot water, and Washington’s hot springs make this experience even better thanks to its incredible natural scenery.

Whether you’re having a spa day in a resort or hiking into the wilderness to find a magical remote hot spring, there’s plenty to experience in Washington State. Enjoy the best of the best hot springs in Washington!

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