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13 Calistoga Hot Springs | California’s Best Mineral Pools

We all need a place to kick back and relax every now and then. And what better place to do that than at a hot spring resort? Calistoga is a phenomenal gem in California’s iconic Napa Valley and the perfect place to enjoy many relaxing activities. 

This small town in the Bay Area has some of the best hot springs in the USA. Apart from this, Napa is also well-known for its many wineries and mud baths. So there really isn’t a better place to book your next California holiday. 

Here are some of the top hot springs, spas, and resorts. 

Background to Calistoga California Hot Springs 

It’s believed that the indigenous Wappo tribe discovered Calistoga’s hot springs when they settled in the area 10 000 years ago. They called this area “coo-lay-no-moak,” meaning “oven place” in English. 

The Wappo believed that these geothermal springs had healing properties, so soaking in the springs became a regular part of their daily routines. And they weren’t wrong because since the late 1800’s Calistoga has been a popular hot springs resort. 

Top Calistoga Hot Springs

Here are some of the top hot springs in Calistoga: 

1. Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

roman spa hot springs

Image by Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort on Facebook

Let’s start with one of the oldest resorts in the area, the Roman Spa Hot Springs. Lying at the foot of Mt. St. Helena, this charming California resort and hotel is surrounded by lovely lush greenery – making it quite the oasis. 

The resort has a variety of indoor and outdoor geothermal pools at different temperatures. It also features a hot Roman spa with two mud baths, two hot tubs, Finnish saunas, and various spa treatments. 

The latest one is the Antioxidant Facial which features green tea and lavender and claims to reduce cellular ageing. 

The hotel and resort feature 60 guest rooms and housing units. Two units even feature private hot tubs with mineral water pumped from the springs. 

2. Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa


Image by Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa on Facebook

Sitting 40 minutes north of Napa is the ultra-modern Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa. Influenced by classic American family road trips, this lodge features 63 retro-inspired rooms with a contemporary twist. 

The interior features earthy colors, resulting in a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Outside are three mineral pools with cabanas and lounge chairs for suntanning and relaxing. 

If extra relaxation and therapies are what you’re after, then you’re in for a treat at the lodge’s Moonacre Bath & Spa. 

Inspired by the bath houses of the 1880s, the spa offers mud wrap treatments, mineral baths, massages, and marble stone Chakra healing sessions. 

Once you get here, you’ll understand why it’s one of the top hot springs in northern California

3. Dr. Wilkinsons Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs 


Image by Dr. Wilkinsons on Facebook

For over 60 years, the iconic Dr. Wilkinsons Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs has been many travelers’ go-to destination for wellness and relaxation. They pride themselves on being Calistoga’s original wellness resort. 

There are 50 rooms recently renovated that combine mid-century style with calm modern interiors. 

Another highlight of this hot springs resort is its spa, which has also recently been renovated. It now has eight mineral baths, a spa garden, and aromatherapy and CBD spa treatments. It also has four mud baths. 

But the highlight of this resort is undeniably its three geothermal pools. The three pools vary in temperature – 29°C (85°F), 35°C (95°F) and 40°C (104°F). 

4. Indian Springs Resort & Spa


Image from Indian Springs Resort & Spa on Facebook

Indian Springs is one of Calistoga’s original hot spring spa resorts, first opened in 1913. Spread across 6 hectares (17 acres) of scenic land, the resort features several accommodation options. These include bungalows, a lodge, cottages, and country houses, all with a bohemian-luxe feel. 

Now for the main feature – its thermal pools. Indian Springs boasts two thermal pools, including their iconic Olympic-sized pool – the largest in Napa. Their other pool is adults-only and is kept at a slightly lower temperature. Both pools are open until midnight, so you can soak in the mineral goodness all day if you’d like. 

Apart from the pools, the resort also features ponds, picnic areas, garden areas, a cafe and lounge, and a spa.

5. UpValley Inn & Hot Springs 

Up Valley

Image by UpValley Inn & Hot Springs on Facebook

If you’re looking for a luxurious place to stay in Calistoga, then the UpValley Inn and Hot Springs is the right place. Sitting in the heart of the Napa Valley, it is surrounded by lush greenery. 

UpValley has over 50 recently refurbished and remodeled rooms to give it an updated look. 

This is one of Calistoga’s smaller hot spring resorts, as it only has one mineral pool and a small whirlpool. It also features only one European-style sauna and dry steam room. 

However, it’s a cosy place to retreat to, and it’s not too far away from great attractions like the Napa Valley Wine Train

6. Golden Haven Hot Springs 


Image from Golden Haven Hot Springs on Facebook 

Golden Haven Hot Springs is a one-of-a-kind resort in Calistoga. Why? Because some of its rooms feature their own spa tubs, fed with geothermal waters from a nearby spring. That’s great if you want to enjoy Calistoga’s lovely hot springs but don’t want to share your space with others. 

But, if you don’t mind doing so, there’s one large indoor mineral pool and a hot tub where you can socialize with others. The resort also has a lovely sun terrace and a spa where you can enjoy a mud wrap for extra mineral treatments. 

7. Carlins Cottage Court 


Image from

Carlin’s Cottage Court is a two-generation family-owned resort just a few blocks from downtown Calistoga. 

This small resort features a mix of six types of accommodation, including a family room, a junior suite, and a traditional cottage. Its two standout rooms are the Signature Cottage and the Jet Tub Cottage. 

The Signature room features a large bath with mineral water pumped from a nearby spring. The Jet Tub room has a hot tub with spring water and is ideal for two people. 

Outside, the cottage has a large hot spring pool, a hot tub, and an outdoor entertainment area.

8. Mount View Hotel & Spa


Image from Mount View Hotel & Spa

Mount View is a slightly different hot springs spa and hotel on this list. That’s mainly because most of the other resorts feature muted and calm colors, whereas this one has a bold art deco interior. 

The hotel is in downtown Calistoga and has been operational for over 100 years. It has an exciting mix of 33 guest rooms, cottages, and suites. The backyard has a large hot spring pool and whirlpool, complete with a private garden patio and poolside cabanas. 

Then there’s its signature True Spa. The spa features a range of innovative treatments, including a CBD relief massage, lemon matcha wrap, and warm honey-ginger massage. 

9. Meadowlark Country House & Resort


Image by Meadowlark Country House on Facebook

The Meadowlark Country House & Resort is another standout in the area, just a few miles out of downtown Calistoga. Mainly because this is an adults-only resort and is also the only clothing-optional resort in the area. 

This huge estate offers a large mineral pool, hot tub, massage room, Finnish dry sauna, and sun terraces surrounded by woodland and meadows. It also has a mix of 10 rooms, suites, and private houses for a relaxing stay. 

10. Solage Auberge Resort

solage review

Wellness is the beating heart at Solage Auberge. This large resort features a whopping 89 rooms with suite and studio accommodations. 

But, as mentioned before, wellness is the show’s real star here. The resort has five mineral pools ranging from 15°C – 40°C (60°F – 104°F), with different hydrotherapy circuits designed to help you destress and rejuvenate yourself.

Then there’s also a fantastic spa, fitness centre, and a range of exercise classes available. There’s no better place to unwind than at Solage Auberge.  

11. Calistoga Spa Hot Springs


Image by Calistoga Spa Hot Springs 

Sitting at the base of Mt. St. Helena lies the classic Calistoga Spa Hot Springs resort. Its main highlight is undeniably its four geothermal pools running from 26°C – 40°C (80°F – 104°F). There’s also a smaller whirlpool, meaning there’s plenty of space for everyone. 

Apart from its fabulous mineral pools, this 56-room resort has a world-class spa with various treatments. One of the most popular ones is its Volcanic Ash Mud Bath, which is supposed to reduce joint and muscle pain while removing toxins from your skin. 

12. Four Seasons Resort Napa Valley


Image by

There’s no denying that the Four Seasons is one of the best hotel groups in the world, so it’s no surprise that they would have a stunning resort in Calistoga. It also means you’ll get the best accommodation, amenities, and service here. 

But we’re here to talk about the hot springs, of course. The Four Seasons features a massive 23-metre (75-foot) heated lap pool pumped with mineral water. It’s an adults-only pool, but there’s also a family pool and hot tub. 

There are also poolside cabanas, a spa, a poolside bar, and indoor dining at your disposal. 

13. The Inn on Pine


Image by 

Last but not least, on this list is The Inn on Pine. This boutique hotel offers a peaceful and quiet escape with fantastic mountain views. It’s not the largest property on the list, as it only has nine rooms, but they’re quite spacious and comfortable. 

A small outdoor area also features a decent-sized mineral pool, a small whirlpool, and a dry sauna. 

The Inn on Pine is the perfect place if you’re looking for a short but scenic holiday. 

FAQs About Hot Springs in Calistoga

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about visiting the hot springs in Calistoga. 

How Much Does It Cost to Enjoy the Hot Springs in Calistoga? 

Overnight guests usually enjoy unlimited free access. Some resorts also offer day passes that typically start at around €32 ($35) per person. 

What Is the Best Time to Visit the Calistoga Hot Springs? 

September – October is the best time to visit because resort prices are lowered. There’s also a drop in temperature in the area, so the hot springs are a great place to warm up. 

What Is the Best Hot Spring Resort? 

It’s difficult to pick one. But some of the standouts include: the Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort, Solage Auberge Resort, Dr. Wilkinsons Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs, and Indian Springs Resort & Spa.

Which California Hot Springs Will You Visit? 

There you have it! A complete round-up of the best hot springs in Calistoga. A visit to one or all 13 of these luxurious hotels and resorts will leave you feeling warm, fresh, and rejuvenated at the end of your visit. 

While you are here, why not check out the best things to do in Calistoga for adults? And you might enjoy reading my article on Hot Springs in Utah.

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