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19 Hot Springs Utah: Natural Soothing Spots

Utah is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, boasting towering cliffs and unique rock formations. However, few may be aware that Utah has a collection of extraordinary hot springs. Scattered throughout the state, these natural marvels provide an ideal opportunity for relaxation and revitalization.

With their abundant minerals and cascading streams, hot springs offer a serene experience to soothe weary muscles. While exploring Utah, one of the most beautiful US states, consider visiting the Red Hill or Mystic Hot Springs. Both of these spots are immensely popular destinations known for their therapeutic waters.

Utah is home to a generous number of hot springs. According to the Utah Geological Survey, the state boasts 106 documented hot springs where the water temperature surpasses a comfortable 25°C.

Here are 14 Utah hot springs you can visit and enjoy, with an additional five close by in Nevada and Idaho to plan a day trip. 


Photo by Francesco Ungaro via Pexels 

14 Awesome Hot Springs Utah

Did you know that the highest recorded hot springs water temperature, an astonishing 91 °C or 195°F, was measured at Crystal Hot Springs near Salt Lake City? If this interests you, I suggest you explore the heavenly locations on my must-see Utah hot springs map. 


Image: Baker Hot Springs Delta Utah via Wikimedia

1. Baker Hot Springs (Abraham Hot Springs), Delta, UT

Located on Fumarole Butte, just northwest of Delta, Utah, Baker Hot Springs is a charming system of geothermal springs. The location was previously known as Crater Springs and Abraham Hot Springs.

The source of the springs emits water that reaches a scorching 82.2°C. This water is channeled through a small trench, traveling a short way until it reaches a set of three compact concrete pools.

By controlling the flow of hot water into one side and adjusting the influx of cooler water from other springs on the opposite side, the temperature in the pools can be regulated.

2. Crystal Hot Springs, Honeyville, UT 

Crystal Hot Springs, a natural marvel from 1901, is renowned for its exceptional healing water. These Northern Utah hot springs boast a mineral content that surpasses even the famous Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. 

Crystal Hot Springs has earned the distinction of being the most child-friendly spring in Utah (kids will love the waterslides). Three mineral hot tubs invite visitors to immerse themselves in the soothing warmth, while an Olympic-size pool provides ample space for swimming and leisurely enjoyment. Depending on the time of year, water temperatures range from a comfortable 18°C to a toasty 57°C.


Image: inkknife_2000 via Wikimedia 

3. Diamond Fork Hot Springs, Springville, UT

Imagine yourself surrounded by captivating red rock cliffs, a magnificent canyon, and multiple pools of inviting blue water. You’ll have to embark on a hike to reach these paradise pools near Salt Lake City.

Once you hit the path from the Diamond Fork Trailhead, keep going until you come across a series of striking and easily recognizable soaking pools. The pools here display some vibrant and fascinating colors.


Image: the Dye Clan via Wikimedia

4. Fifth Water Hot Springs. Springville, UT

Along the beautiful Fifth Water Creek, which connects to the Diamond Fork River, you’ll find three stunning waterfalls and a delightful collection of thermal springs. This hidden gem is located east of Spanish Fork and offers a tranquil getaway for nature enthusiasts. 

Access to the springs and waterfalls is possible from either the Three Forks Trailhead in Diamond Fork Canyon or the Rays Valley Trailhead, situated on Rays Valley Road just north of Hwy six.

The thermal springs have gained popularity, attracting large crowds on warm weekends. They feature several inviting bathing pools. The water in these pools is crystal clear, and you can find your ideal temperature by testing different spots and regulating the water flow.

Please note: This spot is best for open-minded guests, as some individuals choose to bathe without clothing here. 


Image: The Dye Clan via Wikimedia

5. Gandy Warm Springs, Northwestern Millard County, Utah

Spring Mountain, situated near the Utah-Nevada border, offers balmy springs, boasting two pools with a pleasant temperature of approximately 27°C. The primary pool holds a special allure as water gracefully flows down the hillside into the pool.

You’ll find the upper pool next to the inviting warm springs, a smaller yet equally charming spot. Here, you can unwind by a fire pit integrated into the side, creating a snug atmosphere for shared moments and storytelling.

For those searching for a camping spot, a well-established campsite awaits just half a mile downstream from the springs.

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6. Crater Hot Spring (Homestead Resort) Midway, UT

The Homestead Resort in Midway is considered home to one of the best hot springs in Utah: the Homestead Crater. Nestled within a magnificent 17m-tall limestone rock, this geothermal spring and its crater took over 10,000 years to form. It is a quick drive from beautiful Park City.

While the Crater may appear to be a closed-off dome, it allows sunlight and fresh air to enter through a hole at the top. Meanwhile, the interior maintains a pleasant warmth, courtesy of the mineral water, which reads a constant temperature ranging from 32.2°C to 35.6°C.


Image: Derrellwilliams via Wikimedia

7. Horseshoe Warm Springs, Iosepa, UT

Horseshoe Springs, named after its distinctive horseshoe shape, is a natural marvel formed by the convergence of two springs that flow north into the Great Salt Lake. Although the shape may not be readily apparent at the springs, it becomes evident from higher ground observations.

This charming location is renowned for its tepid waters, boasting an average temperature of 21°C throughout the year. While winter may not be the optimal time for a relaxing soak, the refreshing waters of Horseshoe Springs can provide a welcome escape from the summer heat. 


Image: The Dye Clan from Wikimedia

8. Inlet Hot Springs, South Saratoga Drive, Saratoga Springs, UT

Inlet Park Hot Springs offers a delightful hot springs experience for everyone. Nestled within the playground park is a spacious mud-bottomed pool open to the public.

Measuring approximately 15 meters in length and 12 meters in width, and a depth of about 1 meter, it’s perfect for a refreshing dip. The temperature of the hot springs typically reaches a cozy 43°C, although it can vary depending on the season.

Inlet Park Hot Springs does not accommodate overnight camping. The park is dog-friendly, though. For safety, dogs must be kept on a leash and not allowed in the hot springs themselves.

thermal-spring-hole hot springs utah

Image: The Dye Clan via Wikimedia

9. Meadow Hot Springs, Fillmore, UT

Meadow Hot Springs, located near Meadow, Utah, is a system of geothermal springs that offers a great experience for children. The springs at Meadow Hot Springs consist of three pools, each with its own temperature. The closest pool, which is also the warmest, reaches a temperature of 38.9°C and is approximately 8.2 meters deep.

The water is not too hot, making it safe and enjoyable for youngsters to swim in. The first pool has a rope in the middle that children can hold onto, and the pool is big enough for small floaties or tubes.


Image: The Dye Clan via Wikimedia

10. Mystic (Monroe) Hot Springs, Monroe, UT 

Formerly known as Monroe Hot Springs and Cooper Hot Springs, this natural wonder features soothing hot mineral water gushing from the spring at a toasty 75.6°C. This water then gracefully cascades into two smaller pools, where the temperature hovers between a comfortable 33.3°C and 38.9°C.

This facility uses unique cast iron tubs adorned with stunning mounds of vibrant red mineral deposits. These tubs create a charming atmosphere that adds to the overall allure of the experience.

Mystic Hot Springs also boasts larger pools for more social fun.

11. Red Hill Hot Springs, Monroe, UT

While it may not receive as much attention as its more famous counterpart, Mystic Hot Springs, Red Hill Hot Springs offers a delightful alternative. Here, visitors can savor the pleasure of soaking in mineral-rich waters, surrounded by stunning red rock formations, away from the bustling crowds.

The temperatures of the pools vary significantly. As expected, the pool nearest to the source is the hottest, reaching a scorching temperature that can be challenging to immerse oneself in fully. Following this, the subsequent three pools gradually decrease in temperature as the water flows further away from the spring’s origin.


Image: Whatsupchadjames via Wikimedia

12. Saratoga Hot Springs, Saratoga Springs, UT

Situated near the northwest side of Utah Lake, the Saratoga Hot Springs presents a charming sanctuary throughout the year. However, the location truly excels as a haven of tranquillity during winter, serving as an ideal destination for unwinding and finding solace.

It is worth mentioning that the hot springs are closed between 10 pm and 6 am, and local law enforcement periodically monitors the area to ensure adherence to these regulations.


Image: Lars Plougmann via Wikimedia

13. Stinky Hot Springs (Old Indian Hot Springs), Corinne, Ut

Stinky Hot Springs is a natural, no-frills spring conveniently near a motorway. This free and unrefined hot spring offers three simple cement-walled tubs that retain their natural charm despite their modest appearance.

At Stinky Hot Springs, clothing is optional, allowing you to fully embrace the hot spring in Utah experience fully. As the name suggests, Stinky Hot Springs gets its moniker from the abundant presence of sulfur.


Image: Wilson44691 via Wikimedia

14. Veyo Pool Hot Springs, Veyo, UT

Veyo Pool Hot Springs is a family-friendly hot springs destination. The resort features a spacious pool replenished daily with natural geothermal mineral water. Visitors can also enjoy onsite camping and dining options.

The water source maintains a temperature of 40°C, while the pool is between 35°C and 37°C, providing a comfortable bathing experience for guests.


Photo by Binyamin Mellish via Pexels

Bonus Hot Springs Just Outside Utah

Are you seeking a delightful day excursion or a short break from Utah? Why not explore these splendid options that are just a hop, skip, and jump across the state border? 

Depending on your travel plans, these spots can serve as excellent stopovers en route to other prominent North American landmarks


Image: Decumanus via Wikimedia

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15. Lava Hot Springs. Lava Hot Springs, ID

Why not venture to Idaho for an exhilarating hot springs adventure? Lava Hot Springs has swiftly become one of Utah’s frequently discussed day trip destinations.

The charming town of Lava, just 40 minutes across the border, is home to its own renowned hot springs and other thrilling activities.

What’s even more delightful is that most hotels in the area offer private tubs and pools using hot spring water. If you prefer the freedom of traveling in a motorhome, don’t fret. Lava has got you covered with several campgrounds that can accommodate motorhomes of any size.


Image: Vladsinger via Wikimedia

16. Bear Lake Hot Springs, Idaho, Saint Charles, ID

Bear Lake Hot Springs is less than 30 minutes drive north of Idaho’s Garden City. This destination offers a range of attractions suitable for all, particularly those who love water sports. You’ll find your fix here if you enjoy boating, fishing, or any other aquatic activities.

The resort boasts two open-air hot spring pools. These pools receive a remarkable daily replenishment of 284 000 liters of warm water, creating an ideal setting for relaxation and revitalization. If you plan to stay overnight, you can choose from RV sites or tent camping options, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying modern conveniences.


Image by Jimmy Lau from Pixabay

17. Durfee Hot Springs, Idaho, Almo, ID

Durfee Hot Springs is a charming oasis, boasting natural warm water that reaches a cozy 40°C. This luxurious destination comes with a fascinating history. Back in the early 1900s, it was transformed into a delightful swimming resort by the visionary duo of Henry Miller and Rosa Durfee.

After undergoing a meticulous renovation, Durfee Hot Springs reopened its doors to the public in 2005, inviting visitors from near and far to experience the rejuvenating waters.

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Image: Chris English via Wikimedia

18. Panaca Warm Springs, Nevada, Panaca, NV

Situated merely a stone’s throw away from the border with Nevada, the Panaca Warm Springs is easily reachable from Cedar City on the southwestern outskirts of Utah. This hidden treasure of a summer getaway boasts natural hot springs and carries a rich historical legacy as one of Nevada’s earliest settlements. 

For over a century, visitors have cherished and utilized the Panaca Warm Springs, retaining their status as a beloved destination for those seeking the allure of free hot springs near Utah’s border.

19. Downata Hot Springs, Downey, ID

This enchanting resort is nestled in tranquil woodlands near Marsh Creek. Downata Hot Springs is conveniently close to Utah and easily accessible via the 91. It is an ideal stop for those planning a road trip to Yellowstone National Park from Salt Lake City.


Photo by Tomáš Malík via Pixabay. 

FAQs About Hot Springs

Never been to a hot spring before? Here are a few frequently asked questions relating to hot springs.

How Long Can You Sit in Hot Springs?

It varies from person to person, but sitting in too hot water for too long can cause problems like dehydration, fainting, and minor burns. To be on the safe side, it’s best to soak for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, with breaks in between. 

Do You Need to Shower After Hot Springs?

Some people enjoy a very brief cold shower rinse after exiting the hot springs. However, this may lessen the effects of the mineral salts found in spring water. 

Who Should Not Go to Hot Springs?

Hot spring soaking is not recommended for some people with immune deficiencies, pregnant women, or those suffering from heart conditions. The added risk of dehydration also makes drinking alcohol while bathing risky.

Which Utah Hot Springs Would You Visit?

While visiting Utah, you’ll come across numerous hot spring facilities. While I’ve mentioned many of them here, this list is not exhaustive, and there are several natural hot springs in Utah ready for you to discover during your hikes and explorations.

Whether you’re looking to soothe your muscles at one of the most popular Salt Lake City hot springs or seeking a peaceful getaway further out of the city, make sure to include a visit to some of these amazing hot springs when planning your Utah itinerary. 

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I covered all costs involved in writing this article on Utah hot springs. However, this post does contain affiliate links. That means if you click through on some of the links and end up making a purchase I may receive a small commission.

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