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29 Great Things to do in Park City Utah You’ll Love

At 7300 acres or 3000 hectares, Park City Mountain is the biggest ski resort in the United States and the second biggest in North America after Whistler. However, when it comes to things to do in Park City, Utah there is far more than just skiing on offer.

This is a year-round destination with top-quality gastronomy, award-winning distilleries, world-class wellness facilities, an Olympic Park, a fascinating history and so much more.

Here are 29 interesting things to do in Park City, Utah.

guardsman pass

29 Things to do in Park City Utah

1. Park City Museum

Most people associate the state of Utah with the Mormon religion. The Mormons did discover most of Utah but not Park City. Silver ore was found in the mountains of Park City in 1868, which put it on the map. From the 1870s to the early 1980s the 300 mines in and around Park City produced a half billion dollars worth of silver, lead, zinc, copper and gold.

park city museum

Once silver was discovered, the railways came and prospectors poured into Utah. In 1884 Park City was established as an official city. With the miners and prospectors came gambling, drinking and prostitutes and Park City was known unofficially as Utah’s sin city.

However, when silver prices dropped in the 1940s Park City became a bit of a ghost town. Locals had always skied to get around Park City but didn’t start focussing on it as a source of tourism until the 1960s.

miner's lift at park city museum things to do in park city utah

The Park City Museum is the perfect place to learn all about the city’s quirky and interesting history. The museum first opened 40 years ago and today it provides a range of interactive experiences to help take visitors back in time. Sit in a train carriage as you watch a video of the early arrivals into Park City. Go shopping in the re-creation of the general store. Be thrilled that you never had to use the old miner’s lift.

Visitors will also see old ski cabins hanging up, hear about the whistle that still goes off in Park City every night at 10pm and why, blow up some dynamite, ride in an old ski subway and explore some of the old jail cells.

2. Historic Main Street

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Park City’s charming Main Street is the thriving center of town. The street is home to over 200 unique businesses including 50 restaurants, a town lift, and art galleries and it is the nightlife center.

park city museum

The street was destroyed in the fire of 1898 but completely rebuilt. Today the city has done a great job supporting unique, local businesses on the street. There is some great shopping and lots to look at and experience on Park City’s main street.

park city main street

3. Be Fed by the Australians

As an Australian, I was delighted to discover that there are quite a few Aussies in Park City – and that they own two of the best places in town for brunch and coffee. Harvest is a short stroll from Main street. They serve all-day breakfast items plus a range of tasty Asian-influenced dishes like chicken laksa noodle soup, Vietnamese banh mi salad or sandwich and more.

harvest coffee

Unsurprisingly the coffee at Harvest is excellent. I visited for lunch and enjoyed one of their fantastic buddha bowls with brown rice, butternut pumpkin puree, oven-roasted tomatoes, fermented cabbage, pickled onions, snap peas, hard-boiled egg, herb ricotta, avocado, herb salsa, seeds, miso ginger dressing. This is a great dish to appreciate Harvest’s focus on locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

harvest buddha bowl

The second Australian-owned cafe I visited was Five5eeds. Five5eeds is located just off Park Avenue near Park City Peaks Hotel. They also serve fantastic coffee (and you can drive in and grab some to go) and were also completely full of people when I visited – both times.

five seeds

I had a smoothie bowl on my first visit which was okay but not really for me. The next day I went with poached eggs and bacon on avocado toast and was much happier!

4. Eat a Steak at Grub Steak

One of the most popular restaurants in Park City since it opened in 1976, Grub Steak has been serving custom-aged beef and high quality seafood for 46 years. It is also home to Utah’s longest-tenured chef, Brian Moody. Brian joined Grub Steak 35 years ago.

grub steak

I suggest you arrive at Grub Steak hungry. Choose from one of their classic American appetizers like buffalo wings or crispy Idaho potato skins. All main meals come with a starter and one side.

When I visited the starters were the house salad, wild rice and mushroom soup or baby romaine caesar salad. The available sides were baked potato, mashed potato, fries, creamed spinach or prospector rice.

steak at grub

Grub’s steaks are aged wet for between 30 and 40 days and are full of flavor. The menu contains something for everyone with a good selection of seafood and other animals as well as loads of sides and sauces. I couldn’t resist the steak and thought I made the right choice.

Grub Steak is known for its excellent homemade desserts as well as its bread which is made fresh on-site daily. There is a huge cocktail list, live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights and lots of large rooms if you’re a big group.

5. Deer Valley

If I’m honest it took me a little while to get my head around what was actually part of Park City and what wasn’t. Deer Valley is another mountain located in Park City. The town itself is home to two separately owned and operated resorts, Deer Valley and Park City Mountain.

A key feature of Deer Valley Resort is that it is for skiers only, snowboarders are not allowed. The ski school here is world-renowned and five of the six mountains or peaks have green runs.

It is also home to the Stein Eriksen Lodge. This was the first five-star hotel experience in Park City.

6. Have a Spa Treatment

The Stein Eriksen Lodge is Utah’s only Forbes-rated five-star hotel and spa. The property is an authentic European style lodge. I have visited quite a few European ski lodges and I can attest that this is correct. I didn’t stay at the Stein Eriksen Lodge but I did use its spa facilities during my visit.

stein eriksen lodge

Where to begin with this lovely spa? I started in the incredibly cozy relaxation room where all of the seats were draped in blankets and offered views of the mountains. The spa uses Eminence products and I had a wonderful one-hour massage using their aloe oil.

stein eriksen lodge

There are two large outdoor pools as well as two outdoor jacuzzis, all of which are heated. Inside there are hot and cold plunge pools, a dry sauna and steam rooms. This spa is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon whilst in Park City.

stein eriksen lodge
stein eriksen lodge pool

7. Have a Yoga Adventure

One of the highlights of my trip to Park City was my yoga adventure. Park City Yoga Adventures combine yoga with hiking, snowshoeing, paddleboarding in a hot spring and yoga in the silks. I tried yoga in the silks and absolutely loved it. I do yoga regularly but yoga in the silks can be adapted to suit any experience level.

yoga adventures barn

My adventure started in Peoa, about a 20 minute drive from Park City. Peoa is filled with ranches and yoga in the silks takes place in a luxury barn with high ceilings. The barn is close to the Weber River and the adventure begins with a meditative stroll and tea by the river.

yoga adventures

The silks are suspended from the beams inside the barn in a U shape. During the first half of the practice, the silks are used as you would a strap eg to help lengthen extensions. It was also great fun to “fly” with the silks. This is achieved by tucking the silk around your back and under your arms and then pulling yourself up like you’re a swing and letting go.

yoga adventures

The silks are also incorporated into the classic dog pose to facilitate the stretch. Then we maneuvered ourselves into the actual silks – like a hammock sort of – and did poses within the silks themselves. Being enclosed in the silk plus the feeling of weightlessness was extremely relaxing.

yoga adventures

Don’t miss having a yoga adventure when you visit Park City.

8. Attend a chocolate tasting

Ritual Chocolate Factory combines old-world techniques with new world machinery to produce their incredibly smooth chocolate. Head to the Rituals cafe in Heber where there is great coffee and a fab lunch menu plus a tour of their chocolate factory for just $20.

rituals chocolate

Ritual was founded in 2010 in Boulder Colorado and moved to Park City in 2015. Owners Robbie Stout and Anna Davies realized the importance of sourcing the right cacao in the right way from early on and vetted suppliers from around the world until they found the right ones to fulfill their single origin sourcing strategy.

rituals chocolate

Once they had the beans they looked to the Swiss masters and decided to start with traditional chocolate making techniques. One of their primary machines is actually over 100 years old and originally from Switzerland. Robbie and Anna had it refurbished and it now works alongside more modern technologies. Plus they employ an old printing press to obtain the optimal texture for their chocolate.

The core of the Rituals range is their four single origin bars which are made from just nips and sugar. Then there is the mountain blend and interesting flavours like juniper and lavender are added into the most complementary single-origin chocolate to produce their flavoured bars.

rituals chocolate

The passion and care taken by all of those at Ritual Chocolate to make a high-end, responsibly sourced chocolate product are clearly evident. And most importantly, the evidence is in the delicious end product!

9. Guardsman Pass Scenic Drive

Just a 15-mile round trip from Main Street, Guardsman Pass is the most spectacular drive close to Park City. This mountain pass links Park City to Midway and Big Cottonwood Canyon. The road winds through Deer Valley Resort and hits Guardsman Pass at a height of 9700 feet. Bring your camera.

guardsman pass

Guardsman Pass is open between May and October.

guardsman pass

10. Get a photo at McPolin Barn

Originally built in 1922 without using nails, McPolins Barn is now a bit of an Instagram sensation after appearing on a few album covers as the iconic American barn. Park on the McPolin Farm trailhead (not the highway) and walk under the pedestrian tunnel to get your shot.

mcpolin barn

11. Visit Olympic Park

Utah’s Olympic Park is a 400-acre venue that was home to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Today it has one of only four sliding tracks in North America, six nordic ski jumps, loads of adventurous activities and two interesting museums.

olympic park utah

The museums are located in the visitor’s center next to the parking and both are free to visit. The skiing museum is on the ground floor and of course starts with Stein Eriksen (you can’t go far in Park City without running into Stein). The first floor is a museum devoted to the 2002 Olympics. It has loads of interesting stories and images and even some gold medals.

olympic park museum

When I visited I was able to watch ski jumpers practicing my jumping off the runs into large pools – who knows what you’ll find going on at the Olympic Village.

12. Try out the Summer Bobsled Experience

The summer bobsled experience takes place at Olympic Park. Each summer the bobsleds are modified to roll on a concrete surface. A professional pilot takes up to two people per bobsled and reaches speeds of up to 60 miles per hour in less than one minute.

summer bobsled

I was a little unsure about trying out the bobsled experience but as it only runs for one minute I thought I could handle it. With my balaclava and thick motorbike style helmet on I crawled into the bobsled. It felt a bit like getting into a canoe as I put my legs up on each side, sat up as straight as I could and tried to wedge my head into my neck while I held onto the handles.

me in a helmet

Our bobsled reached a speed of 72 miles per hour and was between 3 1/2 and 4 Gs. I felt like one of those cartoon characters whose mouth moves to the side of their face! I found it impossible to keep my shoulders up and my head was jammed forward.

bobsled track

The scariest part of the ride was when the bobsled essentially turns on its side within the track. I just closed my eyes and was shaking quite a bit when I got out. The staff insisted that it is much less stressful on the second ride but I chose not to test that theory.

I would mark the summer bobsled experience as one of those things that I am glad I have done but wouldn’t do again. Having said that, I am a 51 year old woman so not exactly the prime target audience. But it is certainly an experience that I won’t forget and I am glad I was brave and gave it a try.

13. Poison Creek Trail Walk

This charming walk is filled with interesting outdoor art and offers a different perspective on Park City. Start out at the old town transit center and then head down Heber avenue. The trail begins opposite the blue UBS building.

poison creek trail

Poison Creek trail is a mix of sunflowers, shoes hanging off trees, street art in the tunnels and lots of interesting sculptures. I walked as far as Prospector avenue and then headed back but joined the top of Park avenue rather than coming back on the trail again.

poison creek trail street art
poison creek trail street art.jpg

14. Make Your Own Gin

I doubt there is a better place in the world to make your own gin than the award-winning Alpine Distilling. And I am highly confident there is no better gin teacher than the lovely Sara Sergent, owner and head distiller at Alpine Distilling.

alpine bar

Alpine Distilling gin is so good that it was selected as the “Gin of the Year” in 2021 at The World’s Most Important Gin Competition in London, England – for many the home of gin. And they have won many other awards as well.

alpine gin

The best place to sample Alpine gin is at their bar on Main Street. This cosy bar has an awesome cocktail list and is also famous for its pies. Plus this is one of only five places in the world that offers a gin-making experience to the general public.

alpine gin

Sara has a diploma in gin that she gained in Scotland and studied in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. Alpine gin is 100% vapor extracted, a process used by less than 2% of the distilleries in the world. Sara is passionate about her botanicals and her signature Alpine Gin is made with seven non-floral botanicals.

The gin-making experience at Alpine is all about learning the art of distilling, the history of gin and what makes gin unique. Sara provides a base gin and then presents 22 different botanicals. I was able to choose between these to make my perfect mix, as well as choosing my juniper level.

alpine gin

I am mad about citrus so I too chose to make a non-floral gin that was heavy on the juniper. Sara has small copper stills on site. Once I had chosen my botanicals we went to the stills to let the magic begin and soon, drop by drop, my gin was created. Of course, I had an amazing gin and tonic while I waited!

alpine gin at home

I didn’t try my gin until I returned home to London. If I do say so myself, it is fantastic. I am afraid it is nearly finished so thank goodness Alpine Gin will be available in London from 2023!

15. Park City Mountain Village

If you’re looking for adventures Park City Mountain Village is the place to go! Park City Mountain Village is connected by lift to Canyons Village in winter. This gives skiers access to 7300 ski-able acres, the biggest ski area in the United States.

park city mountain village

If you’re looking for something different in the winter, free guided tours on skis of the mining relics on the mountain are on offer.

park city mountain village

In the summer, one chairlift continues to run and it services the alpine slide or scenic ride. Getting off the lift and hiking from the top or halfway is possible. There is a flying eagle zip line, mini golf, a mountain coaster and a trampoline with a harness. Mountain bikers also have a haul lift to help get up the mountain.

16. High West Distillery

Inspired by a visit to the Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, David and Jane Perkins started the High West Distillery with a 250 gallon still and a saloon in downtown Park City. Today it is an internationally known brand with four locations.

high west distillery

High West began putting whiskey into bottles in 2007. Changes to Utah’s alcohol laws after the 2002 Olympics created new opportunities for alcohol producers. At 7000 feet or 2000 metres, the High West Distillery is Utah’s largest whiskey production facility.

high west distillery

High West makes American straight whiskey or bourbon and rye. Their whiskey is either corn or rye based and aged for a minimum of two years. The still was made by hand in the Scottish Highlands using Utah copper.

high west distillery

The Utah climate makes for some unique whiskey aging conditions. The dry air means much more volume is lost through evaporation than in somewhere like Scotland. They also lose more water rather than alcohol relative to Scotland. This means that one year in a Utah barrel can be the equivalent of 3 to 4 years in a barrel in Scotland.

high west distillery

The distillery is in the mountains about a 30 minute drive from Park City. It is a stunning location with some amazing views. The whiskey tour and tasting are very interesting and I highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat at The Refectory.

17. Egyptian Theatre

The Egyptian Theatre in Park City opened in the 1920s and has never closed. As you walk along Main Street, you can’t miss its over-the-top Egyptian-themed design – complete with fake tombs. Today it hosts a range of plays and musicals and is definitely worth a photo stop.

egyptian theatre

18. Check out the Street Art

As a Londoner I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Park City has its own Banksy. The mural depicts a man photographing a flower and is on the side of the Java Cow on Main street.


Loosey the Moosey is just off Swede Alley near Fletcher’s restaurant whilst Franz the Bear sits on a park bench outside Fletcher’s restaurant. I also liked the moose street art on Main Street near the Park City Museum.

moose street art

19. Ride on the Park City Trolley

The super cute (and environmentally friendly) Park City Trolley takes visitors up and down Main Street all day long. Catching it against the historic buildings on Main Street is a nice Park City photo opportunity.

park city trolley

20. Kimball Art Centre

Founded in 1976, the Kimball Art Centre is one of the area’s oldest not for profits. It hosts a number of high-quality art exhibitions and educational displays. Entry to most exhibits is free.

21. Have a drink at the No Name Saloon

The No Name Saloon sits in the middle of Park City’s Main Street and is known not only as Park City’s busiest bar but the busiest bar in Utah. There are actually three bars in this saloon as well as a rooftop patio. And make sure you try out their famous Buffalo burger.

22. Lunch at the Deer Valley Grocery Cafe

If you’re looking for a picturesque lunch spot around Park City look no further. The Deer Valley Grocery Cafe is conveniently located in the check-in building for all Deer Valley Signature Properties. They have freshly roasted coffee, gourmet grocery items, salads, paninis and specials. They are known for their turkey chili which I tried for lunch (and it was delicious).

deer valley grocery

However, best of all is the beautiful deck on a small lake behind the cafe. It is the perfect spot for a leisurely lunch on a sunny day.

23. Dinner at Tupelo

Tupelo’s executive chef/owner Matt Harris learned to cook in some impressive culinary empires (Jean Georges Vongerichten, Kevin Rathbun, Pano Karatossos). At Tupelo, he focuses on local flavorsome ingredients served in slightly unexpected ways that make for some fantastic food.

tupelo biscuits

Before I get to the appetizers and entrees I must mention the biscuits with honey butter. Oh my! I could have eaten a few baskets of these as my meal – don’t miss them!

We decided to try quite a few of the starters on offer. These included the ricotta whey beignets with whey honey, charred carrot romesco and pickled rhubarb, the English pea salad with local feta, shaved radish and black olive caramel and rye crackers and the house-made ricotta toast with pickled cherries, crispy country ham and pistachios, spiced honey, sourdough.

tupelo peas

After all those biscuits and appetizers a shared entree was needed. Entree pan-seared red snapper, rye cracker, smashed peas, heirloom carrots and carrot vinaigrette was perfect. And then, when we had no room, we were brought a deconstructed strawberry and cream cake which we somehow managed to finish.

tupelo red snapper

24. Alpine Loop Scenic Byway

This drive through the Uinta Wasatch-Cache National Forest connects Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon. It is an 87 mile round trip from Park City and the loop road returning through Cascade Springs is 80 miles. Along the way, you’ll pass Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort, the Timpanogos Cave National Monument and some stunning views of Utah’s 2nd highest mountain, Mount Timpanogos.

alpine loop scenic byway

This was a spectacular drive that I really enjoyed. Take it to return from Park City or plan it in on your return to Salt Lake City as I did. Alpine Loop Scenic Byway is open from late May to late October.

alpine loop scenic byway

25. Bridal Veil Falls

Just 38 miles from Park City, Bridal Veils Falls is a 607 foot waterfall. To get to Bridal Veil Falls from Heber drive on the US-189 for 17 miles until you see the parking lot for Bridal Veil Falls on your left (it is a sharp turn). There is an easy 1.4 mile paved trail out and back from the car park. The trail and parking lot are open from April to October.

bridal veil falls

26. Deer Creek Reservoir

This medium-sized reservoir is located in Heber Valley about a 35 minute drive from Park City and it is quite stunning. You can windsurf, boat, zipline, fish, swim in Deer Creek Reservoir, and eat or drink in the Lakehouse restaurant. Entrance fees are charged.

deer creek reservoir

27. Ghost Tour

Ghost tours are appropriately held at night in the historic district of Park City. Get ready to hear some grim and sometimes humourous tales of those Park City residents from the mining times who are said to haunt the historic district’s buildings today.

Book Your Park City Ghost Tour

28. Park Silly Sunday Market

Held every Sunday between June and September, the Park Silly market is a farmer’s market and a street festival. Local musicians perform, there are demonstrations by local chefs and artists, kids activity tables and lots more.

29. Visit Atticus Coffee

A bookshop, coffee shop and gift shop, Atticus Coffee is a particularly cosy cafe on Park City’s Main Street. It is bursting with charm and character and lots of comfortable seating. Atticus Coffee is the perfect place to grab a coffee or tea and settle in and enjoy.

How to get to Park City Utah and get around

Park City is just 37 kilometres or a 45 minute drive from Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City.

There is free public transport throughout Park City. Download the Mystop app for bus times.

If you’re heading into Main street and need to drive, there are 1300 car parks but they fill up fast when it’s busy so the bus is generally the best option.

Park City Hotels

Park City has a huge range of fantastic accommodations for all tastes. I stayed at the Park City Peaks Hotel and did tours of several other properties. Here’s what I found.

1. Park City Peaks Hotel

Park City Peaks Hotel is an independently owned boutique-style hotel with a mid-century design aesthetic. It has a fantastic location on the main road into Park City (and is also on the free bus route).

park city peaks hotel

My favourite spot at the Park City Peaks Hotel was the giant fireplace to the right of the front door on entry. Or maybe it was the very comfortable leather recliners next to the fireplace? I never saw the prime position recliner empty during my stay.

park city peaks hotel

The hotel has 127 rooms and six suites. I was lucky enough to be given the King suite room for my stay. It was absolutely enormous with a fully equipped kitchen, dining area complete with a large wooden table and a cozy sitting area with a two-seater grey couch and a 55 inch tv.

park city peaks hotel

The massive wooden bed was extremely comfortable and fitted with crisp white sheets. The bathroom continued the large theme with two sinks and a large walk-in shower with Malin and Goetz toiletries.

park city peaks hotel
park city peaks hotel bedroom

Design-wise expect lots of wood, white and a Scandinavian feel. This is a 3-star hotel, but to me, the room was definitely 4 star.

park city peaks hotel

The pool area at the hotel was fantastic. It has an indoor/outdoor pool for all seasons with a hot tub, sauna, steam room and full-service gym. There is a complimentary breakfast bar for all guests. It has the basics but I preferred to travel down the road to Five Seeds for my breakfast.

park city peaks hotel

Versante Hearth and Bar is the restaurant at Park City Peaks Hotel. I didn’t get a chance to try it but apparently, it has fantastic wood-fired pizzas.

Check Prices and Availability at Park City Peaks

park city peaks hotel

2. Hotel Park City

Hotel Park City opened just after the 2002 Olympic Games and has to have one of the best locations in all of Park City. It is an independent hotel but is a member of the Marriott’s Autograph Collection. This gives it the marketing muscle whilst retaining the charm of independent ownership and theming.

hotel park city

There is no such thing as a bad room at Hotel Park City as all 46 have mountain views. This is possibly one of many reasons this hotel is not only in Autograph’s top 10 rated hotels worldwide but also in the top 25 of all hotels in the United States on Tripadvisor.

When guests arrive at Hotel Park City, they walk into a stunning high-ceilinged lobby area with a roaring open fire and Ralph Lauren furniture begging to be sat upon. Coffee, cider and tea are on offer 24 hours a day in the lobby.

hotel park city

Every room at the hotel has a king-sized bed, leather sofa, bose sound system, smart tv and spa-style bath. Every room also has a balcony as well as a walkout.

In winter a shuttle bus takes guests on the two-minute drive to the silver stair lift. The hotel is also just one mile from the historic main street and serviced by the local free bus. Plus Hotel Park City offers a free shuttle service to Park City Mountain and Deer Valley.

hotel park city

And if you’re not in the mood to ski but want to get outside there is a 20 kilometer Nordic walking path that becomes the golf course in the summer.

Bandannas Bar and Grill is the place to dig into a great big breakfast. Try the avalanche biscuits with scrambled eggs and ham/bacon/sausage smothered in country gravy and colby cheese. Or perhaps the Irish steel cut oatmeal? I enjoyed the shrimp and avocado eggs benedict.

hotel park city

Hotel Park City is also home to the very popular Ruth’s Chris steakhouse – make sure to book before your trip as it gets full fast.

Check rates and availability at Hotel Park City

3. Pendry

Pendry is one of the newest hotels in Park City. Located in the centre of Canyons Village, this ski in /ski out hotel opened in February of 2022. The hotel and its 153 residences are spread over three buildings.


The design aesthetic is modern and luxurious with lots of glass, high ceilings and neutral shades. I particularly liked the glass fireplace in the main lobby bar, Apres Pendry.

All of the residences have been sold but are available for rental. The design of the rooms makes them incredibly flexible and able to size up or down depending on the number of guests.


The Pendry has been designed to meet every possible need of its guests. The ski in/ski out location makes it super easy to get on and off the slopes in the winter. Once off the lifts, guests can be sipping a beer at the Apres Pendry bar or a margarita at the Mexican restaurant within minutes.


Kita is the Japanese restaurant at the Pendry. I was lucky enough to enjoy dinner there when I visited. This Japanese grill-style restaurant has indoor, al fresco and sushi bar dining. The sushi was outstanding due to the high-quality fish.


Halibut with miso rather than cod is one of Kita’s signature dishes. I enjoyed an incredibly plump and tasty piece of halibut in the signature miso sauce. And don’t miss the beignets with yuzu filling and chocolate sauce.


The Pendry is also home to a rather beautiful rooftop pool, the only rooftop pool and restaurant in Park City. The spa has six treatment rooms, including one for couples, and a signature sticks and stones massage. And if you forgot anything or need some retail therapy there are twelve retailers within the Pendry.

Check Prices and Availability for the Pendry

4. The Lodge at Blue Sky

If you’re looking for luxury and romance in Park City, I highly recommend checking out The Lodge at Blue Sky. This stunning property is tucked away in the Utah mountains but just a 35 minute drive from Salt Lake City Airport. The property is part of the Auberge Resorts Collection, which sits on 3,500 acres of private land.

lodge at blue sky

The lodge offers three different styles of accommodation, Sky Lodge, Earth Suites and Creek Houses, and each has been designed to blend in with its natural surroundings. If you want to get away from the world in luxury, this is the place to go.

Check Prices and Availability for The Lodge at Blue Sky

lodge at blue sky

Park City Utah in Conclusion

Park City has an amazing variety of world leading activities and experiences on offer. From its famous ski fields to its world class hotels to its thriving gastronomy and distilling scene to its unique wellness experiences and so much more, when it comes to things to do in Park City, Utah there is something fabulous for everyone.

Visit Park City covered all of my costs whilst I was in town including my accommodation. They also covered the cost of my internal US flights to get to Salt Lake City and car hire – thanks guys! However, as always my opinions are my own. Also, this things to do in Park City Utah post includes affiliate links. That means if you click through and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

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