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Dhulikhel Resort Dwarika’s: Himalayan Luxury in Nepal

Let’s face it luxury is not the first word that comes to mind when you think of Nepal. So I was delighted to find Dhulikhel Resort Dwarika whilst googling during my trip planning phase.

And after far too many Nepal Tea House stays on my Everest Base Camp Trek and crowded often dirty Kathmandu I was ready for some spa luxury.

This Dhulikhel Resort is locally owned (they have a sister hotel in Kathmandu that is also great) and located at near the top of the Kathmandu Valley about one hour from Kathmandu.

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dwarika resort couch with views over the area
what a lovely place to sit at Dhulikhel Resort Dwarika
dwarika's resort dhulikhel bed swing with broad view
Another deep sigh – such a stunning view!

Dwarika Resort Dhulikhel nepal is huge! However, there are numerous paths and friendly Nepalese people with buggies making it easier to get around. It has a slightly magical feel with some of the most stunning views of the Himalayan Horizon Dhulikhel.

I travelled solo and found that not only was it quite easy to meet people the staff at this Dhulikhel lodge resort were so friendly they felt like my buddies by the end of my 3 nights.

Dhulikhel Resort Dwarikas: The Rooms

dwarika dhulikhel room with view overlooking the himalayas
My amazing room – what a view from my bed!
dwarika hotel dhulikhel bed with fan
My giant bed at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel

Every room at this Dhulikhel Resort has massive windows and stunning views over the Kathmandu Valley – they almost look like a giant tv screen. They are beautifully decorated and the giant king-size bed was extremely comfortable.

The bathroom was an interesting pebbled floor and had a wonderful bath with a view over the valley as well as a big powerful shower. Good-quality ground coffee and plunger were in the rooms at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel Nepal as well as tea.

I also had a massive private terrace area above my room overlooking the Dhulikhel mountain – and free wifi.

bathroom at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
The very large bathroom at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel

One of my favourite local touches at Dwarika Dhulikhel Resort was that each day you received a scarf of a different colour in your room. These colours are chosen by Nepalese tradition as being optimal for that day of the week. The staff ask guests to wear these scarves. It is a lovely touch and most guests participate.

Dwarika Dhulikhel Resort – The toiletries

toiletries and salt in a room at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
Himalayan Toiletries

Surprisingly Dwarika’s Dhulikhel doesn’t do their own toiletries. There was lovely lemongrass soap and then they have small ceramic containers for shampoo, shower gel etc.

There is then a range of branded toiletries available. My favourite was the Himalayan range of toothpaste, moisturizer etc – when in the Himalayas etc.

⇒ And definitely log in to 12Go when you’re organising how you’re going to get around Nepal. This super easy to use platform has all modes of transport on the one platform and allows you to compare based on time, cost, and reviews.

The Pool at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel Resort

infinity pool with lounges at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
A pool with a wow view

There is a stunning infinity pool located near the top of Dwarika Dhulikhel Resort. It was made for Instagram – make sure you do the slightly dangerous walk along the edge to get a stunning picture of yourself walking on water with the Himalayan mountains in the background.

There are lounges as well as day beds and the pool is next to the restaurant used for lunch so it is very easy to get pool snacks and drinks.

Dwarika Dhulikhel Resort – The Spa

himalayan singing bowl treatment hut at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
Himalayan singing bowl treatment hut

The spa at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel consists of about 12 different huts which are used as treatment rooms. I did two treatments whilst I was there.

The first was a singing bowl treatment. I had never heard of this before I went to Nepal but it had its own special hut at Dwarika’s and the singing bowl expert had to come from Kathmandu! The singing bowl treatment started with a chat about blockage areas.

He then moved the bowl around my body and then proceeded to use it to massage my back whilst it was ringing.

outdoor spa waiting area at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
Spa waiting area

It was unusual to have these sound currents whizzing through my body but in an enjoyable way and it made sure I was very in the moment. He finished the singing bowl treatment by putting a large bowl upside down on my head and then banging it.

OK I know that sounds the opposite of pleasant and I would not have wanted to have a hangover but it was quite therapeutic. I also had a Himalayan trekkers massage which was fantastic.

The Food

appetiser of healthy food at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
delicious appetizer

Dwarika Dhulikhel Resort has three restaurants and a bar. The poolside restaurant is the place for lunch. The main restaurant at Dwarika’s Nepal is Nature’s Flavours and this is where breakfast is served.

The breakfast at this Dhulikhel resort is fantastic – a great range of cold and warm with the fantastic local yogurt and honey. There is a hot breakfast/omelet man who does fabulous egg dishes.

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breakfast buffet at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
Breakfast buffet

Nature’s Flavours is also then open for dinner. The menu changes every night and is based on what is locally available. Dwarika’s actually has a farm up the road and many ingredients are sourced from there. The food was delicious and this was my favourite.

There is also a Japanese restaurant at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel which I tried one night. Although it was beautifully done I was still a bit hungry by the end so it was back to Nature’s Flavours the next night.

scrambled eggs on a plate outside dwarika's resort dhulikhel
breakfast with a view

Importantly there is a bar and there is wine! Of course, it is not cheap but there is some decent sauvignon blanc which is also available in the other restaurants.

sunrise over kathmandu valley from dwarika's resort dhulikhel
Sunrise over the Kathmandu valley

Dwarika Dhulikhel Resort – The views

The views from Dwarika’s are just amazing. There is a building called zero point at the top of the property which has 360 views over the Kathmandu Valley so you can see the sunrise and set.

Tea is served at sunset and sunrise every day. I was in Dhulikhel in May so things were a little hazy and often only the outline of the mountains could be seen in the distance.

Apparently, September/October is the best time to go for amazingly clear views across this Nepalese Valley.

outdoor meditation maze at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
Meditation Maze

The Activities at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel

outdoor path through garden at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
The beautiful paths through Dwarika’s

Yoga and meditation sessions run twice a day and you can sign up for these in the main building. There is also the chance to do one on one sessions at Dwarika’s Nepal. I did yoga each morning and the teacher was excellent.

I also did a chakra sound therapy session which was ok but not amazing. Pottery, painting and local walks are also on offer.

pink himalayan salt room with chairs at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
Pink Himalayan salt room

What I most enjoyed at Dwarika Resort were some of the quirkier local experiences on offer. The Himalayan salt room is filled with pink Himalayan salt and it is recommended that you spend 20 minutes in there which I did every day.

There is also a meditation maze at the top of the property. You take your shoes off and wander the maze (the actual maze is very low so you won’t get lost) and this is best experienced after a meditation session.

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scarf and salt on a wooden table at dwarika's resort dhulikhel
The daily scarf

There is just something about mostly Buddhist countries that give the air a slightly magical feel. I really felt this at Dwarika’s Resort Dhulikhel. I loved how much they incorporate the best of Nepalese traditions and foods to provide a completely unique luxury spa experience.

I didn’t experience other hotels in Dhulikhel but I can’t imagine any of them can compete with Dwarika’s! Staying at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel was a genuinely special experience and one I will remember forever.

I can’t imagine anyone not being delighted with their stay in this lovely and unique resort.

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How to get to Kathmandu:

Flights to Kathmandu

This is one trip where you MUST take out travel insurance! I certainly ended up using mine!

propellor as seen from a plane over the himalayas
amazing views over the Himalayas

Everest Base Camp Trek Guided Tour Options

For a really good comparison of tour options available check out Viator. I travelled with Exodus. Exodus is the biggest tour operator for Everest Base Camp so there are quite a few benefits in going with them in terms of expertise, access to the best teahouses etc.

They also know what they are doing and are very organised. As Exodus is a big deal in Nepal anyone working with them locally will be keen for this to continue and therefore service levels are pretty good.

View of Mount Everest from the trek to base camp
Stunning views

Exodus Everest Base Camp Treks. 

In terms of UK-based tour operators, we saw quite a few G Adventures groups during our trek. They tend to stay at the same kinds of tea houses and have a similar setup. I have also heard that Intrepid are a good operator for base camp.

I have written several blog posts on my everest Base Camp Trek Experience which you may enjoy reading:

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the Complete Rundown on the Nepal Tea House

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woman at everest base camp with hands in the air
The Classic Photo!

Boutique Hotels in Kathmandu

I recommend enjoying some luxury pre and post the Nepal Tea Houses! Without question, the best boutique hotel in Kathmandu is the lovely lovely Dwarika’s

Read my review of Dwarika Hotel Kathmandu

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It isn’t exactly boutique but as options at a higher boutique end are a bit low in Kathmandu I am going to list the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu.

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Kathmandu has some more basic boutique hotels that offer great value for money. Dalai-La and Kantipur Temple House offer traditional Nepalese style.

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Aria Boutique Hotel & Spa is somewhat more modern with its offer. Uniquely for Kathmandu, its interiors are heavy on white!

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dwarika-kathmandu-hotel living area
A lovely living area at Dwarika’s Kathmandu

Who Paid for What in this Post

I covered my costs associated with most of this trip but Dwarika’s were kind enough to give me a discount on my accommodation costs. But as always my opinion is my own.

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click through on them and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. This won’t affect the price that you pay. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of this.


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Dhulikhel Resort Dwarika is a stunning spa hotel on the edge of the Kathmandu Valley. This review covers the rooms, the food, what to do & amazing views

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