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Dwarika Hotel Kathmandu Review

One of the key elements of this blog is sleeping somewhere with a high thread count on the sheets. My ideal type of hotel is one that can be described as boutique.

In an ideal world it would be locally owned but most of all I love a boutique hotel where things are done beautifully in the manner of the country of which you are staying.

I like to know what country I am in rather than staying in a hotel where I could be anywhere in the world. Well, Dwarika Hotel Kathmandu is pretty much my perfect hotel.

historic window frame at the dwarika hotel kathmandu
The beautiful historic window at Dwarika kathmandu Hotel

Dwarika’s hotel Kathmandu nepal is almost half museum/half hotel (you can even visit the wood carving workshop) and it is a stunning venue that brings its guests the absolute best of Nepal.

The hotel was inspired by the architectural grandeur of Newari royal palaces and it brings the best of Nepal’s craftsmanship to a living building.

Dwarika Hotel Kathmandu Review – The Rooms

king sized bed in room at Dwarika's Kathmandu
My lovely bedroom at the Dwarika’s hotel

Let’s start with the sheets. Definitely a high thread count here – indeed the linen is organic. I ended up with 3 different rooms at Dwarika’s Hotel Kathmandu as I had 3 separate stays (read all about it in my Everest base camp trek blog).

This highlighted a key feature of Dwarika’s Nepal – every room is unique. All were stunning. One was more modern, another more classic, another in a different format and outlook – but all so lovely.

dwarika hotel kathmandu king sized bed
This bed at Dwarika’s Kathmandu felt as good as it looks!

The devil is in the detail which is everywhere at hotel Dwarika Nepal – from the fabulous golden tiger game on every coffee table to the amazing wooden carvings to the stunning soft furnishings.

The creator/owner of Hotel Dwarika Kathmandu was passionate about the wood carving industry in Nepal and has essentially saved this art by bringing wood carvings from all over Nepal to Dwarika’s Kathmandu.

These wooden features are so unique and are a huge part of the charm of this delightful Kathmandu hotel.

dwarikas hotel kathmandu bathroom
Lovely bathroom at Dwarika’s, one of the best hotels in Kathmandu

Each room I stayed in at this hotel in Kathmandu had a huge king-sized bed which was super comfortable. The bathrooms were massive with both bath and separate shower.

Complimentary snacks and fruits were in the rooms as well as good coffee and tea (plunger coffee). The toiletries at Dwarika’s Kathamndu are decanted into ceramic containers (very environmentally friendly!) but were excellent and heavy on the lemongrass.

There was also a whole range of toothbrushes, body lotion etc in the room. Nice big tv with full cable, excellent wifi, room service, turndown service and chocolates – really you name it they had it.

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Dwarika’s Kathmandu – The Food

So wow the food at Dwarika’s Kathmandu. Let’s start with the highlight – the amazing Krishna’s or Krishnarpan. This is probably the most famous restaurant in Nepal as evidenced by the number of photos of dignitaries who have eaten there in the reception (from Prince Charles to Hilary Clinton to Demi Moore).

It is classic traditional Nepalese food. When you come into Krishna’s you lose the shoes and sit on a low seat at a low table. I was on my own so I had the lightest menu option which was 6 courses.

⇒ And definitely log in to 12Go when you’re organising how you’re going to get around Nepal. This super easy to use platform has all modes of transport on the one platform and allows you to compare based on time, cost, and reviews.

table at Krishna restaurant Dwarika's Kathmandu
Krishna restaurant low table at one of the best hotels in Nepal

The food at Krishna Kathmandu was AMAZING! From delicious bread to amazing momos to fabulous chicken curry and ending with amazing carrot cake this was the best meal I ate in Nepal – and would have been on good footing in London.

Even if you don’t stay at this hotel you must eat at Krishna at Dwarika’s when in Nepal!

one course of a meal at Krishna's at the Dwarika hotel Kathmandu
This was just one course!

The Toran restaurant at Dwarika’s serves up a delicious breakfast. There are a fabulous buffet and excellent hot options. Toran restaurant Kathmandu has a more European style menu in the evening and I ate here very well several times.

I also enjoyed a pre-dinner wine at the Kaiser bar and did eat there one night albeit from the Toran menu. I didn’t visit the Japanese restaurant as I was told there was a similar restaurant at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel Resort where I was headed next.

french toast with bananas and maple syrup on a white plate
One of the many breakfast options

Much of the produce for Dwarika’s Hotel Kathmandu comes from its own farm near its Dhulikhel resort (which you can visit – the farm and the resort). The hotel is aiming to have 90% of its vegetables and grains sourced from its own farms or other organic producers in the next two years.

chef preparing bread at dwarikas kathmandu
Amazing bread at the bbq night

And finally, if you possibly can organise to stay at Dwarika’s Hotel Kathmandu on a Friday night when they serve their Nepalese BBQ buffet.

It was a struggle to choose between this or Krishna as my best meal in Nepal. The Dwarika’s buffet was absolutely fantastic and the atmosphere is lovely as it is served around the pool area.

The Gift Shops

There are a whopping 3 gift shops within Dwarika’s, one of the top hotels in Kathmandu Nepal. One is a lovely antique focussed store and the second has a great selection of books and classic gifts shop type items.

The third was my favourite – Misschu. This store has the most stunning cashmere scarves/jumpers/gloves etc. I bought the most beautiful and soft cashmere wrap here that I absolutely love. I highly recommend popping in there to make a purchase.

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The Facilities at Dwarika’s

the pool at dwarika's kathmandu seen from a room
Yes that’s the pool!

Dwarika’s has a gorgeous pool surrounded by comfy lounges. Just behind this is a garden area with beautiful day beds. The hotel has a spa that has a fantastic menu. I had an excellent massage at the spa.

There is also a lovely library with the latest newspapers and books available. The front desk will organise anything you would like. Dwarika’s is aligned with a local tourism agency who can literally take care of any desire you may have.

Or the friendly concierge service will get a taxi for you to wherever you need. There is also a Dwarika hotel spa which is fantastic.

day bed by the pool at Dwarika's hotel kathmandu nepal
Pool day bed

Speaking of taxis Dwarika’s is kind of on the edge of central Kathmandu. However, taxis are so cheap it is super easy to get anywhere – and every taxi driver in town knows Dwarika’s Hotel Kathmandu.

dwarika's hotel in kathmandu courtyard
View over one of the courtyards

Finally even after all the lovely things I’ve described above the one thing that really made my stay at Dwarika’s so very special was the staff. They literally could not do enough to assist but it was never over the top. Anything you asked for was made to feel easy.

For one of my stays at Dwarika’s, I was very unwell with altitude sickness and I was treated so well. I was travelling on my own but I didn’t feel like it staying at Dwarika’s Hotel Kathmandu – the staff felt like my Kathmandu family as everyone was just so lovely to me.

I don’t think there are many 5-star hotels in Kathmandu Nepal but I can’t imagine any would be better than this.

dwarika's hotel, kathmandu courtyard area with day beds
one of several lovely areas for relaxing

The above might sound a little over the top but to be honest it is completely justified. Dwarika’s Hotel Kathmandu is now one of my favorite hotels I have ever stayed at – and I’m sure one of the top Kathmandu Nepal hotels –  and I do hope you have an opportunity to experience it.

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stalls and a building in Bhaktapur Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek Guided Tour Options

If you’re planning on heading up to Everest Base Camp check out this really good comparison of tour options on Viator.

I did the Everest Base Camp Trek with Exodus. Exodus is the biggest tour operator for Everest Base Camp so there are quite a few benefits in going with them in terms of expertise, access to the best teahouses etc.

They also know what they are doing and are very organised. As Exodus is a big deal in Nepal anyone working with them locally will be keen for this to continue and therefore service levels are pretty good.

Exodus Everest Base Camp Treks. 

In terms of UK based tour operators, we saw quite a few G Adventures groups during our trek. They tend to stay at the same kinds of tea houses and have a similar setup.

I have also heard that Intrepid is a good operator for base camp.

the himalaya mountains with everest in the middle and a cloud on top
everest is the one with the cloud on top

I have written several blog posts on my rather tumultuous everest base camp Trek Experience which you may enjoy reading:

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Finally at Base Camp!

Other Boutique Hotels in Kathmandu

It isn’t exactly boutique but as options at a higher boutique end are a bit low in Kathmandu I am going to list the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu.

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Kathmandu has some more basic boutique hotels that offer great value for money. Dalai-La and Kantipur Temple House offer traditional Nepalese style.

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Aria Boutique Hotel & Spa is somewhat more modern with its offer. Uniquely for Kathmandu, its interiors are heavy on white!

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After my trek, I went heavy on luxury and stayed at the stunning sister hotel to Dwarika’s Kathmandu Read my review of Dwarika’s Dhulikhel Resort

Latest Prices and availability for Dwarika’s Resort Dhulikhel

view over the himalayas from a room at Dwarika's Dhulikhel resort nepal
The amazing view from my room at Dwarika’s Dhulikhel Resort

Who Paid for What in this Dwarika Hotel Kathmandu Post

I covered my costs associated with most of this trip but Dwarika’s were kind enough to give me a discount on my accommodation costs. But as always my opinion is my own.

This Dwarika Hotel Kathmandu post contains affiliate links. That means if you click through on them and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. This won’t affect the price that you pay. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of this.


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Monday 1st of June 2020

It seems like it is an awesome hotel, I like your philosophy of picking hotels that feel like you are in a special and local place instead of possibly being anywhere in the world. I don’t travel a lot but I will definitely keep Dwarika’s Kathmandu hotel on my list of hotels when I do.


Sunday 7th of January 2018

Wow ... this hotel really looks amazing. Beautiful rooms and stunning details like woodwork ...

I'll have to put this destination on my travel list :)

Thanks for sharing Adrian at

Priya Vin

Saturday 24th of June 2017

Beautiful hotel, love the grounds and the room. Getting to Everest base camp and Kathmandu is on our travel wish list. Will bookmark this place, thanks for sharing.

Edith & Juan

Friday 16th of June 2017

What a cute hotel! My favorite part about the room is that it has all those windows!

Carmen Edelson

Thursday 15th of June 2017

This place has my name written all over it! You're the second person I know now who has stayed here and loved it. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing :)

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