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Monart Spa Ireland Review

Monart Spa has appeared on a few lists of best spas in the world yet it seems few people I speak with have heard of it – unless they are Irish. Every Irish person I have met since visiting there knows about Monart Spa Ireland.

Apparently, it is quite popular with Irish footballers and their partners and other Irish celebrities. I can certainly see why as I like Monart Spa so much I have been twice and will probably return.

It is fantastic value for money – there are very few luxury spa experiences that are this wonderful at this price.

There are some fantastic Monart Spa Packages and Monart Spa Special offers for both during the week and some including Sunday nights which are well worth exploring.

bridge reflected in lake monart spa ireland
How cute is the bridge?

Monart Spa Ireland

Monart Spa is located in the south-east of Ireland in Enniscorthy, County Wexford. If you’ve seen the very cute movie Brooklyn starring Saoirse Ronan her Irish home was Enniscorthy. It is one of many towns you have to visit when you go to Ireland.

Monart Destination Spa is essentially an old beautiful home in Wexford that has been renovated and extended.

The grounds are absolutely stunning. Green and lush and the landscaping is so lovely – there are a little waterfall and bridge and lovely displays. Inside Monart Ireland everything is lush and relaxing.

The staff are absolutely lovely and everything you expect in Ireland. There is the most lovely feel at Monart Spa Wexford – it is a very friendly and happy place. Some spas can seem almost a bit snobbish but Monart is the opposite.

And very importantly Monart is an adults-only property so your bliss will not be interrupted by little people.

wooden side board with tall vases and flowers monart spa ireland
Monart Spa Wexford Ireland is beautifully decorated

Monart Spa Review: The Rooms

external view of accommodation monart spa ireland
The rooms at Monart destination spa from the grounds

The rooms at Monart Spa are lovely. Their beds are fantastic – very large, very comfortable and a nice high thread count on the sheets and the duvet cover.

The rooms are also large and virtually all of them have a terrace or a balcony. I have stayed in deluxe rooms both times and found these huge and more than enough room – I can’t imagine how big the suites must be.

Bed with cushions in room at monart spa ireland
The big comfy bed at this Irish Spa Hotel

The bathrooms at this Irish spa hotel are huge!  And importantly contain many fluffy towels, great toiletries, slippers and bathrobes. You can wear your bathrobe nearly 24/7 at Monart Spa which I love.

Well, I would have felt a bit funny at dinner in it but the rest of the day no problem. Wearing a bathrobe drinking wine in the Monart Spa bar – heaven.

bathroom with sink and toilet and shower monart spa ireland

Every room at this spa in Ireland has a large tv so you can get into bed and watch DVDs which I did when I stayed on my own. Reception at Monart has a great selection of DVDs.

The Monart restaurant will also do room service so you can enjoy wine and dinner in bed with a DVD for total relaxation.

chaise lounge with view of outside area in room at monart spa ireland
Lounge Bit of the Room

Monart Spa – The Facilities

The entrance old building of monart spa ireland
The Grand Entrance

The entrance to Monart Spa was built in 1740. This building now houses the Monart Library, a drawing room and two suites. You can also have tea and coffee here and it usually has the latest newspapers.

Monart Spa does encourage you not to really look at news etc during your stay but if you need a sneak peek this is the place. We also found that wifi was strongest in this area. It is also a lovely area to sit and read.

library room with dark seats at monart spa ireland
The Library

The Spa at Monart

Definitely the highlight of any stay at Monart is The Spa. It is huge and there is so much on offer.

The core of The Spa is the Thermal Suite. There are several different rooms at different temperatures and a mix of steam room and sauna. In between rooms is a cold water small pool for your feet.

There is a suggested order to move through the different rooms and one is even outside. Then you can head into the Monart hydrotherapy pool. There are jets at different heights and power along with the hydrotherapy pool at Monart that you can use.

lake and waterfall surrounded by greenery monart spa ireland
The lovely waterfall

The Monart Spa itself offers an extensive range of treatments and is particularly strong on facials. There is also a shop so you can take any key Monart Spa products which you have tried home with you.

Monart Spa from behind shown with lake in foregound
View of the Spa buildings from the grounds

In the middle of some of the treatment rooms is a low-lit warm relaxation room for after your treatment. This lovely room was so so relaxing that I fell asleep and had the most amazing nap.

There is also a lovely larger relaxation room with chaise lounges, large windows and loads of magazines.

Another great place in Europe for a spa break is the Czech Republic. Check out my post on the 3 Best Czech Spa Towns

Monart Spa Fitness Centre

It is possible to run around the property which I did several times. It is not the longest run but it was lovely. There is a Monart Spa gym which has all the basics and there are classes.

Fitness is definitely an option but this is much more a destination spa than a fitness venue.

The Food at Monart Spa

The food at Monart is fantastic. You can take some healthy options but this is definitely a spa that is more about relaxing and enjoyment rather than weight loss and exercise.

Breakfast is fantastic. There is a large and delicious buffet with a great selection of fruits, yoghurts, cereals, granola and everything else you can imagine. There is then a hot breakfast menu that offers everything from traditional egg-based breakfasts to pancakes etc.

outside table with fruit and yoghurt monart spa ireland
Breakfast with a view

There are a couple of options for lunch at Monart. The main Monart restaurant does a lovely lunch menu. There is also a little café in the spa area that has a great selection of smoothies and a lovely menu.

Dinner at Monart Ireland is then a more grand treat with an extensive and delicious menu on offer.

close up of leaves with raindrops monart spa ireland
The Gardens are stunning

Monart Spa Wexford also has a great selection of wine on offer. One of the many things I loved about Monart was that most people are drinking alcohol. Normally I am the only one drinking alcohol at a spa. Not at Monart.

At lunchtime, you will see people sitting outside in their bathrobes enjoying a glass of wine and often a cigarette. The same goes for dinner.

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How to get to Monart Spa

Monart Spa is located in Wexford in the south-east of Ireland. Dublin is the closest airport. However, it is then a 2-hour journey to Monart. From here you have a few options. Monart will come and pick you up but this is not cheap.

There is a bus that leaves from the airport and takes you to the nearest town to Monart where you can then get a cab. This is the cheapest option but takes the longest as the buses only run about once an hour.

arch shaped sculptures with greenery in gardens at monart spa ireland
There are sculptures throughout the grounds

The first time I went to Monart I was on my own so took the bus. The second time I was with girlfriends for a hen’s weekend and we had Monart pick us up.

The Monart pick up is definitely the best option if there are 3 or 4 of you. However, with just one or two I would recommend hiring a car.

Car hire is cheap and easy in Ireland and this will cost you less than the Monart pick up and give you more flexibility

Car Hire Deals from Dublin Airport

Flights to Dublin

How long to stay at Monart and When to Go.

On my first visit to Monart, I went on my own and was absolutely exhausted. I went for 3 nights which felt just right – as long as you arrive relatively early the first day and don’t leave too early on the last day.

My second visit to Monart was a hen’s weekend and we went for 2 nights which worked well as a group. Having said that I think you would easily be able to spend a week here without getting bored – especially if you hired a car and could do some wandering.

grounds of monart spa ireland including stone bridge and main spa buildings
View from the bridge

Irish weather is of course very changeable and leans towards the cold and grey. I was lucky both times that I got some good weather to enjoy the grounds.

However, I cannot think of anywhere cosier to be than Monart with howling rain and wind and greyness. So, in summary, I would happily visit any time of year.

I am sure there are things to do around Monart Spa but to be honest both times I went I didn’t want to leave. Without a doubt, Monart is one of the best spas in Ireland.

But don’t just take it from me – read some more reviews of Monart Spa on Trip Advisor or Rosemary McCabe or Independent Ireland.

Top Tip: Monart doesn’t appear on price comparison sites so the best way to book – and the best deals – are available from their own website. 

More Fantastic Spa Options

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Who Paid for What in This Post?

I paid for everything associated with this post – from the spa treatments to the bus from Dublin to Enniscorthy.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click through on some of the links and make a purchase I will receive a small commission. Just wanted to make sure that you knew this.


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Lucia O'Farrell

Monday 20th of February 2023

Fully agree,it,s a great relaxing experience. Was there twice and booking arranged for Spring 23.Love it!

Amanda OBrien

Tuesday 21st of February 2023

Such a good spa!

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