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I absolutely love the Emerald Isle, and the seven million people who visited the country last year will probably share my sentiments. There’s a good reason we find Ireland such a captivating and exciting place to visit.

Remember that Ireland is formed of two separate states. The Republic of Ireland is an independent country in the south, and Northern Ireland is a part of the UK.

You’ll find that every part of the island has something magical to offer, from the natural beauty and landmarks to the Guinness or even the island’s fascinating history.

If you’re ready to discover why Ireland should be on top of your list of places to travel to, keep reading.

What Is Ireland Known for?

So, what is this remarkable island known for? Well, plenty more than one would think. While it’s estimated that only five million people currently reside in the Emerald Isle, its layered and complex history makes the country seem larger than life.

To begin with, many people will know of the Troubles (1968-1998), which divided Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. You may also know it’s the home of Guinness and Jameson, and the Titanic was built there, too.

But other than its past political landscape, what is Ireland known for today? The list is endless, but let me start with the whopping 30,000 castles that have existed since the 10th century. The most notable are Blarney Castle, Dunluce Castle, Dublin Castle, and King John’s Castle.

Ireland is also known for its rich artistic and literary accomplishments, with famous writers like Oscar Wilde and James Joyce being some of the most well-known internationally. And, of course, we can’t forget legendary singers such as Enya, Hozier, and Bono, to name a few.

Famous Ireland Landmarks

So, what about the famous Ireland landmarks on offer? I’d argue that Ireland has some of the most breathtaking monuments and natural wonders in the world. These include the Cliffs of Moher on the Wild Atlantic Way, the Giant’s Causeway, and the Ring of Kerry. 

It’s also home to sights like the Titanic Quarter, the Blarney Stone Gardens and Castle, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. However, these examples only scratch the surface, so research further for more information.

Interesting Facts About Ireland

In a quick fire round, let me tell you some facts about Ireland that may tempt you even more to visit. Ireland’s official symbol is the harp — the only country with an instrument as its national symbol. 

Halloween originated in Ireland from a festival called Samhain. Today, you can go to Derry for the most out-there Halloween festivals in Ireland. And finally, Ireland was one of the first nations in the EU to use the Euro in 2002.

Monart Spa

Once you’ve wound down from all your exploration, consider visiting a spa in Ireland, specifically the Monart Spa. It’s one of the most famous spas in Ireland, located in Enniscorthy. I’ve reviewed it in detail already. However, I do have some keynotes that are worth considering. 

It’s a spa with countless facilities, from a thermal suite to a hydrotherapy pool, and it offers luxury accommodation tucked away in the lush county of Wexford. 

Monart Spa has appeared on a few lists of best spas in the world yet it seems few people I speak with have heard of it – unless they are Irish. Every Irish person I have met since visiting there knows about Monart Spa Ireland. Apparently, it is quite popular with Irish footballers and their …

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