American Airlines Premium Economy 777 Review – Is it Worth Paying Extra?

My experiences with US airlines, in general, have been mixed. I can’t bear those internal flights in the super tiny planes where everyone appears to have brought the maximum hand luggage allowed on board.

I have tended to avoid US airlines when it has come to Business and Premium due to my low expectations. My last premium economy experience in British Airways had not really been all that premium.

However, I had had an excellent experience with Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy so I was curious to see how American Airlines Premium Economy 777 would compare.

boeing 777 american airlines interior

US airlines have recently been doing some major investment in premium economy and both Delta and United have relatively new premium economy offers which I plan to try out. American Airlines was the first and launched premium economy in May 2017.

This means you are guaranteed a quite new premium economy cabin and premium economy seats when travelling with any of the three airlines which tends to provide a better experience.

American Airlines Premium Economy 777 Review – Making the Booking

I always start my search for flights with Skyscanner and then move on to Expedia. This usually gives me a good idea of the best options.

I then like to head onto the airline’s dedicated site to check out the options around checking in bags, upgrades etc etc.

American Airlines has a new offer called Main Cabin Extra. This is an American Airlines economy class ticket that is upgraded when you get to pay to include extra legroom, complimentary drinks, preferred boarding, and free drinks.

This is between the economy cabin and premium economy so it may be worth considering.

⇒ American Airlines have loads of destinations. Some of their destinations that I have written about include New York, San Francisco, Baltimore and Philadelphia in the USA. In the rest of the world Colombia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Tokyo, Italy, Seoul, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

american-airlines-screen with woman on it
Views from the above the tray table!

American Airlines Premium Economy Routes are international, Hawaii and Alaska flights. The differences of the American Airlines Premium Economy 777 300 relative to the Main Cabin Extra are that there is a separate area within the cabin, larger seats and legroom and priority check-in and security as well as boarding.

I’ll cover the inflight experience on American Airlines economy plus in more detail later in the review.

A massive bonus of American Airlines Premium Economy flights was that I was able to pre-book an exit row window seat at no extra cost.

I couldn’t believe this was available on American Premium Economy – and at no charge. Best of all I was able to book it on the overnight leg.

I thought the prices for American Airlines Premium Economy were excellent value. My return flight including taxes was around GBP 770.

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american airlines lounge at JFK airport New York
Lounge at JFK

American Airlines Premium Economy – Airport and Checking In

American Airlines operates out of Terminal 3 at Heathrow.

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It is easy to find – not far from Virgin – and premium economy American Airlines international flights have a preferred check in area.

Premium Economy on American Airlines also gives access to fast track security – not necessarily the case with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways.

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The Lounge

A premium economy ticket does not provide access to the lounge. However, Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald have access to several lounges at Heathrow.

One of my key reasons for choosing to fly with American Airlines was that I am a British Airways Silver status – giving me access to all One World partner lounges.

american-airlines-lounge at heathrow airport
Lounge at Heathrow

I visited the American Airlines Lounge which is area H – the Admiral’s Lounge. It was a great lounge with very large comfortable chairs and wonderfully they all had power and USB sockets.

The lounge feels quite new and there was a lot of space. The only downside was there was no real champagne. There were bubbles – Prosecco and Spumante – but they are never quite the same.

On the return flight, I received all the same benefits at American Airlines JFK – priority check-in and fast track through security.

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american airlines lounge at JFK airport New York
JFK Lounge

The American Airlines flagship lounge 12 is lovely and even has a terrace although it is inside. There was a hot buffet and an a la carte menu at the American Airlines Lounge JFK.

There were several options available like a Waldorf Salad. I chose the Korean tacos and they were excellent.

This was terrific as I could then eat prior to the overnight flight and focus on getting to sleep as quickly as possible for the duration of the flight.

salads at the american airlines lounge at heathrow
tacos with sauce at the american airlines lounge at JFK airport New york
tacos in the lounge at JFK

Inside the American 777

The seat configuration of the Boeing 777 AA is 2 x 4 x 2. Premium Economy is a small area of just four rows which felt nice. The whole AA premium economy cabin looked and felt very new.

AA 777 Premium Economy Cabin
AA 777 Premium Economy Cabin

The premium economy 777 AA seats themselves are 19 inches wide – 2 more than AA economy so a substantial difference.

The AA 700 300 seat pitch is 38 inches – quite a bit more than the standard economy seats which have a pitch of 31-32 inches (Main Cabin extra offers 36 inches). I am only 5 foot 6 inches so I found it a more than adequate recline.

american airlines 777-200 premium economy cabin
Cabin for AA Boeing 777 Premium Economy

A highlight for me of the American Airlines Premium Economy 777 300er was the very flexible headrest which was great for resting. Also, the footrest has two separate pieces – almost like pedals – and was very comfortable.

On the return flight, I was in the exit row of the Boeing 777 so no pedals but lots of legroom.

american-airlines-premium-economy-777-200 headrest
AA 770 300er headrest in premium economy

It took me a while to find the power socket on the aa 777-300er. It is sort of hidden away under the armrest of the premium economy seat – accompanied by the USB port. Once you are seated it takes a bit of yoga to get everything hooked up.

The best option is to gently lift up the armrest of the AA 777 seat for easy access. This little hidden area also has space for water.

american airlines premium economy seats foot rest
Nice footrest!

I travelled on a Sunday afternoon out of Heathrow. It was a long weekend in the US. The flight was virtually empty. A good tip is to do something similar if there is a long weekend in the US when you are planning on travelling between London and new york.

The American Airlines Premium Economy baggage allowance is generous but an empty flight means easy to carry on bags as well.

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premium economy seats american airlines power socket
American Airlines premium economy power socket

Food and Drinks

The main meal on American Airlines Premium Economy 777 is served about one hour from departure and then a lighter almost there offer a similar time before arrival.

The main meal on American Airlines’ premium economy was a salad with a hot meal choice of prawns with wild rice or cauliflower mac and cheese. Dessert was vanilla black currant cheesecake.

The pre-arrival was a Mediterranean salad followed by a chocolate and salted caramel pudding. I thought the American Airlines premium economy food was excellent.

boeing 777 premium economy dinner meal

I chose the prawns and they were actually very nice.

american airlines premium economy salad meal
Meditteranean Salad

There was only one white and one red wine to choose from on American Airlines premium economy – a Spanish Macabeo (a pretty standard dry white) or a French Merlot.

There was a short but adequate range of spirits and beers/ciders plus quite a few soft drinks.

premium economy american airlines meal with pasta

Chocolate ice creams were brought out mid-flight on the leg between London and New York which was a nice touch!

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Entertainment and American Airlines Amenities

The American Airlines entertainment system was fantastic – possibly the best I have seen. There was an extensive choice of new movies – there was one that I had seen the weekend prior at the cinema in London.

Even better was American Airlines tv programmes range on offer. The American Airlines entertainment system has shows from Amazon Prime and Netflix which I have not seen on an airline before eg The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel.

They also seem to have a relationship with Universal/NBC and had episodes of new American tv programmes which had not been shown in the UK. I was thrilled.

american airlines premium economy headphones and amenity kit
American Airlines Amenity Kit and headphones

It is possible to use your phone or laptop or tablet and get an entertainment app. However, the American Airlines Premium Economy screen is a great size (10.5 iches) and very good quality so I don’t think you need to use up battery life etc.

american airlines premium economy eye mask and socks

The headphones were excellent quality and closer to business class style than the economy. There is wifi available on board but of course, it must be paid for – unless you’re happy to explore every section of the American Airlines website.

American Airlines Premium Economy blanket and pillow
American Airlines Premium Economy blanket and pillow

The American Airlines blanket and pillow were fairly standard and closer to economy class than business class in the thread count department.

However, I did like the blue and black striped socks and matching eye mask component of the AA amenity kit. The little toiletries bag was quite a cute Cole Hahn and the toiletries inside were Co Bigelow.

I hadn’t heard of this brand but I liked that they had aromatherapy based rosemary and mint smell.

boeing 777 200 premium economy toiletries

The service was absolutely fine but nothing really stood out. As you would expect on a premium economy flight – polite and efficient yet not at the level of business class of course in the view of this flight review.

American Airlines Premium Economy – The Verdict

It’s 5 stars for this American Airlines International Flights Review. I can’t find a single negative thing to say about my American Airlines Premium Economy 777 experience.

The ticket was well priced. I received priority check-in, security, and boarding. The seats felt new and there was excellent legroom.

I was particularly delighted by being able to get an exit row seat at no cost on the return leg.

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Exit Row Seat American Airlines Premium Economy

The American Airlines Premium Economy food was very good, the amenities good and the entertainment system excellent. In combination with my One World Sapphire and being able to use the lounges, I would struggle to justify paying much more to fly business class.

American Airlines Business class seats are only 1.5 inches wider than premium economy so the only real difference is the flatbed.

american airlines arm rest and power sockets

Looking at economy vs premium economy, American Airlines Premium Economy is definitely worth it at about double the price of an economy seat over the 15 odd hours in the air of a London-New York return flight.

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How does American Airlines Premium Economy compare with British Airways Premium Economy?

American Airlines’ premium economy is much much better. It beat British Airways premium economy on every single element – from the priority options to the seat size to the in-flight system to the food.

British Airways premium economy would have to be substantially cheaper for me to consider flying with them premium economy over American Airlines.

In my experience, the premium economy airfares of both airlines tend to be roughly similar.


How does American Airlines Premium Economy compare with Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy?

I found Virgin Atlantic premium economy and American Airlines premium economy quite similar in terms of the overall experience and the in-flight elements. There are two key differences.

Firstly, I tend to find that Virgin Atlantic premium economy is usually a good deal more expensive LHR-NYC than American Airlines.

Secondly, if you have the One World Sapphire membership then American Airlines means you get the lounge – Virgin Atlantic premium economy means no lounge.

premium economy boeing 777 seat in the lounge at JFK airport
seat in the lounge at american airlines lounge 777

If the prices are similar I would make the choice based on whether or not you are a member of the different frequent flyer clubs with lounge access. Virgin Atlantic always feels more fun than any other airline and I think has better and more authentic service – plus normally Virgin Atlantic has some better touches like their great in-flight snacks range.

If the prices were the same and the club membership made no difference I would choose to fly with Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy over American Airlines Premium Economy.

boeing 777-200 american airlines lounge at JFK airport
American airlines lounge at JFK

Have you flown with American Airlines Premium Economy? I would love to hear about your experience.

Who Paid for What in this Post

I paid for my airfare on American Airlines. This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on them and end up making a purchase I will make a small commission. This will not affect the price that you pay. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of this.


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18 thoughts on “American Airlines Premium Economy 777 Review – Is it Worth Paying Extra?

  1. cait says:

    oh my gosh yes yes yes thank you so much for sharing this ha i love a good long trip for sure and def being comfortable is key on the way somewhere that takes a while to get ther- the more comfier i am the better i feel for sure!

  2. Amber Myers says:

    This looks amazing. If I had the extra funds, yes, I’d pay extra for this. Also, if my flight is more than 4 hours, yes! I want to be as comfortable as I can.

  3. Terri Steffes says:

    I haven’t flown this way as of yet. I am wondering how much the ticket price is over regular business class. That will make a big difference.

  4. candy says:

    When we travel overseas than yes we want to be more comfortable because of the long flight. Always check around and see what is available.


    It looks like it is really comfy and clean too. I think most would consider paying that bit extra where they could afford to do so.

  6. Ashley says:

    I plan on one day flying first class. It’s on my travel bucket list. Looks like you had a great time

  7. Tasheena says:

    Thanks for sharing your honest review and providing a comparison. I would at least like to try them, especially for long trips.

  8. Beth says:

    I usually fly economy, so this looks quite luxurious in comparison. If you have the additional resources, it seems like it would be money well spent, especially on a long flight.

  9. Heather says:

    Comfort and convenience are at the top of my list when it comes to flying. I’ll often spend more to make sure the trip will be better.

  10. Ricci says:

    I would def pay extra for that extra leg room!! And the food looks pretty decent!

  11. Ruth I says:

    I think I would go with the additional payment because it really looks comfortable to upgrade a little. The food looks so good!

  12. Nikka Shae says:

    Now this is a great way to travel! If I travel this way I would love it!

  13. Pam says:

    This sounds amazing! Especially for long flights! I travel to Oregon from NYC often and it is about 6.5 hours with no layover, this would definitely be a better way to travel. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Robert says:

    Wow – what an excellent detailed review and comparison for Premium Economy upgrades. After many years of traveling and in mostly Economy Class, upgrading to Premium Economy for long haul flights is definitely worth the price for extra comfort and service. Great review & post! 🙂
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