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Hong Kong Travel Blog: Heading Off the Beaten Path

I have been to Hong Kong a lot of times. My oldest dearest friend lives there so it is a frequent stop-in for me if I’m anywhere near Asia. As a result, I have done most of the main Hong Kong sightseeing things to do.  

So on my most recent trip, I was keen to try some different things and get a new feel for Hong Kong off the beaten path – and hopefully find some Hong Kong hidden gems for this Hong Kong blog.

I had also been introduced to the fabulous Sassy Mama website by expat friends. Yes it’s primarily for mums but they have fantastic posts about where to eat and go – I highly recommend you have a look before you go to Hong Kong.

This post is a Hong Kong Itinerary that covers things to do in Hong Kong for 3 days. Here is my Hong Kong Blog on the best off the beaten track things to do.

Hong Kong View from Shek O
View from Shek O

1. The Dragon’s Back trail

This is a great pretty full-on trek on Hong Kong Island. It is called the Dragon’s Back as you get quite a bit of up and down and gradual peak upon peak.

It takes about 2 1/12 hours and has some stunning views. The Dragon’s Back Trail Hong Kong is a nice little workout and it is worth wearing proper shoes. I did it in standard runners and that was fine but I would have been happier with some type of ankle protection for the downhill portion.

The Dragon’s Back Trail is one of the best off the beaten track places to visit in Hong Kong.

⇒ Save Time & Stress – book a half-day tour of the Dragon’s Back Trail

hong kong skyline at twilight
the stunning hong kong skyline

2. Shek O

Shek O is a super cute beach/surf town at the end of the Dragon’s Back trail virtually. Well, you can walk there but it’s much quicker in a cab and by the time you have done the trail you are going to be hungry!

There are surfboards and wet suits galore in Shek O which I completely didn’t expect in Hong Kong! And a couple of fantastic Thai restaurants which are just near the beach.  

Check out Happy Garden Thai restaurant in Shek O – it has a great balcony with a view of the beach. Well from a distance but you can still see it!

green vegetables in a white bowl shek o hong kong
Delicious greens in Shek O

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hong kong shek o sign for homesick cuisine in english and cantonese
Inside the Happy Garden, Thai menu is the chef’s recommendations list and apparently this is the place to source your order. We had this amazing deep-fried eggplant with prawn meat stuffing and spicy salt. We also tried a bowl of pineapple rice – interesting – good for presentation! A very good green curry that wasn’t too spicy – I can’t do too spicy. And then for something different a seafood curry that was served in a giant bread roll – like how they often serve soup in the US. Delicious! Alas, they don’t serve wine but they do serve beer. We bought wine at the other Thai restaurant on the roundabout and went byo – good value at 160 HKD for a bottle of sav!
hong kong shek o thai calamari on white plate with chili sauce
Thai Calamari

3. Dim Sum

So you can’t take a Hong Kong trip without eating dim sum. I hit two places on this trip. The first was Tsui Hang Village. The key reason we went here was for novelty dumplings.

And they did not disappoint – we got pig-shaped dumplings. Alas, they tasted a bit funky with sweet potato inside – not awful but quite odd.

hong kong dumpling shaped like pig held between chopsticks
Dumpling Pig

But a feature in any where to eat in Hong Kong blog highlight was Tim Ho Wan at the Olympic shopping centre. So I got here at 1145 on a Monday morning and got an immediate seat – but there was a queue by 1220.

The food here is amazing. You get a sheet of paper and a pencil and order away – no trolleys. The food at Tim Ho Wan was fast and fabulous. And there was a giant bottle of soy on the table which delighted me.

So often you just don’t get enough soy and have to keep asking for these little thimbles of soy.

hong kong tim ho wan dim sum menu
tim ho wan menu

I started with the vermicelli rolls with shrimp then some more shrimp with fresh shrimp dumplings. Both were amazing. The vermicelli rolls at Tim Ho Wan Hong Kong were the right level of slimy and shrimp dumplings were outstanding – plump shrimp with a delicate coating.

Next up at Tim Ho Wan was steamed dumplings Chiu Chow style which was peanuts, chives, pork and water chestnuts. This was my least favorite dish – probably my own fault as I don’t really like water chestnuts but this was apparently a signature dish and I can’t not order a signature dish.

Only in Hong Kong between flights? Check out this great post What to do on a 12 Hour Layover in Hong Kong.

hong kong tim ho wan vermicelli rolls with soy sauce
vermicelli rolls

And then the baked buns with bbq pork. These were quite different from the norm of the pure white, sticky, puffy pork buns.

The Tim Ho Wan version was more like a bread roll – but sweet and sticky bread rolls that were the perfect contrast to the delicious bbq pork interior – these were my highlight.

tim ho wan hong kong pork buns
more tim ho wan dim sum

So as always I over-ordered but all this food and coke zero were a bargain HKD98.

Book a Hong Kong Dim Sum Tour

4. Hollywood Road and PMQ

When it comes to what to do in Hong Kong, this is probably my favourite area – and Sheung Wan is the hot new area within it. It’s all happening there – a bunch of really cute cafes has popped up and you can easily get a fabulous Australian style brunch.

I had a fantastic breakfast at Oolaa – a delicious salmon swiss rosti and some great coffee.

After brunch go and have a look at Man Mo Temple. This is a beautiful active temple – free admission. And it is extremely photogenic.

I also then enjoyed wandering down and visiting the coffin shops in Sheung Wan. You don’t often see coffins in retail so it was a unique Hong Kong hidden gem.

hong kong man mo temple lanterns
man mo temple
hong kong man mo temple inside
inside the temple

Hong Kong is far more photogenic than most people realize – If you’re looking for the best travel camera check out this thorough article

The other place that was new for me this trip was PMQ. This is a new complex of sorts that has quite a few fab looking restaurants and some really interesting little shops.

The shops at PMQ Hong Kong are all about local artisans and this is a great place to pick up some stylish souvenirs. 

hong kong entrance to PMQ
Entrance to PMQ

5. Some Kowloon side tourism

Two Hong Kong attractions that are conveniently located next to each other on the Kowloon side are the Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery.

The Chi Lin Nunnery is a lovely piece of quiet calm in busy Hong Kong. The buildings are well maintained and the environment is serene. You can’t take photos inside the nunnery walls but it is a nice shot from the outside. You can then wander to the very photogenic Nan Lian Gardens.

Book a Half Day Tour with Both These Attractions

hong kong nan lian gardens goldem temple
Golden temple at Nan Lian Gardens Hong Kong

The next 5 things to do in this travel blog Hong Kong are all in the fantastic neighborhood of Mongkok. Mongkok is a very happening area in Hong Kong and great for having a general wander with your camera – here is what to do in Mongkok Hong Kong:

hong kong streets in mongkok
Busy streets of Mongkok

6. Check out local life at Cherry Street Park Mongkok

Cherry Street Park is very close to Tim Ho Wan. I refused to be put off by the signs telling me to watch out for Rat Poison -it certainly wasn’t stopping the locals.

The park has been designed to be like an outdoor gym Hong Kong style. There was Tai Chi going on and a kid’s playground.

Cherry Street Park is quite a large park and it was a little difficult to figure out how to exit once you were in so if you get stuck backtrack to the Olympic Shopping Centre walkway thing.

⇒ If you’re looking to save time and stress book a Hong Kong markets walking tour that will take you through Mongkok.

hong kong mongkok columns with leaf patterns
leafy columns in Mongkok
hong kong mongkok warning sign
hong kong mongkok playground
Mongkok playground/exercise place

7. Visit the Flower Market and give the Bird Market a miss

The orchids at the Hong Kong Flower Market are absolutely stunning – you will wish you were able to take these beautiful delicate flowers home.

Alas, you’ll have to settle for photos only – which the stall owners at the Flower Market Hong Kong are happy for you to take.

Prince Edward Street roadside has more upmarket flower shops as well as some cute boutiques and food places. A lot of the nicest places are on the first floor of these buildings so look out for cute signage pointing you upstairs.

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hong kong mongkok flower market blue roses
blue roses

I also went to the nearby Bird market (the area is very well signed). I’m not really sure why I did this as I am not a big fan of birds – I think I thought I might get some good photos of birdcages.

I did get a few of those shots as you can see but the place kind of gave me the creeps – caged birds singing etc etc.

hong kong mongkok unusual shaped lemons and limes
unusual fruits at the flower markets

For less hassle book a tour of Hong Kong’s markets before you leave home – this one covers all the markets I mention in this post. This is one of the best day trips in Hong Kong.

hong kong mongkok bird market bird cages

8. Get great deals at the Sneaker Market

From the Bird Market wander back through Fa Yuen Street for an assault on your senses on your way to Sneaker Street. The key street here is Nelson street.

The Sneaker market Hong Kong is well signed but it was a bit confusing to figure out if you were actually in the heart of the area – so head for Nelson street. There are loads of stores on Sneaker Street and sneakers galore.

You can feel the heart palpitations of the Adidas/Nike/ASICs IP lawyers as you see signage that has surely not been signed off by head office.

hong kong mongkok sneaker store
Store in Sneaker Street

I got a pair of Adidas runners here. I had actually thought they were knock offs but was later told my several HK residents that the sneakers here tend to be the real thing. So next time I come I will buy proper ASICs shoes for running on Sneaker Street Mongkok.

Staying in Hong Kong for 3 days? Check out this great Hong Kong Itinerary from Footloose Dev

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hong kong mongkok colourful buildings

9. Get some nice pics at Goldfish Street

One of the most fun things to do while you explore Hong Kong is to take photos of fish! Goldfish street is actually Tung Choi Street in Mongkok – head for its corner with Bute street for maximum shops and shots.

This is an area for pet owners in general with pets and their accessories on sale. However, the highlight of the Goldfish Street Hong Kong is the numerous cute little bags of goldfish in gorgeous colours – very good for Instagram.

If you’re looking to take in a mix of sights and find out more about Hong Kong check out this great post on a 3 Day Visit to Hong Kong. 

hong kong mongkok goldfish in bags
Goldfish in Mongkok

Where to stay in Hong Kong

For a brilliant location and all you need in a very efficient space check out Bishop Lei International. The location on Hong Kong island is right in the heart of the mid-levels – particularly good for foodie travelers as you will be able to walk to some of the island’s best restaurants.

⇒ Read more reviews on TripAdvisor Book Now

hong kong skyline

Close by is the super funky Lan Kwai Fong Hotel. From 100 pounds a night you will have access to their Michelin star hotel plus a great location in the heart of Soho on Hong Kong Island.

Read reviews on TripAdvisorBook Now

hong kong mongkok flower markets flowers
the flower market

For a fantastic decadent option, Kowloon side check out the Langham. My parents always stayed at the Langham Hong Kong. It is a beautiful hotel and has a fantastic outdoor bar and outdoor pool – and you can get deals from about 150 pounds a night. The Langham is Kowloon Side.

Read reviews on TripAdvisorBook Now

hong kong kowlood boxes on display for sale with street sign

For one of the ultimate boutique hotel experiences, you can’t go past the super famous The Peninsula in Kowloon. This is one of the most famous hotels in the world for good reason.

The Peninsula Hong Kong is best known for their stunning afternoon tea and also have some fantastic shopping.

Read reviews on TripAdvisorBook Now

hongkong mongkok colorful rubbish bins
even the rubbish looks artistic!

After more things to do in Hong Kong? Click here for a great Hong Kong Top 10 things to do 

hong kong mongkok flower market orchids


Hong Kong airport is one of my favorites. It is possible to grab a coffee at Starbucks before going through immigration at Hong Kong International. There is also a great airport express train that gets you into the city fast – and low cost if you want as it connects with MTR station options.

Flights to Hong Kong

hong kong prawn dim sum at tim ho wan
Love prawn dumplings!

Do you need a Visa?

It can be a real pain trying to figure out if you need a visa for a country and then all the hassle of figuring out how to apply, how long you can go without your passport, when the embassy is open etc.

iVisa has completely revolutionized this process and put it all online and made it super simple and paper and hassle-free.

Hong Kong Tours

If you’re trying to figure out how many days in Hong Kong will work for you or which day trips from Hong Kong will suit you best I think it depends on whether it is your first or a subsequent trip.

This post covers things to do in Hong Kong 3 days itinerary. For a first trip, there is such a long list of what to see Hong Kong that I would suggest 5 days. And don’t miss a trip on the famous Star Ferry.

Book a Private Tour of Hong Kong

If you are traveling solo and keen to explore group tours there are several that cover Hong Kong and are worth checking out:

Just You Hong Kong

Exodus Holidays China/Hong Kong,  

Explore Holidays Hong Kong  

G Adventures Hong Kong.

Who Paid for What with this Post

I covered all of the costs associated with my trip to Hong Kong This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click through and end up making a purchase I will most likely receive a small commission. I wanted to make sure you knew this.


hong kong mongkok high rise buildings

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I don’t know much about Hong Kong so it is great to get your insider view of the city and the place to see and where to eat.


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HongKong is a great place to visit. I've been there several times and I'm always pleased to come back. When you have a little more time, then I can advise a day-trip to Macau (which takes just 60mins by ferry). Perhaps is our navigation system for the HK metro (subway) useful as well:

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Hi - it is a great place. I have visited Macau before as well and would also highly recommend it - plus you have a great subway! thanks amanda


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