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10 Days Itinerary Bali: What you Can’t Miss & Must Do

Bali is well-known as a tropical getaway destination. Rich in natural beauty, captivating history, and interesting culture, it’s an ideal place to escape from daily life. This Indonesian island offers great surfing, stunning beaches, yoga, and plenty of temples to admire and explore.

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, and trying to organise an itinerary that allows you to see all the island’s highlights in just 10 days, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide offers travel tips, things to do, and a suggested 10 days itinerary Bali.

10 Days Itinerary Bali – Getting There

Denpasar is the main airport for Bali. A range of international carriers, most with an Asian base, fly into Denpasar including Qatar Airways and Malaysia Airlines.

Flights to Denpasar

woman in water in bali indonesia

Getting Around Bali

There isn’t much reliable public transport on the island, so most travellers and locals can be seen zipping around on scooters. There are other options for those who aren’t comfortable on two wheels, though.

Here are your best bets for getting around when visiting Bali.


This is the cheapest option, but not always the most reliable one. Buses in Bali run inside the major cities but can take quite a long time to reach your destination and don’t allow much freedom.

Men in rice fields Indonesia Bali Ubud

Private Taxis

There are two taxi apps that you can use in Bali. These are Grab and Gojek, and they work similarly to Uber. These can get pricey to use, especially if you’re travelling longer distances.

Note: In some areas, these taxis may not be allowed to pick up passengers, so some research will be required depending on where you are.

Motorcycles or Scooters

Scooters are great (if you can ride them) and they’re quicker and nimbler than cars. There are many places that rent out scooters around Bali, so make sure you pick a reputable one based on reviews.

elephant statue in bali

Rent a Car (and Perhaps a Driver)

If you’d like more freedom to do things on your own time, but you’re not comfortable riding a motorcycle, you can rent a car instead.

Bali’s traffic can be intense for foreigners, however, so you may also want to hire a driver to drive you to your desired spots.

When is the best time to visit Bali?

The temperature in Bali is quite steady across the year. The warmest times to visit tend to be November, December and April. July to September tend to be the dry season and are considered by most to be the best time of year to visit Bali.

Indonesia - Bali - Ubud -Kayon Resorr 1

Do you need a Visa for Bali?

Residents of most countries, including the USA, UK and Australia, will have to get a visa for Bali. However, you can obtain the Visa once you land at Denpasar airport – it isn’t necessary to get it ahead of time.

At the time of writing this post, the cost of the Indonesian visa was US$25 and it was required to be paid in cash.

woman in hat with rice fields in bali

10 Days in Bali Itinerary

When spending more than a week in Bali you can choose to stay in one place and take day trips from there, or to spend a night or two in each major area.

Day 1: Uluwatu

Uluwatu is a ±40-minute drive from Bali’s airport, and this stunning destination offers the most superb introduction to Bali.

Visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is an impressive landmark. Situated in the centre of the GWK Cultural Park, the statue depicts the Hindu God of Wisnu and his mount, an eagle-like creature called Garuda. The entire statue stands at 121 meters tall.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue bali indonesia an essential in a 10 days itinerary bali
Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue

Visit the cultural park from 8 AM to 9 PM daily and you’ll pay between IDR 65,000 (± US$5) and IDR 350000 (± US$25) depending on the package you choose.

Check out the Uluwatu Beaches

There are plenty of beaches for you to spend your time in Uluwatu. Take your pick between Blue Point, Suluban, and Padang Padang Beach, to name just a few.

There are also many seaside restaurants for you to enjoy a delicious lunch. And if you’re a surfer, Uluwatu is one of the best places on the island to test the waves.

ulutwatu beach bali indonesia
Ulutwatu Beach

See Uluwatu Temple at Sunset

Set ‘between heaven and earth’, this temple is a breathtaking structure, located on the top of a cliff. Uluwatu Temple is regarded as one of the six most important temples in Bali, so it’s a definite must-see.

Visitors can enter the temple daily from 9 AM to 7 PM, and as a tourist, you’ll pay IDR 30,000 (US$2) to enter.

Ulu Watu Temple
Uluwatu Temple

Heading to the temple at sunset (generally between 6 PM and 7 PM) offers spectacular sights, and you’ll be able to catch a Kecak dance show as well.

Where to stay in Uluwatu

As it is only one night in Uluwatu and a busy day today and tomorrow I would recommend staying in a Uluwatu Bali boutique hotel rather than a villa. Here are two great options.

For a good value boutique hotel option check out the Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort. Although Anantara is a chain I very much like their hotels. This Anantara resort is located on a stunning cliffside over the Indian Ocean and their rooms are contemporary Balinese design.

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pool and loungers at ubud valley

The Six Senses Uluwatu also has a cliffside location. It is at the southern most tip of Bali where Pura Uluwatu is located. So there is a strong spiritual feel plus uninterrupted ocean views from every angle.

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Day 2: Sanur

After you’ve seen Uluwatu, on your second day I suggest you head to Sanur, a ± 50-minute drive away. This coastal town is often overlooked on Bali itineraries, but it’s a lovely place to soak in some more of the island’s laid back vibe.

Turtle Conservation and Education Center

The turtle conservation centre in Sanur is responsible for protecting and preserving the turtle population in Bali. The centre is open 9 AM to 4:30 PM every day except for Friday. And it costs IDR 25,000 (US$2) to enter.

Beautiful Sanur beach on Bali
Beautiful Sanur beach

Note: You can make a further donation of IDR 150,000 (US$ 10) to adopt and release a baby turtle. They are released almost daily, at 4 PM, so if this is on your to-do list then leave this activity for later in the day.

Attend a Yoga Class

Bali is a popular destination for yoga retreats, so where better to enjoy a class? You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to enjoy a gentle flow and feel the enjoyment of the practice.

woman doing yoga pose

Power of Now Oasis yoga resort offers drop-in classes daily, and you don’t need to book in advance. Just call to make sure there’s a class happening, and pay the IDR 120000 (US$9) fee on arrival.

Pick Your Water Sport – Or Laze on the Beach

The waters are amazing in Sanur, and attract plenty of water sport enthusiasts. Whether you’re into windsurfing, snorkelling, kite surfing, or stand up paddleboarding, this is the ideal place to be.

woman snorkelling with reef with face in bali indonesia

If you’re not feeling too active, laying on the beach and watching the many activities in the water is just as enjoyable.

Taste-test Through the Pasar Sindhu Night Market

Spend your evening at Pasar Sindhu Night Market, strolling through lines of street food vendors, sampling the many foods and enjoy authentic Balinese cuisine at great prices.

salad up close in bali

Keep an eye out for favourite foods like fried bananas, chicken soup, and curries.

Where to Stay in Sanur

How does a spacious lagoon pool sound? And Balinese design with rain showers as well as all the mod cons of flat-screen TVs etc? And Klumpu Bali Resort’s in house open-air restaurant is perfect for the end of a busy day.

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woman in rose petal bath at Komea resort bali indonesia

The Samata is located inland but offers views of rice fields and natural surroundings. Every unit has its own living room. Pool villas also come with a kitchenette. The design is simple and contemporary.

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Day 3: Explore Ubud

Ubud is packed with attractions and must-sees, take some time to see the best of Bali and discover this charming town.

Discover Goa Gajah

This remarkable cave is an 11-minute drive from Ubud. Also known as the Elephant Cave, this is a significant archaeological site in Hindu culture.

Visiting the cave can be done daily between 8 AM and 4:30 PM and costs IDR15,000 (US$1). It’s an active place of worship, so an appropriate dress code and proper respect are required.

While here, you can see an ancient bathing pool, climb a steep set of stairs, as well as discover a waterfall and Buddhist temple ruins. Before you leave, be sure to take some time to enjoy the views of the rice paddies.

Indonesia Bali Ubud temple

See the Monkey Forest

If you take a 7-minute trip away from Goa Gajah, you’ll find yourself at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Home to more than 700 monkeys, this forest also has many temples for visitors to admire while here.

Indonesia - Bali - Ubud - monkey

Visitors are welcome daily from 8:30 AM to 6 PM and tickets cost IDR 80000 (US$6) for adults and IDR 60000 (US$4) for children.

Visit The Bali Swing

The most popular of Bali’s swing attractions, this is a 20-minute drive from the Monkey Forest. Here, you can sit on one of the famed swings overlooking the jungle as you swing high above the ground.

The Bali Swing

Entrance to Bali swing ranges from IDR142205 (US$10) to IDR 497716 (US$35) and includes other activities in the park as well as buffet lunch and an open bar of juices, tea and coffee.

Explore the Museums and Galleries

Once you’ve hit the big-ticket places, spend the rest of your afternoon exploring the Ubud’s gems. There are museums, temples, as well as plenty of cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

Pura Taman Ayun near Mengwi, Bali, Indonesia.

Here are some of the best places to visit:

  • Ubud Palace
  • Agung Rai Museum of Art
  • Museum Rudana
  • Saraswati Temple
  • Museum Puri Lukisan
  • The Blanco Renaissance Museum

There are some fantastic hotels, villas and resorts in Ubud. Check out my posts on Where to Stay in Ubud to find an area that suits you and then the best boutique hotels in Ubud to make a final choice.

Day 4: Fun-Filled Day Trip From Ubud

For your next day, venture outside of Ubud and head towards a black sand beach, enjoying gorgeous sights along the way.

parade in bali

Stop at The Boutique Pod Chocolate Factory

If you enjoy chocolate, you’re going to love this stop. A short 30 minutes outside of Ubud is Bali’s very own chocolate factory. Stop here for free tastings, a chocolate pastry and coffee snack, and even make your own chocolate.

Entrance is free, but the chocolate-making will cost IDR 100,000 (US$7).

Admire Ulun Danu Temple

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is a beautiful Balinese temple, located almost in the heart of the island. This is another 30-minute drive from the chocolate factory, and you’ll only pay IDR 50.000 (US$4) to enter the temple. Although there is an extra parking fee.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is a major water temple on Lake Bratan,
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is a major water temple on Lake Bratan,

The temple floats on a lake, and so once you’ve taken in the buildings incredible beauty, you can take a swan paddle boat out on the water or try some fishing. Opening hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM daily.

Check Out Lovina Beach

This black-sand beach is just under an hour’s drive from Ulun Danu temple and a 2-hour trip back to Ubud. Spend some time enjoying the beaches, watching dolphins, and tasting some of the best seafood in Bali.

If you’re not in the mood to drive back to your accommodation in Ubud, there are plenty of luxury resorts near Lovina Beach that you can book into for the night.

coast line in bali

Day 5: Climb Mount Batur

Climbing this active volcano is a great way to experience some of the most breathtaking views of the island. If you’re coming from Ubud, this is a little over an hour’s drive away. From Lovina Beach, it’s a 2-hour drive.

Sunrise Climb

The best time to climb the volcano is before sunrise so that you can reach the top as the light hits the island. This means a 4 AM start, which may seem crazy, but it’s worth it. The hike takes around 2 hours and can be done by even beginner fitness levels, although you may be a little sore afterwards.

sunset on the beach in bali

Spend some time at the top, and then make a slow descent to the hot springs below. Your muscles will thank you. If you’d like transport and a guide organised for you, book a planned tour that will take you to Mt Batur from your accommodation.

Stop at Tegalalang Rice Terrace

On your way back to Ubud, about 50 minutes’ from Mount Batur, you’ll come across the Tegalalang rice paddies. Here you’ll find the famous ‘I Love Bali’ sign, and will be able to enjoy a peaceful and scenic walk through the rice fields.


Once you’re done here, you only have a 30-minute drive before you can escape to your hotel room, run a hot bath and soak away the day.

Day 6: Ubud To Sukawati

Today, head from Ubud to Skawati, a 30-minute drive to discover more of Bali’s most popular attractions as well as some hidden gems.

View Batuan Temple

In between Ubud and the hidden canyon (± 15 minutes’ drive from either) is this magnificent temple, home to fascinating stone carvings and sculptures. The incredible detail on the temple makes it quite a sight to behold.

bali photo with sculpture

Entrance to Batuan temple is free, although donations of any amount are most appreciated by locals who help maintain the building. You’ll need to wear a sarong to enter (both men and women) and visiting hours are 9 AM to 6 PM daily.

Cool Off at Tegenungan Waterfall

A short 10-minute drive from Batuan Temple, you’ll find Tegenungan Waterfall. This is a popular tourist spot and can get quite busy. But visiting during the late afternoon will ensure a slightly smaller crowd than during the middle of the day.

Tegenungan Waterfall
Tegenungan Waterfall

The waterfall is open from 6:30 AM to 6 PM, and you’ll have to pay an entrance fee of IDR 15,000 (US$1) as well as a parking fee. There are cafes at the top, where you can enjoy the views of the impressive waterfall, or take the 100+ steps down to the bottom and enjoy a dip in the water.

It’ll take you just 20 minutes to get back to Ubud for dinner, so you can enjoy your time at Tegenungan.

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Day 7: Ubud to Amed

Amed is 2 hours away from Ubud, on the eastern edge of Bali. Take a leisurely drive and enjoy a few stops along the way, before spending the day in this sleepy yet charming town.

See The Water Palace

You’ll find Taman Tirtagangga, The Water Palace, about 20 minutes outside of Amed. This former royal palace was built by the king of Karangasem in 1948. Today, it’s a must-see in Bali.

Water Palace of Tirta Gangga in East Bali
Water Palace of Tirta Gangga in East Bali

Entrance to the temple costs around IDR 30,000 (US$2) and you can buy food to feed the fish for IDR 5000 (about 35c). You can visit daily from 8 AM to 6 PM, to stroll through the gardens and admire the beauty.

Go Diving

Amed is a diver’s paradise, providing an abundance of diving opportunities. There are shipwrecks off the shores to explore, free-diving excursions, and more.

Take your pick according to your level and experience, and spend a part of your day in the captivating Balinese waters. Once you’re out of the water, take some time to explore Amed and the many restaurants and shops on offer.

rice fields at sunset in canggu bali

You can either make the 2-hour drive back to Ubud or spend the night at one of Amed’s luxury boutique hotels instead such as the Griya Villas and Spa or the Mathis Lodge.

Day 8: West Bali National Park

Right on the other side of Bali, is the national park, 4 hours from Amed and 3 hours from Ubud. This is a fantastic day trip, offering wildlife sightings and gorgeous tropical jungle.

West Bali National Park

Take a boat trip out to Menjangan Island for snorkelling and spend some time on the beach. This is a great outdoorsy day. It’s probably a good idea to book into a resort nearby and start your 2.5-hour journey to Canggu in the morning.

Coral reef on the island of Menjangan
Coral reef on the island of Menjangan

Day 9: Canggu

Time to make your way to the vibrant village of Canggu. There’s plenty to explore here, so prepare for a day of fun and adventure.

See Pura Tanah Lot

Another must on all Bali itineraries is Pura Tanah Lot. This temple draws hundreds of tourists, and the area contains shops and restaurants for tourists.

Sacred Balinese temple Tanah Lot. Pura Batu Bolong
Sacred Balinese temple Tanah Lot. Pura Batu Bolong

The temple opens between 7 AM and 7 PM Sunday – Friday. Entrance will cost tourists IDR 60,000 (US$4).

Explore the Village of Canggu

Canggu offers glorious beaches, great shops and plenty of restaurants for you to discover. And if you’re a surfer, this is a great place to get the surfboard out again. Canggu has some of Bali’s best nightlife as well, so if you’re looking for a party, you’re sure to find it.

Canggu, Bali - 28th May 2017: two people talking at surfboard rental stall. The area is very popular with surfers.

A few great Canggu things to do include:

  • Explore the foodie culture and visit a few of the restaurants
  • See the sunset at Berawa Beach
  • Enjoy a cocktail or two at one of the local bars
  • Spend the night at a luxury Canggu hotel

And check out my post on Where to Stay in Canggu for the best areas to sleep in as well as the best resorts and villas.

swimming pool at theanna resort bali

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Day 10: Seminyak

See another one of the best places to go in Bali before you leave this tropical island.

la house seminyak swimming pool

Seminyak is 25 minutes away from Canggu, and only 15 minutes from the airport. This makes it a great ending point for your trip to Bali. This village has some of the most beautiful beaches, so it’s also the perfect place to soak up some of the last Bali sunshine.

There are also some fantastic boutique hotels Seminyak has on offer if you decide to extend your itinerary by another night.

beach in canggu with lights in foreground

Depending on the time of your departure flight, I’d suggest some shopping on Jalan Laksmana street once you’ve strolled down the beach. And there’s some incredible lunch stops along the way as well.

Final Thoughts

Bali is so full of wonder and natural beauty that even a 10-day trip may not seem like long enough. However, this itinerary offers all of the highlights, spread out at a comfortable pace.

couple walking on the beach at sunset in canggu bali

Check out my guide on where to stay in Bali to pick out your luxury hotels during your stay on the island.

I covered all of the costs associated with putting together this 10 days itinerary Bali travel blog post. However, this post does includes affiliate links. That means if you click through and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

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