American Airlines Premium Economy 777 Review

Is it Worth Paying Extra?

The Boutique Adventurer

I had had an excellent experience with Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy so I was curious to see how American Airlines Premium Economy 777 would compare.

American Airlines has a new offer called Main Cabin Extra. This is an American Airlines economy class ticket that is upgraded when you get to pay to include extra legroom, complimentary drinks, preferred boarding, and free drinks.

The Lounge

The American Airlines flagship lounge 12 is lovely and even has a terrace although it is inside. There was a hot buffet and an a la carte menu at the American Airlines Lounge JFK.

Inside the American 777

Premium Economy is a small area of just four rows which felt nice. The whole AA premium economy cabin looked and felt very new.

A highlight for me of the American Airlines Premium Economy 777 300er was the very flexible headrest which was great for resting. Also, the footrest has two separate pieces – almost like pedals – and was very comfortable.

Food and Drinks

The main meal on American Airlines’ premium economy was a salad with a hot meal choice of prawns with wild rice or cauliflower mac and cheese. Dessert was vanilla black currant cheesecake. The food was excellent.

There was only one white and one red wine to choose from on American Airlines premium economy – a Spanish Macabeo (a pretty standard dry white) or a French Merlot. There was a short but adequate range of spirits and beers/ciders plus quite a few soft drinks.

Spoiler alert: I'm giving the Premium Economy 777 experience 5 stars. The ticket was well priced. I received priority check-in, security, and boarding. The seats felt new and there was excellent legroom.

The Boutique Adventurer

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