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The Land Down Under is one of the most diverse places you’ll find on our planet. With a coastline stretching for days, to the great Australian Outback, to emerald rainforests, it has everything you could imagine. 

Oh, and of course, there are so many urban areas that many people worldwide have made their home, so it’s a country teeming with diversity and culture. Now, as an Aussie, you might think I’m being a bit biased, and maybe I am. 

But it’s hard not to get excited when there’s so much to look forward to in Australia. As a born and bred Melburnian, I think I’m one of the best people around to offer you some insight about Australia. 

Australia’s Major Cities 

Australia is a vast country with an exciting array of booming metropolises like Sydney and Melbourne. So, let’s check them out. 


The city’s Aboriginal name is “Warrane,” which was given to it by the indigenous Gadigal people. Sydney is the first European settlement recorded in Australian history, built by convicts who arrived from Britain in the late 17th century.

What was once supposed to be a place meant to carry out a prison sentence is now one of the most iconic cities in the world. 

Home to idyllic beaches, postcard views, and a never-ending list of exciting activities, Sydney is the place to be. It’s constantly evolving with new rooftop bars and excellent restaurants in Barangaroo and other districts. 


“Naarm” is the name the indigenous Wurundjeri people gave to Melbourne. For them, Melbourne has always been a significant meeting place for cultural and social events. From lavish places to stay in Melbourne to its trendy streets, my beloved hometown continues to be a must-visit destination.

Melbourne is also a coastal city, which means that it’s rather special when the sun starts setting over the waters of Port Phillip Bay. As the day draws to a close, there are many places where you can catch the sunset in Melbourne.


Queensland’s sunny capital set along the Brisbane River is not to be overlooked, as it packs quite the punch with outdoor activities. Its traditional name given to it by the Turrbal and Yuggera people is “Meeanjin,” meaning “place of the blue water lilies.” 

The city’s proximity to other Queensland attractions like the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef makes it an exciting place to visit. 

Brisbane’s idyllic South Bank area is its beating heart and home to landmarks like Streets Beach, Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, and tons of restaurants. If you’re looking for some boutique hotels in Brisbane, you’ll also find them in the South Bank. 


Canberra might not be the most exciting capital city in the world. But after spending a long time in the shadows of Australia’s bigger cities, Canberra is slowly rebranding itself. 

You’ll find all the thrills for a history buff, including heritage buildings, galleries, and museums. But if you dig beyond the surface, you’ll find quirky craft markets, trendy restaurants, and lovely boutique stores. 


Western Australia’s capital, Perth, also known as “Boorlo” by the Whadjuk Noongar people, is a thriving metropolis but is also extremely laid back. The city lies on the edge of where Australia’s southwest coast and the Swan River meet. 

On the one hand, it’s got idyllic white sandy beaches, but not too far from them, you’ll find lush green parks perfect for a picnic or watching the sunset in Perth. Hip restaurants, wine bars, markets, and cool festivals make Perth the ideal place to hang out. 

Top Things to Do in Australia 

With eight states and numerous cities and towns, Australia has a lot to do. So, how do you narrow it down? Here are a few of my top picks. 

Admire Uluru Rock

Uluru is one of the significant Australian landmarks that you’ve likely seen when you googled Australia. This imposing sandstone structure is one of the most impressive natural landmarks in the world. 

While you can’t climb the rock, you can admire it and enjoy the activities in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. 

Visit the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most spectacular places on earth. It’s so impressive that you can see this large coral reef system from space. Just a short distance from the sunny city of Cairns, the GBR offers you the chance to snorkel or scuba dive and witness the incredible ecosystem and marine life here. 

Enjoy a Day in McLaren Vale 

The Barossa Valley is usually the first place that’s mentioned when it comes to visiting Australia’s wine-producing regions. But McLaren Vale should not be overlooked if you’re a wine lover. 

Only a 45-minute drive from Adelaide, there are over 80 wineries in the McLaren Vale, so you’re spoilt for choice regarding food and wine. 

Explore Australia’s Cities

Each Australian city has something different and exciting to offer. You can enjoy the eclectic coffee culture in Melbourne and admire its world-famous street art murals. 

In Sydney, visiting Bondi Beach and taking a picture outside the Sydney Opera House is a must. If you’re brave enough, you can even climb the Harbour Bridge. 

In Brisbane, you can cuddle with the cutest Koalas and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It depends on what you’d like to experience.

Itineraries & Day Trips 

Here are some of my additional itineraries and day trip ideas. 

Perth Itinerary 

My Perth itinerary covers everything that you need to see and do in the city in three, five, and seven days. In the event that you’d like to step away from Perth, consider taking a day trip to Rottnest Island

Gold Coast Itinerary

My Gold Coast itinerary covers all that you need to know about this very sunny and loveable Queensland city. 

Sydney Itinerary 

Looking for the best things to do in Sydney? You’ll find them in my Sydney itinerary, including a trip to nearby Watson Bay. If you’re looking for weekend getaways from Sydney to escape the busyness, I’ve got you covered as well. 

Melbourne Day Trips

Melbourne can be a bit overwhelming. So, if you’re in need of a break from the big city, why not look at a day trip to the Daylesford Spa, just an hour and a half from Melbourne? There are also a few lovely things to do along the Mornington Peninsula, also a short distance from Melbourne.