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8 Great Restaurants in Barangaroo Not to Miss

The restaurants in Barangaroo are now some of Sydney’s hottest. Barangaroo is a relatively new very exciting neighbourhood in Sydney.

Shockingly, there was a rather large area of Sydney New South Wales just over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and to the side of the central business district that was quite a no man’s land. Extraordinary in a city with such high real estate prices.

There has been a massive amount of investment in this region to create the streets of Barangaroo. The team behind Barangaroo sydney have done an outstanding job.

They were inspired by the laneways of Melbourne and they have managed to create an area that already feels like a neighbourhood rather than a new complex.

Best of all, Barangaroo is home to some of the most exciting and interesting Sydney restaurants and a crucial part of any Sydney Itinerary.

The escalator coming into Barangaroo

My brother lives in Sydney and works around Barangaroo and I visit at least every two years so I can attest that Barangaroo is home to some of the most popular restaurants in Sydney.

Plus every time I go to Sydney and meet up with friends they suggest meeting at one of the restaurants in Barangaroo.

I have been to Barangaroo quite a few times – and I even went on a food tour that covered the area – so I like to think I am in a good position to write about some of the best restaurants in Barangaroo.

barangaroo restaurants with tall modern office buildings behind them
Outdoor dining against major business buildings

Restaurants in Barangaroo – The Theme

Barangaroo is positioned as The Streets of Barangaroo – as I mentioned above it is a bit of a nod to the popular laneway culture in Melbourne and in Sydney to some extent.

It is clear that all Barangaroo suppliers were given a brief to push the envelope out when it came to design and concepts and the result is a cutting-edge collection must eat places in Sydney Australia.

Outdoor eating at barangaroo sydney
One of the many colourful places to eat

The majority of Barangaroo restaurants are, of course, on the waterfront. They are the classic Australian model of a small inside seating area and then a large outside eating area with cover for the harsh Aussie sun and Sydney’s tropical rainstorms.

Barangaroo is home to some of the nicest outdoor restaurants Sydney has on offer.

barangaroo sydney high rise modern buildings
Looking up

Lining Barangaroo Avenue is a number of interesting and different eats – many brought to you by some of the top names in Australian food. I have visited several myself but have also sought advice from my Sydney based brother who works in the Barangaroo area and is quite the king of lunch!

Barangaroo is a big neighbourhood with quite a few different areas. Plus, there is still quite a bit of construction going on. As it can be a little confusing I highly recommend taking the Taste of Sydney Food Tour which covers both Barangaroo and the Rocks. This tour also has quite a few Sydney Hidden Gems that will make you feel like a local!


Fantastic Restaurants in Barangaroo

1. Banksii Barangaroo

Banksii Barangaroo is one of the hottest restaurants on Barangaroo Avenue. The food is modern Australian but then it also has a “Vermouth” bar. I had never heard of a Vermouth bar but hey there you go.

I chose an Aperol Spritz at Banksii instead as I was severely jet-lagged and thought it wasn’t the time to test drive a new alcoholic beverage but next time I will be there.

Banksii Barangaroo also has a whole page of spritzes. In addition to this classic, there are Campari spritzes and many Vermouth based spritzes all of which sounded fantastic.

Banksii Barangaroo signage
Time for a Vermouth!

2. Love Fish

I headed to Love Fish Barangaroo as I was craving some good Australian seafood and I certainly got it. Love Fish Barangaroo is located on the waterfront. As per its name, there is a fantastic selection of Aussie fish treats as well as a few meat options.

We started by splitting 2 entrees – the snapper ceviche and the salt and pepper squid. Both were delicious although I particularly enjoyed the ceviche.

snapper ceviche at love fish barangaroo
snapper ceviche at love fish Barangaroo
Salt and Pepper Squid on a white plate
Salt and Pepper Squid

For the main, it had to be Barramundi. For those of you who aren’t Australian Barramundi is probably Australia’s signature white fish and I love it. It is a soft and fleshy fish and best served grilled – with some chips on the side. Love Fish has great Barramundi.

barramundi grilled with lemon and sauce on a white plate with chips behind
Barramundi and chips

The service was friendly and fast and the location is absolutely delightful. I also enjoyed an apple mockhito which I can highly recommend.

Love Fish Barangaroo non alcoholic cocktail
A rather refreshing Mocktail at Love Fish Barangaroo

3. Bel & Brio

Up close and personal with the pizza at Bel & Brio

One of my favourites is Bel & Brio. This is a giant deli as well as a bar as well as a restaurant that is about a block in from the water. You will want to have an apartment whilst in Sydney if you go here as there is a fantastic selection of delicious-looking food – especially the amazing display of yoghurts.

I had a great coffee here and they also do a full menu and have a nice looking bar.

bel & brio deli barangaroo

Bel & Brio is deservedly well known for its outstanding pizza which is served in the ground floor restaurant. There is also a fine dining restaurant tucked away on the ground floor.

Bel & Brio Barangaroo is open all day and does a fantastic menu. The bar dining menu has a range of salads and an Italian style menu of antipasti and pizzas.

Amazing pizza at the bar at Bel and Brio

4. Anason

On the European front, Anason is a Greek restaurant on Barangaroo Avenue with super cute bright blue gorgeous wicker chairs to help you feel like you are in Mykonos.

Anason restaurant barangaroo dining
The very blue entrance to Anason

Anason was set up by chef and cookbook author Somer Sivrioglu who was already well known for his Turkish restaurant Effendy in Sydney’s Balmain. Anason Barangaroo offers Anatolian cooking like the meyhanes of Istanbul. I absolutely loved my meal here.

Delicious cauliflower at Anason

The menu features a range of sharing dishes broken down into Flora, Ocean and Fauna. The majority of the menu is in Flora and Ocean so Anason Sydney is a great choice for vegetarians.

Smoked salmon at Anason

Everything we ordered at Anason was amazing! I am very pleased with how well these photos came out and I can tell you that the food tastes as good as it looks. The char-grilled octopus and the amazing bread were the highlights of the meal for me.

Octopus at Anason
Halloumi and Fig

5. Wild Sage

Wild Sage is modern Australian eating at its best. The restaurant itself is very contemporary and light with loads of glass. Wild Sage Barangaroo is open all day so you can start off your morning with their chilli scrambled eggs. The weekend brunch menu, in particular, is very impressive.

Lobster Tacos at Barangaroo

The menu is quite broad and features everything from pasta to salads and sandwiches to their deservedly famous lobster tacos. The dinner menu is quite similar and divided into sharing dishes and main meals.

Outdoor Seating at Barangaroo

6. Bourke Street Bakery

Barangaroo is home to a branch of the brilliant Bourke Street Bakery.  The first Bourke Street Bakery was in Sydney’s Surry Hills and is home to one of the best sausage rolls you are ever likely to eat and many other extraordinary treats!

Bourke Street Bakery Barangaroo
Bourke Street Bakery at Barangaroo
The famous sausage rolls of Bourke Street Bakery

7. Belle’s Chicken

Belle’s Hot Chicken is also located on Barangaroo Avenue. I first visited Barangaroo about 5 years ago when it was mostly still under construction and a pop up of Belle’s was pretty much the only thing open. However, it served some pretty fantastic fried chicken so do check it out.


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8. Rivareno Gelato

Finally, I had to die for salted caramel ice cream at RivaReno Gelato. Riva Reno is located one block from the water and near Barangaroo House. It is a proper Italian Gelato shop and I highly recommend it.

gelato rivareno barangaroo entrance
The outstanding Rivareno

One of the things which makes Rivareno gelato taste so good is the temperature at which they keep their gelato. They keep it warmer than the average ice cream and make all their gelato fresh daily.

This means that ice crystals do not form in the gelato so it has a particularly velvety texture which is absolutely delicious.

Fantastic Gelato at Rivareno

Other great places to eat in Barangaroo

My brother highly rates Nola’s Smokehouse when it comes to restaurants in Barangaroo. The smokehouse is all about meat – big platters, bbq and sharing platters.

The other place to go for a meat fest is The Meat and Wine Company. If you are looking to spend big on the modern Australian eating front check out Cirrus– it has a big pricey reputation

More Barangaroo Towers

As you would expect in Australia there are a large number of Asian and Asian fusion restaurants in Barangaroo. My brother highly rates the Old Town Hong Kong restaurant which is traditional Cantonese.

Lotus Barangaroo also has had great reviews and is a favourite with my foodie niece. Lotus focuses on dumplings dumplings dumplings and seafood. For sushi check out Sushi Hon Izakaya.

⇒ And definitely log in to 12Go when you’re organising how you’re going to get around Australia. This super easy to use platform has all modes of transport on the one platform and allows you to compare based on time, cost, and reviews.

love fish barangaroo
Dining at Love Fish

The best name of a Barangaroo restaurant has got to be Phomo! This Vietnamese themed restaurant also has prime real estate on Barangaroo Avenue but lower prices than most of the restaurants I have mentioned above.

The same is the case with Two Sticks which is Chinese with lots of hot soups and cold noodles.

Phomo restaurant barangaroo sydney
Love the name!

And finally, for an Asian snack and drink head to Bing’s Bao and Beer.Barangaroo House is a 3 storey 3 in one concept. The ground floor has an outdoor relaxed feeling and all the main meals are under AUD$30.

They also have a great happy hour offer on drinks. On the first floor is Bea which is modern Australian and has considerably higher price points. The top floor is Smoke – a fabulous rooftop bar with amazing views.

⇒ If you’re keen on exploring more of Foodie Sydney check out Taste Tour’s Taste of Chinatown Tour or their Taste of Syria, Afghanistan and Persia tour of Merrylands.


How to Get to Barangaroo:

The easiest way to get to Barangaroo is to take a train or a bus to Wynyard station. Once you are there it is about a 5-minute walk through a very clearly signed tunnel to head to the road that takes you straight down to the water and the heart of Barangaroo.

barangaroo buildings with modern lines
More modern lines

If you are staying in the Sydney CBD or Darling Harbour it is an easy walk. It is also fairly comfortable just over a 10-minute walk from Circular Quay.

Other Things to Do at Barangaroo:

As I noted above quite a few of the restaurants on the waterfront have bars – with a particular call out to the Vermouth bar at Banksii Barangaroo. However, the back streets of Barangaroo also have some hidden gems.

I was captivated by the combination of a bar and a blow-dry at Blown! They have a bar which is also where you sit to get your hair done – whilst you are having a drink! What a brilliant idea!

And whilst I am mentioning concept bars The Shirt Bar is both a bar and a men’s shirt shop. And The Shirt Bar at Barangaroo serves food. I do love a concept bar.

The shirt bar at barangaroo entrance
Shirts and drinks

There are quite a few cute boutiques in the streets of Barangaroo. They tend to be quite modern and small brand focused so rather interesting. There is also a decent-sized albeit scaled down David Jones department store for your big brand needs.

Bar and hairdressers Blown at barangaroo
A blow-dry and a wine – fantastic idea!

Barangaroo is still under construction and there are plans for more Barangaroo restaurants. The Streets of Barangaroo website is great for keeping up to speed with all the new openings and what is already on offer in terms of food and shopping.

And for bookings, you can sort this from anywhere in the world before you go with Open Table.

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Views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from Barangaroo Reserve

Flights to Sydney:

Yes, I am afraid it is a very long flight and there is no way around that! A stopover in Asia is often a good idea to break things up.

Flights to Sydney

And as you may have heard Australia is big! Often the easiest to get to most of the Sydney getaways above and to be able to explore them properly is to hire a car. 

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The towers of Barangaroo poking through the trees

Boutique Hotels in Sydney

This part of Sydney tends to be more about big hotel chains vs boutiques but there are a few good ones. I would recommend having a look at:

For an amazing location literally right on Sydney Harbour check out Pier One

⇒ Read reviews on TripAdvisorBook Now

You can’t go wrong staying at a Langham hotel – this is the Langham Sydney which is within walking distance to Barangaroo nestled in The Rocks.

⇒ Read reviews on TripAdvisorBook Now

Hotel Palisade is my pick. Hotel Palisade is a gorgeous boutique hotel with fantastic views of Sydney harbour. It also has a great classic ground floor Australian pub and a fantastic cocktail bar with awesome views on the top floor.

⇒ Read reviews on TripAdvisorBook Now

And for an affordable boutique hotel in the heart of The Rocks check out  The Russell Boutique Hotel

⇒ Read reviews on TripAdvisorBook Now

Aperol Spritz Banksii Barangaroo Restaurants
Time for an Aperol Spritz!

Planning a trip to Queensland? Check out my posts on the top 15 Brisbane Boutique Hotels and my Gold Coast Itinerary.

Tours of Sydney:

There are loads of ways to explore Sydney as part of a tour. This is often a necessary way to explore Sydney as it is often a much easier way to get out onto Sydney Harbour! Here are some of the most popular tours in Sydney:

⇒ The brilliant Sydney Bridge Climb – don’t miss this! I paid extra to go at sunset and it was well worth it!

⇒ Try a guided tour walking tour of the Sydney Opera House – otherwise, it is just a beautiful building – or take a Behind the Scenes Tour of the opera house.

⇒ a Jet Boat Tour of Sydney harbour is a great way to get a feel for the city – but I do warn you that you will most likely get wet!

⇒ take a Pub Walking Tour of The Rocks

⇒ or a great affordable way to see the entire harbour is the Sydney Harbour Hop-on Hop-off Cruise

Day Trips from Sydney

In addition to all that Sydney has on offer, there are loads of great easy day trip options and loads of great weekend getaways from Sydney. The most popular day trips from Sydney are:

⇒ The most popular day trip from Sydney is to the beautiful Blue Mountains

⇒ For wine lovers don’t miss a day trip to the nearby Hunter Valley

⇒ Visit some of the most beautiful beaches in New South Wales – including where Home and Away is filmed – on this Sydney Northern Beaches tour.

⇒ And don’t miss a mini day trip to Watsons Bay Sydney – just a ferry trip away from Circular Quay.

Love Fish barangaroo sydney
Cute chairs at Love Fish Barangaroo

Who Paid for What in this Post

I covered all of the costs associated with this cost. I wrote the first version when I was living in Sydney and now update it on my semi-annual returns and as I come across any relevant news.

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click through on them and make a purchase I will receive a small commission. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of this.


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The hottest neighbourhood in the Sydney is the newly created Barangaroo. Barangaroo restaurants come from some of Australia's hottest chef talent and include Banksii, Love Fish & many more. Find out more in my guide #sydney #sydneyrestaurants
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vanilla ice cream in a blue tub

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