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So this was a tough post to write!!! There are so many good brunch places in Melbourne  – to reduce this to the best brunch places melbourne with only 6 options – well this could have nearly been 60 best brunches in Melbourne but you’ve got to stop somewhere! There are of course other places you can go and have a great brunch but these are my nominations for Best brunch places Melbourne. I grew up in Melbourne and go back often so I have a fairly large sample size!

  1. Best Brunch Places Melbourne – Fitzrovia – Fitzroy Street – Best Brunch in St Kilda

Have breakfast or brunch at Fitzrovia. Or really anything here – they are open for dinner some evenings midweek. The food here is FANTASTIC! This is definitely my best brunch in St Kilda! I have tried most of the breakfast/brunch menu and there are no bad choices. However, the classic bacon and eggs are my absolute favourite – with their tomato relish. The quality of their ingredients is out of this world. The staff are fantastically friendly. The place itself has a lovely atmosphere. They also do outstandingly good muffins and more amazing sweet things. And then there is the coffee. Even decaf is brilliant here. I have been to Fitzrovia at least 10 times and it has never disappointed!

Read my guide to St Kilda and other Melbourne Hidden Gem neighbourhoods here.

best brunch in st kilda

2/155 Fitzroy Street St Kilda

2. Best Melbourne Brunch – Lafayette Café – Beach Street – Port Melbourne

I used to go to this place way back when I lived in Port Melbourne and order green eggs and ham. Which was pesto added into the scrambled eggs. This was full on edgy back in the very early 2000s and was delicious. As my local, this place traded under a different name but was always tasty.

best melbourne brunch
A rainy flat white at Cafe Lafayette Port Melbourne

I am sure it has changed owners at least once in the last 13 years but it remains a great location on beach street in Port Melbourne with lovely big views onto the bay. The café has great big windows so you can enjoy the view Melbourne weather permitting. Brunch here starts with great coffee. I was a little weary the morning I visited so needed a banana smoothie which was also very good.

best brunch places in melbourne
Amazing Bacon & Eggs at Lafayette

Breakfast was poached eggs on toast with a slice of fantastic smoked bacon. I also got the tomato relish because I remembered they used to have an amazing tomato relish. It was good but not as good as I remember… The brunch menu is a good long one. This is definitely one for the port Melbourne list!

55 Beach Street Port Melbourne

3. Brunch Places in Melbourne – Cornershop – Ballarat Street – Yarraville

So over the West Gate bridge now to super cute villagey Yarraville. Yarraville is quirky and edgy and filled with some great places to eat. One of my closest friends lives in this part of town and her favourite brunch spot is Cornershop – so of course, it is now mine too! So it is literally on a corner and sits opposite the fantastic Sun cinema on a pedestrianised strip.

best brunches in melbourne
Corner shop eggs and beans

There is seating out the back, out the front and inside. The staff are super friendly and of course, the coffee is excellent. I enjoyed the baked beans with battered eggs (like a scotch egg) and my friend enjoyed the classic smashed avocado on toast.

11 Ballarat Street Yarraville

4. Best Brunch Places in Melbourne – My Sister Says – Bridge Street – Port Melbourne

Back to Port Melbourne where there is another fantastic brunch spot tucked away off Bay Street on Bridge Road. It is very cute – quite tiny inside but cosy – it was quite fun nearly sitting in the kitchen! And there is outdoor seating. And the coffee is AMAZING! I am very picky about my coffee and I can genuinely say this is one of the best coffees I have had.

brunch places melbourne
The outdoor seating area at My Sister Says

I then went on to have the dukkah eggs which were a sensation. And the staff were so genuinely lovely and friendly! I went back here a couple more times as it was so good and it never disappointed.

118 Bridge Street Port Melbourne

5. Best Brunches in Melbourne – Alimentari – Brunswick Street – Fitzroy

brunch places in melbourne
Inside Alimentari

This place is so cute and coming in feels like you’ve gone to Europe. There are sort of 3 rooms but it feels small and bustling. The counter looked amazing – fab looking salads. I went for breakfast and had pumpkin toast with avocado and greens – delicious! My friend had the scrambled eggs and avocado. And do I even need to say great coffee? I think it is nearly a given.

brunch places in melbourne
Breakfast at Alimentari

251 Brunswick Street Fitzroy

6. Best Brunch Places Melbourne – Two Birds One Stone – Claremont Street – South Yarra

I love this place! It is very cool and minimalist looking without any of the attitude. Friendly staff serve some of the best coffee in Melbourne – definitely the best in South Yarra! This place is always very busy which is, of course, a good sign – but you never seem to have to wait long. They also have a fab breakfast menu and super yummy looking cakes. Have had the smashed avocado breakfast and it’s a 5 out of 5 avocado rating!

brunch places melbourne
Two Birds and One Stone

I have been here a few times and the quality is always outstanding. It is tucked away a bit off Toorak Road on Claremont Street.

12 Claremont Street South Yarra

If you’re in Melbourne and looking for a weekend away check out my post on the lovely Mornington Peninsula or Spa town Daylesford.

Best Brunch Places Melbourne – Useful Links:

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best places to visit in melbourne
I could not figure out why this image was everywhere in Fitzroy??

Boutique Hotels in Melbourne

In addition to Tolarno’s The Prince is a fantastic boutique hotel in St Kilda. It is well known for its fantastic spa and an amazing restaurant. Click here for latest prices and availability.

Another great area in inner-city Melbourne is South Melbourne. Coppersmith Hotel is a gorgeous boutique hotel that is on busy Clarendon street. It has a tram stop literally out the front which is super convenient. It also has a great pub and restaurant. Click here for availability and prices.

If you want to stay right in the heart of the centre of Melbourne you can’t do better than QT Melbourne. QT has a few boutique hotels in Australia and they are known for great style and fantastic bars and restaurants. They are so good that the locals go! Click here for prices and dates.

For a very luxurious boutique experience check out the Lyall. The Lyall is in one of Melbourne’s most upmarket inner-city suburbs South Yarra. This neighbourhood is filled with shopping and great restaurants. The Lyall is also a spa and has a small gym. Click here for latest prices and availability.  

The St Kilda foreshore

Getting to Melbourne and Getting Around

Click here for Cheap Flights to Melbourne

Once in Melbourne, the best way to get around is to hire a car.

Melbourne has trains, trams and buses. The city centre or CBD has a free tram travel area. For payment, you will need to get a Myki card. Myki has an Explorer Pack designed for tourists.

Melbourne Street Art


Tours are a great way to get to know a city – and Melbourne really suits itself to tours.



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  1. Chandroma Ray says:

    Wow! Very comprehensive and detailed guide. Australia has been on my list forever and I will bookmark this. the food looks delectable

  2. Jenia says:

    I haven’t had a good brunch in way too long! Thank you for making me want to splurge on one 🙂

  3. chocoralie says:

    I made the mistake of reading this before breakfast – I am now craving scrambled eggs and a flat white! Love the place with the street art mural… I have been Sydney but Melbourne still is on my bucket list. Is there much street art there? Graffiti hunting is a lovely activity after a relaxed brunch…

    • The Boutique Adventurer says:

      Melbourne is full of street art! Check out Hosier Lane and some of the other great laneways of melbourne. there are a few other great brunch places near these laneways!

  4. Emma | The Gap Life Diaries says:

    You can’t beat a good brunch! My friend who lives in Melbourne is always going on about how great brunch is there, so I’m not surprised it was hard to choose your favourites… and you can always do a follow up article if you find more 😉

  5. Erica edwards says:

    This post left me hungry for a good old fashioned eggs benny!! I’ve always heard a lot about the fantastic coffee culture in Melbourne, but it looks like the brunch might be just as tasty! that dish in Yareville looks particularly delicious

  6. Renada says:

    Yum! Brunch spots are a good resource in any city. The place where you could almost sit in the kitchen looked so cute! I also love sitting outside in the street. A bit of people watching with a meal is always fun!

  7. Martina says:

    Thanks for all the great brunch recommendations – I definately have to visit all this places one day.
    Have a nice day

    • The Boutique Adventurer says:

      Hi Kavita! I live in london as well! I do love breakfast at the Wolsey – and have you tried Megan’s on the kings road or parsons green? Very australian style breakfast that I highly recommend!

  8. Jenny says:

    I have been to Melbourne twice but I had no idea Fitzrovia.
    Will definitely go on my next visit. Any recommendations?

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