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England Including London

England is a must-see destination for many travelers, especially for those keen on visiting one of the world’s oldest countries. Whether you’re into laid-back city vibes or you want to marvel at historic architecture towering over bustling metropolitans, it doesn’t get any better than England.

Known for its fascinating Royal Family, ancient ruins, castles, museums, vibrant pub culture, sports, and picturesque coastal villages, England offers a treasure trove of things to do and see. 

And that’s why you’ll find many of Netflix’s hit series “The Crown” filming locations in England. 

It may seem small on the map, but England is brimming with red double-decker buses, iconic bridges, fish and chips spots, craggy coastlines and white-sand beaches you’ll love to visit.

Why Visit England?

England is often mistaken for the United Kingdom, and it’s not hard to see why. The country boasts some of the most famous English landmarks, historic institutions, and famous Royal Palaces that other UK nations simply cannot compete with.

But England is more than just a blast from the past. It also offers a contemporary experience with skyscraper-filled skylines, trendy neighborhoods, and a lively food scene that will leave you drooling for more.

Best Places to Visit in England

England is very well endowed with beautiful cities, postcard-worthy villages, and lush valleys where you’ll find accommodations like Ockenden Manor Spa and Hotel. The best places to visit here give you an unusual opportunity to “travel through time” from one charming English town to another.


The nation’s capital is fully stacked with fun experiences of all kinds. From exploring the famous landmarks of London and uncovering its Roman heritage to taking a culinary journey through one of London’s food tours, this metropolitan haven has got you covered.

You might love some of the most unusual experiences in London too, like attending a Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea Party. The iconic bridges in London are also exceptional sights to see; those that cross over the River Thames are excellent spots to see the sunrise in London.

One of the most interesting facts about London you might not know is that the city is one of the smallest in England. Yet, you can’t fully experience England without adding a bit of London travel to your itinerary. 

Beware, though, as you’re chasing fun times and epic sunsets in London, that you don’t wind up in some of the most dangerous places in London, like Kensington and Chelsea. 

Victoria Station

If you’re traveling to London by train, you’re likely to land at Victoria Station. As one of the main transport hubs in the city, it offers fun things to do, like shopping, marvelling at historic sites like Westminster Abbey, or eating at some of the Victoria Station restaurants.

Clapham Junction

Another major transport hub you may use for your London travel is Clapham Junction. This station is about 20 minutes from central London and a gateway to the south. You’ll find several outdoor spaces, hotels, as well as excellent restaurants near Clapham Junction.


Further south, just a skip away from Wimbledon Park, you’ll find Earlsfield, a London suburb teeming with residential terraced houses, independent shops, and local events. You’ll also find some exceptional Earlsfield restaurants for you to grab a bite.

Notting Hill

Famous for its pastel-coloured homes, its annual carnival, and Portobello Road Market, where you can pick up quirky vintage items, there are loads of fun activities awaiting you in Notting Hill.

Some fantastic things to do in Notting Hill that you might enjoy include learning how to make your own London gin. You can also take a walking tour and get a marketing lesson at the Museum of Brands.


If your idea of an ideal London getaway involves wandering around Regency-style houses, seeing the dramatic white cliffs of Dover, or admiring historic castles, Kent is where to go.

Located in England’s unspoiled countryside, the town has a mesmerising coastline, pretty villages, and beautiful Kent boutique hotels that take your breath away as soon as you walk in. 


Home to some of the best spa hotels in South West England, Cornwall is a beautiful seaside town sitting on the nation’s craggy southwestern tip. St Michael’s Mount is probably the top attraction in Cornwall, but there’s much more to discover here.

From magical castles in Cornwall, like the clifftop Launceston Castle and the ruins of Tintagel Castle, to serene gardens and golden-sand beaches, this county will surely keep you busy. You’ll also find many boutique hotels in Cornwall, so there’s no need to worry about where to stay.


Brighton is one of England’s charming seaside towns where you’re guaranteed an extraordinary time. The city has a diverse culture with eclectic shopping districts, an up-and-coming music and art scene, as well as a large LGBTQIA+ community, making it the “gay capital of England.”

Go on a thrilling day trip to Brighton to experience the city’s top attractions, like the vibrant pier and pebble-stoned beaches. You’ll also love attending events at the Brighton Dome and seeing the city from a bird’s eye view at the Brighton i360.


If you’re a history buff, there’s no better place to visit in England than Winchester. Exploring the city’s tasty cuisine, great gin, and unique shops are all wonderful things to do in Winchester

But it’s the medieval castles, museums, and ancient libraries that draw in thousands of tourists. Winchester is a multi-faceted city, from intriguing historical finds buried in the Morley Library and the Norman crypt to the city’s laid-back atmosphere boasting tonnes of shops to go on a spree.


Northern England is known for its well-developed cities like Manchester and Liverpool, but the historic county of Yorkshire has tons of outstanding experiences waiting for you. 

From the luxury hotels in Yorkshire to the majestic Norman castles, rich Roman and Viking history, and quaint villages sitting on rolling green hills, this county is very much worth a visit.

Other interesting things you should not leave without doing in Yorkshire include eating the famous homegrown pudding as well as tasting some Wensleydale cheese. Yorkshire is also home to the first-ever football club, Sheffield F.C., something that every soccer fanatic would like to experience.

The Cotswolds

Mimicking something straight out of a fairytale, the Cotswolds boast a quintessential English landscape with brown-brick houses lining the streets across its picturesque villages. Take a fabulous Cotswolds tour from London to discover the area’s best attractions and highlights.

You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to worry about where to stay in the Cotswolds, as the area doesn’t have a shortage of accommodation. 

The Broadway Tower is an unmissable attraction in the Cotswolds, and so are the villages of Bourton-on-the-Water and Stow-on-the-Wold.

New Forest District

If you can’t go on holiday without seeing some wildlife, then the New Forest District is right up your alley. Located just a stone’s throw away from Bournemouth, this district is abundant with gardens, outdoor recreational spaces or parks, safari spots, and farms that you’ll love to see.

You’ll find a number of pubs with rooms in New Forest, like The Bell Inn. They serve up mouth-watering food from a classic English menu, and the rooms have stunning views.


Sitting on either side of the River Exe, this southwestern England city is riddled with ancient architecture dating back to the Roman era. You’ll spot several Gothic and Norman castles, cathedrals, museums, and medieval underground passages dotted across the city.

Your time will be mainly spent unearthing the historical riches found here, but be sure to check out the best cafes in Exeter to get a real sense of how the day-to-day life is lived by locals.


Located about 18 kilometers southeast of Exeter, the city of Exmouth is the famous gateway to the breathtaking World Heritage Jurassic Coast. The charming port metropolis is dotted with vibrant seaside houses, sandy public beaches, and many boating excursions for you to explore.

You’ll find plenty of interesting things to do in Exmouth. From boat tours along the blue ocean to fishing excursions and indulging in Michelin-star meals by Michael Caines at Lympstone Manor, there is a lot to do.

England Is Only a Portion of the United Kingdom

Before you pack your bags and head out to explore this enchanting country, it’s best that you know this key fact — England is not the UK; it is a portion of it. The country is bordered by Scotland in the north and by the Irish Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and Wales to the west.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, firstly, because many Welsh towns and cities are often added to a classic England itinerary. Some of the many places to visit in South Wales include Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea. 

There’s no doubt that you’ll come across superb things to do in Cardiff. The capital of Wales is chock-full of fun and interactive activities like strolling through the Victorian Arcades, eating some scientific ice cream, and visiting the oldest record store in the world.

Something you should always remember during your travels is that every country in the United Kingdom is a sovereign state, and rules that apply in England don’t in neighboring nations.

England boasts endless amounts of fascinating landmarks. From ancient buildings enveloped in history to wondrous natural beauty and impressive ultra-modern structures. Scattered all around the country, you’ll find these gems in the bustling streets of London, along the stretches of coastline or deep within the charming English countryside. Tourists from all over the world flock …

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