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15 Best Places to see Sunsets in London from a Local

It’s no surprise that London is the most visited city in Europe. Steeped in history, famous landmarks, and incredible culture, what’s not to love about the city? But, what about the sunsets in London?

From sky-high bars and restaurants to leafy parks and river banks, there’s an endless list of spectacular sights to catch the sunset London style.

So, please sit back, with a glass of wine in hand, and let’s dive into the best places and times to catch the sunset in London.

London Tower Bridge at Sunset
Tower Bridge at Sunset

Sunsets in London: Best Times

From short, chilly winter days to fresh blooms in spring, stunning fiery autumns and long days in summer, sunsets in London will surprise you year-round. Each season showcases the metropolis in a different way.

When you’re planning to watch the sunset, it’s essential to know precisely what time the sun is setting. So, let’s take a squizz through the best times to watch the sunsets in London.

The thames and london at sunset from the air

Sunsets in Spring

Months: March-May

During springtime in London, as the city changes from winter to spring, the weather changes quickly from warm and sunny to cold and rainy. On average, you can expect temperatures to range from 18°C to 11°C. The city is filled with fresh air and becomes shrouded in beautiful blooms.

You’ll catch stunning sunsets starting at around 5.41 pm in March. Come May, the sun will begin to set as late as 8.24 pm.

Sunset on the thames in London in Fulham
Sunset on the thames in London in Fulham

Sunsets in Summer

Months: June – August

Summers in London are generally pleasant, with balmy temperatures ranging from 20°C to 18°C. It’s a great time to visit with plenty of music festivals and outdoor attractions to explore.

city of london at sunset
city of london at sunset

The days are particularly long during the summer months. The sun begins to set as late as 9.08 pm in June and slowly starts to dip a little earlier in August, at 8.48 pm.

Sunset on Oxford Street London
Sunset on Oxford Street

Sunsets in Autumn

Months: September – November

The warm weather from summer often extends over to early September. Come October, the temperature drops sharply. You can expect the weather to range from highs of 20°C and reach lows of 11°C.

central london sunset
central london sunset

You can catch the endless summer sunsets in September at 7.46 pm. By November, it’s best to prepare and get to your destination before 4.33 pm to watch an early evening sunset.

Sunset in London in Putney
Sunset in London in Putney

Sunsets in Winter

Months: December – February

A rainy, cold climate characterizes winters in London. The weather ranges from a mere 9°C to 2°C. While winter can be rather chilly, the Christmas season is well worth the adventure, followed by a phenomenal New Year’s celebration.

boat on the thames at sunset in london
boat on the thames at sunset in london

You’ll find the sun starting to set as early as 3.54 pm in December (yikes). However, the following year, in February, the sun will begin to set at a more reasonable time, at 4.50 pm.

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London sunset big ben and westminster
big ben and westminster

15 Best Places to Watch Sunsets in London

Sunsets are always unique and mesmerizing; it’s an absolute delight to watch the day-star spoil us with displays of beautiful oranges, pinks, and purples before bidding us goodnight. But, where to see this stunning sky show in London?

Let’s take a look at some of the best sunset spots London has on offer.

city of london skyline at sunset
city of london skyline at sunset

1. The London Eye

What better way to see a London sunset than from the London Eye – nestled in the heart of the city. Choose from one of the 32 capsules to soar above the city, drinking in a 360-degree view of London and the ever-changing skies.

London Eye lit up and the thames at sunset
London Eye lit up

Rising before the South Bank, the iconic Ferris wheel allows its visitors to catch views of the River Thames, glimpse  Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben. And on a clear day, you’ll be able to see as far as Windsor Castle in the distance.

big ben and the london eye at sunset
big ben and the london eye at sunset

Sunset rides on the London Eye are especially popular, so don’t forget to book your seat in advance if you want a guaranteed ride during sunset. 

If you don’t get a spot on the wheel, why not take a London Eye River Cruise on the River Thames to catch the stunning sunsets.

boats on the thames and the eye sunset in london
boats on the thames and the eye

2. Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is another go-to spot to catch the dying tones of a summer evening in London. Located on the north side of Regent’s Park, standing at 78 meters (256 feet), you’ll receive a clear view of Central London from the top of the hill.

primrose hill london
primrose hill london

Turn northward for a picturesque view of Belsize Park and Hampstead. The sunsets here are best to experience with a loved one, as it’s an experience you’ll want to share. Take a blanket and a tasty bottle of wine, and as the sun sets, make a toast to the end of another incredible day. The Primrose Hill sunset is a London classic.

primrose hill view over london

After the sunrise head down to Regents Park Road for some cute pubs and great restaurants. I am a big fan of the Greek restaurant Lemonia, a Primrose Hill classic.

3. Richmond Park

Escape the city’s chaos and visit Richmond Park, the largest of London’s Royal Parks and the second-largest park in the city.

deer in richmond park london at sunset
deer in richmond park london at sunset

Wander through 2,500 acres (1000 hectares) developed especially for wildlife conservation. Spot the resident deer, or try out horse riding before you grab a seat to enjoy the sunset.

richmond park

Although there’s not much elevation here, you can head to the highest point at the pond near the Pembroke House – a stunning Georgian mansion. There you can see the reflection of the sun dipping against the water.

4. Greenwich Park – The Royal Observatory

Head off to the Royal Observatory Greenwich to enjoy phenomenal vistas. While you’re here, explore the perfectly manicured grounds at the rose garden before you head up to the observatory. This is literally the line that constitutes Greenwich Mean Time.

royal observatory

There you’ll be spoiled with breathtaking views of the city. While you’re here, why not stay after the sunset to survey the enchanting night sky with the telescopes provided?

5. Sky Garden

Sky Garden is London’s highest public garden. Its viewing gallery sits on the 43rd floor of the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building and boasts incredible 360-degree views of the city’s iconic skyline. Laden with leafy green foliage and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, it’s an incredible space to enjoy the sunset in a vibrant social setting. 

city of london modern buildings at sunset
city of london modern buildings at sunset

Experience London from panoramic viewpoints on the open-air terrace. Nestled in a lush urban jungle with views reaching over the River Thames, it’s the perfect place to watch a London sunset.

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden is open till 6pm on weekends and 9pm on weekends. Depending on the time of year you should be able to book your entry to match sunset. However, if you are visiting in the summer do make sure to book at least two weeks ahead to get those sunset times.

6. London’s Bridges

London’s bridges and the Thames are some of the best places to see a beautiful London sunset. The Thames is quite a windy river particularly in the portion which runs through Central London so it is critical to pick your spot.

milennium bridge london towards st pauls at sunset
milennium bridge london towards st pauls at sunset

If you’re looking for an impressive snap of the incredible sunset dipping behind the city, position yourself on Waterloo Bridge and get ready for a striking sky show.

aerial view of tower bridge and the thames london sunset
aerial view of tower bridge and the thames london at sunset

Here you’ll witness the iconic London Eye and Big Ben’s silhouette with the beautiful skies as a backdrop. See beautiful shades darting off the buildings surrounding the Bridges Blackfriars and Southwark. Grab some sundowners and enjoy an extraordinary evening at Waterloo Bridge.

boat on the thames at sunset in london
boat on the thames at sunset in london

The Milennium Bridge is a purely pedestrian bridge which has some great London sunset views. Tower Bridge can also be lit up by the sunset. Check closing times of The Tower Bride Experience for your visit to see if you can time your trip to match awesome sunset views.

7. The Shangri La Hotel with a Cocktail

Gong at the Shangri La Hotel is the highest hotel bar in Western Europe. Located on Level 52 of the Shard Building, this is perhaps the highest sunset view in London.

london food tours
The Shard bursting from London Garden

The Gong is also a fantastic cocktail bar. I have visited several times. It is a beautiful bar but it is also quite comfortable. There is, of course, a bar as well as little tables that have all been placed next to floor to ceiling windows to ensure full appreciation of the amazing view.

Shangri La London View
View from the Shangri La London

8. Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is one of London’s best known art galleries. Located on London’s south bank, in addition to outstanding modern artworks and exhibitions, the museum has a viewing deck on its top floor which has free entry on its 10th floor.

Tate modern london
Tate modern london

On Friday and Saturday evenings the Tate Modern often stays open until 10pm, offering the opportunity to absolutely enjoy the sunset even in the middle of summer.

sunset view from the tate modern
sunset view from the tate modern

9. Hampstead Heath

London is quite a flat city. Its highest point is only 139 metres and it is at Hampstead Heath. Hampstead Heath is beloved by Londoners. Located in north London it is 790 acres of rolling hills, woodland and ponds.

hampstead heath view of sunrise
Hampstead Heath

Head to the top of Parliament Hill with a blanket and a bottle of wine to watch the sunset over London.

10. Heron Tower

Heron Tower is the 3rd highest tower in Greater London and the tallest in the City of London. Construction of this modern building was completed in 2011.

Heron Tower London at sunset
Heron Tower London at sunset

Heron Tower has 46 floors. On floors 38 and 39 are Sushi Samba which features the highest outdoor dining in Europe and 360 degree views of London.

view from Heron Tower of Canary Wharf sunset
view from Heron Tower of Canary Wharf

On the 40th floor is Duck and Waffle, a cocktail bar and restaurant that is open 24 hours a day. Its signature dish is a fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup served, of course, on a waffle.

11. Galvin at Windows Restaurant and Bar – the Hilton on Park Lane

The Hilton Hotel on Park Lane in Mayfair faces due west. So its restaurant and bar on the 28th floor has amazing views of the London sunset plus floor to ceiling windows to allow for maximum appreciation.

Galvin at Windows is not cheap. Pop up for a just a drink. Or go all out and experience the degustation menu. The food is fantastic and the views just as good.

12. The Canals of Little Venice

Little Venice is a charming area in London near Paddington Station where I used to live. It is a series of canals that head up to Camden and are extremely cute. There are several charming wrought iron bridges, picturesque houseboats and even a small garden on the canal front.

Little Venice the waterway canal london
Little Venice and The Waterway

Whilst Little Venice doesn’t offer forthright sunset views you are in West London so the canal can become lit by some amazing skies.

Little Venice Canal boat
Little Venice Canal boat

Enjoy your time on the canal by getting a table outside at The Waterway Bar or head to my favourite the Darcie Green and May Green barges on the canal area in Paddington.

Little Venice bridge
Little Venice bridge

These two boats feature cute and quirky bars and some great Australian-themed food. They share a 50 metre open deck perfect for watching the sunset colors over the Grand Union Canal (the name of the canal portion in Little Venice).

13. Oxo Tower

The Oxo Tower has a bar, restaurant, and brasserie on its 8th floor. The bar at the Oxo Tower is one of my favorites. It has fantastic floor-to-ceiling views and an outdoor terrace and is a great place to watch sunsets in London.

oxo tower london
oxo tower london

From the bar, you’ll get fantastic up-close sunset views of St Pauls, the Thames, and the City of London. Plus they have fantastic cocktails that aren’t cheap but are less expensive than some of the other locations in this post. The same goes for the brasserie and the restaurant.

st paul's Cathedral from the thames at sunset
st paul’s Cathedral from the thames at sunset

14. The Gherkin

The Gherkin is the nickname given to the 30 St Mary Axe building in the City of London. It is a commercial skyscraper with a modern design that opened in 2004. Personally, I am a big fan of its modern style.

view of the Gherkin from Heron Tower
view of the Gherkin from Heron Tower

The Gherkin has 41 floors. On the 40th floor are the Iris Bar and the Helix Restaurant. Friday and Saturday nights at the Iris Bar are Apertivo time. Cocktails and snacks are served with awesome sunset views.

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15. The Top of the O2

The O2 arena is one of London’s most well-known landmarks. Did you know that you can actually climb up to the top of the O2? And you can book your climb for sunset or twilight (as well as during the day of course). The O2 offers some great sunset views of Canary Wharf and Greenwich.

Top of the o2 Centre London
Top of the o2 Centre

Top Tip: If you’re visiting London during the summer do google St Paul’s Cathedral sunsets. In 2019 St Paul’s ran a summer late event, which allowed visitors to climb the stairs to the top of the Cathedral to get some amazing sunset views. This doesn’t run as a set program but it is worth checking if it is on when you visit.

NB: Several posts I read while researching this article mentioned Kensington Roof Gardens. Unfortunately this lovely spot has closed.

Westminster at sunset London
Westminster at sunset

A Footnote on London’s Sunsets

We can often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget to take a minute to appreciate the world around us. Watching the enchanting sunsets dipping under London is one of those magical moments; where nature and the city seamlessly merge.

No two sundowns are ever identical. From rooftop bars to majestic parks, where’s your favourite place to catch the sunset in London? Please share your thoughts, I’d love to know?

Trafalgar Square sunset in london
Trafalgar Square

Psst… Got time to spare? Why not fill up your belly on a London food tour before heading off into the sunset?

Boutique Hotels in Londons

Artist Residence is located in Pimlico which is fabulously central. It is in a gorgeous 5 store regency building and has a cute bar.

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Notting Hill London Portobello Hotel outdoor area wit
Instagram friendly courtyard off one of the ground floor rooms

The Portobello Hotel is located in one of London’s best known and cutest neighbourhoods Notting Hill. This is also the hotel where Kate Moss and Johnny Depp filled up the bath with champagne. The hotel is located on a quiet street but is a great location.

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The Great Northern Hotel is ridiculously close to Kings Cross and St Pancras stations which is incredibly convenient. The hotel dates back to 1854 but has had a major refurb so it feels fresh and modern.

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Notting Hill London Portobello hotel entrance
Entrance to The Portobello Hotel

The Hoxton hotel is in the heart of East London in Shoreditch and a perfect base for exploration. The rooms aren’t huge but the location makes up for it – as does the great value for London with rooms starting at £99 a night.

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towre of london
The Tower of London

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aerial view of london at sunset
aerial view of london at sunset

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