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9 Best Restaurants near Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction is the busiest train station in all of Europe based on the number of trains that use it. And the busiest in the UK based on interchanges between services.

However, in the past, Clapham Junction has been quite the wasteland when it has come to getting a decent coffee or a meal.

best restaurants in clapham junction - the exterior of clapham junction station

Thank goodness this has now changed! Good coffee is available within moments of the station and there are quite a few good meal options within the magic 10-minute walk of Clapham Junction station.

Restaurants Near Clapham Junction Station – How to Get There

There are many ways to get to Clapham Junction Station. If you are coming from the centre of London then Victoria or Waterloo is the most common. Buses from all over London go to Clapham Junction. Clapham Junction is also on the orange overground line.

the piano at clapham junction station

Clapham Junction Station Orientation:

This is a confusing and busy station. There are 17 platforms at Clapham Junction Station in total and three different exits. Avoid the exit closest to platforms 1 and 2 which goes on to Grant Road. Grant Road is quite the wasteland in terms of places to eat and drink.

signs at clapham junction station london
The exit NOT to take

The other 2 exits at Clapham Junction Station are next to platform 17. One of these is a step-free exit – you’ll know this as you will need to take a lift and go up from the platform (or up the stairs) to access it. This exit will take you out on to St Johns Hill towards Wandsworth.

exit for clapham junction station - ticket barriers
This is the accessible exit of Clapham Junction

The second and busiest exit is when you head downstairs from the platform and exit just past Platform 17. This is the exit I will use as my base for directions in this post as it is the most common.

When you exit on to St Johns Hill there are essentially 3 options for finding food. Head out and walk right up to St Johns Hill. Head out and walk left and up Lavender Hill. Or cross the road and walk up the pedestrianized St Johns Road.

At the end of the pedestrian area, you can either continue straight and you will be on Northcote Road or head left or right onto Battersea Rise.

classic terrace houses in red and black in clapham london

Whilst there are now good coffee options within a couple of minutes of Clapham Junction Station, I am afraid you will still have to walk for at least five minutes to access a good meal.

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10 Best Restaurants Near Clapham Junction


Cross the road and walk up St Johns Road – turn left into Battersea Rise

Soif has been setting the standard on food and wine on Battersea Rise since 2011. I have visited this fantastic restaurant many times and always had a great meal and interesting wines. Soif is a wine bar, restaurant, and even a wine store.

The menu at Soif Clapham changes regularly and is very seasonal. Every time I go there are several things on the menu that are unfamiliar. This always ensures that I try something new and interesting – and the staff is super friendly and helpful.

bowl of chicken soup on a black slate with a red napkin and spoon

The same goes for the wines. Soif sources from small producers and tends towards the organic. They are terrific at allowing you to taste and I have discovered some fantastic little wines there. Monday nights they allow you to drink in for takeaway prices.

Click here for more details and to make a booking at Soif

27 Battersea Rise London SW11 1HG


Turn right out of the station and head up St Johns Hill

Birdhouse is one of my personal favourites. This cute little cafe is jointly owned by a Cuban and an Australian – a great combination. The coffee is fabulous – which is almost a given with an Australian owner.

The brunch menu at Birdhouse Clapham is fantastic. I am a big fan of the baked eggs and there is also some great use of avocado and chorizo.

cakes on a wheelbarrow display in a clapham coffee shop
Mmm Cakes!

The bakery treats are very high caliber. The toasted banana bread is a sensation and they also do Australia’s favourite, Anzac biscuits. At lunchtime, Birdhouse has a range of Bocaditos, which are Cuban style sandwiches.

The steak sandwich is amazing – I am sure there are other options but I have never been able to try them as I can’t go past the steak sandwich.

Click here for some reviews of BirdHouse

123 St John’s Hill SW11 1SZ


Cross the road and walk up St Johns Road – it’s on the corner of St Johns Road and Battersea Rise

Banana Tree has a pan-Asian menu and has been a super popular local restaurant for ages. Friday and Saturday nights usually mean queues. They have a mix of shared and private tables and a full vegetarian menu.

bowl of chicken laksa at Banana Leaf Clapham
The delicious Chicken Laksa

Banana Tree Clapham runs a great value lunch deal and then is an a la carte dinner menu. They are deservedly famous for their Chicken Laksa – it is amazing.

Plus a range of interesting and tasty-sounding starters and mains. It is a bit of a posh Wagamamas but I do highly rate it.

More reviews of Banana Tree

75 Battersea Rise SW11 1HN


Cross the road and walk up St Johns Road – turn left into Battersea Rise and walk for 5 more minutes

I love this place! Humble Grape Clapham is over two levels and super cute and cosy. There is an extensive wine list – of course – and very knowledgeable staff. There are loads of wines by the glass at Humble Grape – 9 each red and white as well as sparkling and pink options.

glass of red wine and glass of white wine on the bar at the Humble Grape northcote road
Wine time at the Humble Grape

They have an interesting brunch menu – a bit of lunch meets brunch. There is a steak sandwich and there are some salads – all of which can be breakfast adjusted with eggs etc.

downstairs at the humble grape clapham
The cute downstairs area at the Humble Grape

The dinner menu at The Humble Grape is great. There are loads of small sharing plates which are perfect if you want to wine and snack. There are also a range of mains including several well-hung meat options.

I recommend booking a table here – I went on a Friday night quite early and there was only space at the bar.

Click here for more information on Humble Grape

2 Battersea Rise SW11 1ED


Cross the road and walk up St Johns Road – turn left into Battersea Rise

Another Battersea Rise classic. Pizza Metro Pizza doesn’t look like much from the outside – and obviously, it is not the foodiest of names. Best of all it is always full of Italians which is the best possible sign of good pizza.

exterior of pizza metro pizza
Pizza Metro Pizza

The key item on the menu at Pizza Metro Pizza is the metre long pizza. It is possible to fill that metre with a number of different toppings – or of course to go smaller.

My absolute favourite is the ricotta and aubergine. The dough is so light and fluffy and tasty – it is brilliant. There are also loads of delicious antipasti options at Pizza Metro Pizza Battersea as well as salads and mains. But really it is all about the most delicious pizza you can imagine.

Click here for more information on Pizza Metro Pizza

64 Battersea Rise SW11 1EQ


Turn right out of the station and walk up St John’s Hill

The food at Kaorsan is fantastic. Most dishes are on the hot side but gosh they are good. And very uniquely in London it is a byo restaurant eg bring your own wine. So dinner at Kaorsan Clapham is a very cheap night out.

exterior of Kaosarn thai restaurants on st johns hill clapham
Kaosarn Restaurant

Unfortunately, all of this comes with a couple of downsides. It can be tough to get in is downside one. The bigger downside is this is a fast meal. Do not come here if you are looking for a leisurely evening.

However, do come here for a fast, amazing, great value thai Clapham junction meal. My advice would be to book and enjoy Kaorsan and then relax with a couple of drinks at the Powder Keg across the road.

Click here for More Reviews on Kaorsan

110 St John’s Hill SW11 1SJ


Turn left out of Clapham Junction station and head up Lavender Hill

Exterior of Mien Tay vietnamese restaurant on lavender hill clapham
Mien Tay

This is one of four Mien Tay’s in London. This family-run business specializes in the cuisine of Southern vietnam and each restaurant is run by a different family member. Its specialties are prawn rice paper rolls (my favourite – tasty and oh so healthy), the chicken clay pot curry and their pho – especially the beef.

Again, Mien Tay Battersea is not suited to a long lingering night. It is not quite operating at the speed of Kaorsan but it is not a full evening. I would suggest walking up Elspeth Road to the Humble Grape or Soif on Battersea Rise once you’re finished for a nightcap.

180 Lavender Hill SW11 5TQ

8. Social Pantry – BEST HEALTHY LUNCH

Turn left out of the station and head up Lavender Hill

The team behind Social Pantry does a bit of everything from catering to private functions to having a great cafe on Lavender Hill. The cafe has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and is very encouraging of people just hanging out and drinking coffee and working on their laptops.

blue tables and chairs outside social pantry on lavender hill clapham
Social Pantry

Social Pantry Battersea has a fantastic breakfast menu. There are quite a few light options if you are feeling healthy and then some more decadent options. From marscapone mushrooms to beetroot and sweet potato fritters to a ginger pig bacon sandwich.

The lunch menu at Social Pantry changes most days. It tends to be a mix of protein options and delightful salad options. There are also sandwiches, soup, tarts and delicious pastry treats on offer. Oh, and some great coffee.

Click here for more Reviews of Social Pantry

170A Lavender Hill SW11 5TG


Turn right out of the station – it is only 50 metres up on the other side of the road

Ok, so this may be confusing. There are two sellers of Story coffee within a few minutes of Clapham Junction station. Story cafe is a 5-minute walk away – turn right out of the station. It is a lovely bright cafe with fantastic coffee and a good brunch menu.

exterior of story works cafe on st johns hill clapham
Story Works

Recently a Story Works opened almost opposite the main entrance/exit to the station. I think the two are associated – same fonts and name. And the same great coffee.

At the moment the cafe is only serving up coffee and juices but I am sure they will be adding some food. Story Works is now the best coffee you can get super close to Clapham Junction.

Click here for more Reviews of Story Coffee Cafe

115 St Johns Hill SW11 1SZ

And I must also mention Devotion which is a cute cafe with a decent coffee that has opened only a couple of doors up from the station exit.

Useful Links

⇒ If you’re after something a bit different have you ever tried a London wine? The brilliant local website Eat Wandsworth features some great options and offers from local suppliers.

One of these is Chateau Tooting. This wine is actually with grapes from gardens in Tooting and Wandsworth – and it sells out fast. Check the site and then you can often pick your Chateau Tooting up at The Jolly Gardener – the perfect excuse to try it out.

⇒ For everything you need to know as a local resident in Wandsworth click here for the local council site.

⇒ Want to keep up to date with what is going on in Earlsfield and Tooting? Follow the Tooting Daily Press.

Here’s a map of Clapham Junction Restaurants:

Getting to London and Getting Around:

Flights to London

Best Ways to get from the Airport into London

London has several airports. It can be confusing and expensive to get from each of the airports into central London. And the last thing you need after a flight! It is much easier to organize tickets before you fly.

Heathrow is the most common airport for international flights. The fastest way to get from Heathrow into Central London is the Heathrow Express.

This train only takes 15 minutes to get from Heathrow to Paddington Station and runs 4 times an hour. The Heathrow Express is much faster than a cab or any other option.

The lowest cost way to get from Heathrow to central London is the tube. The tube is actually one of the fastest options as well – and will get you the closest to your final destination.

Gatwick Airport is south of London and can be quite the distance in a car. The Gatwick Express is the fastest option into London and runs directly from Gatwick to Victoria Station.

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