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29 Best Things to do on Lanzarote That You Won’t Want to Miss

Prior to my first visit to Gran Canaria two years ago, I had slightly dismissed the Canary Islands. I thought of this destination as somewhere people went for fly and flop all inclusive holidays and not somewhere for boutique adventurers.

I was very wrong. One of the pleasures of having a travel blog is being able to find out about destinations that have been given incorrect reputations – and discovering that they are actually hidden gems.

When it comes to things to do on Lanzarote the list is very long. In addition to the activities such as scuba, snorkelling, sailing, cycling etc that you would expect on any island holiday there is a long list of things that are unique to Lanzarote that you must not miss when you visit.

Here are 29 fantastic things to do on Lanzarote in the Spanish Canary Islands.

Lanzarote cactus garden
The Cactus Garden and its Windmill

29 Things to do on Lanzarote

1. Sleep in A Yurt

Did you think yurts are just for those on the Mongolian plains? Yurts are one of the hottest trends in cute boutique hotels across the world and Lanzarote has some stunning yurts at Eco Finca de Arrieta.

lanzarote eco finca de arrieta luxury yurt beds
So many beds to choose from!

Located in the north of the island just near the lovely coastal village of Arrieta, Eco Finca de Arrieta is owned by local couple Michelle and Xavier and is part of their Lanzarote Retreats accommodation business.

lanzarote eco finca de arrieta luxury yurt sun loungers
Our yurt

The couple actually did go to Mongolia to investigate yurts and brought them back to Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Eco Finca de Arrieta luxury yurt single beds
Inside our yurt

I enjoyed my stay at Eco Finca de Arrieta so much that I wrote an entire blog post about why I think it is the best place to stay in Lanzarote. Find out more about the yurts and why I decided that Eco Finca de Arrieta was the best place to stay in Lanzarote in my post.

2. Eat your body weight in fresh seafood, mojo, potatoes and more

The food on Lanzarote is fantastic! We ate so well during our stay there – every meal was outstanding.

Let’s start with the fantastic potatoes on the island. I was expecting great fish, but the potatoes were a pleasant surprise. On Lanzarote, potatoes are served “wrinkled”. The wrinkling is caused by salt. The potatoes are cooked in very salty water, and when dried out, they wrinkle.

Papas arrugadas are generally served with mojo – another highlight on Lanzarote. I first discovered mojo when I visited Gran Canaria a couple of years ago and loved it.

Mojo is a sauce that is served with bread, potatoes, fish and, well, pretty much everything on Lanzarote. Most restaurants will have their own version. Mojo is generally available as red or green and its base is peppers and garlic.

Lanzarote Arrieta El Amanecer sea bream
Sea Bream at El Amanecer Arrieta

Of course, you should enjoy as much mojo as you can whilst in Lanzarote. I also highly recommend popping into one of the local supermarkets and buying mojo in its spice form to take home. It is a brilliant marinade for meat and fish or addition to most sauces/casseroles etc.

And then there is the fish. The fresh fish in Lanzarote is outstanding. I generally ordered fish of the day for most meals. Most restaurants will serve the fish whole, fillet it for you and add in some wrinkled potatoes.

Sea Bream is quite popular – some fish unique to the area which you may want to try are barracuda, wreckfish, and blue butterfish.

Limpets are mollusks that come in their own shell and are quite popular on the island. In restaurants, they are generally served, of course, with mojo. Limpets come in both black and white.

Lanzarote Arrieta El Amanecer octopus.
Octopus at El Amanecer

I had never tasted Limpets before. I didn’t mind them – they reminded me of escargot as a comparable taste. Quite frankly everything tastes good with mojo on it.

I have saved the best for last when it comes to food in Lanzarote – Pulpo. I am a big fan of grilled octopus and I was delighted to find that it was very common on Lanzarote.

Pulpo is generally served slightly chargrilled on the outside and very tender on the inside for a delicious contrast in texture and taste.

Octopus is available all year round and is of course served with mojo and wrinkled potatoes.

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3. Take a drive through a Volcano

One of the top attractions on Lanzarote is Timanfaya National Park. The unique landscape of this Lanzarote national park includes dormant volcanoes, lava fields, cones and salt marshes.

Lanzarote timanfaya park view one of the things to do on lanzarote
Timanfaya park view

The park was created by 100 volcanoes erupting between 1730 and 1736. The last eruption was in 1824 and no more are expected at this time. No one actually died during the eruptions of the volcanoes.

However, the ash and smoke produced was so severe that the sun disappeared for some time. Three villages and some very fertile land were rendered uninhabitable by the eruptions.

Lanzarote timanfaya park view 2
Taken from El Diablo

It is still considered too dangerous for tourists to freely explore the park so you will need to join a tour to find out more about it. Trust me, once you see the hairpin turns you will be glad you aren’t driving! Plus limiting humans’ exploring has minimized erosion in the park.

Timanfaya National Park covers almost one-quarter of the surface area of Lanzarote and is located on the southwest of the island. Upon entry to the park, there is a small office that will take the entry fee for the park. This office is the Taro de Entrada and is located on the LZ-67.

Lanzarote timanfaya park rock and view
Up close with the volcanic terrain

There is also a visitor’s centre located in Mancha Blanca which has an exhibition. However, you do not need to visit this center to visit Timanfaya National Park.

Continue driving through the park until you reach Islote de Hilario. This is the car park for both independent travelers and tour coaches – it also has fantastic views over the park.

Lanzarote timanfaya park view from the bus
Looking out from the back of the coach

Included in the fee to the entry park is your ticket on a coach which takes tourists around the park. Coaches leave the park approx every 20 minutes.

The coach trip lasts for about 30 minutes. There is a commentary in English, Spanish and German. The coach does stop for some of the views but you are not able to leave the coach at any point of the tour eg you will need to take photos from inside the coach.

Lanzarote timanfaya park El diablo restaurant.
The volcanic oven at El Diablo

When the coach returns to Islote de Hilario, the guides run some demonstrations of the intense heat just under the ground by pouring cold water which turns quickly into steam. These demonstrations take place around the front of the El Diablo restaurant.

Lanzarote timanfaya park El diablo restaurant outside geysir
A demonstration outside El Diablo

NB: The other option for exploring Timanfaya National Park is to take a guided walking tour.

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4. Eat Chicken cooked in a Volcano

One of the highlights of visiting Timanfaya National Park is the stunning El Diablo restaurant. Perched on top of Isolte de Hilario, this modern restaurant was designed by Lanzarote born architect and artist Cesar Manrique.

Lanzarote timanfaya park El diablo restaurant interior
Inside El Diablo restaurant

The restaurant is completely enclosed in glass, offering both panoramic views of the park and a slight feeling of lightness or low gravity.

Lanzarote timanfaya park El diablo restaurant view
A table with a view at El Diablo

This restaurant takes full advantage of its unique location by using the heat of the volcano as its oven. It is possible to visit the “volcanic oven” and see for yourself chickens and other items (El Diablo is best known for its volcanic chicken) being cooked by the natural heat from the earth.

Lanzarote timanfaya park El diablo restaurant chef
Adjusting against the volcanic heat

And as if that wasn’t enough the views are absolutely jaw dropping – and at their most magnificent at sunset.

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5. Enjoy the local wine

Considering its location just 80 miles from Africa, the wine industry is the first thing that pops to mind when considering Lanzarote. But wine production on Lanzarote dates back to the 15th century.

Lanzarote el grifo winery entrance
Entrance to El Grifo

Many of Europe’s vineyards were destroyed by the plague in the 19th century but Lanzarote escaped. So they are their own rootstock and quite unique.

Lanzarote el grifo winery vineyards and mountain
Volcanic Vineyards at El Grifo

The key white grapes of Lanzarote are Malvasia, Moscatel and Diego. Red grapes are listan negro and syrah. These are light, drinkable wines that are perfectly suited to the warm climate – and generally very reasonably priced.

Taking wine and craft beer tours on the island is possible. Some of the bigger wineries have cellar door tastings. I visited El Grifo, the oldest winery on the island.

Lanzarote el grifo winery glass of cava
Cava time

El Grifo has a wine museum where you can learn more about its history and the production process. There are some great views of the volcanic vineyards on its lovely grounds.

Lanzarote el grifo winery vineyards and mountain 2
El Grifo Vineyards

And of course there are wine tastings which are included in the price of the ticket. El Grifo is best known for its whites but also has reds, sparkling and rose.

6. Eat on the beach at Casa de la Playa

Casa de la Playa is located at the bottom tip of the lovely Northern village of Arrieta – and also the restaurant closed to the fantastic Eco Finca de Arrieta where I stayed in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Arrieta town seen from the water

Arrieta is a very cute, small town filled with whitewashed houses and located right on the coast with beaches. If you are approaching Arrieta from the south of the island, Casa Playa will be the first thing you see on your right-hand side.

Lanzarote Arrieta shoreline
The Arrieta shoreline

Casa de la Playa looks like a casual little restaurant with white plastic tables and chairs on the beach – and a bar. However, before I even headed to Lanzarote I was told by several people that this was the restaurant that I needed to visit.

Lanzarote Casa Playa Pulpo
Pulpo at Casa Playa

And then I found out that this is where the owner of Eco Finca de Arrieta has dinner most nights when his wife is away. No wonder we ended up eating here twice!

We headed down to Casa Playa on our first night in Lanzarote – it was a 5-10 minute walk from Eco Finca de Arrieta. This is exactly the place that you want to head to the first night of an island holiday – on the beach, facing the waves, seafood, local wine – perfect.

The service was quick and friendly – and the restaurant was very busy. Great value tasty local wine. But wow the food!!! We started with perfect padron peppers and pulpo.

Lanzarote Casa Playa Seafood Platter
Seafood Platter at Casa Playa

Wow the octopus! I then had octopus at every meal on Lanzarote. Char grilled, so tender inside, smeared with green mojo – it was outstanding.

As was the seafood platter that we had for the main. A mixture of langoustines, limpets, calamari, prawns, fresh fish – wow. We would have paid a fortune for this in London.

Lanzarote Arrieta beach
Arrieta beach and Casa Playa

We enjoyed Casa Playa so much that we returned for our last meal. By this point, our stomachs were a little worn out from so much eating (we had come from locked-down London) so we tried their signature seafood soup – another fantastic meal.

7. Have a Seafood Lunch at El Golfo

Located in the south west of the island, El Golfo is a small beach village located near the salt pans and Los Hervideros. This small village consists of just a few streets of white washed homes trimmed in bright colours – plus quite a few seafood restaurants located on or near the water.

Lanzarote el golfo house
Colourful house in El Golfo

Several restaurants have seating literally on the beach – but we chose to visit Casa Rafa based on some online research. Casa Rafa is located just off the beach and has some fantastic views of the sea.

Lanzarote el golfo restaurant
Casa Rafa El Golfo

We ordered local wine and the fish of the day and had a lovely leisurely lunch watching the waves roll in whilst our friendly server filleted freshly caught and just grilled fish at our table. A perfect lunch.

Lanzarote el golfo restaurant fish lunch
Fresh fish in El Golfo

8. Visit the Salt Pans, Salinas de Janubio

Salt was once one of Lanzarote’s key exports. Salt was used as a preservative for the island’s lucrative fishing industry. However, once refrigeration became widely available demand reduced.

Lanzarote Salt Pans
Salt Pans

There is still one working salt manufacturer on Lanzarote, Salinas de Janubio. It is located on the road between Playa Banca and Yaiza.

The salt pans can be seen from the road and are quite photogenic – particularly in the right light.

Lanzarote Salt Pans 2
Salt Pans

If you’re particularly interested in salt production it is possible to take a guided tour of the facility.

9. Watch the waves breaking at Los Hervideros

Just a few minutes up the road from the Salt Pans are the stunning Los Hervideros. Watch the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash into the lava cliffs of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Los Hervideros cliff tops and sea view in the south west
Los Hervideros

Los Herivederos is literally on the LZ-703 road. This stretch of road makes for a spectacular drive – you won’t be surprised to read that this is where many car ads have been filmed.

Lanzarote cliff tops and sea view in the south west 2
Los Hervideros

There are also several lay bys to pull the car in and go for a walk across the lava cliffs and take some stunning photos and video footage.

10. Visit a Stylish Cactus Garden

I quickly realised that I was going to really enjoy every attraction linked to Cesar Manrique and his unique style on Lanzarote. For me, the highlight was the amazing Jardin de Cactus.

Lanzarote cactus garden with windmill

This was actually Manrique’s last work on the island. He took a run down quarry area and transformed it with around 4,500 specimens of 450 species from 13 cactus families from 5 continents.

Lanzarote cactus garden with sculpture
Sculpture in the Cactus Garden

The mix of the greens of the cacti, the blue of the sky and the dark volcanic soil makes for some stunning photos. There is also a windmill for even better photos.

Wander around the small paths in the garden and bring a camera with a full battery.

Lanzarote cactus garden with close up cactus

Jardin de Cactus is located in the north east of Lanzarote about 10km south of Arrieta.

11. Get a Mojito from a VW van

Located just a few yards from Casa Playa along the beachfront in Arrieta is a VW van serving up some tasty mojitos that can be enjoyed sitting on the beach – perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail.

Lanzarote Arrieta VW mojito bar
VW Mojito Bar in Arrieta

12. Jameos Del Agua Caves

Jameo means the opening of a lava tunnel and Jameos Del Agua is how Cesar Manrique envisaged that should be. Manrique transformed part of the Mount Corona volcanic system on Lanzarote into a restaurant, bar and nightclub that looks like something from a James Bond movie.

Lanzarote Jameos del Agua entry
Jameos del Agua entry

Enter Jameos Del Agua via a staircase and head into a unique restaurant. Walk through a lava tunnel to a very cool bar, large funky swimming pool and nightclub set up.

Lanzarote Jameos del Agua restaurant
Jameos del Agua restaurant
Lanzarote Jameos del Agua looking back
Jameos del Agua

Jameos Del Agua is located in the north east of the island. It is open most days for tourists to visits but if you would like to eat or dance there do check their website for availability.

Lanzarote Jameos del Agua swimming pool
Jameos del Agua swimming pool

13. Enjoy the Amazing Views at Mirador Del Rio

Another stunning Cesar Manrique creation, the Mirador, is mostly camouflaged behind a rock. From the car park it is difficult to determine what to expect from Mirador del Rio but it is a whole different story inside.

Lanzarote Mirador del Rio view 4

Located at almost the top point of Lanzarote, Mirador Del Rio has jaw-dropping views over the eighth Canary Island La Graciosa.

Lanzarote Mirador del Rio view from inside
Inside the restaurant at Mirador del Rio

The building is home to a coffee shop with extraordinary views as well as a very cute gift shop.

Lanzarote Mirador del Rio view 3

14. Explore Charming Teguise

Lovely Teguise is the oldest settlement in the Canaries, founded in 1402. This hilltop town was also the capital of Lanzarote for 450 years.

Lanzarote Teguise main square
Teguise’s Main Square

This lovely town is full of white-washed buildings, pedestrianised streets, cute shops and great restaurants. Teguise is home to one of the most popular markets in Lanzarote, which is held on Sundays.

Lanzarote Teguise restaurant and shop
The streets of Teguise

We had an outstanding meal in Teguise at La Cantina. La Cantina is located in a historic building, a restaurant, a little shop and a hidden outdoor bar.

Lanzarote Teguise Cantina restaurant tomatoes and cheese
Tomatoes and local cheese at Cantina

The menu is tapas based (they also do fantastic looking hamburgers and sandwiches) and we had an outstanding meal that included tomatoes with local cheese, scallops, padron peppers and mushroom croquettes (the highlight).

Lanzarote Teguise Cantina restaurant mushroom croquettes
Mushroom Croquettes

15. Charco Verde or the Green Lagoon

Charco Verde or Charco de los Clicos means Green Lagoon. This green lagoon sits in a volcanic crater not far from El Golfo and sounds very photogenic.

Lanzarote cactus garden with close up cactus 2
More of the Cactus Garden

16. Visit the Cesar Manrique Foundation

The Cesar Manrique Foundation was the artist’s home and garden. It is located just outside Teguise.

17. Visit the Cesar Manrique Museum and Home in Haria

The Cesar Manrique Museum and Home is located in lovely little Haria.

18. See art under the sea at Museo Atlantico

Museo Atlantico is Europe’s first underwater sculpture museum. It is the creation of Jason deCaires Taylor and features about 400 sculptures. Scuba diving is required to visit the museum.

Lanzarote cactus garden cacti up close

19. Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the largest resort on Lanzarote. It is home to lots of nightlife, pubs, restaurants and bars. There are also some nice beaches and it is conveniently close to the airport.

Puerto del Carmen
Puerto del Carmen

20. Costa Teguise

The largest waterpark on Lanzarote is in Costa Teguise and this is the place to go if you are a young family. It is also home to Playa de las Cucharas, one of the best beaches on the island.

Costa Teguise
Costa Teguise

21. Playa Blanca

Located in the south of the island, Playa Blanca has a large marina and is a great place to head out on boat trips, including the ferry to Fuerteventura. And unsurprisingly there are some nice beaches here as well.

Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca

22. Playas de Papagayo

This beautiful beach is perhaps the most photogenic in Lanzarote. It is located in a protected area which adds to the atmosphere. However, this does mean that there are no shops etc at the beach so make sure to pack supplies.

Playas de Papagayo
Playas de Papagayo

23. Surf at Playa de Famara

Famara beach is known for its waves and is a great place to learn to surf or spend some time on your board. It is also home to some fantastic sunsets and beachfront seafood restaurants.

Playa de Famara
Playa de Famara

24. Explore the Green Caves

Cueva de los Verdes or the Green Caves is a lava tube that has solidified after eruptions took place on the island. Enjoy a one hour guided tour of this unique experience.

25. Visit La Graciosa

The amazing view at Mirador del Rio focuses on the beautiful small island of La Graciosa. The island has no asphalt roads so is best explored by bike. It has two particularly beautiful beaches – Playa de la Francesca and Playa de los Conchas. The island has few residents; most are only in town during the summer.

26. Spend a day on Fuerteventura

Why not visit another Canary Island while you are on Lanzarote? A day trip by ferry is an easy option. Spend the day exploring the island’s beautiful beaches at Corralejo Natural Park as well as its sand dunes.

Corralejo Natural Park
Corralejo Natural Park

27. Explore the Pirate Museum

Lanzarote’s Pirate Museum can be fun for both grown ups and kids. It is located next to Villa de Teguise and has great views of both the island and the ocean.

28. See some Animals

Rancho Texas is the only animal park on the island and is located near Puerto del Carmen. They also hold western nights some evenings.

White tiger at Rancho Texas lanzarote

29. Explore the Waterparks

Lanzarote has two waterparks. The biggest is Aquapark in Costa Teguise. The second is a smaller park called Aqualava in Playa Blanca.

aquapark lanzarote
aquapark lanzarote

How to Get to Lanzarote and How to get Around

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands and part of Spain. The Canary Islands are south west of Spain and north west of Africa, directly in front of the coast of Morocco.

Lanzarote is the most south easterly of the Canary Islands and covers just 800 square kilometres.

Lanzarote timanfaya park El diablo restaurant chef with chicken
Adding some flavour

The island has fantastic connections to Europe’s main cities, with direct flights to 19 of Europe’s 25 largest capitals. In particular, it is easy to get from London to Lanzarote with direct flights out of Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton. The flight takes approximately four hours.

Lanzarote Mirador del Rio view 2
Mirador del Rio

Lanzarote’s Cesar Manrique is located just outside Arrecife, Lanzarote’s capital. Arrecife is on the western side of the island.

Flights to Arrecife

Lanzarote Teguise Cantina restaurant
Cantina Restaurant Teguise

Nowhere is particularly far on Lanzarote due it its size. Whilst there is a bus system, I would highly recommend hiring a car. It is easy to find your way around the island (and it is well signed).

The majority of roads are in good condition but some can be quite windy such as heading up to Haria.

Lanzarote Teguise Casa Cesar Manrique
Cesar Manrique’s in Teguise

Lanzarote Retreats covered the cost of my accommodation, airport transfers and car hire. I covered the costs of my flights, meals and everything else. As always, my views are my own.

This Things to do on Lanzarote post includes affiliate links. That means if you click through and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

Lanzarote Mirador del Rio view 1
The view from Mirador del Rio

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