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3 Best Paxos Beaches for Sand and Sea

There are many fabulous Paxos beaches. But let’s face it – who wants to waste any of their Paxos holidays time on a substandard beach? That’s why I have curated the best Paxos Greece Beaches for you and gotten it down to the top 3.

View from Vrika beach Antipaxos

So if you like a pebbly beach, a sandy beach, an easily accessible beach, blue waters, sunbeds, and water sports this post has them all covered. Efficiency can still be fun on holidays.

3 Best Paxos Beaches

1. Erimitis Beach

Erimitis Beach is the most dramatically beautiful of all the Paxos Greece beaches. Erimitis beach Paxos is about halfway down the west coast of Paxos. It is lined by dramatic limestone cliffs.

This is a beach made up of white pebbles so it is aesthetically stunning against its crystal clear waters. Do note – there is virtually no shade on this beach so byo umbrella/cover-ups.

Erimitis Beach Paxos

The water at this Paxos beach gets deep fast and the waves can be rough so this is a beach better suited to more experienced swimmers.

Wildflowers on the walk down to Erimitis Beach

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Walking down to Erimitis Beach

Erimitis beach is also one of the best places to watch the sunset on Paxos and capture some classic Paxos images. And the best place to do so is at the lovely lovely Erimitis Bar & Restaurant. Talk about a drink with a view. This Paxos bar and restaurant sit on the clifftop with amazing views.

Entrance to Erimitis Restaurant
Long tables at Erimitis Restaurant

The menu at this restaurant in Paxos is modern European with seafood (of course!), meat and pasta. Do note that Erimitis only opens at 4 pm so this isn’t a lunch option. There are no other facilities on Erimitis beach so if you are visiting during the day you will need to bring your own supplies.

⇒ Italy is another fantastic European destination for beaches – check out my posts on things to do in Rimini and Places to Visit in Puglia.

The cliffs of Erimitis beach

How to Get to Erimitis Beach

Follow the signs and park at the Erimitis restaurant. It is then a downhill walk – rather steep but there are steps – to get to the beach. Do make sure you are wearing sensible shoes.

2. Antipaxos

Antipaxos actually has 2 excellent beaches but as it is possible to walk between them I will count them as one. Antipaxos means Little Paxos.

The smallest of the smallest Ionian islands at two square miles with a population of between 30 and 100 inhabitants. There are few cars on this Paxos island and no shops – rare in the Greek Islands.

More amazing cliffs

Vrika beach is the larger of the two on Antipaxos Greece. Happy days this is a lovely white sand beach – I am not a fan of pebble beaches unless they are very photogenic.

Little Vrika has two tavernas – Vrika Taverna and Spiro’s Taverna. Both taverns have sun loungers and umbrellas for hire. When it comes to Greece sandy beaches Vrika must be in the top ten and it is certainly one of the best beaches in Paxos.

The clear water of antipaxos

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The path between the beaches on Antipaxos

It is then a short stroll through the trees to Voutoumi beach. Alas, this is a pebble beach but it is very picturesque with clear waters.

If you’re up for it, a 200 step climb will take you to Bella Vista for some great food and even better views for some fantastic Paxos Greece images.

Paxos Wildflowers

The best way to enjoy Antipaxos is as a day trip from Paxos. There is no accommodation on the island.

View from Vrika beach Antipaxos

NB – there is very little shade on the beaches at Antipaxos so make sure you bring some type of cover or you will need to hire an umbrella from one of the tavernas.

The bluest of water against the limestone cliff

How to Get to Antipaxos Beaches

In peak season there are frequent sea taxi departures between Gaios Paxos Greece harbour and Antipaxos. The journey to Antipaxos only takes about 15 minutes. The last boat back to Gaios is generally about 530pm.

Floating boats on Antipaxos

Most boat trips around Paxos include a stop at Antipaxos. This is often planned around lunchtime so there is some time to swim and eat.

Vrika beach on Antipaxos

3. Monodendri Beach

Monodendri beach is between Loggos and Lakka Paxos and one of the bigger beaches on this Greek Island. This is the only beach on Paxos to offer free sunbeds and watersports (kayaks and boards for SUP are available and free to use).

Unsurprisingly the water at Monodendri Beach Paxos is crystal clear and lovely.

The pebble Mononedri beach at Ben’s Bar

There are small walkways in and out of the water at Monodendri beach to make the journey less difficult for your feet. And there is a saltwater pool where it is possible to float.

Sun loungers at Ben’s Bar

There is a beach bar on its pebble shores but the much nicer option is to head to the wonderful Ben’s Bar and Restaurant on the other side of the beach.

Ben’s is just lovely. It has its own private beach with sun loungers. There is also a very nice deck with more sun loungers at Ben’s Bar Paxos.

Mononedri Beach

Ben’s is known for its cocktails and for its great food. There is a fantastic breakfast menu including pancakes. Lunch and dinner at Ben’s restaurant Paxos are simple but tasty menus that veer towards the Italian.

Mononedri Beach and sun loungers

How to Get to Monodendri Beach

Just follow the signs! And once you park there is no heading up or down – it is a straight walk to Ben’s and then to Monodendri Beach. Do make sure you book your meal at Ben’s if you are visiting this Greek Island during the high season.

Ben’s Beach Sun Loungers

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Where to stay on Paxos

The infinity pool at Villa Glaros

Paxos accommodation definitely skews towards villas and apartments. There are not that many Paxos hotels and they tend to lean towards b & bs etc. But there are many villas in Paxos.

To really get the most out of the island I think a villa is ideal – and boy was I in a fabulous villa. I can’t imagine there are many better Paxos Villas than Villa Glaros.

View from the terrace

Villa Glaros is a stunning, modern property with 7 bedrooms, 25m infinity pool, secluded cove, amazing views, multiple outdoor areas and really just everything you could want.

It sits on top of a cliff on the east coast of the island and the closest village is super cute Fontana.

Villa Glaros as seen from the sea

Villa Glaros is only 10 minutes by car from Gaios and about the same to Loggos and Lakka so it is fabulously central.

My favourite spot for morning coffee

The main house of the villa has 3 bedrooms – all with stunning sea views and 2 with their own balconies. The interior is modern and light – perfectly designed to maximize the lovely light and the Paxos Greece weather.

This Paxos Villa has a large modern kitchen that is the perfect place to prepare local ingredients to enjoy the food in one of the many gorgeous outdoor areas.

Relaxing on the sun loungers

There is also a gym, all the watersports equipment you could possibly need, a speed boat and skipper ready to go – there is even a treehouse at this Greek Island villa.

Perfect for a big dinner!

But the best part of Villa Glaros is that everything can be done for you for the ultimate relaxation. The Villa provides a concierge and chef (a lovely couple) who will organize everything you need for the perfect stay.

Send your shopping list ahead of time. Have them organise your transport. Have the chef prepare meals of your choice. Have the concierge organise your poolside massage.

The VIlla Glaros beach

The set up at Villa Glaros means you start your holiday the moment you arrive as everything has been organized to suit your needs. And to provide an authentic Greek experience.

Check out some more reviews of the stunning Villa Glaros provided by my trip buddies Heather on Her Travels and Life Beyond Borders.

Check Prices & Availability for Villa Glaros

Can’t get enough of the infinity pool
My bedroom at Villa Glaros

How to get to Paxos

The nearest airport for Paxos is Corfu. Corfu is a busy airport with lots of flight options – particularly if you are flying to and from London.

Many of the cheap airlines fly to Corfu as does British Airways. Direct flights from London to Paxos take just over 3 hours. And there is a 2 hour time difference between the UK and Greece.


Flights to Corfu

Corfu to Paxos

Corfu Port is a 10-minute taxi ride from Corfu Airport. Corfu Airport is small so you will most likely move through it quite quickly. There were lots of taxis available outside the airport.

Once you arrive at Corfu port it is usually necessary to pick up your actual physical ticket at the port office and then join everyone else at Café Sette Venti which is attached to the waiting area.

You can virtually see the ferries arriving from your table. And I quite enjoyed my calamari lunch at Sette Venti. Plus the cafe has power points for charging and wifi.

Lunch at Sette Venti

The ferries from Corfu to Paxos are a mix. My research on the duration of the Corfu to Paxos ferry said 95 minutes on average. My ferry from Corfu to Paxos was meant to be the hydrofoil but that was changed last minute and delayed 30 minutes.

The journey from Corfu to Paxos then took 2 1/12 hours due to choppy seas.

Paxos Ferry Timetables

On the way back from Paxos to Corfu we had the 8 am hydrofoil which took nearly 2 hours. The seas were smoother seas but it still took a while.

My top tip is to allow lots of buffer times when it comes to the Paxos ferry.

Corfu to Paxos ferry

Travel Tip – on the way back from Paxos to Corfu Ferry port it was difficult to get a taxi. There were literally none around when the boat pulled in. I got someone at the ferry port to help me as I had quite a short amount of time before my flight.

I now always ask my taxi from the airport to the ferry station to give me their card so I can text/email a day before and see if I can book them in.

On the ferry from Corfu to Paxos

How to Get Around Paxos

The best way to get around Paxos is to hire a car. There are buses which link the three main towns together but they only run about 5 times a day. There are some taxis on Paxos but not many.

Relaxing on the Corfu to Paxos Ferry

It is also possible to rent scooters and mopeds but the roads can be rough so a car is usually the best bet. Paxos is a paradise for walkers. If that sounds like you then check out the Bleasdale Walking map of Paxos.

I just loved Paxos – it was an outstanding balance of tourist friendly but still felt authentic like Sicily or Rimini in Italy.

Who Paid for What in this Post

My flights and ferry tickets were covered by the owner of the amazing Villa Glaros – and I didn’t pay to stay at this stunning villa. There was an expense budget but let’s face it I didn’t spend much of my own money during my trip to Corfu.

The view from the Corfu to Paxos Ferry

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click through and make a purchase I will most likely receive a small commission. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

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Tuesday 24th of September 2019

Wow I love all the beaches you mentioned. I would love to go there sometime. All are amazing.

Marjie Mare

Sunday 22nd of September 2019

Those pictures are simply beautiful and those beaches are calling my name. I have a deep connection with water and anything related is pleasing me.

Ewuzie Kingsley

Sunday 22nd of September 2019

Wow! all the beaches are simply so gorgeous and stunning.. My love for beaches are out of this world. So relaxing.. I will love to visit those beaches someday, they are just so breathtaking.


Saturday 21st of September 2019

The beaches there are stunning and there are loads of them too. I love it when there are crystal clear waters and gorgeous clear sandy beaches rather than rocks.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

Saturday 21st of September 2019

Greece never ceases to amaze me. All the historical sites, the culture, the unique culinary experience and of course, the beaches! OMG. I can't seem to choose which one to visit first if I ever get to travel there.

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