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13 Spectacular Sunsets in Ibiza You Won’t Want to Miss

Find a comfy seat to settle before watching a truly spectacular site, where the sun sets the waters on fire before nightfall, with a display of colours bursting over the Mediterranean. Rich hues of reds, oranges, purples, and pinks seduce onlooking eyes, with sights of pure dreaminess.

Whether you want to be larging it up on the famous Sunset Strip or sipping cocktails in a beach bar, watching sunsets in Ibiza is a serene moment. It’s the perfect time to wind down, just before the island gets pumped up and brims with partygoers.

Let’s take a look at some of the best spots on the island to enjoy the incredible sunsets of Ibiza – a worthy bucket list destination.

lighthouse at las salinas ibiza
lighthouse at las salinas

Sunsets in Ibiza: Best Times To Watch them

The sunset in Ibiza is all-around iconic, whether you’re watching it from a private boat or from Sunset Strip in San Antonio. However, the most critical thing to know is exactly what time the sun sets.

Depending on the month you’re visiting the island, the sunset times will change. If you know what time to look out for, you’ll have ample opportunity to grab a cocktail and kickback to enjoy a spectacular honey-hued sunset.

Take a look below at the times and directions of the sunsets during each season.

Sunsets in Summer

Months: from June – September

The summer season for Ibiza needs no real introduction. Picture long hot summer days, cloudless skies, star-filled evenings, and incredible sunsets. The most fun season to visit Ibiza is during the summer months, when it’s the peak party season and temperatures reach 30°C or higher.

Ibiza Sunset in Summer

The sun sets in a south-westerly direction, and in late-June and July the sun starts to dip around 9 PM. By September the evenings start at 8.30 PM.

You can expect plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures during the day, and bright coloured skies before nightfall. Keep in mind that the island is jam-packed with partygoers and beach lovers, so allow sufficient travel time to your sunset spot.

Sunsets in Autumn

Months: from September to December

Autumn is characterised by an increase in rainfall, with the wettest month being October. However, the weather remains balmy with an average temperature of 23°C. The afternoons are warm with the cool sea breezes.

The sun begins to set at around 8.30 PM in September, and by October you’ll get to catch an early sunset at around 7.30 PM. November, the sunsets will start to set at 5.30 PM, so grab an early dinner and enjoy the gorgeous view.

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Sunsets in Winter

Months: from December to March

Winter season on the island is not as harsh as other Central European countries. The average temperature between December and February is around 11°C. Storms and rainfall often occur during winter.

es vedra ibiza
Es Vedra

If you’re looking for a quiet time in Ibiza (and to escape the bustling crowds), this is the time to go. You’ll catch the sun setting in a southwest direction. In December, the sun drops as early as 5.30 PM and starts an hour later in February at 6.15 PM.

Sunsets in Spring

Months: from March – June

In early springtime, the climate in Ibiza is slightly cooler with daytime temperatures ranging between 10°C to 21°C. There is a decent amount of rainfall, along with a refreshing evening breeze.

The island becomes shrouded in the fragrance of blooming flowers. Soft rains occur, but this only adds appeal to the weather in Ibiza. You’ll catch the warm sunsets in a northwesterly direction around 6.48 PM.

By May, you can start feeling the sun’s rays become balmy, and the incredible sunsets start to show off at around 8.46 PM.

Note: You should try and arrive 15-20 minutes before the sun is scheduled to start setting – or even earlier.

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Ibiza

Whether it’s during your spring break or a romantic vacation, Ibiza will not disappoint when it comes to honey-hued sunsets over the Mediterranean.  Let’s take a look at the best sunset spots in Ibiza that you don’t want to miss.

1. Cala Benirrás Beach

cala_benias_sunset ibiza spain
cala benirras beach

Image by becca212121 from Pixabay

Located on the northern side of the island, Cala Benirrás Beach provides one of the most famous sunset spots in Ibiza. Listen out for the drums’ beat, the most renowned tradition that’s been going since the ’70s.

On Sundays, Cala Benirrás Beach comes alive and is one of the island’s busiest places. Local drummers perform on the beach behind an awe-striking sunset sinking behind Es Cap Bernat’s breath-taking islet.

cala benirras beach ibizia
cala benirras

The beach is sheltered and intimate, making it the perfect sunset spot for picnics. As a result, the place does get busy – especially on Sundays – so it’s best to get there early to find parking in time.

2. Cala Comte

Cala Comte is another famous beach in Ibiza, and for a good reason. It’s sparkling clear waters are out of this world – perfect for beachgoers and snorkelling enthusiasts.

As the sun sets, you’ll be rewarded with picturesque views of the skies colours dramatically changing.

ibiza_sunsets with parachuter

Head to Sunset Ashram’s bar and restaurant perched on the rocks overlooking the golden unspoiled sands on the west coast, at Cala Comte.

Enjoy a mix of tunes from the DJs playing sunset sessions as you select from a tasty menu under beach umbrellas, ready to embrace the sunset.

3. Es Vedrà

es vedra ibiza
es vedra ibiza

Looming off the south coast of Ibiza stands the rock of Es Vedrà, the famous island that raises much controversy.

Many urban myths surround this island, from being the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis, the island that invigorated the Sirens from Homer’s Odyssey, and as the third most magnetic place on earth. While it’s unlikely that these are true, this place’s magic is most likely what inspired these legends.

Es Vedra

The best place to see the sunsets is Torre des Savinar or Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort. At dusk, Es Vedrà fascinates with its beauty. Whether you’re taking along your family, your lover, or if you’re looking to experience the sunsets with a large group of single friends, you will undoubtedly leave breathless.

Psst…Why not discover the mysterious secrets of Es Vedrà while exploring Formentera island on an exciting tour.

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4. Cala Conta

Cala Conta’s beaches are one of the most popular sets of seasides on the west front of the island. It’s popularly known for sublime days spent frolicking in the transparent blue waters or lolling on the warm sands.

It’s a 15-minute drive from San Jose and San Antonio, and many make their way to this beach for the sunsets.

cala conta beach ibiza with sailboat
cala conta beach

You’ll find two beaches next to each other and a nudist beach, all with views of the beautiful islet of S’illa des Bosc (Forest Island).

Here you’ll find plenty of restaurants to watch the sunset from – make sure you arrive early to snag a table and grab a cocktail before the sunset.

Alternatively, spend the day on a beach-hopping cruise before settling down to watch amazing sunset views.

cala conta beach ibiza
cala conta beach ibiza

5. Sunset Strip

One of the most famous parts of the island to enjoy the extraordinary evening sky is San Antonio’s Sunset Strip. The strip of bars and restaurants hug the bay and offer a clear view of the setting sun.

It’s home to iconic bars such as Café Mambo, Savanna, Café del Mar, and numerous other pubs with terraces. 

the island of ibiza
the island of ibiza

Because of its popularity, some places require reservations during golden hour, while at others you just need to turn up early. If you’re on a budget, the alternative is to take your drink and find a rock to sit on, and enjoy the spectacular views and a lively atmosphere.

If you’re looking to let loose, hop on one of Ibiza’s party boats to explore parts of the island on a sunset cruise and stop over at popular beach clubs.

6. Las Salinas

For a serene picture of the sun’s reflection setting over the water, head to Las Salinas. It’s a beach stretch backed by pine trees, dunes, and salt flats. Here you can witness the mirror reflection of the sky’s different hues turning rich casts of colours on the waters.

las salinas ibiza
las salinas

There are a number of brimming beach bars along the shore, providing food, drinks, and music throughout the day and evening.

7. Es Codolar Beach

Close to Playa d’en Bossa, is the quieter beach of Es Codolar. Fewer people visit the beach, mostly because it’s covered in pebbles. However, this is soon forgotten when you experience the sunsets. 

sunset in ibiza

Take along a blanket and some snacks, and get ready to be awe-inspired by the setting sun.

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8. Sunset on a Boat

What better way to experience Ibiza’s sun dipping into the Mediterranean than on a boat? Whether it’s for a romantic cruise, family excursion, or a full-on party cruise. 

ibiza boat trip

Hire a boat for a private and exclusive way to experience an Ibiza sunset. An array of companies offer sunset excursions – from party boats to private charter yachts – around golden hour. Some trips offer water activities, drinks and snacks, and swimming, too. Or why not try a Mediterranean cruise?

9. Torre Ibiza

Torre Ibiza is a hostel with a great restaurant and amazing sunset views. It is on the west coast of Ibiza between the cliffs of Cape Negret on the outskirts of San Antonio. Grab some grillled octopus and a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy the view.

Torre Ibiza
Atardecer en la terraza del Hostal La Torre Ibiza © Hostal La Torre Ibiza

10. Sunset Ashram

Sunset Ashram is a bar and restaurant in the village of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. This bar sits on Cala Conta beach. Enjoy the DJ and relax and watch the show.

sunset ashram
sunset ashram

11. Punta Galera

Punta Galera is on the western side of Ibiza. It can be reached by car but it is a very dangerous road so you may want to plan on visiting Punta Galera from the sea. A boat is a great place to watch the sunset in Punta Galera or get out and sit on its flat rocks and enjoy the view.

punta galera
punta galera

12. Na Xamena Cliffs

See your Ibiza sunset from on high by heading to Na Xamena cliffs.

Na Xamena Cliffs
Na Xamena Cliffs

13. Las Puertas Del Cielo

This bar and restaurant is near the village of Santa Agnes. Its name translates to The Gates of Heaven and that is an apt description of the sunset which can be enjoyed from this spot.

las puertas del cielo

A Footnote on Ibiza Sunsets

Ibiza sunsets provide the perfect opportunity to kick back, cocktail in hand, and watch the sky turn to fiery reds, oranges and pinks sliding over the sea. It’s the perfect place to enjoy pure dreaminess before heading out to a party.

Ibiza has so much to offer from stunning beaches, brimming bars, clubs, restaurants, and the ocean. But the sunsets are a gift on their own.

Sunsets on Ibiza are some of the best the Mediterranean has to offer. The spectacular sights seduce those viewing the days end in the sky. So, grab your best camera and head to a spot of your choosing, and be ready to be inspired.

sunsets in ibiza

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