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7 Best Ski Resorts Italy | Italian Alps and the Dolomites

Europe is one of the most traveled to destinations. While the summertime offers a warm Mediterranean ocean in places like Puglia, Rimini, Sardinia and Sicily or the rolling hills of Tuscany in areas like Montepulciano, the winter brings a playground set in the snow.

To many, the ominous chill of early winter brings a certain feeling of misdoubt. For others, it’s the start of the most anticipated time of the year. Ski season and thinking about the best ski resorts Italy has on offer.

Among the top places for skiing is the mountainous country of Italy. Carve your way through the jagged mountains, alpine forests, and powder snow. 

From the top of the range ski slopes, to outdoor activities in the snow, fantastic resorts, and family-friendly adventures, Italy remains one of the best places for a skiing holiday.

Part of what makes skiing in Italy so fantastic are the magical resorts that are nestled among the mountains. While there are plenty of great options for enjoying a winter holiday, this is a guide for booking the absolute best ski resort in Italy.

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Best Ski Resorts Italy for All Levels of Experience

While embarking on a winter camping trip with a snug, warm sleeping bag is always great fun, sometimes treating yourself to a holiday in a luxury resort is in order. Booking a resort all depends on your personal preference.

Take your pick from these top Italy ski resorts and get your skis ready.

The ones listed in this article suit a range of travelers. From those who have no idea what a pizza point is, to others looking for tails that incorporate technical elements and steep drops.


1. Cortina d’Ampezzo: Best Ski Resort in the Dolomites

Cortina d’Ampezzo forms part of Dolomiti Superski, which is the largest ski circuit boasting 750 miles of ski slopes. Being one of the most upmarket resorts, Cortina has become a favorite among the locals. With an almost entirely Italian atmosphere, travelers get to embrace a traditional Italian ski holiday.

The center of the idyllic skiing village, Corsa Italia, features cobblestone streets that are entirely car-free and complete with hotels in every range. Corsa Italia is just a short walk away from the Faloria ski area.

However, those who choose to book accommodation outside of the town square will be delighted with the bus line that runs into the center.

Woman skier drinking tea from thermos in open veranda on mountai

Part of the reason Cortina is popular among tourists and skiers is that there is a range of accommodation options available. Options range from luxury wooden chalets, fit with saunas, to budget-friendly B&Bs that show off spectacular views of the surrounding slopes.

Families and beginners will have plenty of opportunities for enjoying the slopes, given that half the terrain is designed with intermediates in mind. Expert skiers will be just as pleased, as the slopes in Cortina are used among professional skiers, who particularly enjoy the cross-country ski trails.

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2. Cervinia: Top Resort for Snow Reliability

Often it is a luxury for Europeans to simply embark on a ski holiday when weather conditions are favorable. There are, of course, travelers who live on opposite sides of the world who aren’t able to adjust their schedule to ensure a successful ski holiday.

Cervinia is a resort that is best known for its snow reliability. This allows travelers to plan their holidays in advance, and still have a good chance of skiing on fresh slopes. Snow is almost always guaranteed from December to the end of April.

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With 72 beautifully groomed slopes, easy gradients, and seemingly never-ending pistes, Cervinia is a treat for beginners. Its high altitude means that your views during your skiing extravaganza are always going to be spectacular.

Although the resort isn’t the most jaw-dropping of all the Italian resorts, it provides the perfect location for a winter playground. With snow always promised and newbies being able to enjoy skiing as much as the experts, it’s one of the best places to ski in Italy.


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3. Madonna di Campiglio: Luxury, Cost-Effective Resort

Madonna di Campiglio is a luxury ski resort situated in northern Italy. And while luxury doesn’t always equate to incredible skiing, this resort features wonderful slopes for all levels and fantastic accommodation.

As well as being a world-class resort, Madonna is praised for being relatively affordable. While it’s not unlikely to see skiers showing off their designer labels on the slopes, you’ll also find that it’s popular among students and young sports enthusiasts. This spot is credited for its Apres ski and vibrant nightlife.

With Italy’s best-groomed trails and more than 100 miles of slopes, Madonna also offers ice climbing, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, ice-skating, and a toboggan slope. Winter babies will find enough snow to keep them happy the entire trip.

In terms of accommodation, elegant Victorian buildings, an olden day charm, and a classic atmosphere make Madonna a beloved resort. With its beautiful charm, this is an ideal place for any couple looking to embark on a romantic adventure in Italy.


4. Kronplatz: Italian Alps Skiing

If you were to conjure up images of an ideal ski resort, Kronplatz would be it. Perhaps with a twist. With dramatic peaks as your skyline, the resort has a particularly unique set up. Nestled atop of the dome-shaped mountain, it boasts 62 miles worth of slopes. At the bottom of the mountain, various villages sit waiting to be explored.

A day at Krontplats offers everything you’d expect from a ski holiday. Start your day on the slopes along the wide valleys, indulge in delectable food, choose from a collection of 500 wines, and a stop at the wellness facilities.

person skiing down a mountain on an angle

Given its high altitude, Kronplatz offers skiers something many other resorts might not. Long and fast pistes down to the Pustertal valley.

With a total of 43 runs, beginners have 25 opportunities to develop their skills, while the advanced can take on the challenge of the Black 5. Made up of Erta, Piculin, Herrnegg, Pre da Peres, and Sylvester.

Although skiing is at the top of travelers’ to-do-list, the resort offers climbers, snowboarders, hikers, and cyclists a vacation packed with adventure.


5. Val Gardena: Top Choice for Advanced Skiers

Val Gardena has stolen the hearts of some of the world’s best skiers, given that 65% of the trails are catered towards intermediate and advanced skiers. The slopes show off magnificent snow-capped mountains, rock formations, and pine forests. It’s the ideal choice for cross-country skiing, which is the resort’s biggest appeal.

The resort is situated in the greater Dolomiti Superski ski region but isn’t as traditional as many of the other Italian resorts. Due to a long history of skiing, the resort is extremely diverse, with travelers from all parts of the globe.

This is one of the smaller resorts and offers a much more intimate feel, and isn’t as vibey as many of the other resorts. Rather, it’s aimed at offering sporters an easy-going atmosphere and relaxed vacation. It’s not geared towards entertainment but makes up for it with its friendly staff and fantastic skiing.

In 2017, the Val Garden offered Italy’s first 8-seater chairlift, which features heated seats. With almost 250 miles of interconnected skiing, the chairs are a treat.


6. Corvara: Best Italian Ski Resort for Families

Corvara resort is ideal for family trips, particularly family trips in which not all members are expert skiers. Although it’s great for beginners, there are a couple of trails that are just as thrilling for advanced skiing.

The trails are perfect for those looking at skiing in all kinds of directions and through different terrains. Cruise down gentle, wide slows and admire the natural landscapes.

The village of Corvara is quaint and quiet. You’ll find a collection of restaurants that offer mountain dining with incredible views. The entire village is surrounded by awe-inspiring Dolomite scenery. This resort appeals to those looking for a less commercial and more down-to-earth stay.

In terms of your accommodation. Corvara offers 5-star stays in magnificent hotel suites. There are also plenty of opportunities for unwinding at the spas and wellness centers.

One thing to note about Corvara is that snow isn’t always guaranteed. This makes it more ideal for those in Europe aiming at planning a weekend trip to the snow, in which the logistics aren’t too complicated.

top of skis which have been placed on a ledge

7. Livigno: High Level of Fun

Livigno is a top choice for those looking to enjoy freestyle skiing on some of the most challenging ski slopes. Although they provide incredible paths for the advanced, there is just as much of a selection of routes for those who are new to the world of skiing.

Surround yourself around the fairy-tale scenery and book yourself a week at the resort. You can take advantage of the boot warmers, ski instructors, daily packed lunches, and a small workshop for all your repair needs.

For the freeriding experts, enjoy 19 miles of challenging cross country skiing in the sunshine. Or carve your way on the off-piste skiing spots.


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Final Thoughts on Italy Ski Resorts

Ready to embark on a snowy holiday in Italy? Whether it’s the luxurious resorts and dining experiences, or the challenging slopes that attract your attention, you’re sure to be blown away by a vacation on the slopes.

With resorts offering trails for absolute beginners, endless opportunities for developing your skills, and affordable accommodation, it’s a top winter wonderland destination in Europe.

This best ski resorts Italy post includes affiliate links. That means if you click through and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

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