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7 Best Gran Canaria Markets You Won’t Want to Miss

There are A LOT of markets in Gran Canaria. From the large to the small. Here is my complete guide to Gran Canaria markets.

Gran Canaria Markets in the Mountains

1. Teror Market Gran Canaria

Teror is a very cute mountain town in the north of Gran Canaria. Plaza del Pino is the centre of town and probably the heart of the market, although it extends across town.

This is a market that has everything and the offerings are quite high quality. Teror Market Gran Canaria has all the handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, hats, etc that you would expect.

Food-wise there is a lot on offer for shopping – fruit and vegetables, local produce, cheeses, etc. There was also a stall selling vegetarian chorizo de Teror – quite a delicacy. The other is known for this chorizo spread.

entrance with flowers at mercade del puerto las palmas
Mercado Del Puerto Las Palmas

There is a large tent set up for dancing – and couples were up and dancing before midday. Most of the restaurants around the Basilica are open.

Don’t miss the lovely perfume store called Casa Del Perfume Canario just near the basilica. There were not as many food stalls at Teror Market for immediate consumption as I expected.

The three main ones were located next to the dancing tent.

Casa Perfume entrance Teror Gran Canaria
Casa Perfume Teror Gran Canaria

The town of Teror is very cute and partially pedestrianized. Don’t just visit the market – a wonder of the streets will reward you with cute colored houses.

One steep street has a water feature that runs its length and is very photogenic.

This is the quintessential local market and exactly the type of cute market experience I was hoping for in Gran Canaria. Put it on your list of things to do in Gran Canaria, Spain.

Two men sheering two sheep at the Teror market Gran Canaria
Men sheering sheep at the market

How to Get To the Terror Sunday Market

This weekly market is open on Sundays between 8 am and 2 pm.

Plants and herbs for sale at Teror Market
Plants and herbs for sale at Teror Market

Parking at Teror market Gran Canaria is quite limited. I chose to drive through town and then parked on the roadside leading up to San Mateo.

Parking was free and I didn’t have to walk terribly far to get into town. If you do park where I did, follow the road back into town and turn right at Avenue de Venezuela. At the end of the street, you will see market stalls.

Teror is only a 20-minute drive from Las Palmas, about one hour and 10 minutes from Maspalomas.

Steep street in Teror Gran Canaria
The cute steep streets of Teror

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2. San Mateo Market Gran Canaria

Whilst the San Mateo market is quite a bit smaller than the one in Teror it is super cute. The covered market hall area is exactly what you want from a farmers market.

Lots of vendors selling everything from bread to wine to fresh fruit and vegetables etc etc. I found this area much more photogenic than similar areas in Teror and possibly the most photogenic of the Gran Canaria markets.

Entrance to market hall San Mateo market Gran Canaria Canary Islands
Entrance to market hall San Mateo market Gran Canaria Canary Islands

San Mateo market also has a large tent for dancing. The dance floor was full when I got there.

There is then a small mix of handicrafts and clothing stalls. The highlight of the San Mateo market for me was the discovery of the Palmetto restaurant, next to the bus station.

The appearance and location of Palmetto didn’t exactly present an image of high-quality food. However, they had several tables on the street opposite the restaurant and when I walked past I saw some amazing looking food – and every table was full.

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plate of padron peppers and glass of white wine
Padron peppers and wine at San Mateo market

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padron peppers up close
Delicious Padron peppers

I had the most fantastic Padron peppers – they aren’t called that in Gran Canaria but will be in the starters section on menus as peppers.

This was then followed up by mixed croquettes – one serving includes tuna, chicken, and spinach – plus chips. It was a great meal and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend visiting this restaurant on your Gran Canaria excursion to San Mateo market.

How to get to San Mateo Market

The market is on Sundays and runs from 8 am-2 pm.

palm plant and people and market stalls at san mateo market gran canaria
San Mateo market

I drove when I visited the San Mateo market. Drive through the town of San Mateo (you won’t have much choice as it is pretty much one road).

After you pass the market area there will be a parking sign on your left. Pull in to a big open area that obviously works as a parking lot on Sundays.

Parking is 1 euro 20 and will last you all day. It is less than a 5-minute walk to the market area.

Teror and San Mateo are only about a 25-minute drive from each other (it looks closer than this on the map but boy are there a lot of hairpin turns in the mountains of Gran Canaria that slow you down).

It is easy to visit both on a Sunday which I did. I highly recommend forgetting the car and taking an organised tour of the Gran Canaria Sunday Markets.

The Gran Canaria Villages Market tour will take you to both Teror and San Mateo markets on a Sunday as well as Santa Brigida. Much better not to have to deal with hairpin turns and parking.

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Markets Gran Canaria in the South

3. San Fernando Market Maspalomas

This Gran Canaria market moves around. On a Tuesday it goes to Arguienta and is the Arguineguin Market Gran Canaria. On Friday is the big one – Mogan Market Gran Canaria.

I was actually quite disappointed with this Maspalomas market. There was a lot of tat – designer knock-offs, cheap clothes etc. The San Fernando Gran Canaria market hall had slightly better offerings around fruit and vegetables and quite a few aloe vera stalls.

I did arrive at about 1 pm and quite a few stalls had packed up so maybe I had missed the best stuff. Everyone raves about the Mogan Friday market Gran Canaria and apparently they are the same vendors so I must have missed something.

If you have to choose between visiting this market or Mogan a Friday I would definitely go to Mogan Gran Canaria.

Stall and shoppers at maspalomas market gran canaria
Wares on display at Maspalomas Market, one of the most populat Gran Canaria Markets

How to get to the Market in Maspalomas

The market is in the actual town of Maspalomas (most of the restaurants in this area are in Melonaras which is a car journey away). The market runs from 8 am to 2 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Parking is tight at the Maspalomas market. If you are early there is parking in the middle of the road running parallel to the market.

If you are arriving a bit later try the parking area next to the service station you will pass on your left as you drive down to the market.

There is a roundabout at the end of the street so it is easy to turn around and head back to the service station parking should you miss it.

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colourful market fruits on display in Gran Canaria
Market fruits on display

4. Mogan Market Gran Canaria

This is the big one of the Gran Canaria markets! The Mogan Friday market is the biggest on the island. There are hundreds of stalls selling everything from clothing to food.

The market is throughout the super cute fishing town, Puerto Mogan. This is also a very photogenic market.

fountains between the steps of a street in Teror
Fountains throughout the steep steps of Teror

Ideally, make a day of visiting Morgan market. There are loads of good fresh seafood restaurants on the harbor.

Puerto Mogán massive Friday market is so crowded that there’s now a Monday handicraft market in the town as well. This focuses on handmade goods and all stallholders have to be certified as local handicraft producers.

The Monday Mogán market is behind the playa rather than along the harbour wall.

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Palm on display in front of a shop

How to get to Mogan Market

Mogan market Gran Canaria runs from 8 am to 2 pm on a Friday. Definitely get there as early as you can as this is a small town and parking is very difficult.

A better option is to take a ferry to get there so there is no need to worry about the car.

My hotel,Salobre Resort, ran a bus to and from the markets on Fridays so it may be worth checking with your accommodation.

Book a Tour to Mogan Market

Las Palmas Markets

5. Vegueta Market Las Palmas

Vegueta is a stunning market. This market is located in an old-style market hall in the old section of Las Palmas and has been running since 1858.

This is a high-quality market that could give Borough a run for its money. In particular, the fruit and vegetable displays at Vegueta Market Gran Canaria are absolutely stunning.

Fruits on display at Vegueta Market Las Palmas
Fruits on display at Vegueta Market Las Palmas

I had a terrific experience chatting with Jose at the Jose Y Alicia Stall in Vegueta Market. The stall owners are delighted to provide samples and to share stories of their suppliers – their passion oozes through.

I tried super tasty local small bananas, bull tomatoes with salt and amazingly fresh pineapple. This guy also sells spices.

I tried some avocado from Mogan. Apparently, Mogan has the best avocados as there is salt in the soil or something and buy did they have flavor. He served the avocado with a version of the mojo spices on top – wow.

Wines on display at a gran canaria market
Wine time!

This stall sells those spices and it is a great and cheap place to get some to take home. Vegueta is very much a fresh produce market and there are meat suppliers etc.

They did try having some food stalls/restaurants but apparently, this didn’t take off. However, the stalls are still there so maybe they will re-launch.

bearded man with glass jars of spices in a market
A friendly market stall owner

How to get to Vegueta Market Las Palmas

The market is 8 am-2 pm every day apart from Sunday. Vegueta market is located opposite the theatre.

6. Mercado del Puerto Las Palmas

Opened since 1891, Puerto Rico Market was the first fresh food market in Gran Canaria to also offer ready-to-eat food options.

I had a fantastic meal at El Market Puerto Rico at Piscos & Buches. I am a bit obsessed with Spanish pulpo (octopus) and their version was excellent,

fruit market stall at Puerto Rico market
Puerto Rico fruit market stall

This is also a popular market with locals, particularly for evening drinks. Puerto Rico market Gran Canaria has the usual stalls etc but it also has little restaurants and stalls.

food stall a puerto rico market gran canaria
Stall at marketplace Puerto Rico

How to get to Mercado del Puerto

Puerto Rico market is open 730 till midnight every day apart from Sunday when it opens at midday and closes at 830pm. The market is located just near the Aquarium and it is easiest to walk.

7. Gran Canaria Markets – Santa Brigida Market Gran Canaria

Santa Brigida is a smaller market and is more focused on fresh produce and wine. It is quite upmarket and more suited to locals vs tourists.

The above are the main markets in Gran Canaria. However, there are more. Quite a few towns run markets on Sundays including Santa Lucia and San Lorenzo.

The Maspalomas/Mogan market runs with fewer stalls at Arguineguin in Plaza Negro.

How to get to Gran Canaria and Getting Around

Gran Canaria is a 4-hour flight from London. Considering how far it is flights are very reasonably priced.

However, the key carriers are Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Tui etc which means Stansted and Luton. A pain for me but might work for you.

Easy Jet does do flights from Gatwick but their return flight gets you in quite late eg after midnight.

Flights to Gran Canaria

Once you arrive definitely the best option is to hire a car. It is easy to drive around the island – essentially one big round road.

Do watch out when heading into the interior. What can seem like a short distance on the map can take some time due to windy roads and mountains.

Glass jars with seeds and nuts inside on display at a market
Market wares on sale

When to visit Gran Canaria

Due to its location, Gran Canaria has quite consistently spring-like weather all year round. Peak season is generally seen as May through November where temperatures vary between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius from August to October.

December till April temperatures hover around 22 degrees Celsius – so basically a great temperature all year round. Seasonality tends to be more driven by the prices of airfares rather than the temperature.

Colourful street in Las Palmas Gran Canaria
Market Signs for Chorizo At San Mateo Sunday Market
Market Signs for Chorizo At San Mateo Sunday Market

Boutique Hotels in Gran Canaria

The two key areas for hotels in Gran Canaria are Las Palmas and around and then down in the south in the Maspalomas and Meloneras areas.

These are where the majority of hotels are located and usually ensure that you are not too far from the action for dinner or drinks.

I enjoyed my stay at the Salobre Resort. Salobre is near Maspalomas but is about a 15-minute drive into the interior of the island – mainly because it is based around a golf course.

For quite a large hotel Salobre has a fantastic boutique feel. The design and the details are all very stylish. As the hotel covers quite a big area physically, it never feels busy.

Glass of Cava in front of sun bed Salobre Resort Gran Canaria
Cava at Salobre

Importantly the hotel has seven pools. Yes, seven. My favourite was the adults-only Sunset pool which is located on the top floor of the resort. The pool has its own bar and a very large area for deck chairs and beds.

⇒ Salobre Resort > Read Reviews on Trip Advisor Book Your Stay

For style, a spa and a great location only 200m from the beach in Maspalomas

⇒ Bohemia Suites and Spa > Read Reviews on Trip AdvisorBook Your Stay

Rustic Chic and great value in Las Palmas

⇒ Hotel El Mondalon > Read Reviews on Trip AdvisorBook Your Stay

For an authentic Finca stay just north of Las Palmas

⇒Finca Las Longueras > Read Reviews on Trip AdvisorBook Your Stay

Who Paid for What with this Post

Gran Canaria Tourism was kind enough to cover the costs of my hotel, hire car, most meals and activities during my visit. I paid for my airfare. But as always my opinions are my own.

This post on Gran Canaria markets contains affiliate links. What that means is that if you click through on them and make a purchase I will generally receive a small commission. I just wanted to make sure that you knew.

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Padron peppers in Gran Canaria as a starters section is a unique way of combining food with wine I don't know about that I going to try it now and going to the supermarket and buy some Padron peppers.......hahaha I am a foodie and I can't stop my self when I see food.....

This was then followed up by mixed croquettes – one serving includes tuna, chicken, and spinach – plus chips. It was a great meal and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend visiting this restaurant on your Gran Canaria excursion to San Mateo market.


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Nice, comprehensive guide. "Los padrones" looks amazing!

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