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Qatar a380 Business Class Review: Is it Worth It?

Last time I flew with Qatar Airways it was about 8 years ago and in economy. My key memory was how dreadful Doha airport was – it was a giant tacky duty-free shop plus endless smoking rooms.

Well, things have changed. I was beyond delighted with my Qatar Airways business class experience and Doha airport is now giving Changi a run for its money.

Here is my complete Qatar Airways Business Class Review on the a380 including Doha Airport Lounge.

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Entrance to the Qatar Lounge at Heathrow Terminal
Entrance to the Qatar Lounge at Heathrow Terminal

Qatar a380 Business Class Review – Lounge at Heathrow:

candies in large jars on display in the qatar lounge at heathrow
How tasty do these look?
global deli buffet in qatar lounge heathrow
global deli buffet in qatar lounge heathrow review
signs for different areas in the qatar business class lounge at heathrow
They even need signs!

So let’s start where so many of my journeys do – Heathrow. Terminal 4 in this case. The Qatar Heathrow lounge is located near Gate 6.

Make sure you use the Qatar lounge Heathrow and not one of the shared ones. The lounge is beautifully laid out with extremely comfortable seats.

There is a proper restaurant with a proper menu and proper ordering. Most importantly there was also proper champagne – Laurent. This is the kind of lounge that makes you want to get to the airport early.

fish and chips up close
Dinner time – Fish and Chips
glass of champagne in the qatar airways business class lounge heathrow
time for a glass of champagne!
chair with lamp against a window in the qatar business class lounge at heathrow airport
A nice comfortable lounge

Qatar Business Class Review a380: In-flight London to Doha

The Qatar plane itself was lovely – very new and stylish. The seating, however, is not as private as singapore or Etihad Airlines.

The bedding had a fabulous plump pillow but the blanket was quite thin – not the nice mock duvet you often get in business in other airlines.

qatar a380 business class seat
The business class seat in the a380

The Qatar Airways business class toiletries were good – a slightly old fashioned case but a very nice face spray from Castello Monte Vibiano Vechhio – an Italian brand of which I had never heard.

The service was absolutely fantastic and so friendly – as good as my favourite airline for service Qantas. An unexpected bonus was pajamas. Again I have only ever had this in virgin business before. And very comfortable pajamas they were.

The in-flight entertainment system is fantastic. A great big screen and the most up to date movie options that I have ever seen.

I didn’t eat as it was a late flight and I had eaten in the lounge but a full menu was available on demand.

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⇒ Qatar flies to a large number of destinations. In Europe they fly to Austria, Czech Republic, Santorini in Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, London and Edinburgh. In the USA Qatar flies to Philadelphia and New York.

In Asia to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Kathmandu, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. In Australia, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. And in the rest of the world Jordan and Namibia.

Qatar a380 Business Class Review: Doha Airport and the Qatar Business Doha Airport Lounge

restaurant in the doha airport business class lounge for qatar
Stunning restaurant within the Doha business class lounge
infinity style pool in the qatar business class lounge at Doha airport
Amazing infinity style pool in the lounge at Doha

What an airport. Doha Airport looks like a giant Apple shop. This could be because there appear to be Apple screens everywhere – this is a country that is cashed up.

There are some slightly nihilistic kid’s playground areas but they are good for photos. And let’s not forget the giant teddy bear at Doha Airport – who wouldn’t have one??

workstation in the qatar airways business class lounge at doha airport
Kind of a workstation in the doha lounge

What a lounge! The Qatar Airways Business Class is HUGE. My favourite feature was the giant pond in it. You could swim laps in the pond it was so big.

The Qatar Airways Doha business class lounge has multiple restaurants. The seating in the lounge is incredibly modern and comfortable and very well thought through.

There are clear dining areas, some really nice areas if there are 3 or 4 of you together to have some privacy and lots of very comfortable sort of workstations plus. The food selection in Doha Qatar Airways lounge is fantastic.

Qatar Business Class Review a380: Flight from Doha to Kathmandu

We kicked this off with something I very much enjoyed – Qatar Airways Business class had its own bus to go from the terminal to the plane.

And what a plush and spacious bus it was. No standing and being jostled for us – these middle eastern airlines sure know how to make you feel special.

The legroom on the doha kathmandu leg qatar airways business class
The legroom on the Doha kathmandu leg
plush seats on the business class bus for qatar at doha airport
Plush seats for an airport bus!

As expected this flight involved an older plane. It was a classic old school business class – no beds of course but a comfortable seat.

The entertainment system available was virtually the same as the first leg but the screen was smaller and less modern.

Qatar Business Review: Jathamdnbu Lounge at Kathmandu Airport

business class lounge at kathmandu airport for qatar customers
The lounge in Kathmandu is not Doha standard but amazing for Kathmandu!

My expectations were very low for this lounge. The worst business class lounge I have ever been to was at Manila airport and this is where I had my expectations. I was delighted to be proven wrong.

It is a shared sort of generic lounge but it is part of the Radisson Hotel at the airport. There was a lot of food available.

To be honest it didn’t look that tasty but it was only about 11 am when I was there so maybe it improved. The wifi was excellent importantly.

sandwiches in a clear unit in the business class lounge at kathmandu airport
Not super appealing but at least a good amount!

Qatar a380 Business Class Review: Kathmandu back to London via Doha

large entertainment screen and window on Qatar Airways business class flight Doha to London
Fantastic Big Screen

The Kathmandu to Doha leg was pretty much the same in reverse – except I had some nice champagne on the flight (so appreciated after 3 weeks in nepal) and some delicious lamb shanks.

The only difference on the Doha to London leg was how the entertainment system operated. It was a fantastic screen and the same great entertainment system on the way out.

However, the screen wasn’t touch and you needed to use this kind of iPod device that was quite difficult to use.

It also meant you couldn’t check out movies on the big screen which is how I like to make my inflight film decisions. Apart from that everything was terrific.

Emirates is another great middle easter based airline – check out this Emirates Business Class Review to find out more

remote control on qatar airways business class flight
The slightly odd remote on this leg

This Qatar Airways Business Class Review is definitely a high thread count airline equivalent and I will be flying with them again.

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Boutique Hotels in Doha:

Doha is full of high-end upmarket hotels like the W Hotel and the Four Seasons. If you are after a more boutique option have a look at Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel, Al Zubarah Hotel or the slightly cheaper but still boutique Hotel K108.

qatar a380 business class red seat on doha to kathmandu flight
The red seat on the Doha to Kathmandu leg

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Who Paid for What in this Post

I covered all of the costs associated with flying Qatar Airways business class myself. This Qatar a380 business class post does contain affiliate links. This means if you click through on them and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of this.

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Friday 15th of February 2019

We recently visited Dubai via Emirates Airline; it was definitely a wonderful experience. Qatar Airways looks pretty cool too; I think at the end of the day, it all depends on what I want to do inside the airline, if I'm going to sleep or just watch movies, then my options will be limited. What do you say?

The Boutique Adventurer

Saturday 16th of February 2019

Hi - I tend to spend more for sleeping. It is a shame to miss the inflight experience but at the end of the day sleeping is most important in my opinion!

Punita Malhotra

Monday 12th of June 2017

Have never flown by Qatar earlier, but this post definitely gives me food for thought. The lounges and the airport facilities look posh and comfortable. And that pool!

Tarah Mason

Monday 5th of June 2017

I've never actually flown Qatar airways before, but have heard nothing but good things! I've also never flown business class on an international flight, but it looks delightful!

Ana Ojha

Monday 5th of June 2017

I liked the Heathrow and Doha lounges! They look so luxurious! Great review and you've covered all the points in quite details! Though I have never traveled with Qatar Airways!

LaiAriel R. Samangka ( Thelittlelai: Beyond limits)

Sunday 4th of June 2017

I haven't tried flying with Qatar Airways and this one is truly amazing. I like how they treat the passengers and the service is truly great. How I wish to experience this as well. By the way, you own an amazing review.

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