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21 Sensational Sunflower Fields in Ohio Farms, Mazes and More

Some Ohio flower fields are home to wild perennial sunflowers. Native Americans turned the flower into a single-headed plant and then used its seeds for a multitude of activities, from eating to medicine. These native sunflowers need a specific environment and take 2-3 years to flower from seed.

Sunflower fields in Ohio have five native sunflowers: the Giant sunflower, Sawtooth sunflower, Maximilian sunflower, Ashy sunflower, and Jerusalem artichoke. And the state has turned sunflower fields in Ohio into a fantastic tourism industry.

I’ve written about sunflower fields in Texas, sunflower fields in California and sunflower fields in Minnesota and neither got close to the 21 sunflower fields I found for Ohio. And I’m not even sure I got all of the sunflower fields in Ohio – do email me if I have missed any.

detailed sunflower head in foreground

21 Sunflower Fields in Ohio

1. Prayers from Maria

First planted in 2014, this sunflower field in Avon, Ohio, is expected to bloom in September 2022. This is in commemoration of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Prayers from Maria was started by Ed and Megan McNamara after their 7-year-old daughter Maria lost a battle with a rare type of brain cancer. Their purpose was to put a spotlight on the lack of funding for childhood cancer.

There is no entry fee as such to visit the Prayers from Maria sunflower field, but there are donation boxes and merchandise for sale. Benches line the outer edge of the sunflower field for rest stops, and there is even a small bridge that allows for views across the entire field.

It’s a great place to get a season pass to capture the beauty of sunflowers in bloom and a wonderful way to contribute to a humble cause. You can even donate a sunflower to someone special.

Avon Sunflower Field Maria's Prayer of Hope
PC: Maria’s Prayer of Hope Avon

Prayers from Maria has a second location in Cedar Point, Ohio and is expected to bloom around July and August this year. The fields are expected to remain open from 10 am to 8 pm daily.

2. Hendren Farm Market

Five acres of sunflowers that only opened in 2020. Admission includes one cut sunflower, and additional sunflowers can be purchased at the Hendren Farm Market. Sunflower season in Ohio starts around August, so keep an eye on their socials.

3. Branstool Orchards

This farm in Utica has 37 varieties of apples, 26 varieties of peaches, and a sunflower field. Admission to Branstool Orchards covers everything there and includes two cut flowers. Additional sunflowers can be purchased along with vases. Leashed dogs are welcome, and professional photographers need to register. You can expect the sunflowers to bloom around July.

sunflower and butterfly

4. Hillcrest Orchards Sunflower Festival

Hillcrest Orchards in Amherst will run sunflower festivals on September 3rd and 4th and September 10th and 11th in 2022. Medium and large vases can be purchased for your sunflowers, and photos are free. Get there between 10 am and 6 pm.

5. Circle S Farms

Instead of sunflower fields, this farm in Grove City has a sunflower maze in the fall. Entry to the sunflower maze at Circle S Farms is included in the standard admission ticket, and cut sunflowers are available but extra. Their season runs from July to mid-August.

6. The Tecumseh Sunflower Field

Part of the Tecumseh Land Trust, this is one of the oldest sunflower fields in Ohio. This Tecumseh sunflower field is located on US 68 towards Yellow Springs and is expected to bloom in September. There is generally no admission charge, and visitors are asked NOT to cut the sunflowers. Heaven for photographers.

tecumseh sunflowers in ohio
tecumseh sunflowers field

7. Van Buren Acres

Van Buren Acres has nine acres of a sunflower field in Ohio’s Hebron. The sunflower fields are open for 10 to 14 days in September when they are in bloom. The standard admission fee includes the sunflower fields as well as loads of other activities.

8. Dressbach Farms

This farm in Chillicothe charges admission per person and all sunflowers are extra. Bring your own clippers. No animals or pets are permitted. Expect the Dressback Farms sunflower fields to be open for one week potentially early September.

9. The Patch on 37 (Lynd Fruit Farm)

The largest public sunflower fields in Ohio at ten acres and a million sunflower heads, Lynd Fruit Farm is located in Pataskala. They even have 26 varieties of sunflowers without pollen. In September 2022, they will be holding their second S’miles of Sunflowers event. Tickets to the event cover the sunflower fields, wagon rides, music, and one cut sunflower (bring your own pruners).

Lynd Fruit Farm also allows for entry to just the sunflower fields at a reduced price during the week as well as early events.

woman on green tractor in lynd fruit farm ohio
PC: Lynd Fruit Farm

10. 22 Acres Farm

This farm in Newark has five acres of sunflower fields and 15 different varieties of sunflower. 22 Acres Farm expects its sunflowers to be in bloom from late July to August. The fields are open throughout the week but closed on Sundays. There are quite a few special events happening on Saturdays, including yoga in the sunflower fields.

Admission includes one cut sunflower per person and tickets can be purchased at the gate. And if you’re not much of a photographer they have one on site. She’ll take your photo for free and you pay if you want to download it.

sunflower fields in ohio up close

11. Jacquemin Farms

Jacquemin Farms has a sunflower patch usually in bloom during fall. Admission can include a bouquet, and you pay per family. Prices reduce, and flowers go up at the end of the season. They also open for a couple of special nights designed for sunflower photos at sunset. Check their Facebook page for regular updates.

12. Molnar Farms Sunflower Field

Molnar Farms offers to pick your own sunflowers throughout the fall season when sunflowers are typically in bloom. This usually kicks off around early August.

13. Cherryhawk Farm

This farm in Marysville expects to be in full sunflower bloom at the end of August. Cherryhawk Farm has set admission to one peck of apples – this includes admission to the sunflower fields, Ohio. The fee also includes allowing for non-professional photography.

14. Sunflower Days at Ramseyer Farms

Ramseyer Farms have more than 50 activities, including access to their sunflower field. They grow more than 20 varieties of sunflower over nine acres and have a sunflower festival each year. The season for 2022 opens on September 1st.

Admission includes one cut sunflower. Buy a mason jar or a vase and you can then fill them with as many sunflowers as you can fit in.

sunflower fields in ohio

15. Lohstroh Family Farms

This farm in Mount Sterling charges a $5 admission which includes one sunflower per person. Additional sunflowers can be purchased at $1 each. Bring your own pruners, and vases or containers are available for purchase at Lohstroh Family Farms.

16. Gorman Farms

Gorman Farms will be holding a sunflower festival on October 1st and 2nd in 2022. There will also be a craft market for the festival with a ton of food trucks and craft vendors. If you can’t make those exact dates, it is possible to visit the farm whilst the sunflowers are in bloom on all other days except for Sundays.

17. Coshocton Sunflower Festival

The Coschocton Sunflower Festival features four acres of sunflower fields. 2022 will be the festival’s fifth year, and they will have more than 40 different varieties of sunflowers in their field. The actual festival is planned to take place all throughout August, with the main festival from the 12th to the 14th. Follow Coschoton on Facebook to keep up to date with their season calendar.

man and woman in coschocton sunflower field
PC: Coschocton Sunflower Festival courtesy Visit Coschocton

Coshocton also holds a number of early and late days before and after the main weekend event, plus special photo shoots and live music. Tickets include a wagon ride and one sunflower of your choice. Season passes are also available for major sunflower fans.

Unique photo props are also placed throughout the fields to maximise your photo-taking creativity. The Sunflower festival also has a beer garden and tons of accommodation options to maintain the festival spirit.

sunflower head that looks like a face

18. Wenger’s Produce

This field in West Liberty is for sunflower photos only. Visitors are asked not to cut any sunflowers. Wenger’s Produce expects to be in bloom between September and October. They also have a market with fresh local produce.

19. Arrowhead Orchard

Located in Paris, Ohio, Arrowhead Orchard has hayrides, apple picking, a 2-acre corn maze, and the Applehouse Farm market selling some of its produce. They are open from September 2nd to October 31st, 2022.

In order to enter, you’ll have to purchase the Fall Activities Pass, which will give you unlimited access to everything mentioned above. You do get to purchase either a single, quart or half-gallon jar and fill it up with cut sunflowers.

20. Kuchta Farms

Kuchta Farms held a pick-your-own sunflower weekend in 2020. They have just over one acre of sunflowers, and an extra ticket is required for entrance to the sunflower field (the ticket includes one cut sunflower). They open on September 10 2022, so keep an eye on their website for more details.

sunflowers in ohio

21. Maize Valley

After a cancelled Sunflower Festival in 2020, Maize Valley is back with its third instalment of the annual festival. With over 100 artisans and Maize Valley beer or wine, you’ll definitely not want to miss this.

When to see Sunflower Fields in Ohio

Sunflowers in Ohio tend to bloom late summer/early fall. August and September are the months to look out for, but can be as early as July in some sunflower farms or as late as October.. The blooms tend to last about three weeks. The exact dates vary each year.

The best way to keep up to date with when Ohio sunflower fields will be blooming is to check the websites of the various farms and follow their facebook pages. Many sell their tickets ahead of time – particularly those that do events like a sunflower festival – so make sure to get your ticket early so you don’t miss out.

up close sunflower head

Fun Facts about Sunflowers

  1. Not all sunflowers are yellow – they also come in purple and red.
  2. Sunflowers can range in height. There are two categories of sunflowers: tall and dwarf. Tall sunflowers tend to be yellow and durable and will reach between 12 and 16 feet high. Dwarf sunflowers tend to be grown in clusters in small gardens and pots. They are referred to as dwarfs because they tend not to grow taller than 3 feet. However, both sizes love the full sunlight.
  3. Young sunflowers track the sun. Their face will follow the sun from sunrise to sunset every day and keep repeating this until they mature.
  4. Mature sunflowers face East. Once a sunflower reaches maturity their internal clocks start slowing down. Also, sunflowers are more productively warmed when facing East and once warmer they can attract up to five times more pollinators.
  5. Sunflowers are native to the United States. Although it is now harvested around the world, the sunflower plant is native to North America. North Dakota is the leading US state for sunflower production.
  6. Thousands of tiny flowers create a sunflower’s head. Each petal on the circumference of a sunflower is a unique flower. The long petals are called “ray florets”.
  7. There is a Teddy Bear Sunflower. These sunflowers are particularly bushy and spherical. They tend to produce double blooms which gives them a full fluffy head that looks like a teddy bear.
  8. Sunflower Seeds are highly nutritious. They are loaded with minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron as well as vitamins. Plus they are a valuable source of protein, fiber and polyunsaturated fat.
sunflowers of ohio

What Can I do with Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds are most commonly used in two ways. One is to eat them and two is to grow more sunflowers. Here’s how!

sunflowers in tuscany

How to Cook with Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are often forgotten in the pantry but they are super nutritious and can also add great flavour to food. Here are six ways to cook with sunflower seeds:

  1. Add to dough when making bread
  2. Sprinkle on your salads for some extra crunch
  3. Add to baked goods like muffins before putting them in the oven
  4. Add to vegetables for more flavor – toast the sunflower seeds before or add them to the cooking method
  5. Mix them in with your breakfast cereal
  6. When making pesto
attractions south wales

How to Grow Sunflowers at Home

It is relatively easy to grow sunflowers at home. To start your own sunflower garden, you’ll need to find a patch of full sun. Sunflowers also need a bit of support, so they don’t fall over. Against a wall or a fence is perfect.

Literally, sow the seeds where you want the sunflowers to grow as they don’t do well with being replanted. Place the seeds about 12mm deep and 45cm apart. They need a deep watering and wait patiently for your own sunflower patch. 

When to Plant Sunflowers in Ohio?

Mid-April to May is the best time of year to sow sunflower seeds. Give them a good thorough watering at least once a week. Now you may be wondering when do sunflowers bloom in Ohio? Well, they typically take 8 to 12 weeks before flowering and are best seen from around late July through to October. 

If you want to cut your sunflowers, do so early in the morning and make sure you use a tall vase so that their heads are supported.

medellin flower festival display

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