Best Restaurants in Medellin: The 10 Restaurants and Cafes you Must Not Miss!

A beautiful breakfast at Botanika

I spent a month based in Medellin in August and absolutely fell in love with it! I was lucky enough to be in town when the biggest festival of the year Feria de Las Flores was on, had a very photogenic day trip to Guatape and saw the key sites from Narcos on a Pablo Escobar Tour.

Check out my list of What To Do in Medellin. In addition to all this boy did I eat! There are some brilliant food restaurants in Medellin as well as cafes.

But, this post is about the Best Restaurants in Medellin! There is an astonishing amount of variety and fusion and new places popping up every day. Medellin is a big place so I have focused on the El Poblado neighbourhood in this post with a couple of exceptions.

This is where I stayed so where I ate the most and it is where most tourists stay. It is also known as a key restaurant area in Medellin and for having some of the best restaurants in Medellin, Colombia.

The biggest surprise for me of the Medellin restaurant scene is its amazing value! Even the most expensive restaurants would be considered cheap in other big cities. The quality and serving sizes are not compromised nor is the service.

I would say Medellin is the best value eating destination I have ever visited. So I highly encourage you to take advantage of this whilst in Medellin and eat eat eat!

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View over stunning Medellin Colombia
View over Medellin

One of the most popular things to do in Medellin is to visit the sites associated with Pablo Escobar – they are best visited on a tour

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Best Restaurants in Medellin: The Ones Not to Miss

1. Mondongo’s Medellin

Mondongo’s is one of the most famous traditional Colombian restaurants in Medellin. This place is frequented by locals, presidents, tourists – pretty much everyone! Mondongo’s has a great location in El Poblado on Calle 10 – right in the heart of everything.

chicken breast with avocado and chips on a plate at Mondongo's Medellin
Classics at Mondongos

The menu is classic Colombian. Mondongo’s has the Bandeja Paisa classic – as one of the top restaurants in Medellin, this is probably the place to have it!

I had the chicken which was basically grilled chicken with a massive side serving of avocado (I love how liberal they are with the avocado servings in Colombia!!!), loads of salad, those plantains of course as they are served with everything. They are most famous for their tripe soup or Sopa de Mondongo.

2. La Causa Medellin

la-causa-medellin outdoor seating area

This was my second favourite restaurant of the best restaurants, Medellin! La Causa is a mix of ceviche, sushi, and revolution! The menu is extensive and everything sounds amazing with La Causa (ceviche with a bit of a milky sauce that tastes amazing) mega fusion sushi and classic ceviche and sushi. I think I went four times and it was always amazing!

ceviche with sauce at La Causa Medellin
Delicious Ceviche at La Causa

3. Carmen Restaurant Medellin

Staircase at Carmen Restaurant Medellin
Inside Carmen Restaurant

Carmen is one of the most famous El Poblado Medellin restaurants. We went as a big group on a set menu. Alas, it was a bit of a difficult evening as it turned out the most of the group had food allergies/issues which made the Carmen Medellin set menu pretty much unworkable and took some time to figure this out  – the poor restaurant nearly went bananas!

green soup with vegetables at Carmen Medellin
First course at Carmen

This meant that I drank a lot of wine while this was being figured out and ended up a bit drunk by the time the food came! So I remember Carmen Medellin was absolutely delicious, I have quite a few slightly in the wrong spot photos and there was lots of it!

The restaurant is quite big with a bar area, a rear patio and an open kitchen.

4. Ocio Medellin

Inside Oci Medellin

In my opinion, Oci had the best food in Medellin Colombia – if you only go to one restaurant go to Ocio Medellin! And I would highly recommend that you book as it gets booked out. The food is amazing!

It is a mix of modern European with some Colombian influences such as the amazing Chicharron. Long cook is the specialty of Oci Medellin Parisian trained chef. They also have a super cute little bar where you can eat. The online reviews are all very positive about Oci.

starter course at Oci Medellin including green salad
starter at Oci
prawns and chopped potatoes on black plate at Oci Medellin
More amazing food at Oci
Lamb Shank with gravy and mashed potato on a dark plate at Oci Medellin
Main meal at Oci
dessert with caramel sauce and ice cream on the side at Oci Medellin
Amazing dessert at Oci

5. Crepe and Waffle

There are quite a few Crepe and Waffles in Medellin. This is one of those local chains that everyone loves – and with good reason. Let’s start with its employment policy. Crepe and Waffles choose to employ women who have experienced difficult times which is fantastic.

Crepe with mushroom sauce at Crepe and Waffle Medellin
Delicious mushroom crepe at crepe and waffle
waffles with caramel sauce, cream and vanilla ice cream on a white plate
And of course the waffles!

Crepe and Waffle are of course best known for their crepes and waffles and my gosh they are good! There is a very long menu with every type of flavour from savory to sweet. This also means that the same menu works well for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! They also stock some absolutely amazing ice cream. I bought a tub of the salted caramel/arequipe and it disappeared fast!

I also heard a rumour that they have an amazing value take away salad offer. I am afraid I never got past the appeal of the crepes and the waffles! A must visit!

The most popular day trip in Medellin is to beautiful Guatape – don’t miss it and take your camera!!!

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6. Mondoverde

Mondoverde became my go-to lunch place! They have a fantastic super healthy menu where you can either put together your own salad based on a formula or choose one of their suggestions. They also do amazing juices. Mondoverde is the perfect place for a healthy and tasty lunch. This is a good quality fast food restaurant and very much vegetarian-friendly.

Other Good Medellin Restaurants:


I found Verdeo to be a slightly odd restaurant. It is vegetarian-friendly and quite innovative. The food was okay but not amazing. However, I am not a vegetarian so if you definitely give it a try.

Verdeo restaurant Medellin
Entrance to Verdeo
plate of rice with vegetables at Verdeo Medellin
Dinner at Verdeo

3 Tipicos

Traditional Colombian in the heart of El Poblado. I thought the food was okay. 3 Tipicos was near where I was staying and it always seemed to be packed with locals. I think I was not the biggest fan of classic Colombian food thus my preference for some of the more fusion heavy restaurants. If you like the classic South American style then I would definitely recommend 3 Tipicos.

Exterior of 3-Tipicos restaurant Medellin
3 Tipicos restaurant


Natto is a great lunch spot. Healthy salads, wraps and juices.

Check out all my Favourite Travel Stuff Here!



Mistura offers good Japanese food at the edge of El Poblado. One of the best Japanese restaurants in Medellin Colombia.

ceviche, avocado and sushi at Mistura Medellin
Delicious Japanese at Mistura


Bonhomia Medellin is meat-heavy! They do a great charcuterie platter and are also known for their cheese fondue. Good wine selection. Nice mix of outdoor and indoor seating. One of the best restaurants in Poblado Medellin.

platter of charctuerie meats and cheeses at Bonhomia
Charcuterie platter at Bonhomia

La Matriarcha

La Matriarcha is a relaxed seafood-heavy restaurant with some Italian and classic Colombian thrown in.

green juice at la-matriarcha
Delicious Juice at La Matriarcha


Kabuki has very good Japanese but has the bad luck of being next door to La Causa – and I would always choose La Causa as it is one of the best restaurants in Medellin!

sushi on white plates and drink at kabuki-medellin
Sushi at Kabuki

Key Tip: Most Medellin Restaurants do sell some type of wine. However, I highly recommend you order wine by the bottle rather than the glass. A glass of wine in Colombia is more like a thimble of glass – they pour very very lightly!

Not only does the wine disappear fast it ends up being much more expensive to buy wine by the glass than to get a bottle. So I would suggest just ordering a bottle. You can most likely take it with you at the end of the night if you don’t finish it.

Food Markets in Medellin:

Mercado del Rio is a fantastic conglomerate of over 40 small stalls/restaurants in the heart of Medellin. There is also a fantastic wine bar there (you can bring food in to have with your wine) and a couple of more formal restaurants upstairs.

Mercado Del Rio Medellin entrance
Entrance to Mercado Del Rio

The key reason to go to Mercado del Rio is the amazing selection of different cuisines. There are quite a few stalls that do upgrades on Colombian classics like arepas. Then there is pretty much every other cuisine you could imagine – from bbq to Japanese to Mexican.

different food stalls in mercado del rio medellin
So many food options at Mercado Del Rio!
wine bar at mercado del rio medellin
The Wine Bar at Mercado Del Rio
popsicles on display at mercado del rio medellin
Delicious Popsicles at Mercado Del Rio

But if you only eat one thing on your visit to Mercado del Rio make it a popsicle! They have some amazing popsicle stalls and they actually taste even better than they look!

Every Sunday there is a Farmers Market in El Poblado. It is quite small but the quality is high. There are quite a few eat now options – and some amazing fruit juices of course. And also some great take away food options if you are staying in Medellin.

man with cheeses at el poblado farmers market
El Poblado Farmers market
man making juice at el poblado farmers market medellin
Getting the passionfruit juice going!

Where to Stay in Medellin

I had a fantastic stay in the Art Hotel Medellinread my review here. For prices and availability click here. I would highly recommend staying in the El Poblado area for first-time visitors as it is full of great restaurants and shops and easy to get around. It is also very tourist-friendly and just makes life a bit easier so you can enjoy Medellin. I think it is one of the best value Medellin hotels as well.

Click here for Latest Prices and Availability for Art Hotel Medellin


I also used the gym at the Charlee Hotel and it was lovely! It also has a great central location in Medellin and a fantastic rooftop bar and pool! The rooms at the Charlee Hotel are gorgeous and they also have a great restaurant on the ground floor. Click here for prices and availability.

Top floor bar at the Art Hotel Medellin
Super cool bar area at Art hotel Medellin!

I have also read good things about the Diez Hotel Click here for Prices and Availability. For a quieter option in the centre of town check out The Sites Hotel Prices and Availability Here.  And Hotel Loyds is another good option in El Poblado – Click here for Prices.

The Best Cafes & Coffee in Medellin

7. Pergamino

outdoor seating area at Pergamino Medellin
Great outdoor eating at Pergamino

Often cited as the best café in Medellin and for good reason. Pergamino has mostly outdoor seating and is a lovely area that is very popular with locals and digital nomads. They have excellent coffee and a great menu of interesting brunch and lunch options.

coffee in a brown cup on an outdoor table at Pergamino Medellin
Fabulous coffee at Pergamino
egg and pastry breakfast at pergamino medellin
Delicious Pergamino Breakfast

8. 37 Park

37 Park is a bit of everything. It’s inside and it’s outside. It’s a little bakery and it’s a bar. It’s a restaurant and a café. It appears to be open all the time. And I really liked it! They do a fantastic brunch – interesting selections, great flavour combinations, and good coffee. 37 Parque is also a great place to meet for a drink and/or to have dinner.

The bar at 37-park medellin
Inside Park 37
baked eggs and toast on checked napkin at Park 37 medellin restaurant
Breakfast at Park 37

9. Velvet

Fantastic coffee! And such a lovely space! Velvet is quite a long thin restaurant with a terrace at the front and an area in the back that is flooded with light. It is a popular choice for digital workers and there are laptops at dawn. The breakfast menu is more limited but they do have delicious pastries and some nice yoghurt and muesli offerings. But the key reason to go to Velvet is the amazing coffee!

entrance to velvet cafe medellin
Looking into Velvet
yogurt with granola, strawberreis and apple slices at velvet medellin
A pretty breakfast at Velvet
back lounge area  at velvet medellin
The back lounge area at Velvet

10. Al Alma

My favourite brunch spot in Medellin! Al Alma does a big brunch menu and have quite a few fusion western options. They have this amazing brioche type bread that isn’t actually brioche but gosh it tastes good! Al Alma also has a bakery so you can buy this takeaway. And they do a proper English style fat pork sausage which is great on the brioche and their sweet cream cheese type spread.

There is seating outside as well as seating sprawling out onto the small street where Al Alma is located.

entrance to al-alma medellin
The Wonderful Al Alma


Urbania has outstanding coffee and some delicious local chocolates. It is quite small so best suited to take away coffee rather than digital nomad working.

urbania coffee bar medellin
The Urbania Coffee Bar
urbainia medellin flat white coffee in a to go cup
Great coffee at Urbania

Ganso & Castor

Ganso & Castor has fantastic breakfasts but bad coffee!

Ganso & Castor medellin tables and black and white check floor
Cute interior of Ganso and Castor
baked eggs with tomato on a white plate at Ganso and Castor Medellin
Tasty breakfast at Ganso & Castor


Desayunos has an interesting breakfast menu and the food was tasty. Decent coffee but not as good as Pergamino and Velvet.

desayunos restaurants in medellin menu board
The Entrance to Desayunos
Desauynos medellin breakfast eggs and mushrooms on toast
Truffles and mushrooms on toast


Medellin’s most beautiful breakfasts! Botanika is well known for its amazing use of avocados. Nice location and good coffee.

wholemeal pancake with apple, melon and strawberries at Botanika
Such a beautiful breakfast at Botanika

Restaurants and cafes in Medellin are opening and closing all the time! Please do let me know any updates or different views and I will look to incorporate them into this post!

How to Get to Medellin

Medellin does have an international airport although the number of flights is quite limited.  The airport is about a 45-minute drive from the centre of town.  I flew with Iberia when I went – Read my review. 

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There are loads of internal flights in Colombia and they are usually quite cheap. As the country is so mountainous car journeys are long and twisty! So flights can be cheap and fast. Medellin to Colombia only takes half an hour and there are flights every hour.

Click here for deals on flights Medellin to Cartagena and Medellin to Bogota

Bogota is the main international airport in Colombia.

And if you’re planning your Colombia Trip don’t miss my 2 Week Colombia Itinerary post.

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Useful Links

When visiting Medellin don’t miss the city’s number one day trip to Guatape – you can read my complete travel guide here.

I also really enjoyed visiting Bogota when I was in Colombia which was unexpected! Read about it here. 

I have written about Colombia for several websites:

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noodles and sushi at La Causa medellin
More delicacies at La Causa


If you are travelling solo and looking for tours of Colombia try these options:

Exodus Holidays Colombia

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Don’t leave home without travel insurance Click here for a good deal.

Who Paid for What with this Post

I paid for everything! This was completely me travelling and not working with any tourism boards or hotels etc.

However, this post does contain affiliate links. That means that if you click through on them and make a purchase I may well receive a small commission. I just wanted to make sure that you knew.

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  • You were serious about finding the best places to eat in Medellin. All these places look fantastic. I am not that familiar with Colombian food but I know it is good. I think I will go crazy in Medellin. Not sure if I will be eating all day (sound like a great idea to me). #TPThursday

  • I am sitting across from La Causa right now reading this post at the Starbucks in Laureles. (I came across this post on Pinterest and was curious to see if I had eaten at any of your top picks.) I’ve heard great things about that restaurant and plan to try it soon. Are you still here in Medellin?

    • Alas Paul I have moved on – I loved Medellin! I am jealous that you are there and can have some amazing food! La Causa and Oci are the 2 not miss in my view! Let me know how you get on! Always keen to edit my posts with the most up to date information and any new finds! thanks for the comment

  • Wow, what a comprehensive food and destination post this is. I love the look of Pergamino and can see myself enjoying the relaxed courtyard and a coffee or two to keep me and my laptop company. (and Hubby of course lol)

    • Thanks Jan! I highly recommend Pergamino – great coffee and great pastries and food! Velvet is virtually across the road so you can try out both in one visit!

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  • I’m taking my girlfriend to OCI for date night tonight and, based on your rave reviews, I’m drooling already.

    Did you happen to have any favorite menu del dia spots in the city? I’m trying to visit all of the top ones to find the best.

    • Chris how did it go? I am confident Oci delivered! Gosh Menu del Dia – I didn’t do too many of those although I think you can get some great deals. Let me know any you find and I can update my post!

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