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21 Highest Bridges in the United States

The highest bridges in the United States are as spectacular as the tallest buildings and skyscrapers across the country.

While beautiful from afar, these bridges offer impressive sights from atop. You can’t help but marvel at these tremendous feats of engineering and architecture.

Feast your eyes on the highest bridges in the States, with stunning construction and designs.

21 Highest Bridges in the United States

Here are the 21 highest bridges in the U.S.A. You’re bound to be amazed by the sheer magnificence of each one.

1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Thanks to the Chief Engineer who designed this bridge and the efforts of his team of 80 brave men, America got its highest suspension bridge at 956 feet above Royal Gorge’s floor in 1929.

It also remained the world’s highest bridge until 2001.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado
Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado Source: Commons/Wikmedia

Stretching 1,260 feet across the Royal Gorge and with 1,257 wooden planks, this is one bridge to visit if you seek adventures and thrills. But, of course, there’s also the majestic view of the Arkansas River.

If you visit during the summer, you can see all 50 state flags proudly flying along this bridge.

This is a must-visit vacation spot close to Cañon City, Colorado, inside Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, for the views, the experience, and the thrill of walking over this bridge.

2. Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, Arizona / Nevada

The bridge opened in 2010 in honor of Mike O’Callaghan (Nevada’s ex-governor) and Pat Tillman (a former football player killed while serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan). 

It’s also one of the most expensive bridges in America, costing an estimated $114 million for its construction.

mike o'callaghan pat tillman bridge
mike o’callaghan pat tillman bridge

At 890 feet over the Colorado River, it is the world’s highest concrete arch bridge and America’s second-highest, also known as the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge.

You can easily cross the 1,900 feet distance between Arizona and Nevada over this bridge within the Lake Mead National Recreational Area.

You’ll be in awe of the incredible sights from this bridge. 

mike o'callaghan pat tillman bridge
mike o’callaghan pat tillman bridge

3. New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia

New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia
New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia Source: Wikimedia

New River Gorge Bridge is a beauty indeed and, fittingly, one of the most photographed places in West Virginia.

What once took 40 minutes driving down narrow mountain roads to get across the river in Fayette County before 1977, now takes less than a minute across this bridge.

New River Gorge Bridge West Virginia
New River Gorge Bridge West Virginia

Standing 876 feet high, 3,030 feet long, with a 1,700-foot long steel arch, this bridge was designed by Michael Baker Company and cost $37 million to construct.

The bridge sees a daily traffic of over 16,000 vehicles.

If you happen to be around West Virginia in October, don’t miss out on the annual “Bridge Day” hosted on the third Saturday of October. You can experience thousands of spectators walking across the bridge, music, food and crafts vendors, rappelling, BASE jumping, and more.

4. Foresthill Bridge, California

Another stunning bridge set in picturesque scenery, the Auburn-Foresthill / Foresthill / Auburn Bridge, stands 730 feet above the American River’s North Fork stream bed in Placer County.

You might recall seeing this bridge in the movie XXX (2002) featuring Vin Diesel.

foresthill bridge calilfornia
foresthill bridge calilfornia

The construction of this 2,428 feet long bridge took an estimated $13 million, and it was the combined efforts of Willamette Western Contractors and Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Since its opening in 1973, it has had vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Walking across the bridge, you can see handmade inscriptions made by passersby over the years, most being testaments to present and past relationships.

You might enjoy reading my article on United States dangerous bridges.

5. Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona
Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona Source

A unique, horseshoe-shaped bridge standing 720 feet high and 70 feet wide, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is all things mind-blowing.

The cantilever bridge in Eagle Point is at an elevation of 4,770 ft and was designed by Mark Ross Johnson Architects.

With a glass skywalk floor (made of five layers of glass) 2.5 inches thick and the surrounding red terrain, it has remained a tourist attraction since its opening in 2007.

highest bridges in the united states

This glass bridge extends 70 feet out beyond the Grand Canyon’s rim. And here’s the catch, you can’t take your cameras or cell phones with you on the skywalk. Just enjoy the moment and live the experience!

6. Glen Canyon Dam Bridge, Arizona

Extending over 1,271 feet in Coconino County, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation built this Arizona landmark in 1959 to aid in the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam.

glen canyon dam
glen canyon dam

At 700 feet over the Colorado River, the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge marks the vital U.S. 89 route.

Like many things in life, the majestic bridge surrounded by red rocks and cliffs was born out of necessity. Unfortunately, it also involved the tragic deaths of 18 workers during its construction period.

glen canyon dam
glen canyon dam

7. Phil G. McDonald Bridge, West Virginia

The Phil G. McDonald Bridge also stands 700 feet high, similar to its previous contender.

The bridge was named after Phill G. McDonald, a native and U.S. army man, also a Medal of Honor (the highest military decoration) recipient, for his actions in the Vietnam War.

photography locations near philadelphia

It’s considered the highest bridge among the U.S. Interstate Highways and has four lanes, with scenic views of Glade Creek. It’s known to many locals as the Glade Creek Bridge.

Costing $29 million, this bridge in Rayleigh County, a few miles east of Beckley, spans a width of 784 feet and was officially opened in 1988.

Don’t forget to glance around and take in the views of wonderful West Virginia while crossing over the bridge.

8. Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico

Call it the Gorge Bridge, the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, or High Bridge; you have a postcard-perfect structure.

Since its opening in 1956, this bridge hovering 650 feet above the Rio Grande Gorge, has appeared in several movies, including Natural Born Killers, Twins, White Sands, Terminator Salvation, and Wild Hogs, among others.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico Source: Commons Wikimedia

With a lovely, serene ambiance, it was also named the Most Beautiful Long Span Steel Bridge of 1966.

You can even shop for souvenirs and other items from local vendors right next to the outlook area.

9. Perrine Bridge, Idaho

Named after I.B. Perrine (one of the principal founders of Twin Falls), the Perrine Bridge, which opened in 1976 over the Snake River, is a four-lane truss arch standing 485 feet high.

Perrine Bridge should be your next destination if you’re a BASE jumping enthusiast.

perrine bridge idaho
Perrine bridge Idaho

The 1,500-feet long bridge in Twin Falls carries the U.S. Highway 93 and connects Jerome County and Interstate 84.

This is one massive, majestic bridge with the river’s blue waters and beautiful canyon rock structures.

10. Navajo Bridge, Arizona

Two bridges, one new and one historic, remain among the seven land crossings across the Colorado River for 750 miles.

With two spans, the Navajo Bridge (or should I say bridges) is located on the East Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, on Navajo Tribal lands.

Navajo Bridge, Arizona
Navajo Bridge, Arizona Source: Commons Wikimedia

The older bridge (known as the Grand Canyon Bridge), built in 1929, is 467 feet high and 834 feet long and was the only place to cross the Colorado River for 600 miles. It remains open for pedestrian and equestrian use.

The newer bridge, built in 1995, stands 470 feet high and 909 feet long and is open for vehicular traffic. 

11. Moyie River Canyon Bridge, Idaho

Standing 464 feet high, this bridge was built in 1965 to replace the old bridge erected in 1923 downstream from the Moyie Dam.

This 1,223 feet long steel truss cantilever bridge, currently under Idaho Transportation Department’s maintenance, is located at mile marker 70 on U.S. Route 2.

Moyie River Canyon Bridge, Idaho
Moyie River Canyon Bridge, Idaho Source: Commons Wikimedia

An architectural marvel against the foliage and backdrop of the spectacular Idaho County, this bridge near Moyie Springs, just east of Bonners Ferry, is a local attraction owing to the stunning canyon views from the bridge. 

12. Pine Valley Creek Bridge, California

Located in San Diego County, California, the bridge is also known as the Nello Irwin Greer Memorial Bridge.

It opened in 1974, named after Nello Irwin Greer, a U.S. Army Sergeant from World War II and project engineer.

Standing 450 feet above the Pine Valley floor, the bridge has two spans stretching 1,691 feet (Northern span) and 1,741 feet (Southern span) long. It’s a reinforced concrete box girder bridge.

pine valley bridge
pine valley bridge Source: Flickr slworking

Thanks to Greer’s design, the Pine Valley Project was re-routed to help preserve the charming beauty of the mountain community of eastern San Diego County, along with saving construction costs worth millions.

If you drive on Interstate 8 east as far as Pine Valley, you’ll most certainly enjoy the views from the high-altitude bridge just before the Pine Valley exit.

13. Cold Spring Canyon Arch Bridge, California

It’s green, it’s the state’s biggest steel arch bridge, and its tallest point stands 400 feet above the Cold Spring Canyon’s floor.

The 1,217 feet long bridge in Santa Ynez Mountains connects Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara and is part of State Route 54.

Cold Spring Canyons Arch Bridge California
Cold Spring Canyons Arch Bridge California Source: Commons Wikimedia

Considered a site of historical importance, this bridge was deemed eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Completed in 1964, the bridge also adds to its designation as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

While crossing the bridge, you’ll be greeted with panoramic views of the mountains and the valley below.

14. Burro Creek Canyon Bridge, Arizona

About 15 miles south of Wikieup, Mohave County is a steel arch bridge that exemplifies the bridges built around the mid-century.

This bridge has two arch spans. Built in 1966, the original silver-colored two-lane truss arch stands 388 feet over Burro Creek and is 680 feet long. However, since this wasn’t sufficient as it once was, the 700-feet long newer Burro Creek Bridge was built in 2005.

Burro Creek Bridge
Burro Creek Bridge Source: Trip Advisor

The newer, rust-weathered arch carries two lanes of northbound traffic, with the previous one handling southbound traffic.

Two similar bridges running parallel with a scenic backdrop make for a sight to behold.

15. High Steel Bridge, Washington

At a time when temporary wooden structures were common as logging bridges, the Simpson Logging Company sought a permanent, durable structure. This led to the making of the High Steel Bridge in Mason County in 1929.

High Steel Bridge, Washington
High Steel Bridge, Washington Source: Commons Wikimedia

The south fork of the scenic Skokomish River has this bridge standing 375 feet above it, spanning a length of 685 feet.

While it originally played an essential role in logging operations in the Olympic Peninsula’s new areas, it was converted into a roadway in 1964 and continues to be used for logging.

16. Hoffstadt Creek Bridge, Washington

The second of the highest bridges in Washington is the Hoffstaft Creek Bridge, a deck truss bridge.

When the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in 1980 destroyed the original highway, it led to the construction of this bridge in 1991 as a replacement, costing $12.6 million.

Hoffstadt Creek Bridge washington
Hoffstadt Creek Bridge washington

Most enjoy riding over this open-air bridge at 370 feet over Hoffstadt Creek. However, those who fear heights take a deep breath while crossing this marvel of construction.

17. Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, New York / Ontario

The only international bridge on this list, the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, is an arch bridge standing 370 feet over the Niagara River and is also one of the busiest.

If you’re crossing the Niagara Region via road to Canada, you’re bound to drive over this bridge and experience full-stop traffic most days.

Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, New York Ontario
Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, New York Ontario Source: Commons Wikimedia

Offering splendid views of both the U.S.A and Canada, the bridge, constructed in 1962, is a twin of the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls.

18. Hansen Bridge, Idaho

The Hansen Bridge, also known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge, stands 350 feet high and is 762 feet long, spanning the vast and beautiful Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls, Idaho.

This concrete deck girder bridge on Idaho State Highway 50 was constructed in 1966 to replace the 325 feet high rim-to-rim steel suspension bridge of 1919.

Hansen Bridge Idaho
Hansen Bridge Idaho Source commons wikimedia

With two enormous concrete structures holding the entire bridge up, the impressive bridge has equally incredible canyon views stretching into the horizon.

19. Vance Creek Bridge, Washington

An abandoned yet popular bridge, the Vance Creek Bridge in Mason County, was constructed in 1929 and currently has neither tracks nor a roadway.

At 347 feet high, it’s the second-highest railroad arch in America after the High Steel Bridge close by it. After being decommissioned in the 1970s, this bridge has remained closed to the public, yet it remains a viral tourist destination and is mainly an attraction for thrill-seekers and photographers.

Vance Creek Bridge, Washington
Vance Creek Bridge, Washington Source: Commons Wikimedia

The nearby High Steel Bridge provides views just as spectacular and is easier to access. Not to forget, there’s even bungee jumping at certain times of the year from the bridge.

20. Thomas Creek Bridge, Oregon

The tallest bridge in Oregon, with a magnificent view of the Oregon Coast and the Pacific Ocean, Thomas Creek Bridge, is in Curry County, Oregon.

Standing 345 feet high, this is a triple-span deck truss on coastal route 101.

Thomas Creek Bridge, Oregon
Thomas Creek Bridge, Oregon

Built in 1961, the bridge was designed by Ivan D. Merchant, also known for designing the Astoria-Megler Bridge in Oregon.

A bridge with an ocean view; does it get any better than this?

21. Fred G. Redmon Bridge, Washington

The 325 feet high Fred G. Redmon Bridge is located In Yakima County, Washington, otherwise called the Selah Creek Bridge. The bridge was named after the first chair of the Washington Highway Commission. 

This concrete twin-arch bridge was built in 1971 and is a part of Interstate 82 between Yakima and Ellensburg.

Fred G. Redmon Bridge, Washington
Fred G. Redmon Bridge, Washington Source: Commons Wikimedia

The bridge was awarded the Grand Award “for excellence in the use of concrete” in 1971 and was the highest bridge in Washington and the longest concrete arch bridge in the United States at the time of opening.

From 956 feet high to 325 feet, there’s quite a difference between the first and last on the list of the highest bridges. Regardless, each is a splendid engineering feat and a treat to witness and experience.

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