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101+ Amazing Places in California (2022) You’ll Want to Visit

Beautiful California is undoubtedly a fantastic place to visit. The state is home to a jaw dropping number of natural and man made attractions. Whether you’re a fan of nature or city life there are loads of places in California that will suit your interests.

This article covers over 101 fantastic places to visit in California. We’ll cover where to see some of the best sunsets in the state, where to drink wine in California, where to spa, where to eat, where to see sunflowers and pumpkin patches and much much more.

From the lakes of Southern California to the hot springs of Nothern California and San Francisco, Yosemite and San Diego and more inbetween get ready to start building your California bucket list!

Sunset_Griffith_Observatory_Los_angeles places in California
Sunset at Griffith Observatory

101+ Amazing Places in California You’ll be Dying to Visit

Places in California

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