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23 Best Beaches In Bali You’ll Love

Looking for the best beaches in Bali for your trip to the ‘Island of the Gods’? 

Bali is famous for its scenic, dramatic coastline and its endless miles of wide sandy beaches. These beaches range from the fine white sands and golden beaches of the southern part of the island to the black volcanic sand of the northern and eastern beaches. 

Whether you prefer quiet, palm tree-lined unspoilt beaches or lively organised beaches lined with bars and cafes, there is a ‘pantai’ (beach) in Bali for you. 

Useful information about Bali beaches

Some Bali beaches are great to visit on a day trip, while others are ideal for longer. For example, you can stay in one of the jungle resorts in Ubud and only take a day trip to the remote Virgin Beach, which is totally worth it. Check out my Bali itinerary to help plan your trip.

But, when it comes to the beaches of the south in Canggu, Seminyak or Uluwatu, we recommend staying for at least a couple of nights to fully soak in their vibes.   

Also, checking the tide schedule before visiting a beach is always a good idea, especially if you need to travel far to get to it. For the best experience, avoid visiting during extremely high tide when waves take beaches away. 

Many Bali beaches can only be accessed by descending unpaved cliff paths or steep steps, so unfortunately, some beaches in Bali are unsuitable for visitors with mobility issues. However, this article also includes several accessible beaches where you can drive all the way to the sand. 

Most beach car parks in Bali charge for parking, and after you have parked, some beaches also charge an entrance fee, but it usually is less than a dollar. 

23 Best Beaches in Bali

1. Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach (also called Pantai Mengiat) is the largest and best beach in the Nusa Dua region.
It is a private beach surrounded by luxury hotels. As a result, the fine white sand beach is immaculately clean and only available to the guests of Nusa Dua resorts and hotels

Nusa Dua Beach by WTSB

However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to stay in a 5-star resort, there is a small public section, equally beautiful, that you can use. 

Nusa Dua is good for snorkelling, paddleboarding or swimming and is ideal for kids.

Unlike many other beaches in this article, Nusa Dua faces east, so it is a perfect location to catch a magical Bali sunrise. 

2. Batu Bolong

If you want to learn to surf in Bali, head to Batu Bolong beach in Canggu. This is one of the best beginner’s surf spots on the island, and there are surf schools offering surfing lessons or rental equipment. 

Sacred Balinese temple Tanah Lot. Pura Batu Bolong
Sacred Balinese temple Tanah Lot. Pura Batu Bolong

The free, black sand beach is located at the end of the busy Batu Bolong high street (where you can find parking) and is accessible on foot. It is lined with restaurants and bars, such as the popular Sand Bar offering live music shows every night. 

If you like lively nightlife and late night parties, this is the beach to visit. 

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3. Berawa Beach

Canggu’s Berawa Beach is a quieter alternative to Echo Beach and Batu Bolong Beach, both of which are within a 30-minute walk of Berawa Beach. It is where you will find the locals chilling after work and on weekends. 

Berawa Beach by WTSB best beaches in bali
Berawa Beach by WTSB

On its southern tip, this black sand beach encloses the largest lagoon along the Canggu coastline. It offers a good range of bars and cafes, and Berawa Beach is home to the famous Finns Beach Club and Atlas. 

There are parasols and loungers to rent, but the waves, rip tides and submerged rocks make Berawa Beach unsuitable for swimming.

4. Kelingking Beach

The picture-perfect Kelingking Beach is located on Nusa Penida island, just off Bali’s southeastern coast. You will need to hire a scooter or a private driver from Nusa Penida’s harbour to reach the beach. 

Kelingking Beach is a sandy cove wedged between a claw-shaped headland (some people say the headland looks like the head of a T Rex) and high limestone cliffs. There is fee-paying parking, public toilets and a few restaurants on top of the cliff. 

Kelingking Beach by WTSB

The beach is free to enter, but first, you must descend a set of roughly hewn winding stone steps. It is an arduous descent on a hot day – and even worse, climbing back up! You will need to allocate at least two hours for the round trip and take care on the steps.

You will be rewarded for your efforts with a paradise-like beach, whose pale sand is enhanced by the turquoise sea and green-grey cliffs surrounding it. 

Unfortunately, swimming is no longer allowed at Kelingking Beach due to strong waves and currents. 

5. Seminyak Beach

This upmarket beach is home to several luxury resorts, boutique hotels and lively bars, such as Potato Head and La Plancha. If you’re looking for a beach stay in Bali with an excellent food scene and nightlife, Seminyak is the perfect choice. 

Seminyak Beach by WTSB
Seminyak Beach by WTSB

It is a chic alternative to Kuta Beach, known for its gold to dark sand and spectacular sunsets. If you’ve dreamt of horse riding on a Bali beach, this is the place to come. 

The beach is free to enter and fully accessible from beachside car parks. 

6. Legian Beach

Legian Beach is a budget-friendly beach backed by fantastic family resorts like Bali Mandira. 
It is a free, accessible beach with a long stretch of golden sand and offers a good range of cheap dining options and lively nighttime bars. 

legian beach bali
legian beach bali

During the day, Legian is a popular beach football or volleyball location. The beach has a convivial, energetic atmosphere. 

7. Double Six

Double Six Beach is a lively beach tucked between Seminyak and Legian. It is a colorful mix of surfers, vendors, partygoers and sunbathers and is backed by lively restaurants, bars and cafes. 

Double Six Beach by WTSB
Double Six Beach by WTSB

The beach is free and fully accessible, but it is likely to be busy whenever you visit. Double Six  Beach is good for swimming or learning to surf, and even if you don’t like noisy beaches, it is worth visiting for its lively vibe. 

8. Jimbaran Beach

This family-friendly beach is within walking distance of Jimbaran town and is close to the international airport.  The well-maintained beach has a family vibe with calm, clear waters offering ideal swimming conditions for kids. An offshore coral reef protects the beach from waves, so it is a perfect location for stand-up paddleboarding or sea kayaking. 

jimbaran beach bali
jimbaran beach bali

The 4 km long, white sand beach is one of the best beaches in Bali to watch the sunset and enjoy freshly cooked seafood from one of the many restaurants lining the beach. 

Most beachside restaurants offer a seafood BBQ deal where you pay per gram weight for each seafood you wish to eat. 

9. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach in Uluwatu is often featured on Instagram – and deservedly so. Don’t miss THE Bali photo opportunity from the limestone cliff viewpoint overlooking the beach.

Balangan Beach by WhereToStayBali
Balangan Beach by WhereToStayBali

There are parking and entrance fees to this beach, fee-paying toilets, and a few warungs for food.
The sandy beach offers ideal surfing conditions, and there are lots of surf shacks where you can rent equipment. Due to the strong waves, Balangan is not suitable for swimming. 

10. Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach sits between Balangan Beach and Padang Padang Beach. 

You must pay to park before descending the cliff path down to the long, wide, golden sand beach.
There are public toilets, a handful of cafes and bars, plus loungers and parasols to rent. Parasols are a good idea as there is no natural shade on the exposed beach.

dreamland beach bali
dreamland beach bali

Due to the proximity of hotels and a new golf course, Dreamland Beach can get very busy, plus, due to powerful currents, swimming is only advisable for strong swimmers. 

11. Bingin Beach

This Uluwatu beach is one of the best beaches in Bali for surfing. Bingin has a relaxed vibe and attracts a younger crowd. 

The free beach is only accessible by scooter, and after paying to park, you must walk down a short steep cliff path to reach the beach. As a result, the beach is often quiet and offers plenty of space. 

Uluwatu, Bingin Beach by WhereToStayBali
Uluwatu, Bingin Beach by WhereToStayBali

Experienced surfers can rent equipment and try the challenging surf break on the right-hand side of the beach. Inexperienced surfers can join surfing lessons (on a less challenging part of the beach!) or rent a lounger and watch the pro surfers at work. 

12. Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach is another popular surfing location that hosts a renowned global surf competition each year. 

The beach was once a hidden gem but has gained popularity after featuring in the Hollywood movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ with Julia Roberts. 

padang padang beach
padang padang beach

This white sand beach is a perfect Bali beach for a day trip. You can hire loungers, kayaks or paddle boards, try surfing or enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear sea. 

There is some natural shade provided by rocks, a free public toilet and shower facilities. Plus, there are several warungs and beach vendors for picking up snacks, cold drinks and souvenirs. 
The beach also hosts a weekly nighttime beach party.  

13. Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach (also known as Blue Point Beach) is a popular pro surf spot. 

Accessed by a set of stairs, the beach is best suited to walking rather than sunbathing or swimming due to the rocks and sharp coral scattered on the sand. If you go for a walk, wear shoes and keep an eye on the tide as the beach completely disappears at high tide. 

suluban beach
suluban beach

Suluban Beach is home to one of Bali’s most famous beach clubs, Single Fin. The club boasts a stunning cliff-top location from which to watch a Bali sunset or to marvel at the fearless pro surfers. 

14. Nyang Nyang Beach

If you like quieter beaches, head to Nyang Nyang beach on the southern tip of the Bukit Peninsula. 
There aren’t any facilities here except for a small cafe on the hike down to the beach.

nyang nyang beach
nyang nyang beach

Nyang Nyang is a photographer’s dream. The empty golden sands, backed by a turquoise sea, is home to a colorful wooden shipwreck. These three elements create fantastic photographs. 

The beach is a few minute’s drive from Uluwatu Temple, which is worth visiting if you have time in your schedule.  

15. Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches on the island! The road leading to the beach is curved in a black cliff allowing visitors to enjoy spectacular views while driving down to the beach. The beach has beautiful white sand, and loungers and parasols are available for hire. 

melasti beach bali
melasti beach bali

Visitors can choose from a range of beach clubs, such as the chic Palmilla and family-friendly Minoo Beach Club. 

Plus, if you stay for sunset, there is a traditional Kecak dance show each night at 6 pm. 

16. Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach has become more popular since an access road was built to the beach in 2012. Visitors must pay to use the access road and pay to park at the beach. 

Despite its growing popularity, Pandawa Beach has retained its local feel and is a good choice for people who like quiet beaches.

Pandawa Beach by WTSB

The white sand beach offers sunbed and parasol hire, a few warungs and calm seas for swimming and snorkelling. 

Make sure you take in the spectacular coastal view before starting your descent down the new access road to the beach. 

17. Echo Beach

Echo Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Canggu. It is a long, wide black sand beach favourite with pro surfers. 

Echo Beach is home to the upmarket La Brisa Beach Club, where you can swim in the pool or sit on a comfy bean bag to watch the sunset on its ocean-facing terrace. If you visit Echo Beach on a Sunday, don’t miss La Brisa’s lively market. 

Canggu, Echo Beach by WhereToStayBali
Canggu, Echo Beach by WhereToStayBali

There are sun loungers and parasols for hire and several beach bars selling food and drinks. You can also visit the Pura Batu Mejan Temple on the left side of the beach. 

Echo Beach is free to enter and is accessed by a small fee-paying car park and a short set of steps. 

18. Geger Beach

If you want to visit a quieter beach in Nusa Dua, head to Geger Beach, which was once a seaweed farm. 
The beach has a fee-paying car park and is accessed by stairs. 

Geger beach
Geger beach

You can rent loungers and find hotels, cafes and bars on the left-hand side of the beach. The right-hand side of the beach is smaller and less developed. It offers a few small caves to explore and some rocky outcrops. 

Allocate time in your visit to walk from the beach up to Pura Geger Temple. The view from the hilltop temple will be worth the muscle-burning walk to get there.  

19. Sanur Beach

This is one of the best sunrise spots in Bali. On a clear day you can clearly see Mount Agung and even Mount Rinjani far away in Lombok.

Sanur Beach by WhereToStayBali
Sanur Beach by WhereToStayBali

The shallow water, calm waves and golden sands make Sanur Beach ideal for kids. The beach is bordered by a wide, paved boardwalk which is perfect for walking, jogging or cycling (bike hire is available on the beach). 

There are lots of restaurants and cafes, and the lack of noisy bars and clubs adds to Sanur’s family-friendly vibe. You will need to pay for parking, loungers and parasols but the beach itself is free. 

20. Virgin Beach 

The soft white sand of Virgin Beach makes it one of the best beaches in eastern Bali. 

Set in a cove with crystal clear water, the quiet beach is surrounded by greenery. It is a tranquil and unspoilt spot in which to relax and recharge.  

virgin beach bali
virgin beach bali

The beach is easily accessible, has a low entrance fee and offers free parking. There are several warungs nearby, and massages, loungers and parasols are available for a small fee.

21. Amed Beach

The black sands of Amed Beach offer an authentic, local vibe. This is a good spot to see local fishermen set sail or return with their catch in a traditional jukung fishing boat.  

amed beach bali
amed beach bali

Amed has a reputation for clean sand and clear water, and its underwater coral reef offers some of the best snorkeling and diving opportunities in Bali. 

There is a road leading directly to the accessible and free beach with several cheap warungs within walking distance for a fresh seafood dinner or drinks. 

22. Lovina Beach

Lovina is a narrow strip of black sand lying in a sheltered cove on the north coast of Bali. 

It is a low-key beach popular with locals and fishermen. The cove creates ideal swimming and snorkelling conditions, plus this is one of the best locations in Bali to see dolphins. Local operators offer sunrise dolphin spotting boat trips.

Lovina Beach by WTSB

There are cafes, souvenir stalls and snack shacks near the parking area on the right side of the beach. 

23. Crystal Bay Beach 

Crystal Bay Beach on the western coast of Nusa Penida has everything you want a beach to have; amazing snorkelling, palm trees, scenic views and clear warm water. 

Loungers, parasols and snorkeling gear are available to rent, and there are a few warungs to grab a bite to eat. 

crystal bay beach bali
crystal bay beach bali

The free, black sand beach is accessible by road and can get very busy with daytrippers, so visit early or late in the day to avoid large crowds of people.  

Final Word

There’s no shortage of amazing beaches in Bali to choose from. If you can, travel around the island to sample the different colours, vibes and atmospheres of Bali’s incredible and memorable beaches. 
Whatever your travel style, budget or beach preference, there is a beach in Bali to suit you. 

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This guest post was written by Mal. Mal is a travel blogger and owner of RawMalRoams and WhereToStayBali. She divides her time between living in Bali and exploring the world. Apart from traveling, she is also an avid surfer and passionate photographer.

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