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Adventure + Luxury + Over 30 = The Boutique Adventurer

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Looking for somewhere a bit different for your next trip? I seek out interesting destinations that are filled with natural and cultural attractions slightly off the beaten track. Once there, it is about having experiences, great food and wine, and finding a lovely boutique hotel with a high thread count on its sheets

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From Namibia to Tunisia to South africa

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From Hong Kong to Korea to Japan

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From Sydney to Brisbane to Melbourne

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From France to Greece to Lavia to Italy to Scotland

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North America

From Baltimore to Nova Scotia to California to ottawa

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South America

colombia and Chile

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Middle East


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The Wineries in Montepulciano Italy Not to Miss

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The beautiful Saint Antonin Noble Val France

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Where to Stay in Bali Indonesia

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Whale Watching in Hermanus South Africa

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Make a beautiful grid with my Instagram City Guides – from philadelphia to Ottawa to Ios, Greece to Riga, Latvia and all the way to South Wales. See all my Instagram City Guides.

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Get Inspired by reading one of my Itineraries

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Want to know if its worth it to pay for business class or Premium Economy? The best boutique hotels and spas? And the best travel products?

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Best Boutique Hotels

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Premium and Business

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Best Spas

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Best Travel Products

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Looking for somewhere different for your next holiday? Check out some of my favourite off the beaten track destinations.

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