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Hotel hair dryers can be a crapshoot. It is so disappointing to arrive at a hotel when you haven’t packed a compact travel hair dryer and seeing one of those dreadful hair dryers that fit into the wall of the bathroom. Honestly, I think I could dry my hair faster just blowing on it! And hotel hair dryers seldom come with a diffuser which can be a real pain when your hair needs one!

As someone who likes to travel to emerging destinations, you can then end up with very low voltage very weak hair dryers. When I am travelling I am keen to get moving with hair that looks its best. So I want a travel hairdryer with diffuser that I can count on! Here is my guide to buying a Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser.

Key Things to Compare When Buying a Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser

If you travel more than a couple of times a year and have hair which demands some attention to be photo friendly investing in a good travel mini hair dryer with diffuser is one worth making. The wrong one compact hair dryer with diffuser can be a burden in terms of increasing the amount of time it takes to get ready when travelling or worst of all causing a bad hair day!

Here are some of the key things to consider when choosing amongst travel blow dryers with diffusers:

Hair Dryers with Diffusers – Power

There are few things worse than a weak travel size hair dryer with diffuser. However, too much force can cause styling problems. The good news is vast improvements have been made in this area in recent years and a mini blower dryer with diffuser can pack quite a bit of punch in the power department.

1800– 2100w is the best range to look for in a dual voltage travel hair dryer with diffuser attachment in order to get the power that will dry your hair without damaging it.



Smaller is, of course, better when it comes to a lightweight hair dryer with diffuser. However, I find that a folding hair dryer can often be more useful than a smaller hair dryer as it is more flexible as a packing shape.


A small travel hair dryer is not necessarily light. A travel dryer can be far weightier than you might think. Ideally, a travel hair dryer should weigh under 500 grams.


Cable length

So many hotel rooms have far too few plugs and far too few mirrors! A lengthy cable on your travel blow dryer can come in handy as long as it doesn’t add too much bulk. The ideal cord is between 1.5 and 2 metres

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How to Choose the best Travel Hair Dryer to Suit You

The second set of factors you should consider when buying a travel hairdryer is your hair type and travel behaviours.

Hair Type

Is your hair frizzy or coarse or fine or curly? This will have a major impact on your travel hair dryer decision. If you have frizzy hair it may be worthwhile spending extra to make sure your travel hair dryer has a cool shot button. Would spending extra to get an ionic travel hair dryer be worth it for an easy improved appearance?

How many speed and heat settings do you need? Personally, I like to start off high but then move down low as I finish off to reduce frizz so I always want at least 2 settings on my travel hair dryer.

best-travel-hair-dryers-1 (2)


This is a critical area! The first and key question is do you use attachments at home with your hair dryer? If the answer is yes then I highly recommend you seek to replicate this in your travel hair dryer. Yes, a travel hair dryer with diffuser takes up some space but if it makes your hair happy it is worth that space for a mini diffuser hairdryer.

One of my travel tips is to buy a travel hair dryer with a removable nozzle. Often when travelling you have demands on your time. If you are in a hurry to get to dry hair you can remove the nozzle and dry much faster.

However, if you have more time and are heading out for the evening you can pop the nozzle on for a sleeker appearance. Nozzles generally don’t take up much space on a travel hairdryer and can be well worth it.


Of course, this is a highly personal element! All hair dryers used to look the same and you will find many of them in the drawers of bad B&Bs all over the world! These days there are far more stylish hair dryer options available at reasonable prices for boutique travelers!


Where do you travel most frequently?

To be honest I now have one travel blow dryer for the Americas and one for the rest of the world. I could not find a dual voltage travel hair dryer with diffuser that when fitted with an adaptor could maintain its power in 120V and it was driving me mad. Please do message me if you have overcome this problem and I will update the post!!

If you travel more in the UK remember there are no power points in the bathrooms so you may want to choose a travel blow dryer with a longer cord to overcome the far too low number of power points normally available!

How long are your trips?

The shorter the trip ideally the smaller and lighter the travel hairdryer. If you are only taking an overnight bag or a bag to hit in an overhead locker space is crucial so your travel hair dryer should be as space efficient as possible. There are also airline luggage restrictions to consider.

On longer trips, I tend to have a larger bag and although this requires more outfits I tend to want a decent hair dryer with a travel hair diffuser if I am going to be away for two weeks. One dodgy blow dry is something I can deal with – two weeks of bad hair is not!

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No matter what your spend size there are options available. The quality of travel hair dryers has improved markedly so it is now possible to get a good powerful travel hair dryer at a low price. However, if you have more troublesome hair and travel quite often you may want to spend more to increase the functionality of your travel hair dryer.


Best Travel Blow Dryer Brands:

BaByliss Travel Hair Dryer

Babyliss (sorry can’t keep doing that capital B for the second B!) is a very well known and respected brand in hair care. They are also the brand of travel hair dryer that I personally use for outside of the Americas and I have been very happy with my Babyliss travel hair dryer with diffuser!

GHD Travel Hair Dryer

GHD or Good Hair Day launched about 10 years ago and were quite revolutionary in terms of hair care. In particular, they were known for amazing straighteners. GHD work with professional hairdressers and tend to be at the medium-high end of the market in terms of price. However, their products are excellent in terms of quality.

GHD also has possibly the most stylish products in this market with their classic GHD flight travel hairdryer and limited editions in colours such as gold and bronze and sleek design.


Parlux Travel Hair Dryer

Parlux position themselves as the brand of hair dryer for the salon professional. Their products are designed for high levels of usage and consistent results and are priced accordingly. This Italian brand will give you a travel hair dryer that lasts and delivers. Surprisingly for an Italian brand, their products are not as stylish as those of GHD.

Remington Travel Blow Dryer

Remington has been making travel hair dryers for a long time. They used to be the standard decent mid-priced option and are exactly what I think of when it comes to the old-fashioned travel hair dryer.

Remington now has a far more extensive range of travel hair dryers. They do have some of the cheapest models on the market as well as classic and premium ranges at price points to match. In recent years they have looked to innovate on style by using retro hair dryer designs. This one definitely comes down to personal opinion.

Dyson Travel Hairdryer

Dyson has one hair dryer – but due to its size and weight, it is definitely an option as a travel hair dryer. Having said that there is a large price attached! The Dyson travel hairdryer has a fantastic design and is very effective. However, whether it returns on the price is probably driven by your hair type and texture.

The downside of using the Dyson for travel is that it was clearly designed for in-home so the handle does not fold up. It is a very light product but the lack of flexibility means it is not as packing friendly.

It did not make my top ten best travel hair dryer 2019 as from a travel hair dryer perspective it is considerably more expensive than anything else on the market and I am not sure that it is that many times better based on multiples. However, I did want to mention it as an option.

Check Prices on the Dyson Hair Dryer Here


Benross Red Hot Travel Blow Dryer

Benross Red Hot is a decent budget travel hairdryer brand. Their travel hair dryers are very much red as stated! It is a short tight range and if your hair is quite low maintenance and you are looking for value this brand provides a good option.

Jinri Travel Hairdryer

This Chinese brand is the standard everyday value offer in the travel hair dryer market. The Jindri travel hair dryer tends to mimic the design and features of the more top end brands. An Amazon favourite!

Best Travel Blow Dryer with Diffuser Choices 

Babyliss Travel Hair Dryer 1200 W – Pink, Purple

This 1200W dryer is half the weight of standard travel hair dryers – it weighs only 340gm! It has 2 speeds and 2 temperature options. The Babyliss Travel Hair Dryer 1200 W comes with 2 nozzle options – a broader diffuser type on a small scale and then a concentrated nozzle.

It also comes in fabulous colours like pink and purple! The tradeoff is the power but Babyliss claims there is not much of one.  The cord is also a nice 1.8 metres.

Conclusion: This is the best hair dryer if your priority is weight and your hair is quite low maintenance.

Click here for more Reviews & Price Check on Babyliss Travel Hair Dryer 1200W


Babyliss Pro Torino Ionic Hair Dryer

Whilst not specifically designed to be a travel hair dryer this more upmarket option from the Babyliss Pro range is still a travel option. It is heavier than your average travel hair dryer at just over 1kg due to its 2200 W Italian motor.

It is ionic and comes with a cool shot so great for those with problem hair. The Pro Torino Ionic hair dryer has 6 heat/speed settings and 3 concentrator nozzle/diffuser options. It is not dual voltage.

Conclusion: This is your the best blow dryer travel if you have problem hair.

Read Reviews & Check Prices of the Babyliss Pro Torino Hair Dryer


Parlux Hair Dryer 3200 Compact

This is your top of the market option! This compact hair dryer was designed for hairdressers but completely suits travel requirements as it is only 20cm long and weighs just under 500 grams.

The Parlux Hair Dryer 3200 Compact has 4 temperatures – 2 speeds and 2 switches – one instant cold shot and comes with 2 concentrator nozzles. The 3200 Compact also comes in a range of gorgeous colours. Alas, the handle does not fold up.

Conclusion: This is the top of the market option for those who like the best – and/or have high maintenance hair.

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GHD Travel Hair Dryer Flight Nocturne 1200W

This is the ultimate option for a dedicated travel hair dryer. This sleek model comes with the high-quality GHD Air System inbuilt. It weighs in at just 423g making it 60% lighter than a standard GHD hair dryer but with 85% of the power.

The GHD travel hairdryer features 2 speeds and heats, cool shot and a GHD hair safeguard. The cord is over 1.5m, it has universal voltage and comes with an attractive branded bag.

GHD regularly brings out seasonal editions of this product featuring different colours and bag types.

Conclusion: This is the for those who are looking to invest in a travel hair dryer.

Check Prices & Read More Reviews of the GHD Travel Hair Dryer Flight Nocturne 1200W


Remington Travel Hair Dryer D1500 On the Go

A great value option the Remington Travel Hair Dryer D1500 On the Go carries some power with 2000W and has a foldable handle. It has two heat settings, two-speed settings and comes with a compact diffuser.

This Remington D1500 travel hair dryer includes a non-removable nozzle or concentrator for a smooth finish. The cord is 1.8m, a nice length, weights 450 grams and has worldwide voltage.

Conclusion: This is the best travel hair dryer with diffuser curly hair value choice.

Read more Reviews and Check Prices for the Remington D1500


Similar Models:

Remington also has the D2400 model. This is a less expensive model that has very similar features apart from a considerably lower power level of 1400W. It does have a removable nozzle. The Remington D2400 weighs only 250gm and is 23cm tall.

Read more Reviews & Check Prices for the Remington D2400


Remington Hair Dryer D3010 Power

A best seller, the Remington D3010 is a 2000W dryer with 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings. Its big advantage is ceramic ionic technology and its cool shot – great for those of us prone to frizz. This Remington hair dryer has an eco setting which uses considerably less power. It has a concentrator nozzle but no diffuser.

The downside is that the Remington D3010 travel hair dryer does not have a folding handle and it weighs slightly more than the average travel hair dryer at 600grams. However, it is sleeker in appearance than the Remington D1500 and the D2400. It also has a 1.8m cord.

Conclusion: Best value travel hair dryer choice for those with fine hair

Check Prices & More Reviews on the Remington Hair Dryer D3010


Red Hot Benross Travel Hairdryer Compact 1200 W 

The Red Hot Benross Travel Hairdryer Compact 1200 W is often the cheapest travel hair dryer on the market. It has a folding handle and only weighs 325g. It comes with only two settings and no cool shot. The Benross Compact also has a removable concentrator nozzle.

The cord is the standard 1.8m length and it has dual voltage. Reviews of the Red Hot Benross Compact are generally quite positive.

Conclusion: The ultimate value travel hair dryer.

Check Prices & Read more Reviews of the Red Hot Benross Compact here


JINRI Hair Dryer Professional Ionic

Although this Jinri Hair Dryer Professional Ionic is not called a travel hair dryer its foldable handle and lightweight (590 grams) makes it a great candidate. It is slightly less powerful than some of the other travel hair dryers in my top 10 at 1800W. However, the Jinri Hair Dryer Professional ionic applies an ionic moisturizing technology to minimize hair damage.

It has a 2 speed and heat setting as well as a cool shot. The Jinri concentrator or nozzle is removable. The current version is rose gold. Design wise it is a bit of a polarizer – I will leave that to your choice. Pricing is normally at the value level on this item and you get a big bang for your buck in terms of managing temperature, speed and airflow with the ionic system.

Conclusion: The best value choice for temperature sensitive hair.

Compare Prices on the JINRI Hair Dryer Professional 1800W


Portable Hair Dryer Diffuser Options

Turn your hair dryer into a mega dryer diffuser product by adding one of these!

Designed for use with the GHD air hairdryer, this Air Diffuser by GHD is created to give you luscious curls or waves as you dry your hair, meaning that you can explore more styles than ever before.

Click here for prices on the GHD Air Diffuser

This is a universal hair dryer diffuser that will adapt to most hair dryers – but do double check the measurements before purchasing.

Check Prices on the Universal Diffuser

If you are looking for a diffuser for your hair dryer suitable for all your style changes, then the Gama Professional Two in One Diffuser is the one you want! Thanks to its dual heat diffusion mode, it is perfect for drying both straight and curly hair.

Get prices for the Gama Diffuser

The universal diffuser is suitable for use with most Babyliss Pro dryers and has a spring loaded inside keeping the diffuser tight and in place. However, unlike most diffusers that have just one use, this Babyliss diffuser is unique. Three separate fittings can be fitted to the end of the diffuser, allowing you to use it for lift, add volume or create frizz free curls. The ends simply clip on to the diffuser depending on the use you require it for.

Compare Prices on the Babyliss 3 in 1 Diffuser


Best Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser – Conclusion

The best travel hair dryer with diffuser for you will be based on a number of personal factors – not least being your budget! However, if you do travel more than a couple of times a year it is well worth investing in a travel hair dryer that suits your hair and travel needs.

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Hotel hair dryers can be a crapshoot. It is so disappointing to arrive at a hotel when you haven’t packed a hair dryer and seeing one of those dreadful hair dryers that fit into the wall of the bathroom. Honestly, I think I could dry my hair faster just blowing on it! And they seldom come with a diffuser which can be a real pain when your hair needs oneLooking to buy a Travel Hair Dryer? Here is my Complete Guide! #travelhairdryer #ghdtravelhairdryer #babylisstravelhairdryer #travelblowdryer

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