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Are you an experienced traveller? Already visited some of the world’s big destinations? Seen enough churches and museums to last a lifetime? Keen to still have adventures but want to experience them with a few of life’s creature comforts? Enjoy upmarket experiences but don’t enjoy anything that is expensive for the sake of it? Then this is the luxury travel blog for you!

This travel blog focuses on two areas. The first is destinations you may well have visited before like London but shares the more unique experiences that are now available in the world’s big cities. These include things like street food, food markets, wineries, street art and off the beaten track neighbourhoods.

The second is hidden gem destinations. The countries, cities and towns that don’t necessarily come first to mind when planning for vacations. These destinations are less explored, less touristy and offer unique experiences. Montepulciano rather than Venice. Lunenburg rather than Vancouver. Calistoga over Los Angeles.

Or sometimes it is countries that are less visited. I have visited Iceland three times and absolutely love it! Please forget the drug lords and visit the amazing and very safe Colombia. Latvia is one of the most exciting, fun and foodie countries in Europe.

This luxury travel blog aims to introduce readers to these interesting and different countries. My posts cover great restaurants, boutique hotels, interesting and different things to do, unique experiences, fantastic tours and hopefully inspire you to visit these countries. Plus all the logistics – how to get there, how to get around, where to stay, itineraries to help plan your stay and much more!