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15 Remarkable Castles in Ohio You Should See at Least Once

Did you know there are some remarkable castles in Ohio? It’s not just fairytale books and idyllic European countries that boast fantastic palaces, historic structures, and mansions.  

Some of these castles are true fairytale material, set on large estates and overlooking the surrounding land. Others are smaller, less intrusive, but still notable buildings.  

Let’s take a look at a list of these castles and how you can visit them yourself.

15 Magical Castles in Ohio

While not all of these castles were home to royals, they are all unique and glamorous buildings. And each one offers a look into a life of opulence and luxury, often from hundreds of years ago.  

If you’re traveling through the charming USA states in search of adventure and memories, here’s our list of must-see castles in Ohio.

1. Squire’s Castle

Location: ​​2844 River Rd, Willoughby Hills  

Construction of this building began around 1895, when Feargus B. Squire bought the land surrounding the castle, with the plan to build a manor house, a gatehouse, and eventually an estate. But Feargus was unable to complete the manor house and only the gatehouse was constructed.  

Squire's Castle one of the castles in ohio
Squire’s Castle

That gatehouse is now what we know as Squire’s Castle – which gives an idea of how magnificent the manor would have been.  

Today, the ‘castle’ belongs to Cleveland Metroparks and the building has essentially been gutted. ​​But visitors are welcome to visit and explore the shell structure, and photos captured from the outside are sure to amaze.

2. Great Stone Castle (Whitby Mansion)

Location: 429 N Ohio Ave, Sidney  

If you’ve always wanted to sleep in a castle, this could very well be your chance. While not as grand and opulent as other castles around Ohio, this mansion still offers the opportunity for your own fairytale.

great stone castle whitby mansion castles in ohio
great stone castle whitby mansion

Whitby Mansion was constructed in 1890 as the home of W.H.C. Goode. The architect is unknown, but the slate roof and massive stone walls show that whoever the person was, they were talented.  

Today, the building is operated as a B&B by GreatStone Castle Resorts. So you can book yourself a room and enjoy a night or two in a castle!

3. Franklin Castle

Location: 4308 Franklin Blvd, Cleveland  

According to, well anyone that has ever lived on or near Franklin Boulevard, this is the most haunted house in Ohio. But that shouldn’t stop you from checking the castle out – typically ghosts only come out at night.  

franklin's castle
franklin’s castle

Franklin Castle is also known as Tiedemann House and it was built in the early 1880s for German immigrant, Hannes Tiedemann. Sadly, while the Tiedemanns lived here, four of their children passed away – as well as Mr. Tiedemann’s elderly mother. And then finally, Mrs. Tiedemann passed away in the home. This is largely where the haunted rumors come from.  

franklin's castle
franklin’s castle

Today, the mansion – which has more than twenty rooms over four stories – is a private family dwelling, so no public access is allowed. But you’re more than welcome to admire it from the Boulevard.

4. Mac-O-Chee

Location: 2319 OH-287, West Liberty  

This is one of two castles in Ohio that were built and lived in by the Piatt brothers. Mac-O-Chee was built by journalist Donn Piatt between 1864 and 1879. The family was well-known in their community and came from rich bloodlines.  


For many years, the castle – with its three stories and towers, intricate woodwork, and painted ceilings – served as nothing more than a home for Donn and his family. But in 1912, with the original owners gone, the family decided to open it up to public tours.

5. Mac-A-Cheek

Location: 10051 Township Rd 47, West Liberty  

Mac-A-Cheek is the second Piatt brother castle, located just 3/4 of a mile from Mac-O-Chee. It was built by Donn’s brother, Abram, a farmer.   Where Mac-O-Chee is closer to the road, and a bit more accessible, Mac-A-Cheek is a little more secluded and smaller than its neighbor. The castle is just as brilliantly designed, however, and tours are open here too.  


Both properties were occupied by generations of the Piatt family but have become house museums, with large parts open to the public. Although in 2019, the Piatt family auctioned off Mac-O-Chee and those funds went into Mac-A-Cheek, so this is now the main Piatt castle of Ohio.

6. Grizer Castle

Location: 1298 Scotts Ridge Rd, Whipple  

Even though Grizer Castle embodies medieval architecture and ancient living, this incredible structure’s construction only began in 2014. It took a number of years for the building to finish, but finally, in 2020, the small town of Whipple could boast that they had their own Ohio castle.  

Grizer Castle
Grizer Castle

The castle was built by businessman Bill Grizer, whose dream was to build his very own castle. He actually built two, one in the early 2000s to live in, and the other to share with his community.  

Grizer Castle now has 10 guestrooms, a library fit for a king, a kitchen, a living room, and a grand dining hall. It’s open for events – like fairytale weddings or magical birthday parties – and there are a number of public festivals and events held here throughout the year.

7. Landoll’s Mohican Castle

Location: 561 Township Road 3352, Loudonville  

In the 1990s, retired Army Veteran Jim Landoll had the chance to realize his dream: owning a castle! The family was selling up their company, The Landoll Publishing Company, and they used the funds to build Jim’s castle.  

Landoll’s Mohican Castle
Landoll’s Mohican Castle

There were no blueprints for the castle, and it was built one room at a time, but you’d hardly guess this when you see the fascinating building. Jim’s wife, Marta, convinced her husband to open this castle up as a hotel – so that’s exactly what they did.  

Some may recognize the castle from episode 8 of Hotel Hell Season 3, where Gordon Ramsay visited to help the owners save the hotel. But fear not, the hotel has been helped and offers quite a magical stay in any of their rooms.  

Landoll’s Mohican Castle winter
Landoll’s Mohican Castle winter

Besides staying the night, visitors can book an event (here’s another princess-worthy wedding venue), enjoy a meal, or go on a ghost hunt.

8. Ravenwood Castle

Location: 65666 Bethel Rd, New Plymouth  

Ravenwood Castle is another unique building that offers gorgeous accommodation to all who pass through Ohio on an American trip. Only this castle was not only built to look medieval, the lifestyle here is similar. The castle is quite remote, without much connectivity and other modern connections.  

Ravenwood Castle
Ravenwood Castle

This is exactly how owners, Jim and Pam Reed, want it. In 2012, the Reeds bought the castle from the Maxwells who built Ravenwood in 1995. The Reeds had visited and stayed at the castle multiple times, fallen in love with it, and eventually made it their own.  

There are fun events that happen here, including board game nights, outdoor canopy tours, and murder mysteries.

9. Loveland Castle

Location: 12075 Shore Dr, Loveland  

This castle is steeped in history. It was first built in the 1920s by Harry D. Andrews, a Boy Scout troop leader, World War I veteran, and medievalist. Andrews was also a school teacher, building inspector, and editor.  

Loveland Castle
Loveland Castle

The castle has been well-preserved and now welcomes visitors each weekend. It can also be rented out for weddings, parties, and other events. There is a small entrance fee, and then you’re welcome to tour the castle yourself, discovering the amazing architecture, period weaponry, and gardens.  

Loveland Castle arches
Loveland Castle arches

Since the castle was built right on the banks of the Little Miami River, a tranquil picnic on the grass, with the castle in the background, is also a lovely way to enjoy this spot.

If you like castles, there are also some fantastic castles in Florida you might enjoy reading about.

10. Marietta Castle

Location: ​​418 4th St, Marietta  

This splendid property was leased out from 1808 to 1974 and was home to a number of citizens who were influential in their time. The Gothic Revival house that you can visit today was built in 1855.  

In 1974, Stewart and Bertlyn Bosley began renovations on the original house, keeping the same design but restoring it to its former glory. In 1994, the castle was opened as a newly restored historic house museum and public tours have been available ever since.  

Marietta Castle
Marietta Castle

For a small entry fee, you can admire the octagonal tower, trefoil attic window, and stone capped spires as well as the interior architectural details and the ever-changing exhibits that change throughout the year.

11. Glamorgan Castle

Location: 200 Glamorgan St, Alliance  

This castle was first designed and built-in 1904. Its first residents were Col. William Henry Morgan and his family. The property was first sold in 1938 when the Great Depression rocked the widowed Mrs. Morgan.

Glamorgan Castle
Glamorgan Castle PC GEM Real Estate

Since then, Glamorgan Castle has seen numerous owners, including Alliance Machine and then Alliance City Schools who used it as a high school until they completed construction of a new high school on the grounds behind the castle.  

Today, you can visit and tour all four floors of the castle. Or, attend during one of the many events that take place here: car shows, Shakespeare plays, ball games, etc. It’s also available to rent out for weddings and other private events.

12. Schwartz Castle

Location: South 6th Street, Columbus  

This castle is said to be haunted by a wealthy druggist named Frederick Schwartz, who first owned the property. It’s a beautiful building, with an interesting history.  

Schwartz Castle
Schwartz Castle

Schwartz Castle was built in 1920 and Frederick Schwartz lived here, in German Village, Columbus, until he died. Although it’s not accessible to the public, tracking the castle down and admiring it from the outside is still quite the experience.

13. Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Location: 714 N Portage Path, Akron  

Don’t be fooled by the name. This ‘Hall’ is one of the most phenomenal palaces in Ohio. This huge 18-bedroom manor was built in 1912 and lived in by the Seiberling family.  

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens
Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Today, this well-preserved museum house contains about 95% of its original contents, so it’s a fantastic place to visit for a look into the early-1900s life of the rich and fabulous. The grounds are also extensive and gorgeous, and in recent years a Japanese garden has been added.  

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens
Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

This castle is only open during the season each year – which is April through December. You can stroll the gardens, take a tour through the manor, or rent out spaces for photoshoots, weddings, and other glorious events.

14. Brumback Library

Location: 215 W Main St, Van Wert  

This is something for the bookworms to indulge in. Brumback Library is housed inside a small but charming castle in Van Wert, Ohio. The building was built in 1899 using both Gothic and Romanesque architecture.  

Brumback Library
Brumback Library

In 1901, the library was opened, becoming the first in the state. Inside, this looks just like a library, but once you’re outside, you’re transported to a fictional place.

Brumback Library
Brumback Library

15. Witches Tower

Location: Hills and Dales MetroPark, S Patterson Blvd, Kettering  

Depending on who you speak to, this structure is known as Patterson’s Castle or the Witch’s Tower, but more commonly as Frankenstein’s Castle. It dates back to 1940 and there are many spooky and intriguing stories about it.  

Witches Tower
Witches Tower

To view the tower, you have to hike through Hills and Dales MetroPark, which is a great day out for the whole family.

Witches Tower
Witches Tower

Ready to Track Down Your Own Ohio Fairytale?

You don’t have to travel back in time to visit a real-life castle. Nor do you need to plan an overseas trip to track down exquisite European castles.  

In fact, you don’t even need to leave the state of Ohio. There are several striking castles and buildings designed to look like castles, all scattered around the state.   Have you visited any of these Ohio castles? Do you know of others not on this list? Let me know in the comments.

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