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29 Best Views of NYC I See the City From a New Perspective

Typically, we view New York from the ground, surrounded by enormous structures. It is nearly impossible to understand the size of the city’s skyline and architectural marvels from below. Every year, millions of tourists flock to New York City like moths to a flame to see the city’s renowned sights.

You can see many breathtaking sights just by walking around New York‘s streets. However, the best views of NYC are from above or outside, whether from atop a large structure, above the clouds, or from a boat. One of the nicest things to do in NYC is enjoying the scenery.

There is no doubting the beauty of New York City; fortunately, there are many breathtaking locations from which to observe the famous Manhattan skyline. So before you head off on a road trip from NYC to Florida, look at our list of amazing New York sights.

29 Best Views of NYC

If you’re looking for locations in New York with the best views, keep reading and pay attention!

1. One World Observatory


Photo by Chad Peltola on Unsplash

The most breathtaking views of New York City can be found at One World Trade Center, formerly the Freedom Tower. People have lined up to take the fast elevators to One World Trade Center’s floors 100 through 102.

The expansive views of New York City from this vantage point uniquely make the city’s massive skyscrapers appear smaller. Even the elevator ride up to the observation deck is an adventure. You can watch a timeline of lower Manhattan’s evolution from pre-Colonial days to the present.

2. The Edge


Photo by Lucian-traveling4fun on Pixabay

The Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere and one of New York’s newest outdoor viewing areas rises 100 storeys above the Manhattan pavements. 

This astonishing observation platform with some of the best panoramic views of New York City is suspended in midair. The terrace offers spectacular views of the city’s skyline and a prime viewing point below. A wide, transparent glass floor is available for brave folks to stand on while waving to onlookers 335 metres below.

3. The High Line

the-high-line-in-new-york best views of nyc

Photo by jake grella on Unsplash

One of New York City’s more distinctive parks is The High Line, which is fantastic. You can enjoy breathtaking views of lower Manhattan and midtown while strolling along the High Line’s abandoned elevated train tracks.

Feel the city’s pulse perched high over the hip Meatpacking District, Chelsea streets, and the neighborhood’s mix of old and contemporary structures. No matter what time of year you go, you’ll discover stunning murals, original artwork, and moving sculptures.

4. Brooklyn Bridge


Photo by Esteban Chinchilla on Unsplash

The Brooklyn Bridge’s pedestrian walkway, which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, offers sweeping views of the entire city from downtown to midtown. The engineering marvel from the 19th century is stunning in and of itself. It’s definitely the most famous bridge in New York.

Some people claim that until you bike or walk the 1.1 miles at sunrise, you haven’t truly lived in New York City, and given the way the sun catches the metal and reflects off the water, we couldn’t agree more.

5. Belvedere Castle


Photo by Eugen Kucheruk on Unsplash

This charming Victorian Folly, a lovely building without a clear purpose, is hidden away in Central Park. It was created in 1865 by Calvert Vaux, one of the park’s architects. You can take advantage of the castle‘s surroundings and a few outdoor spaces inside the castle.

You can get the best views of the park’s most well-known locations from its two balconies, including the Great Lawn, Turtle Pond, and Delacorte Theater. Use the telescopes and microscopes offered at the Henry Luce Nature Observatory to examine Mother Nature’s creations closely.

6. Manhattan Bridge


Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

One of the most undervalued bridge walks is the one across the Manhattan Bridge. As you approach DUMBO, you’ll get two unique vantage points: the first is an aerial perspective of Chinatown, and the second is of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge is the location of the second bridge walk. You can see the Brooklyn Bridge, downtown Manhattan, and even the Statue of Liberty in the distance while walking over.

7. The Summit, One Vanderbilt


Photo by Aline Sales on Unsplash

Summit One Vanderbilt, which opened in 2021, will alter how you perceive New York City. This 427-metre-tall skyscraper rises above Grand Central Station and offers suspended glass ledges and glass-enclosed elevators to create an immersive sensory experience.

The “Air” room by Kenzo Digital is an infinitely mirrored space that constantly reflects views of the sky and city, giving the impression that you are strolling in the sky or on another plane of reality. 

8. Liberty State Park


Photo by Joey Pedras on Unsplash

Because it is not in the center of Jersey City, people frequently need to pay attention to Liberty State Park, which is directly across from the Financial District. However, you must take advantage of this gorgeous experience.

It offers one of the city’s best views, particularly in the late afternoon when the lights start to cover the skyline. Additionally, some breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and the Empty Sky Memorial honoring the victims of 9/11 from New Jersey.

9. Green-Wood Cemetery


Photo by Marcela Free on pxhere

Green-Wood Cemetery was one of the most popular tourist destinations in New York State throughout the 1800s, trailing only Niagara Falls in terms of overall visits. Particularly because Boss Tweed, Leonard Bernstein, and Jean-Michel Basquiat all have their final resting places in this cemetery.

The ideal addition to any schedule in New York City is a peaceful stroll through the rows of 500,000 headstones and beautiful Victorian mausoleums that line the small roads here. The Monk Parakeets who live in the graveyard must also be greeted because they’re pretty darn cute.

10. Empire State Building


Photo by Kit Suman on Unsplash

This historical spot in New York deserves publicity. Despite the hordes of romantics and photo-obsessed tourists, the view that has astounded visitors since the 1930s is well worth seeing.

The expansive vistas from the two observation decks of the Empire State Building, undoubtedly New York’s most recognisable structure, live up to the promise. The higher deck is not accessible with regular admission. Therefore you’ll need to buy an upgraded ticket to see both observation decks.

11. Tudor City Bridge


Photo by Jorge Ramírez on Unsplash

The most Instagrammable aspect of Tudor City is, without a doubt, the views along 42nd Street from the Tudor City Bridge. Come here at sunset to observe the streets and structures bathed in golden light.

The sun precisely aligns with east-to-west running streets as it sets, a phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge, which occurs every year in New York City. The sun appears caught in a perfect pocket created by the streets. 

12. Brooklyn Bridge Park


Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash

The waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park, which lies on the East River and provides stunning views of lower Manhattan, is the ideal location for a weekend picnic in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.

With picnic blankets and pizza boxes in tow, smiling couples scatter the lawn as the tempting view of the Brooklyn Bridge takes center stage. To understand what all the hype is about, all you have to do is watch the sunset over Manhattan’s magnificent cityscape.

13. Staten Island Ferry

view-of-new-york-skyline-from-staten-island-ferry views of nyc

Photo by Documerica on Unsplash

You can enjoy one of New York City’s best vistas from the Staten Island Ferry without scaling a structure. Get on board the ferry and go immediately to the deck for a breath of the Hudson River and breathtaking views of NYC.

The Lower Manhattan skyline, the downtown Manhattan skyline, and the Statue of Liberty highlight the fantastic views from the Staten Island Ferry, which runs between downtown Manhattan and Staten Island. 

The best part is that ferry rides are free. No wonder millions of people take the ferry every year; the sight of the Statue of Liberty is phenomenal. It truly is one of the most beautiful New York attractions.

14. Marsha P. Johnson State Park


Photo by Ed Shelley on Unsplash

After the Stonewall uprising, Marsha P. Johnson, a Black trans activist and Stonewall survivor who fought explicitly for trans rights and visibility, rose to prominence in the gay liberation movement.

Johnson, raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, moved to Greenwich Village after graduating high school and established a reputation as an activist, sex worker and drag performer. The Brooklyn waterfront’s East River State Park was renamed Marsha P. Johnson State Park in her honor in 2020, on Johnson’s 75th birthday.

Visitors can enjoy a wonderful play area, a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline, and plenty of options for relaxation and enjoyment in the green space. The park includes native meadow plants among the historic train yard remnants, passive relaxation, picnicking and grilling, in addition to fantastic vistas of the East River and Manhattan.

15. Gantry Plaza State Park


Photo by Hanyang Zhang on Unsplash

The East River and the famous buildings rising west of the calm waves in this 12-acre waterfront park in Long Island City add to the beauty of the park’s playgrounds. Visit at dusk to see the lights turn on at the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings as the yellow, pink, and orange skies converge behind those symbols of modernity.

A historic fishing pier and reconstructed gantries formerly used to load and unload barges are just two of the numerous remaining artifacts from this park’s industrial past that have been preserved.

16. Roosevelt Island


Photo by Alex Simpson on Unsplash

You may have heard that Roosevelt Island is among the best places in New York City to view cherry blossoms in the spring. You might have yet to be aware, though, that it also has one of the best views of New York City.

The journey begins with a pleasant tram ride that leaves from the Upper East Side and drops you off on Roosevelt Island. You may take in breathtaking vistas of the New York City skyline and receive fantastic views of the East River as you travel 944 meters above the ground on the Roosevelt Island Tram. Seat yourself near the window for stunning views.

Roosevelt Island has many historical attractions, such as the Renwick Ruin, formerly a smallpox hospital. There’s also the Octagon Tower, once a mental hospital, and a 19th-century lighthouse from which visitors can get stunning, Instagram-worthy free views of the magnificent NYC skyline.

17. The Sky Room Bar


Photo by Sky Room on Facebook

The Sky Room elevates the nightlife in New York City and transports visitors to a vibrant refuge with a view of Midtown Manhattan. The bi-level lounge, located above 40th Street on floors 33 and 34, offers 360-degree views of Manhattan and the Hudson River.

Three unique areas are available in Sky Room, including a private salon, a semi-private balcony, and the breathtaking south terrace. Along with a selection of contemporary American small meals, exclusive designer drinks are provided daily.

18. Top of the Rock


Photo by Kristijan Mladenov on Unsplash

The magnificent open-air observation deck at 30 Rockefeller Center is comparable to that of the Empire State building. Visitors can see the entirety of Central Park from 70 floors up in Gotham and other iconic skyscrapers in the midtown area.

On the 67th, 69th, and 70th floors, three indoor/outdoor observation decks are accessible to guests. Top of the Rock in New York City is made possible by the expansive vistas of NYC from this famous structure. It seems reasonable to utilize clear glass panels in this location because blocking the spectacular view of Central Park would be illegal.

19. 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar


Photo by 230 Fifth: Best Heated Rooftop Bar/Club/Restaurant In NYC on Facebook

According to lore, the largest indoor/outdoor rooftop bar in New York City is 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar. The enormous penthouse lounge and garden area at 230 Fifth offers visitors some of the best views of NYC.

This restaurant/bar gives visitors the chance to take in some breathtaking views of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, in addition to a superb Saturday/Sunday brunch menu. This rooftop bar is open all year long and is flooded with the prettiest, clearest, heated igloos you’ve seen from November to May.

While you’re here, try their Jalapeño Margarita or their Raspberry Mojito. Both are pretty delicious and cost $14 each.

20. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Cantor Roof Garden


Photo by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York on Facebook

By many accounts, the Met is aesthetically pleasing, with stunning architecture and design housing one of the finest art collections in the Western Hemisphere.

The best thing, though? Since the Met is a part of Central Park, you can be sure that its rooftop bar offers some amazing views of New York City. What better way to cap off an afternoon of culture than stopping at the rooftop bar at the Met, one of New York’s best museums?

21. Central Park


Photo by Josh Couch on Unsplash

There are so many wonderful things about Central Park, and the beautiful vistas of the famous skyline of New York City peeking through the trees are no exception. The Jackie Onassis Reservoir and the well-known Bow Bridge are two favourite spots in the park to see vistas of New York City.

There’s a pond nearby where you can watch some turtles from your elevated view position in Central Park. It’s an excellent location for photography if you can find a spot that other tourists don’t overrun.

22. Bar SixtyFive at the Rainbow Room


Photo by Bar SixtyFive on Facebook

On the 65th story of Rockefeller Center is a chic-as-hell martini lounge. Therefore, if the hefty cost of a trip to the Top of the Rock is beyond your means, you can always come here and have a drink.

The bar has an outdoor terrace which requires a minimum spend of $65; not too difficult to reach over cocktails in New York, but its spectacular views make it worth every cent. So bring your friends and spend the eve sipping on Bellini’s while watching the sunset over the New York skyline.

23. Time Warner Center


Photo by twalmedia on Pixabay

The Time Warner Building offers one of New York’s most beautiful views. The building’s Columbus Circle site expertly portrays the contrast between Central Park’s luxuriant greenery and the imposing towers that have come to symbolize the metropolis.

Fall brings out the best in this area’s beauty as the orange trees stand out against the grey streets and buildings, putting the city’s skyscrapers into perspective. Or you can photograph the contrast between Central Park’s lush greenery and the hustling city’s greyness from the upper floors of the Time Warner Building during spring.

24. Governors Island

view from governor's island
view from governor’s island

Governors Island has one of the most stunning vistas of the NYC skyline. Most people miss this view because it’s less popular than the Empire State Building. However, it’s worth your time to visit this magnificent spot.

Visitors can climb a cool rock protrusion to glimpse NYC and the Statue of Liberty. And since several Citi Bike stations are available, biking around the expansive esplanade appears popular on Governors Island.

25. R Lounge, Times Square


Photo by R Lounge Times Square on Facebook

Times Square’s neon lights are frequently referred to as the world’s crossroads, and the views from above the commotion of the neighbourhood are breathtaking.

Fortunately, a few secluded martini bars are above the chaos and crowd. It is hidden inside the Renaissance Times Square Hotel, providing guests with amazing views of the city’s famously brilliant lights and yellow taxis.

26. Old Pier 1


Photo by Piero_Astuni on Pixabay

Old Pier 1 is more of an off-the-beaten-path location for views of the Manhattan skyline, but it does not disappoint. Visit the East River wooden pier for a more sedate view of the city’s sunset, and observe as the natural lights give way to artificial ones as the night wears on and the activity picks up.

Travel along the East River on a chilly December night in search of the old wooden pier for fantastic snowy views of the Manhattan skyline. Or enjoy a gorgeous sunset while breathing in that fresh river air.

27. The Whitney Museum


Photo by Whitney Museum of American Art on Facebook

Since its doors opened in 1931, the Whitney Museum has become a genuine buffet of aesthetic splendor for both culture seekers and photographers.

Because in addition to featuring works by renowned painters, including Georgia O’Keefe, Alexander Calder, and Edward Hopper, the museum also has a sizable, top-floor outdoor exhibit area with stunning views of the Meatpacking District and the nearby Hudson River.

28. Randall’s Island


Photo by Jbz100 on Pixabay

Randall’s Island is a quaint and quiet place to take in some lesser-known NYC skyline views. Only 1,646 people live on Randall’s Island, divided from the rest of mainland Manhattan by the Harlem River.

The Hell Gate, a railroad bridge connecting Randall’s Island with Queens, is visible from Randall’s Island Park, which offers some of the best vistas in New York City. If you’re feeling very daring, you can also shoot some fantastic pictures from the Triboro Bridge’s pedestrian walkway.

29. Helicopter Ride


Photo by Tom Ritson on Unsplash

Although this thrilling pastime is not for the faint of heart, we would be remiss if we didn’t include a helicopter ride on this list. Get a bird’s-eye view of some of the city’s most well-known structures and locations and move around in the air to see it from various perspectives.

For individuals who enjoy a lot of adrenaline during their trips, some helicopter tour companies even permit you to dangle your feet outside the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Views of NYC

1. Which View in NYC Is the Best?

Top of the Rock. You can take in expansive, unrestricted views of Central Park and Manhattan’s Midtown and Downtown buildings from this 67th-floor viewing platform, enclosed by glass panels.

2. Where Is the Best View of the NYC Skyline?

The most breathtaking views of New York City may be found at One World Trade Center, formerly the Freedom Tower. From this magnificent vantage point, you can see the Rockefeller Plaza Center, the majestic Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Hudson River, and all five boroughs.

3. What Is the Highest Observation Deck in NYC?

At 30 Hudson Yards, Edge is the highest sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. It has a unique design that suspends it in the air, giving you the impression that you’re floating in the air and providing 360-degree views that aren’t available anywhere else.

Final Thoughts on the Best Views of NYC

One of the most famous and stunning skylines in the entire globe may be found in New York. Fortunately, there are numerous locations across the city where you may receive a comprehensive view of its recognisable structures, Central Park’s vegetation, and wide roadways. 

Take in the striking vistas of the skyline, sunset, and the atmosphere of New York.And that about wraps up my exhaustive list of the top 29 views in New York City! Maybe now you can head off on a New York off-the-beaten-path adventure if you can’t get enough of the city.

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