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Best View Of Brooklyn Bridge At Night I 17 Best Spots

The Brooklyn Bridge is a historic structure that’s been one of the premier attractions in New York for decades. Tourists visiting the Big Apple stop at this bridge for photo opportunities and extraordinary views every year.

While seeing the Brooklyn Bridge by day is spectacular, I would argue that it’s even better in the evening. When the sun sets and dusk takes over, the bridge and the city skyline light up, making for a mesmerising sight.

So what is the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge at Night? Head to the correct location, and you’ll even see the illuminated bridge and skyline’s reflection dance alongside the stars on the East River.

But where do you find these locations that reward you with a surreal sighting? Don’t worry if you have no idea; I did the hard work so you wouldn’t have to, and I found the following vistas for nighttime Brooklyn Bridge viewing.

Best View of the Brooklyn Bridge at Night – 17 Viewpoints

Here are the 17 best locations to enjoy an incredible view or snap pictures of the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge in the evening.

1. Brooklyn Bridge

best view of brooklyn bridge at night

Image by Ferdinand Stohr from Unsplash

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the best places to view this historic New York place is on the bridge itself. While seeing the bridge from afar is awe-inspiring, walking on it and seeing it up close is surreal.

Its Gothic towers with their two arches and the crisscrossed steel cables supporting the bridge look amazing under the stars. They also make for incredible photo opportunities for anyone trying to go viral on Instagram.

But the bridge isn’t the only spectacle worth seeing here. You also get views of the iconic New York skyline and the East River.

2. Time Out Market Terrace


Image by Keith Champaco from Unsplash

What’s better than a view of Brooklyn Bridge? A vista enjoyed with some delicious New York grub!

That is exactly what you get when you visit the Time Out Market. This indoor market is filled with food stalls selling casual bites and cocktails, which are also the perfect stops on your evening adventure.

While most of the stalls are found on the ground floor, you can head to the Time Out Market terrace with food and drink in hand. At the top, you’ll be greeted by views of Brooklyn Bridge and a starry New York skyline.

3. Harriet’s Rooftop Restaurant


Image from Harriet’s Rooftop Instagram

Harriet’s Rooftop Restaurant is like the Time Out Market, offering views and delectable dishes. However, it’s a lot more upscale and has an eclectic menu of specialty cocktails and cuisine curated by Chef Denevin Miranda. It’s part of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

Enjoy salmon fried rice or oysters while sipping on Sauvignon Blanc or Harriet’s margaritas, all with the city skyline in sight. For added fun, there’s a rooftop pool with similar views, perfect for watching a sunset over the bridge in the summer. 

Note that the lounge chairs here are reserved for hotel guests only, and non-guests are charged $20 to enter.

4. The River Cafe


Image from River Cafe Facebook

The River Cafe is a one-Michelin star fine-dining eatery that’s even more upscale than Harriet’s. It’s nestled right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and offers rather unique views coupled with world-class cuisine.

5. Helicopter Tour


Image by Jordan Hyde from Pexels

If seeing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot is too mundane for you, take to the skies for a unique experience. The best way to do this is by joining a helicopter tour that captures the bridge’s beauty and the structures around it.

While several tour operators offer this service, I recommend going on this tour. Not only will you fly past the Brooklyn Bridge, but you also get to view Manhattan and other parts of New York from a bird’s eye view.

6. Staten Island Ferry


Image by Joseph Pearson from Unsplash

The Staten Island Ferry is an excellent alternative if you’re afraid to take to the skies or don’t want to splurge that much on a helicopter tour. Instead of the skies, you’ll explore the bridge just above the waters. Best of all, it’s a free service that runs all day, every day.

The ferry travels on the East River, passing under the Brooklyn Bridge. The fun ride not only offers views of the bridge, but you also get unobstructed views of the city skyline.

7. One World Observatory


Image by Chad Peltola from Unsplash

The One World Observatory is located in the infamous One World Trade Center, which is known mostly due to the 9/11 attacks. The One World Observatory, though, is renowned for something more positive — scenic views of the city!

It’s a glass portal located 1250 feet above street level, making it the highest observation deck in the city. While it’s farther from the bridge than the other locations, you can’t miss out on the chance of seeing the Brooklyn Bridge and its illuminated cables from above.

You also see sprawling views of the East River and the city’s high-rise buildings.

8. East River Parkway


Image by MartinStr from Pixabay

Forget one bridge; how about getting a view of two at once? That’s right; if you head to this spot, you can enjoy a view of the lit-up Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. It’s located right by South Street in Manhattan.

9. Pebble Beach


Image by Terry Mosley from Unsplash

This small, famous beach is found near Main Street Park. As the name suggests, its shoreline is strictly made up of small pebbles. However, there is amphitheatre-style seating for more comfort or to place your tripod for pictures.

From the small beach, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge’s beauty and the city’s illuminated high-rise buildings. This vista is awe-inspiring in the evening as Jane’s Carousel lights up just below the phenomenal bridge.

Visit here in the summer and dip your toes in the water or just admire the bridge with the soothing sound of waves adding to the atmosphere.

10. Jane’s Carousel


Image by Veronika Bykovich from Unsplash

Jane’s Carousel is more than just a backdrop to the Pebble Beach vista; it is its own viewpoint. While the carousel itself is aimed at kids, its surroundings make for perfect bridge viewing.

A wooden promenade nearby looks up at the Brooklyn Bridge and borders the East River. It’s almost as famous for the views as it is for marriage proposals, so you’ll likely find a couple or two already there.

Jane’s Carousel also offers a good view of the bridge, although it’s not as good as the wooden promenade as it’s located nearly directly under the bridge. The massive orange-hued Air Force 1 statue is a plus.

11. Empire Fulton Ferry Park


Image by Claudio Schwarz from Unsplash

Right next to Jane’s carousel is the Empire Fulton Ferry Park.

This scenic riverside park offers a waterfront location with lush trees on the opposing side. Its green lawn is the perfect spot to sit and admire the illuminated Brooklyn Bridge and New York’s skyline.

Instead of lying on the grass, you can enjoy the views at the Emily Warren Roebling Plaza. It has a bench and a rail perfect for taking in the sights.

12. Brooklyn Heights Promenade


Image from Wikimedia Commons

By day, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a prime location for walkers, roller skaters, and joggers. By night, it’s the perfect location to enjoy views of the lit-up Brooklyn Bridge, downtown Manhattan, and the East River.

Unlike most of the other vistas, it’s accessible to everyone, including visitors who’re wheelchair-bound.

13. Pier 1 Brooklyn Bridge Lookout

brooklyn bridge from pier 1

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Pier 1 is located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and it’s the park’s largest pier. This space almost feels like a secluded paradise in an urban area. It’s home to a kid’s playground, green spaces, and a waterfront promenade.

Head to the main platform here, and you have a Brooklyn Bridge lookout that feels like the pier was made for this sole purpose. While the views are great during the day, they’re even better in the evening.

From this vista, you can see the illuminated Brooklyn Bridge and city skyline reflected in the East River for a mesmerizing sight.

14. Pier 1 Bridge View Lawn


Image by Conor Luddy from Unsplash

Also part of Pier 1 is Bridge View Lawn, a green space with sweeping views of the Brooklyn Bridge. This grassy area is surrounded by verdant trees on all sides, making it the perfect place for nature lovers.

It’s best visited in the early evening before dusk, preferably when the sun sets. Lay a picnic and view the Brooklyn Bridge as it’s framed between trees and shrubs while birds serenade you. An even better view of the bridge and the city skyline awaits at the New York Skyline Lookout.

15. Pier 17


Image by Lerone Pieters from Unsplash

On the opposite side of Pier 1 is Pier 17, located in Manhattan by the South Street Seaport. Unlike Pier 1, it has a buzzing atmosphere characterised by the bars and restaurants found here.

The pier enjoys a waterfront location, and the establishments can be found on the ground floor or on the rooftop terrace. For the best view, I suggest heading to The Green, a cool rooftop dining spot. Alternatively, opt for Dante Seaport for light snacks and delicious cocktails. Another excellent spot near pier 17 is the East River Greenway, a few minutes from the platform.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to see the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge illuminated and twinkling in the dark.

16. Manhattan Bridge Fence


Image by Piotr Osmenda from Unsplash

Manhattan Bridge is another great location for seeing a view of Brooklyn Bridge. This one is also an incredible photo opportunity.

Get on Manhattan Bridge’s pedestrian path from the Brooklyn or Manhattan side and walk along the fence. If it hasn’t been fixed, you’ll find a hole in the fence along the way. From there, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge, the East River, and the city skyline. 

17. Pier 35


Image by Betti Cabrera from Unsplash

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat as this location is closer to Manhattan Bridge than Brooklyn Bridge, but I assure you it’s worth it. The Manhattan Bridge is another of the stunning American bridges so you’d be killing two birds with one stone.

Pier 35 in Manhattan is a popular location primarily due to the heavy-duty swings visitors often sit on while shooting videos and pictures of the two bridges.

Final Thoughts on the Best View of the Brooklyn Bridge in The Evening

There it is, a comprehensive list of the best spots for enjoying stunning Brooklyn Bridge views in the evening. Whether you walk over the bridge itself, head to a rooftop diner, or stop by one of the many piers, you’re guaranteed a view of the bridge and its bright lighting.

Continue avoiding the NYC crowds with my guide on the best New York off-the-beaten-path attractions.

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