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41 Unique Things to Do in Florida You’ll Love

Florida is affectionately known as the “Sunshine State”, and is one of the most exciting places to visit in America. With stunning beaches, national parks, and grand theme parks, Florida has no shortage of activities and attractions.

It also has an abundance of hidden gems, such as mystical caves, cities loaded with history, and a ton of great natural and manmade attractions. It’s no wonder that Florida is considered one of the most beautiful states in the U.S.

With so many great attractions and activities spread across the state, it could be a real headache trying to narrow down what you should check out.

So, I’ve listed 41 unique things to do in Florida below that could help you decide what you should do when planning your trip to Florida. If you’re after some unique Florida experiences, I’ve got you covered.

Things to Book in Florida Before You Leave Home
Few things are more frustrating on vacation than missing out on that amazing hotel or tour because it is sold out. Here are my top things to book in Florida before your vacation.

🐊 Most Popular Tours in Florida:
1. Sunset Cruise in Key West – the best way to experience these amazing sunsets is from the water.
2. Miami Cruise of South Beach Millionaire Homes – see how the other half lives
3. Shell Island Snorkel and Dolphin Cruise – beautiful views and wild dolphins
4. Little Havana Food and Walking Tour in Miami – one of my favourites

🛏️Where to Stay in Florida:
1. Esme South Beach – stylish and charming with a fantastic pool
2. Conch House Key West – Adults-only heritage property
3. Berkeley Beach Club St Petersburg – charm, style, space and a great location
4. Hotel Haya Tampa – Cuban style in historic Ybor City

Dry Tortugas National Park florida
Dry Tortugas National Park florida

41 Unique Things to Do in Florida

Are you ready to explore and looking for some unique experiences in Florida? Here are 33 different things to do in Florida that will make your extremely memorable. They are spread across the state, so be prepared to do a bit of traveling if you wish to do them all.

1. Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours

One of the best things to do in Florida is the bioluminescence kayaking tour which takes you along Florida’s well-known Indian River Lagoon. As darkness settles over the lagoon, you’ll get to watch as the water lights up with a bright blue-green glow.

Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours

As you paddle through the lagoon you’ll discover thousands of glowing plankton and jellyfish illuminating this body of water.

➡️ Book Your Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour

2. Snorkelling in Devil’s Den

Devil’s Den is one of Florida’s best-hidden gems. This prehistoric cave is part of Florida’s incredible spring system and is situated just a few minutes from Ginnie Springs, Silver Springs, and Manatee Springs.

Snorkelling in Devil’s Den
Snorkelling in Devil’s Den

This cave is similar to the cenotes found in Mexico and is 16 metres (54 feet) deep. The underwater springs found in Devil’s Den average a temperature of 22℃ (72℉) all year round, making it the perfect place to snorkel and swim.

Above the cave there are huge cabanas, charcoal grills, pavilions, lawn games, and a heated swimming pool. This makes Devil’s Den the perfect place to hang out with family and friends.

3. Swim with Manatees

Florida is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with a unique mammal species known as a Manatee. Florida is home to the largest concentration of endangered manatees. And one of the most unusual things to do in Florida is to go on a guided swim with these beautiful animals.

Swim with Manatees

There are two places in Florida where you can swim with these gentle sea cows, Crystal River and Blue Springs State Park. You will get to spend time with these amazing mammals and explore the area’s natural springs.

➡️ Book Your Manatee Snorkel Tour

4. Take a Tour of the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex

The Kennedy Space Center is one of ten NASA Field Centres in the United States. It is located on Merritt Island.

If you’ve ever wanted to get in touch with your inner astronaut and get an up-close and personal view of humans in space, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a tour of The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

The visitor complex features a ton of exciting exhibits, displays, and historic aircraft such as the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The complex also boasts a rocket garden, memorabilia, and two impressive IMAX theatres.

Kennedy Space Centre florida
Kennedy Space Centre florida

You can also learn more about NASA’s space shuttle programme and upcoming space exploration activities. The Kennedy Space Center is truly one of the most unique places to visit in Florida and is both fun as much as it is educational.

➡️ Book Your Tickets for the Kennedy Space Center

5. Watch a Rocket Launch at The Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex

If you’re planning on traveling to Orlando, Daytona Beach or Cocoa Beach, it’s worth taking a look at Space X’s launch schedule to see if you can fit a live rocket launch into your schedule. It is one of the most exciting and unusual things to do in Florida.

florida kennedy space centre rocket unique things to do in florida
florida kennedy space centre rocket

Kennedy’s Visitor Complex provides one of the closest public viewing of rocket launches with live commentary from space experts. The launch pads are only a few kilometers/miles from the viewing areas.

Prepare to be blown away as you feel the rumbling of a spacecraft as it ascends into space. If you get the chance, be sure not to miss out on a night launch, as it is truly spectacular.

6. See a NASCAR Race at the Daytona International Speedway

Daytona Beach is known for two things: its stunning beach and being the home of NASCAR. The Daytona International Speedway opened in 1959 and is one of the most iconic tracks in the world.

Daytona International Speedway
Daytona International Speedway

It’s the home ground of one of the most prestigious sporting events in motorsport history, the Daytona 500. If you’re in Daytona Beach don’t miss out on the opportunity to mix with petrol heads and watch one of the Daytona 500 races.

When you’re not watching this thrilling race, you can also participate in one of the speedway tours and enter the exciting world of NASCAR racing.

7. Spend the Day at Legoland

If you’re a lego lover, then there’s no better place to indulge in your love for lego than at the Legoland Florida Resort. Legoland is a thrilling amusement park with hundreds of activities and attractions.

Legoland florida
Legoland florida

There’s even a water park where all the rides and activities look like lego pieces. Whether you’re a little or big kid, Legoland is the perfect place to spend a day or two and have some fun.

The best part is that there’s an awesome lego themed hotel in the resort that you can stay at to make sure you’re not too far from all the exciting action.

8. Take Pictures at the Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls are an exciting outdoor attraction featuring colorful street murals by artists from around the globe in the bustling city of Miami.

The walls were created in 2009 by a Miami local and are now considered as an Urban Graffiti Art Museum. Wynwood Walls is the right place to go if you’re looking for a place to take some cool pictures to post on Instagram.

Wynwood Walls
Wynwood Walls

You can explore this area by yourself or opt for a private guided tour or golf cart tours led by one of the local artists.

9. Visit The Bok Tower Gardens

Florida is home to a number of beautiful gardens and sanctuaries, and the Bok Tower Gardens is no exception.

Bok Towers is located north of Lake Wales and sits between Orlando and Tampa. This stunning garden and bird sanctuary covers 250 acres of land and is home to a vast number of plants, flowers and trees.

Bok Tower Gardens
Bok Tower Gardens

It is also home to 126 species of birds and an endangered species of Gopher tortoise, as well as many other types of animals. The garden features hiking trails, a children’s garden, a 20-room Mediterranean-style mansion and a 62-metre (205-foot) art deco building.

The Bok Tower Gardens is a must-see attraction when visiting Florida and is a great place to relax or spend the day with family and friends.

10. Visit the Dome Houses

The Dome Houses located near Cape Romano is one of the most unique attractions in Florida. These houses are a set of six dome-shaped, concrete houses surrounded by water.

These Igloo-like houses sit above the water on stilts and look as if they are slowly slipping away into the ocean. They were built in the 1980s by a retired oil producer and inventor whose aim was to make them a self-sufficient, eco-friendly housing complex.

Dome Houses florida
Dome Houses florida

In the early 90’s he abandoned these houses, and today they sit uninhabited. They can only be accessed from Marco Island, and make for an interesting day trip.

11. Spend the Day at Butterfly World

Located in Coconut Creek, Butterfly World is one of the most unique attractions to visit in Florida. It opened in 1988 and is the largest butterfly park in the world.

This facility is home to more than 20,000 butterflies from almost every corner of the world. Recently it has expanded to feature more than just butterflies and now has a botanical garden, butterfly farm and research facility.

Butterfly World florida
Butterfly World

It also has aviaries for tropical birds. This is a great place to learn about the different species of butterflies and gain some more insight into the conservation of butterflies.

butterfly world florida

12. Explore the Florida Volkswagen Graveyard

The Florida Volkswagen Graveyard sits just off Route 301, which runs from Sarasota to Jacksonville. This is certainly one of the more weird things to do in Florida, but doesn’t mean it isn’t an exciting attraction to visit.

Florida Volkswagen Graveyard

It is often referred to as the “Disney World for Volkswagen enthusiasts”. This junkyard features over 300,000 Volkswagens that range from VW bugs, buses, Ghia’s and even cars from World War II.

The Volkswagen Graveyard is truly unique and is a great place to take some cool photos to remember your trip to Florida.

13. Visit St. Augustine

The historic old town of St. Augustine is another major attraction in Florida, and is a 45-minute drive from Jacksonville. This charming place is the first European settlement and the oldest city in Florida.

St Augustine Florida at Sunset
St Augustine

If you’re looking for a unique experience, you can take the Ghostly Experience tour to learn about the history of the town and the spooky legends of the settlement.

Cathedral Basilica of St
Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

The tour will take you through St. Augustine’s cobblestone streets where you’ll stroll past storefronts, churches and cemeteries. And St Augustine is home to a couple of castles in Florida.

14. Take a Tour of the St. Augustine Distillery

The St. Augustine Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in America. It is known for its range of finely distilled spirits made from locally sourced ingredients.

St. Augustine Distillery
St. Augustine Distillery

You can take a free tour of the distillery and glimpse its production processes. You’ll get to see how they make pot-distilled rum, cane vodka, and gin, including a special barrel-finished gin.

After taking the tour you can head upstairs to the Ice Plant Bar to enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail.

15. Dine Aboard the Murder Mystery Dinner Train

For one of the most unique things to do in South Florida, hop aboard the Murder Mystery Dinner Train and discover the beauty of Southwest Florida as you travel along the historic Seminole Gulf Railway.

Murder Mystery Dinner Train
Murder Mystery Dinner Train

This intriguing dinner and theatre experience departs from the Colonial Station in Fort Myers on a 64 km (40-mile) journey. Along the way, a live murder mystery show plays out onboard, while guests are served a delicious five-course meal.

The journey lasts for about three hours, and a new murder mystery show plays throughout the year.

16. Visit the Castillo De San Marco

The Castillo de San Marcos (St. Mark’s Castle) is the oldest masonry fort in the United States located on the western shore of Matanzas Bay in St. Augustine. Castillo de San Marcos was built in 1672 by the Spanish in order to protect their land claims in the New World. Today, the Castle is the oldest structure in St. Augustine and one of its main attractions.

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument
Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

There’s plenty to do in the castle’s complex, and regular tours are held, free of charge with the purchase of an admission ticket into the castle.

Once there, you can check out the rooms that once held soldiers and prisoners, its beautiful interior courtyards and gun decks that look out over the city. There are also cannon firings and weaponry demonstrations that take place over the weekends. 

17. Check out The Art Scene at Coconut Grove

If you’re a fun-loving person and looking for the funky side of Miami, be sure to make your way over to the Coconut Grove neighborhood, located along the shoreline of Biscayne Bay.

Coconut Grove is Miami’s oldest neighborhood and was founded in 1925. It’s an eclectic mix of restaurants, businesses, shops and hotels and has a laid-back bohemian vibe about it.

Coconut Grove art

This area is also best known for its bustling art scene. From sidewalk art festival shows to more formal gallery shows, Coconut Grove is an art lovers paradise. Even if you’re not an art lover, it’s still worth the effort to visit this colorful neighborhood.

18. The Dali Museum

The Dali Museum is an art museum in St. Petersburg, Florida dedicated to the work of Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali. The museum is weird and wonderful, and as unique as Dali himself.

Dali museum
Dali museum

The museum houses the largest collection of Dali’s work outside of Europe. It is set on the picturesque waterfront of St. Petersburg, and the building is a true work of art itself with futuristic architectural elements.

Dali museum melting clock bench

If you’re an art lover, or interested in architecture, then the Dali Museum is a great place to visit. Be sure to check out the tranquil garden, quaint cafe and gift shop while you’re there as well.

19. Relax in The Venetian Pool

The Venetian Pool is an aquatic facility unlike any other in the United States. The Pool is located in the Coral Gables and was completed in 1924.

This unique attraction was carved from a coral rock quarry and is filled with 820 000 gallons of water from a nearby natural spring through the pools’ artisan-crafted walls. During the spring and summer months the pool is drained and refilled daily.

The Venetian Pool Florida
The Venetian Pool Florida

Along with the pool, there are two wonderful waterfalls, two large historic towers, plenty of palm trees, bridges, hidden caves, a children’s pool and cafes.

The Venetian Pool also has incredible views of the surrounding area and is a great place to cool off and escape from the smoldering Florida heat.

20. Visit Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

Known as the “City of Live Mermaids”, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park is an enchanting 12 000 acre reserve located on the Weeki Wachee River. It’s known for its legend of mermaids and a live mermaid show takes place every day. One of the best ways to explore the park is on a kayaking tour.

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park
Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

If you’re not keen on looking for these mythical creatures of the sea, there’s no need to worry, as Weeki Wachee has a ton of other great activities. The park features cool clear waters, water slides and even diving platforms.

You can also swim in the pristine waters of the nearby Buccaneer Bay, or paddle down the waterways of the Weeki Wachee River. Take a boat cruise, learn about the Florida wildlife or relax and enjoy a picnic with an amazing view.

➡️ Book Your Weeki Wachee River Kayaking Tour

21. Snorkel or Dive At Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs is another one of Florida’s greatest attractions located near the Santa Fe River. It’s known for its crystal clear and cold waters, making it a great place to chill out during a hot summer’s day.

It has seven springs that are a cool 22℃ (72℉) all year round. It’s one of the best places to snorkel or dive in as you can see right down to the bottom of the spring. Apart from snorkelling and diving there are a ton of other great things to do here.

Ginnie Springs
Ginnie Springs

After a refreshing dive, you can float around in an inflatable tube, kayak or paddleboard around. Alternatively, you can just take a leisurely swim around the springs.

You could also opt to stay at Ginnie Springs as it has camping grounds that cover over 200 acres in the woods, and by the water’s edge of the springs.

22. Travel Through the Everglades In an Airboat

If you’re looking for an adventure to get your adrenaline pumping, then riding around the Florida Everglades in an airboat might be the thing for you.

Everglades airboat

The Everglades is made up of coastal mangroves, marshes, and pine flatwoods. It’s also home to a vast array of wildlife, including turtles, birds, alligators, the Florida panther and the West Indian Manatee.

An airboat tour through this incredible area is a great way to discover and learn more about the wildlife in this area.

➡️ Book Your Everglades Airboat Tour

23. Visit the Ringling Museum

One of the coolest places to visit in Florida is the Ringling Museum. The museum is located in the city of Sarasota and was established in 1927 to celebrate the legacy of John and Mable Ringling.

The Ringling is a 66-acre multicomplex facility made up of the John and Mable Ringling Museum, and the Circus Museum, which is an interactive American circus museum like no other.

Ringling Museum
Ringling Museum

It has 21 galleries containing European paintings as well as Cypriot antiquities, and Asian and American contemporary art. The museum’s collection currently has more than 10 000 objects including a world-renowned collection of Dutch artist Peter Paul Rubens’ paintings.

The museum is also home to the gorgeous Bayfront Gardens and the impressive Ca’d’Zan Mansion. This museum is truly spectacular, so give yourself enough time to explore it.

24. Visit the St. Petersburg Sunken Gardens

The St. Petersburg Gardens is truly a one-of-a-kind attraction and a must-visit while you’re in Florida. As its name suggests, it’s unique because it was originally formed by draining a sinkhole.

sunken gardens

It is considered the city’s oldest living museum and is a botanical paradise in the middle of the city. It is home to some of the oldest tropical plants in Florida and has over 50,000 plants and flowers.

sunken garden flamingoes

The St. Petersburg Gardens are made up of lush demonstration gardens, cascading waterfalls, and even a flock of flamingos. The gardens have tours, special events, and even horticultural programs.

sunken garden sinkhole

Don’t miss my articles on the best things to do in St Petersburg Florida and the best beaches in St Petersburg.

25. Spend the Day at Universal Studios

No visit to Florida would be complete without visiting one of its exciting theme parks. No matter what your age is, you’re never too old to enjoy a day out at a theme park.

Universal Studios comprises three unique parks, Universal Studios Park, The Island of Adventure, and the Volcano Bay Water Park. The park features thrilling rides based on various movies produced by Universal.

Universal Studios florida

The most popular of these include the Jurassic World VelociCoaster, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which features its own Hogwarts Express train, and the various Marvel-themed rides.

Inside the park, you’ll also find the lovely Universal CityWalk, the premier destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in Orlando.

26. Discover the Dry Tortugas National Park

A visit to the Dry Tortugas National Park is an activity that will certainly not disappoint you while you’re in Florida.

The Dry Tortugas is spread across seven islands located along the Gulf of Mexico. They are located just east of the island of Key West and are considered to be one of the world’s most unique eco-attractions.

Dry Tortugas National Park
Dry Tortugas National Park

The crown jewel of the park is the imposing Fort Jefferson, a military fortress that was used to protect Florida in the Civil War. You can admire this megastructure and learn about its history.

If history isn’t your thing, you can enjoy hours of snorkeling, exploring, or lazing around one of the beaches in the park.

Book Your Dry Tortugas National Park Day Trip by Catamaran from Key West

27. Walk Through Duval Street in Key West

Duval Street is a downtown commercial zoned street in Key West that stretches just over 2km (1.25 miles). It runs down from the north to the south side of the island from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

duval street sunset key west
duval street sunset key west

It is well known for its colorful hole-in-the-wall bars, haunted houses, shops, restaurants, and galleries. You can go bar hopping here, or enjoy the famous Key Lime Pie, a local specialty.

28. Explore the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The immaculate Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, previously known as Villa Vizcaya, is businessman James Deering’s former estate. It is located in the Coconut Grove neighborhood in Miami and was built in 1916.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This Gilded Age estate is located along Biscayne Bay and is surrounded by 10 acres of perfectly manufactured gardens, mangroves, and Rocklands. You can take a tour of this magnificent National Historic Landmark and explore its fountain garden and stunning architecture.

➡️ Book Your Tickets to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

29. Spend the Day on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a barrier island on Florida’s Gulf Coast near Bradenton City. It’s a popular holiday destination known for its pristine white-sand beaches such as Manatee Beach Park.

anna Maria Island
anna Maria Island

It’s Pine Avenue is lined with shops, galleries, markets, and cute eateries and is a great place to spend the day relaxing and taking it easy.

30. Discover the Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park is an impressive 1.5 million acre reserve located on the southern tip of Florida.

It is made up of wetland, coastal mangroves, marshes and flat woods. It’s also home to a variety of animal species. You can discover this unique park by driving through it or by taking a boat out to enjoy its natural beauty.

flamingoes in Everglades National Park Florida
flamingoes in Everglades National Park Florida

There’s also a ton of hiking trails spread across the park to help you discover why it’s one of the most beautiful places in Florida.

31. Enjoy a Day Out at Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is known for having a laid-back atmosphere, with calm dazzling turquoise blue water and stretches of soft white sand, drawing tourists in all year round.

Clearwater Beach at sunrise
Clearwater Beach

Some of the most popular activities to do in Clearwater include jet-skiing, parasailing, and stand-up paddleboarding. There’s also a nearby promenade known as Pier 60 that’s lined with restaurants, cafes, and craft vendors.

Clearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach

Clearwater also has an impressive Aquarium where you can learn more about the marine life that’s found in the area.

32. Visit The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Located just a few miles south of Daytona Beach, at the southern tip of Florida sits the Stagg Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. At a staggering 53 meters (175 feet) tall, it is the tallest lighthouse in Florida and one of the tallest lighthouses in the United States.

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse
Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

The lighthouse was constructed in 1887 and has 203 steps. While that may seem like quite a number of steps to climb to get to the top, it’s well worth the effort to do so.

Once you reach the top you’ll be blessed with spectacular views across the Ponce de Leon Inlet and its surrounding areas. It is truly one of the hidden gems of Florida, and should be visited if you get the chance.

33. Visit the Florida Caverns State Park

The Florida Caverns State Park is without a doubt one of the most unique attractions in Florida. It is the only state park in Florida with air-filled caves accessible to the public.

Florida Caverns State Park
Florida Caverns State Park

As you enter the limestone cave you’ll be greeted with cool air, and the sound of dripping water. As you look up you’ll be transported into another world as you take in the breathtaking sites of mystifying stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and draperies hanging from the ceiling.

The cave’s geological history is believed to start about 38 million years ago when much of the United States was submerged underwater. Take a tour of this unique attraction and discover its hidden secrets.

34. Explore Historic Ybor City

In the late 1800s, Ybor City became the cigar capital of the world. Founded by Vicente Martinez-Ybor, the city was almost entirely owned and populated by immigrants. The city flourished until the combination of the Great Depression and World War II led to it being abandoned. Rejuvenation of the area began in the early 2000s.

ybor chicken mural

The best way to start a trip to Ybor City is with a walking tour. Whilst there are lots of plaques etc around the city, it really takes a tour guide to bring the stories of this neighborhood to life. Find out why chickens are protected in Ybor and wander the streets. Hear about Jose Marti and see the square in his honor. Learn about the social clubs that were the heart of the neighborhood, some of which are still in operation.

➡️ Book Your Ybor City Walking Tour

35. Take a Teco Streetcar

One of the most fun ways to get around Downtown Tampa is the charming Teco Streetcar. This historic streetcar system runs along a 2.7-mile route and stops at popular attractions like Ybor City and the Tampa Convention Center. And it’s free!

inside the tampa tram

36. Make Your Own Candle

The Candle Pour is located at Hyde Park Village in Tampa and offers you the opportunity to make your own scented candle. I chose several of my favorite scents and then worked with the candle expert person to refine my scent and mix it with wax. A few hours later I popped back in and picked up my lovely candle which I of course called Tampa.

Candle Pour Choosing
Candle Pour

37. Take a Tiki Bar Cruise in Tampa

tiki bar

I love having a glass of wine on a boat. But even better is having a drink at a Tiki bar on a boat! This Tiki Boat Cruise is BYOB snacks and drinks and they provide the floating Tiki Bar that you can enjoy for 90 minutes along the Hillsborough River. There’s even a Bluetooth speaker so you can bring your own music.

➡️ Check Prices and Availability for Tampa Tiki Bar Cruise

38. Explore the glass art of Dale Chilhuly

If you are a fan of glass art, then you must visit the Chihuly Collection in St Petersburg. I absolutely loved this art exhibition. I had never heard of Dale Chihuly before visiting the Collection. His work is so colorful and it sparkles against the black backgrounds in the gallery.


39. Kiss a Crocodile

Yes a real life crocodile can meet your lips at the Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center at John’s Pass in St Petersburg. You’ll see all kinds of crocs and amphibians. And if you’re up for it, pay a bit extra and a small croc with a mouth taped shut will pretend to kiss you for the camera. I was up for doing this until I got there and saw it. I then chickened out. If you are braver than me do send a photo!

St Johns wildlife centre

40. Experience Immersive Art at Fairgrounds St Petersburg

Fairgrounds St. Pete offers an engaging indoor art space where visitors can shape their experiences. This ever-evolving museum showcases diverse artworks, immersing patrons in the storyline. As St Petersburg’s premiere venue for a blend of immersive art and technology, it celebrates Florida’s quirky and captivating essence.

Fairground St Pete entrance
Fairground St Pete entrance

When I visited, I experienced everything from a mega kaleidoscope to a room full of strawberry scents, a mermaid selfie opportunity to the Tampa skyline, and a giant prawn cocktail complete with a prawn-shaped disco ball. This is a great fun experience for all ages.

Fairground St Pete prawn cocktail
Fairground St Pete prawn cocktail

41. Learn about Evander Preston

Evander Preston was an artist famed for his jewelry, brewing, food and art collection. There is an Evander Preston Gallery in Passe-A-Grille in St Petersburg. I loved the unique jewelry that was for sale.

pass-a-grille evander preston

The building in which the gallery is housed was where Preston lived. It is not generally open to the public, but sometimes visits can be arranged and the art collection is fascinating.

pass-a-grille evander preston art

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one attraction in Florida?

Walt Disney World orlando

The number one attraction for tourists in Florida is Walt Disney World.

What is the number two attraction in Florida?

florida kennedy space centre rocket

The Kennedy Space Centre is the number two attraction in Florida.

What is the number three attraction in Florida?

art deco buildings miami

South Beach in Miami is the number three attraction in Florida.

What is Florida’s Most Visited Beach?

South Beach in Miami is the most visited beach in Florida.

What part of Florida has the most attractions?


Orlando has the most attractions in Florida. These include Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

Final Thoughts on Unique Things to Do in Florida

The Sunshine State of Florida is really something special. It’s full of adventure and unique places that range from impressive theme parks to sunken gardens and amazing natural springs.

Along with that, it’s also home to exciting activities like NASCAR races at the Daytona International Speedway and live rocket launches at the Kennedy Space Centre. And who could forget all its quirky attractions and natural beauty.

No matter what you’re into, there’s an activity and attraction waiting for you in the sunny state of Florida. Tip: Check out this post on 33 Historical Places in Florida for further reading.

Clearwater Beach sunset
Clearwater Beach

I covered all of the costs associated with writing this article. However, this unique things to do in Florida post includes affiliate links. That means if you click through and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

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