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15 Underrated Food Experiences In Manila

In Manila, you can find so many restaurants serving delicious local and international cuisine. However, if you want to travel on an off-beat track to enjoy tasty food, then visit those places that are not well-known but offer fabulous dishes.

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15 Places In Manila That Are Not So Popular But Offer Delicious Dishes

Manila’s underrated food joints are places where you can unwind, relax, and really relish spicy, unusual, and delicious food. Not only do they offer the best local Filipino dishes, but they also conjure up dishes from different countries that are prepared by skilled chefs. Book Dubai to Manila flights to arrive comfortably in Manila to enjoy travelling, sightseeing, and delicious food in its underrated restaurants and eateries. Here is a look at some of these places:

1. The Smokeyard

When you want to enjoy a tasty barbecue, there is no better place for it than the Smokeyard. The dishes that are most popular are the pulled pork and the baby back ribs!

2. Oomori

Enjoy Japanese dishes in a fusion style at the Oomori Japanese Cuisine restaurant. Enjoy their wonderful Salmon-Wrapped Aburi and Flaming Night, both of which are full of flavours.

3. Siam Suk Jai

You can enjoy the finest Thai food at Siam Suk Jai. What a lovely place that was once initiated by a partnership between Filipinos and Thais! The best dishes to try out are the ones made with delicious Thai spices.

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4. Kale Cafe and Restaurant

Want to enjoy some bread, sandwiches, cakes, and other snacks? Head out to Kale Café + Restaurant. It’s quite a delightful place, offering delicious bakery food and lots of comfort food. Do not miss out on enjoying their delicious Katsu Sanda.

5. Bugis Singapore Street Food

You can enjoy some delightful Singaporean street food at Bugis Singapore Street Food. The food items that will leave your lips smacking for more and are a must-try are the Nasi Goreng Rice and Kaya Toast.

6. Sagana

When you are in the mood for some delicious French cuisine, you must visit Sagana. The chef is known for his signature French dishes, and he is always innovating to serve customers something refreshing, innovative, and enjoyable.

7. Yalla Yalla

When you want some Lebanese street food, make a visit to Yalla Yalla. It’s a lovely place known for its freshly made Lebanese food, and the top items to enjoy are the chicken shawarma and the beef kebab.

8. Siam Yum

If you need Thai food, check out the lovely Siam Yum, where you can enjoy delicious meals full of flavorful dishes. Specifically recommended are Thai milk tea, Pad Thai, and Thai wings.

9. Three Guys and a Grill

Want to enjoy home-grilled sausages? Then check out Three Guys and a Grill! Enjoy their bestseller called Posh Dog, which is pork bratwurst with cheese, honey, mustard, and grilled onions.

10. So Mot Vietnamese Cuisine

How about enjoying some wonderful Vietnamese cuisine at So Mot Vietnamese Cuisine? The must-try dishes are Pho Ga, Banh Xeo, Chat Thit, etc.

11. Titto’s Latin BBQ & Brew

Titto’s Latin BBQ & Brew is a fantastic place to spend time in the evenings with friends. It offers an exciting Latin American cuisine. Dishes that are a must-try are the Nacho El Gigante and the gaucho steak.

12. Hummus Elijah

Try out some delicious Mediterranean cuisine at the Hummus Elijah. It’s a lovely place offering delicious items and some popular ones to try out at the Sabih Sandwich and the Couscous with vegetables.

13. Thomson Road Kitchen

The best Filipino dishes are served in Thomson Road Kitchen. This eatery has a varied and flavorful menu, and the specific ones to try out are the Inihaw na Liempo and the Chicken Inasal.

14. Francesco’s Kitchen

When wanting to indulge in delicious Italian food, visit Francesco’s Kitchen. In this place, you can enjoy dishes such as roasted fish with beans, brick chicken, etc.

15. Satinka Naturals

Satinka Naturals is the place to come for vegan meals. It’s a place that’s away from the hectic life of the city and offers an interesting menu with dishes made from ingredients sourced from the Cordillera region.

The spicy and exotic dishes served in Manila’s not-so-popular food joints offer a different perspective on the kind of food that can be enjoyed while vacationing here. Book Dubai to Manila flights to arrive for a wonderful vacation period when you can delve deeper into the world of delicious food. The variety of offerings is huge, and they give insight into what can be enjoyed as a meal or snack when vacationing here.

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