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19 Safest Cities in Europe You Must Visit

Europe boasts centuries of history and culture that have quite literally shaped the world. Despite its renowned architecture, arts, and cultural influence, nothing beats travelling while feeling safe and at ease. So, if you’re looking to explore the safest cities in Europe, I’ve got you covered.

From walking along Zurich’s elegant canals to strutting Reykjavik’s charming streets, you’ll find these cities to be the safest in Europe. Travel with ease as you traverse urban areas or cycle through town. Alternatively, you can use high-quality public transportation, which makes navigating these towns a breeze.

With my list, you’ll stay clear of the most dangerous cities in Europe. You’ll get to soak up every moment without constantly looking over your shoulder. And while a little common sense and discretion are handy in any destination, these cities are known for their safety.

Let’s explore the 19 safest cities in Europe.

Note: Please keep in mind that while these cities are ranked according to their safety index, they are not listed in any particular order.

The Safest Cities in Europe

Without further ado, here is my list of the safest cities in Europe. And it just so happens that several of them are also the most beautiful cities in Europe.

1. Bern, Switzerland

Safety index: 81.00


Image by Matheus Guimarães on Pexels

The city features smaller blocks of buildings and dense housing, making for an enjoyable and secure urban environment with well-lit, walkable streets. You’ll also find public transportation to be reliable. Bern’s well-designed city planning allows for easy exploration of cultural landmarks like the Zytglogge.

The federal city boasts high-quality educational institutions like the University of Bern, which contributes to good employment prospects for graduates.

You’ll find the presence of parks and recreation facilities appealing, as they offer space for leisure. All of this contributes to you exploring Bern worry-free, making it a must-visit European destination

2. The Hague, Netherlands

Safety index: 79.40


Image by Alix Greenman on Unsplash

Home to the International Court of Justice, The Hague is known as “the international city of peace and justice.”

From the energy to finance industries, the Netherlands’ national seat of government is a hub of diverse economic activities that provides plenty of employment opportunities for residents. Those headed to work in either of these industries benefit from bike-friendly streets, which are safe for cycling in.

Plus, its robust healthcare institutions, like the International Health Centre, reflect the top-class healthcare that the Dutch are renowned for, contributing to a safe environment.

3. Trondheim, Norway

Safety index: 79.20


Image by Huzaifa Ejaz on Pexels

The city of Trondheim boasts an idyllic coastal charm. Its well-connected public transportation makes it easier and safer to get from point A to point B. Throw in intact infrastructure, and you’ve got a city that is ripe for exploring.

As a low-density city prone to floods, Trondheim has made strides towards preparing for natural disasters. Thankfully, the Norwegian natural catastrophe compensation system helps victims of floods cover their losses.

Overall, quality schools and accessible education, as well as good job opportunities in the city, contribute to a secure community.

4. Munich, Germany

Safety index: 79.20


Image Abdel Rahman Abu Baker on Pexels

Germany’s third-largest city boasts an array of parks and historic sites like the Nymphenburg Palace. Getting to these spaces is a breeze, thanks to the reliable public transport infrastructure. The U-Bahn, for instance, connects you to wherever you want to go in Munich. And the trams and buses help bridge the gaps.

In addition to efficient transport, the city boasts thriving industries, such as IT and engineering. As such, employment opportunities abound.

Strong law enforcement, such as the Munich Police Department, ensures criminals are apprehended and transgressions are deterred. 

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5. Zurich, Switzerland

Safety index: 79.10


Image by Magda Ehlers on Pexels

Zurich has a reputation for precision that extends to its city planning. As such, you’ll find the meticulously designed public areas, including its green spaces like Lindenhof Hill, a joy to navigate. And with a strong police presence, Zurich is a model of safety. 

Being a planned city in Switzerland, Zurich has excellent spatial organisation. Plus, it features one of the world’s best public transport networks. 

Zurich’s mass transit networks and good employment prospects, combined with high levels of Swiss education, result in it being one of Europe’s safest cities.

6. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Safety index: 78.30


Image by Janesca on Unsplash

Ljubljana spans an area of over 61 square miles, so its intimate size contributes to a sense of community and safety. Its pedestrian-friendly design and small blocks emphasise this close-knit atmosphere.

The easygoing Ljubljana also has low crime rates, thanks to minimal incidents of muggings and violent attacks. With the Slovenian police’s aim to maintain close ties to the community, locals likely feel secure in their environment.

This Eastern European city provides excellent tertiary education options, like the University of Ljubljana, which contribute to improved job prospects and lower crime.

7. Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Safety index: 78.00


Image by Lorena Tintea on Unsplash

Romania’s second-most populous city, Cluj-Napoca, prides itself on low levels of crime. With a welcoming atmosphere and lots of green spaces, Cluj-Napoca is your best bet for secure travelling. 

At a cost of €25 million, the municipality’s focus on improving its infrastructure has resulted in more traffic lights and street lights for enhanced safety. 

High economic growth rates, good employment prospects, and major industries like information technology all contribute to low crime. This, plus the city’s strict traffic laws, makes Cluj-Napoca one of Europe’s safest cities.

8. Zagreb, Croatia

Safety index: 77.80


Image by eyeswashere on Unsplash

Zagreb effortlessly blends old-world charm and modern safety. Add this to its rich history and culture, and you’ve got a standout European destination.

Well-maintained parks and well-lit streets make Zagreb ideal for families visiting during the day and those walking home at night. The city’s modernised transport planning for improved mobility is evidenced by initiatives like the City of Zagreb Development Strategy.

Croatia’s capital is a shining example of improving safety while sharing cultural heritage through landmarks like the Zagreb City Museum with the world.

9. Groningen, Netherlands

Safety index: 77.80


Image by Alexei Maridashvili on Unsplash

With a compact size of 76 square miles, Groningen’s artfully constructed infrastructure plays a huge role in its safety.

The city combines efficient transportation through cycling infrastructure with community engagement and policing. Its residents are highly educated and enjoy improved mobility. This, plus a respect for the law, contributes to a harmonious environment.

As a result, you can enjoy the picturesque canals with peace of mind in Groningen.

10. Eindhoven, Netherlands

Safety index: 77.40


Image by Alicja Ziajowska on Unsplash

Thanks to its efficient public transport system, you’ll easily explore Eindhoven’s world-class architecture and cultural scene. You can use the city’s reliable public transport in the form of buses and trains to get around the smart city.

An educated workforce and high social welfare standards contribute to low levels of crime and poverty. Eindhoven also benefits from significant investment in its ICT (information and communications technology) infrastructure, which contributes to economic growth and employment opportunities.

With the city’s inventive spirit extending to its security measures, you can safely navigate Eindhoven. This is all thanks to the cameras and sensors that monitor public spaces.

11. Basel, Switzerland

Safety index: 77.30


Image by Niklas Jeromin on Pexels

While here, you can safely cycle Basel’s streets, thanks to its exceptional bicycle infrastructure. Overall, the city boasts over 3,900 cycle routes.

An extensive and reliable public transportation network consisting of buses and trams reduces the need to travel by car. The city’s highly educated populace is produced by top institutions like the University of Basel, and they use these transport networks on their way to work at top companies like Novartis and Bayer. 

Your stay here will be free of worry, allowing you to immerse yourself in Basel’s cultural scene and enjoy its historic architecture.

12. Tallinn, Estonia

Safety index: 76.50


Image by Paul G on Pexels

The mediaeval Tallinn is compact, with small building blocks that make the city pedestrian-friendly. Efficient and reliable transportation options like buses and trams make getting to cultural sites like the Kadriorg Art Museum convenient.

With a high emphasis on education and technology-based companies like Bolt headquartered here, employment prospects are good. This contributes to less crime and a high safety index.

13. Reykjavik, Iceland

Safety index: 76.00


Image by Guy on Pexels

Reykjavik not only boasts serene landscapes, making it a bucket list European destination. But the city is also known for its low crime rates. The rates are so low that the country as a whole doesn’t have an army. The policemen don’t even carry guns, emphasising how safe the country is. 

Theft and serious crimes like murder are rare, which also contributes to the city’s peace of mind. As a tourist, you’ll feel safe in Reykjavik. Whether you’re soaking in the Blue Lagoon or checking out the city’s artistic scene, you’ll be enveloped in an oasis of security.

14. Helsinki, Finland

Safety index: 75.50


Image by Chris Economou on Pexels

Finland’s Helsinki blends Nordic charm with a cosmopolitan flair you must experience in person. Here, you’ll enjoy timely public transportation. Thanks to the Helsinki Region Transport’s (HSL) options ranging from buses to commuter trains, exploring the city will be a breeze for you.

Though they provide lower benefits than fellow Nordic countries, the city’s social protections afforded by social welfare programs help foster a more secure environment.

That said, Helsinki offers you diverse cultural activities and pristine natural beauty that you can only enjoy thanks to its safety.

15. Prague, Czech Republic

Safety index: 75.30


Image by Diego F. Parra on Pexels

Prague is a feast for the eyes, especially for those who enjoy architecture. The city’s safe environment contributes to an enjoyable sightseeing experience of impressive buildings like the Gothic Powder Tower and St. George’s Basilica.

Operating since 1857, Prague also boasts Europe’s oldest ambulance service. That said, the long-running service provides reliable emergency services to patients.

In addition, the city features great infrastructure. Its extensive transport network includes public transportation from Prague Metro and the Prague Tram System, to name a few. You’ll find using these convenient, as they offer you an affordable and safe way to get around.

16. Timișoara, Romania

Safety index: 75.00


Image by Adrian Frentescu on Pexels

Affectionately referred to as “Little Vienna,” Timișoara is a captivating, colourful destination. As such, appreciating its diverse culture and rich history is easy when you aren’t worried about crime.

As a traveller, you’ll enjoy getting around Romania’s third-largest city. Smaller blocks of buildings result in shorter distances, making walking to sights like Muzeul de Arta (the National Museum of Art) a cakewalk.

Here, the charming city blocks and beautiful architecture are your playground as you safely navigate the city.

17. Bergen, Norway

Safety index: 74.90


Image by Nextvoyage on Pexels

Located on Norway’s western coast is Bergen, a city with otherworldly beauty. While here, you’ll find taking in the stunning fjord landscapes and visiting its vibrant markets like the Fish Market a delight. The city’s secure environment helps you make and enjoy fond memories.

With reliable emergency services, accessible public transportation, and well-lit streets, exploring the city’s historic harbour and cultural landmarks is a safe endeavour. 

So, whether you’re admiring the historic, colourful Bryggen Wharf or going on a fjord cruise, Bergen’s security allows you to focus on your outings without concern.

18. Brașov, Romania

Safety index: 74.50


Image by Michelangelo Azzariti on Unsplash

Situated in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania’s Transylvania region, the mediaeval Brașov is a well-connected, walkable city. Here, the streets are well-lit and easy to navigate. Also, plenty of public transportation options like RAT Brasov make getting from one attraction to another a breeze. 

In Brașov, taking in the city’s enchanting ambience with its cobblestone streets and Gothic churches can be done without fear for your safety. In addition, free higher education and a diverse local economy contribute to low crime in the country’s seventh-largest city. 

19. Warsaw, Poland

Safety index: 74.40


Image by Dominik Gawlik on Pexels 

Warsaw is known for its post-war architecture and rich history, making it a delight for history lovers.

The city has more employment opportunities compared to other cities in the country, The country’s education system is ranked fifth in the continent and tenth globally, positioning its citizens as competitive, well-educated members of the workforce. 

In addition, affordable and efficient transportation makes navigating Warsaw easy and accessible. Overall, Warsaw’s reliable public transportation, great job market, and little to no violent crime contribute to its safety. 

Wrap-up of the Safest Cities in Europe

With these 19 cities, you don’t have to give up on safety in search of adventure. Thanks to the efficient planning of their leaders, all of these destinations prioritise the security of residents and travellers. 

You can count on these cities as havens for exploration and indulgence — all without worries about crime. Whether you choose to hit the pristine streets of Norway or plan to soak up Prague’s historic charm, you’ll enjoy a safe European getaway.

The peace of mind that comes with these cities allows you to fully embrace each destination’s culture and sights. It’s no wonder many of these urban areas are among the safest cities in the world.

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