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9 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas in February You’ll Love

Las Vegas is a town steeped in myth and legend, and much of that involves the hedonistic lifestyle. Here it’s all about spending money, gambling, seeing shows, and doing silly stuff like getting married. 

Most who have been to Vegas will insist there’s no bad time to go. December in Las Vegas is fun for its holiday themes, and January is traditionally the “quietest and cheapest month” in Sin City. As February arrives, the crowds start to return, driven by what is called “conference season.” 

Many of the hotels and venues in Las Vegas are occupied by conventions and conferences, so the traveling business sector is out in full force. Las Vegas in February is the end of the shoulder season and also the month of love, as those looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day are likely to opt for Vegas in their plans. 

Weather-wise, it’s still relatively cool as well (though it is warming up), which makes for some fun outdoor activity possibilities. Here’s what to expect from the weather and what to do if you choose to visit Las Vegas in February.  


Las Vegas Weather During February

As the country emerges from the winter, temperatures are starting to rise. Now, winters in Nevada are nothing like up in the Northeast. The average temperature at the height of winter is about 60°F (15°C). In the month of February, we see a daily average high temperature of around 64°F (17°C).

It’s cool but not freezing and there are many sunny days (although it can still be a little chilly in the early morning). There is little rain and the average rainfall levels are low according to weather data.

The desert lows, however, are a different story, at 42°F (5°C). It may even rain from time to time. It’s a good idea then to make sure you have enough options when it comes to clothing if you will be in the Mojave desert.

If you’re planning to stay indoors, it won’t be a problem anyway. But why stay indoors when the desert landscape of Nevada is so beautiful? It’s well worth discovering.

las vegas in february

Image by Jay George from Pixabay 

Things to Do in Las Vegas in February

It’s almost impossible to run out of things to do in Las Vegas. Yes, there are casinos and gambling. But February brings its own set of particular activities beyond the regular fare.

For example, sports bars and casinos are abuzz with fans for the NFL finals and Super Bowl. In some years, special celebrations mark the Chinese New Year in February – its own flavour of celebration in Chinatown. And then, of course, there’s a spike in activity around the famous Las Vegas wedding chapels around Valentine’s day. Here’s what you can look at for a Vegas February getaway. 

1. Visit the Love Locket

You may already associate the city of Las Vegas with the idea of eloping couples and Elvis-officiated weddings. There’s another famous tourist destination that attracts lovers, and that’s the huge Love Locket on East Fremont Street.

Scores of lovers use this spot as a romantic landmark, offering marriage proposals or taking romantic selfies. Many take a souvenir of the location from the gift shop home, too. Be wary – some of the jewellery can be unexpectedly pricey – but hey, it’s worth it, right? And why you’re feeling romantic head over and check out the Bellagio fountains and its famous light show.

non touristy things to do in vegas

2. Shopping in Downtown Las Vegas

There’s always shopping downtown if all else fails. One of the cool attractions downtown is a destination with a twist. The entire Container Park complex is built from shipping containers. Aside from filling your bags with all kinds of wares, you can also enjoy a fine meal in one of the repurposed vessels.

Most American food options are available, from handcrafted burgers and beyond. The real appeal, however, is the excitement of finding a cool las vegas item to take home with you. 

O by Cirque du Soleil

3. Visit the Valley of Fire

Take a day trip to the Valley of Fire, just an hour from the Las Vegas Strip. Nature lovers will get a kick out of the beautiful sandstone formations and desert landscape. Petrified sand dunes and pure Nevada sunshine are hard to beat, especially in the early mornings or dusky evenings.

A beautiful arch – looks like Utah!

Want to stay overnight? No problem. Camping options are available. Just remember that the desert gets cold, so pack that long underwear. 

Valley of Fire Las Vegas

4. Take in the View From the Stratosphere Observation Deck

Want a literal overview of Las Vegas? The Stratosphere Observation Deck delivers a 360-degree view of the city and desert from 800 feet (240m) above the land. 

It almost doesn’t matter which time of day you go up there. At night it’s a breathtaking light show of the city. During the day, you can see for miles across the desert landscape. On a good day, you’ll be able to see as far as Red Rocks Canyon and the Hoover Dam

things to do in vegas other than gamble
The amazing Hoover Dam

Many visitors take the opportunity to relax and take a somewhat scary selfie. 

5. Horseback Riding Through Red Rock Canyon

One of the absolute highlights of a February visit to Las Vegas is the opportunity to take a horseback ride through the Red Rocks canyon and formations. This national park is perfect for outdoor activities. Aside from being a visual feast for the eyes, this is a spiritually refreshing experience, out in nature, with little more than the desert air and sound at hand.

Best of all, the horses you ride pretty much know the way when it comes to the trail. Even if you’re not an experienced rider, all you’ll have to do is stay on. February is a great time to take on the trail, as the weather isn’t too sweltering at all. This is not the case in the summer months.


Side fact: The iconic red rocks in the Nevada desert are coloured that way because of the presence of iron oxide, commonly known as rust. Iron elements in the ground were exposed to water and oxygen over millions of years, and the rocks themselves took on the colour.  

A Few More Romantic Things to Consider Over Valentine’s Day

If you’re on a romantic weekend excursion to Vegas, consider these additional attractions: 

  • Venetian Gondola Rides at the Venetian Hotel: Talk about romance! The Grand Canal Shoppes offer gondola rides in the age-old Venetian tradition. The gondoliers even sing traditional songs as sung by those in Venice. This is perfect for rainy days as the canal is completely enclosed. 
  • Ethel M Cactus Garden Lights of Love: About 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip is Henderson, where the Garden Lights of Love is decorated in a breathtaking assortment of seasonal lights each night. Over Valentine’s Day period, the colours represent all the expected hues of love and romance. You can even partake from the chocolates and snacks at the gift shop.
  • Las Vegas Eiffel Tower: At 460 feet (140 metres), this replica of the Eiffel Tower is quite the iconic landmark. Visitors can take a trip up to the top of the tower, just like the original. Combine the views from the top, as well as some fine dining available there, and you have a perfect romantic evening. 
  • See some live music at the famous Caesars Palace.

Side fact: Why is there an Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas? In true Las Vegas style and opulence, the Eiffel Tower here is part of a hotel and casino complex. The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino opted to establish it as a design and status symbol. It has since come to serve as an iconic landmark in the city.

Final Thoughts on Visiting Las Vegas in February

Coming at the end of the shoulder season, February may be the perfect time for you to visit Las Vegas. It isn’t too hot or too cold, hotel rates have not yet skyrocketed, and the availability of the various day trips and excursions may still be reasonable. It’s a great time to visit if it’s your first time in Vegas or your 10th!

The trip is especially intriguing if you plan to spend it with a romantic interest. Who knows, something about Vegas just seems to up the romance factor by 1,000. You could go home with a new life ahead of you (and a ring on your finger). 

las-vegas-nevada las vegas in february

Of course, you could still enjoy all the casinos and entertainment that Sin City has to offer. Suppose you don’t mind bumping into the odd conference and convention attendee. In that case, you’re still guaranteed to have a fantastic time, especially if you’re smart enough to book your holiday in good time. 

Still in doubt about visiting Vegas? Here are 35 things to do in Las Vegas (besides gambling).

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